2013 Theme Camps

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M*A*S*H 4207th

We’re not Doctors. The least disciplined military unit on the playa. Random security Checkpoints will occur. Terrorists & Loyal Citizens will be labled. Propaganda & commentary provided for the prevention of communism. Nightly viewings of old episodes & movies from the show. Since 1999, your bastion of Democracy in a sea of fifth column communist/socialist/lawless infiltrators and barbarian mutants! Daytime martinis at Rosie’s Bar. Praise the lord and pass the sauce!

Hometown: Salem

Maliburn Beach

Come surf with us at Maliburn Beach, rest under our shaded palm trees in an Adirondack chair or enjoy a fireside surfing movie at night. Maliburn Beach welcomes you.

Hometown: San Francisco

Mama Kabuke's Big Tent (at Still Stings Camp)

My what a big tent you have, Mama K!

URL: http://mamakabuke.comHometown: San Jose


Please come drink with us at the CargoCunt! Monday – Thursday 12pm – 6pm.

URL: http://www.mantacamp.comHometown: Los Angeles

Martini Village

Come visit Martini Village and enjoy cold refreshments, games, entertainment and much more!!! Look us up for our scheduled events or just stop by and check out a random happy hour. Be prepared to be immersed in the 10 principles of the playa.

Hometown: Reno

Math Camp @ Group W

Math Camp is A Safe Place for Mathematics: A small, social camp, offering a place to drink and derive! Daily lectures and long-winded impromptu chats on all things Math related. We are proud Purveyors of Crunchy Snacks, plus we have The Best Friday Morning Sunrise Cocktail Party on the playa (not to mention being home of the fabulous Electric Cupcakes).

URL: http://www.mathcamp.us

Media Mecca

Media Mecca is an on-playa press room. Our motley band of reporters, marketers, sociologists, technical writers, artists, anthropologists, clowns, film geeks, and rock stars help prepare journalists for the Burning Man experience, and uphold registration and acculturation processes designed to make visiting media-makers’ impact on Black Rock City and its citizens a positive one.

URL: http://burningman.com/press/media_mecca.htmlHometown: San Francisco

Medical Main Station:RAMPART Urgent Care

RAMPART Urgent Care is the premiere medical care facility in Black Rock City. Humboldt General Hospital operates the facility in partnership with the Black Rock City Emergency Services Department. RAMPART Urgent Care is fully equipped to handle any medical emergency.

URL: http://www.hghospital.ws/Hometown: Winnemucca

Mellow Mountain

Be a kid and come play on our playground equipment.

Hometown: Greater Bay Area

Memento Mori

We are here to remind you that you are not going to live forever.
Come lie in our coffin and contemplate your amazing life.
Remember Your Mortality.

Hometown: Ben Lomond


Come to Menagerie day or night.
Playing with the curious creatures you’ll find there is definitely encouraged!
A collaboration between Horny Camp and Pink Fuzzy Monkeys, Menagerie features Horn making classes by day, black-light twister by night, and a cozy dance floor with guest DJs spinning an eclectic mix of styles.
Check out the village roster for informative lectures by Smart Phd. monkey’s on sustainability, learn karate from a Sensei, or shake your booty to a sunset dance set.

URL: http://hornycamp.com, pinkfuzzymonkey.comHometown: Orinda


Merkabahs’ roots is mysticism and spirituality where cause and effect happens instantaneously. Our goal in this world is to Receive for the sake of sharing and spread love and light.

Hometown: New York

Metatron's Grove

An open and welcoming space to dance, relax, socialize, exchange – to bask in the various opportunities of the playa. A home for us and for the whole community.

Hometown: Santa Cruz/Berekely/Los Angeles

Midnight Poutine

Bonsoir nos amis! Come and sample Quebec’s favourite late night snack at Midnight Poutine. Learn the awesome power of french fries, cheese curds and hot gravy. Embrace the joie de vivre of our bilingual Canadian camp. Lache pas la patate!

URL: http://midnightpoutinebrc.com/Hometown: Montréal

Midnight Ridazz Camp

Midnight Ridazz Camp is an all inclusive group of bicycle riders from LA. We are bringing our ‘No Rida Left Behind’ policy to the playa by providing tools and teaching to burners whos bikes are broken.

URL: http://www.midnightridazz.comHometown: LOS ANGELES


A force that speaks through heat, sound and light.
Who calls out with open arms and a hungry soul to all those who would join with It.
Find the Brain in the desert.
Seek the fires of the mind within…

URL: http://www.firesofthemind.orgHometown: Burlington


MINSTREL CrAMP where you can get your creative “musical juices” flowing by Performing or Listening to great live acoustic music.
Check the schedule board out front to see what’s happening or sign-up for a slot to perform with your own band, or our musical misfits, the “Burning Sensations”.

Hometown: Ojai


MISCHIEF theme camp comes to BRC after successful Mischief Villages at the Transformus, PDF and Freeform burns to bring music, dancing, fire and fire spinning, A CASTLE, madness and mayhem to the playa. Born out of the group Mischief DC, we now have members up and down the east coast and across the country.

URL: http://www.mischiefdc.comHometown: Washington

Miscreant Hill

Forgot your chapstick, your earplugs, rebar or madras lentils? MiscreANT Hill’s Inconvenience store has all that and more. The flood waters rise with the weight of our weird, so prepare yourself for tasks, trades, and randomness in exchange.

Hometown: San Diego

Misfit Circus

We love carnival games, playing with balls and good for nothing tom foolery; from two stories high. Come juggle, drink beer and laugh so hard you fall out of our tree house!

Hometown: Portland

Miso Horny (Formerly Future Roots)

Born from Future Roots, Miso Horny is a space to explore your silly sexual nature. Come share some hot miso soup and sake during the cold hours. Partake in our full spread of fine herbal aphrodisiacs. Participate in our workshops and body healing sessions. Get silly and sexy with our double decker stripper poles, a hot bowl of soup and a tincture of playfulness.

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Miso Soup

Hometown: Santa Monica

Mission Country Club

San Francisco’s Mission district outpost on the playa. Beer and pretentious coffees served daily! Come by on Thursday at 4:20 for our 9th Annual Sangria SoundClash Party: dance to Cumbia/Salsa/Merengue while devouring 50+ gallons of Sangria.

URL: http://www.missioncountryclub.comHometown: San Francisco

Mist'R Cool Camp

Theme is “It’s all cool!” This means no drama. We provide ways to help you feel cool, be cool and look cool – both in temperature and like Fonzie.

Hometown: Cupertino

Moe Towne

Come on by and wax philosophical with new and old friends. We will amuse, entertain, massage your sore tired muscles, and compliment your shoes.

Hometown: Los Altos

Mohammeds Mini Martini and Erotica Camp

The coolest Martinis and the hottest Erotica in a beautiful Bedouin tent. Lie around on our pillows and watch the world go by while sipping an ice cold martini. Remember, 13 is the limit! Write a true erotic story to be included in our ancient book of burner erotica. In the evening we will be serving mint tea and having the occasional flash belly dance mob.

Hometown: Santa Cruz


Come to MOIST to plaster cast any and all body parts (mostly boobs, butts and boners)!

Hometown: Black Rock City

Monkey Cosmonauts

Think 1950s-60s Space Race and Soviet techno-propaganda:
Russia astonished the world with Sputnik. America scrambled to launch the first simian astronauts. What similar achievements has cold-war secrecy obscured?
Join us in appreciating how close we still are to our simian brethren. We wear clothes, educate ourselves and think we’re the pinnacle of evolution, but underneath, we are all primates with the same impulses and desires that civilization would rid us of. Why not celebrate the monkey in all of

URL: http://MonkeyCosmonauts.comHometown: Boulder

Monkey Island Scumm Bar and Casino

Welcome Primates and Pirates, Bonobos and Buccaneers to the Monkey Island Scumm Bar and Casino!!!
Come try your gaming luck during our Casino events or visit the Scumm Bar where we’ll quench yer thirst with island cocktails or put piratey hair on yer chest with shots and grog.

Hometown: San Francisco, Portland, Denver

Monkey Pirate Pirate Monkeys

All ye banana swashbucklers are again welcome to share in the plentiful bacon, beats, brews and booty brought by the Monkey Pirate Pirate Monkeys. Plop ye tired bones down with a cocktail and enjoy the cool ocean breeze from our swamp coolers as you plot your next plundering adventure. At night our giant glowing double pyramids will remind you exactly where you buried your treasure. “Stop with the rhymes, I’m not fakin!” “Anybody want another piece of Bacon?”

Hometown: Boise, San Diego

Moon Cheese

We provide late night grilled cheese sandwiches in a moon like ambient atmosphere under our moon-cheese goddess sculpture in our lunar-crater seating area. Additionally, we will be giving presentations about space related subjects from current and former NASA employees!

URL: http://www.tastethemoon.comHometown: San Francisco


Step into our space oasis and grab some moon juice hydration while we tickle your ears with swampy beats. Water does exist on the moon, and we have plenty of misters, shade, and swamp coolers to prove it

Hometown: Northern

More Carrot Farmer's Market

Your early morning spot for fresh produce, fruit smoothies, and refreshing ready-to-eat snacks; our delicious gift to our dusty brethren. On Thursday afternoon, join our pre-party and stand up for vegetables across the globe in our Countless Carrots March, a counter-protest to the Billion Bunny March; friends, not food!

URL: http://morecarrot2012.wordpress.com/


Come play with us three stories up atop a black pyramid and look through space and time with telescopes, binoculars AND an opportunity to write your future self a letter. Post it for 1,5 or infinite years and we’ll mail it to you when and where you want!

Hometown: San Francisco

Mountain Mayhem

We bring the mountains and mayhem to the desert year after year. This year we will specialize in an epic bar, trading post, music, tricycle racing, slacklines, and a hammock lounge (fan and grape catered).

URL: http://www.mountainmayhem.orgHometown: Durango

Mr. Fixit Camp

Have grease gun will travel
Wire Mr. Fixit
Black Rock City
(How many of you remember Paladin?)

We fix things, electrical and mechanical; we have some parts and lots of ingenuity. We even fix bicycles!

Mr. Peepers Closet

Need to spruce up your playa outfits? We have Prom dresses,hawaiian shirts,tutus,tie dyes and lots more Stuff. Come on over to Mr. Peepers Closet.

Hometown: Bishop

Mudskippers Urban Decay Cafe

Queer-friendly destination for root beer floats, music by DJ Kelly Kidd, and if you’re lucky, a massage by one of our therapists.

Hometown: San Francisco

Multi Pass

Yeah, we love that movie, but come on by for some ice cream and check out our art.

Hometown: Sun Valley


The celebration of the mushroom, in art, folklore, and spiritual practice. Join us, worship and pay homage, MushLove.

Hometown: SEA/TAC/PDX

Music Savages Camp

Music Savages is an oasis off the beaten path where you’ll find an inviting community enjoying an eclectic mix of tunes selected by a group of international musicians. Day or night, we provide a relaxed atmosphere that’s ideal for the most refined music aficionados.

URL: http://musicsavages.com/burningman2013.htmlHometown: Los Angeles

Mystique's Sky Lounge

Mystique’s Sky Lounge is an elevated oasis on the eastern edge of the city with 360 sweeping panoramic views, ambient down tempo grooves and the best martinis on the playa. Our sunrise sessions are pure bliss! The perfect chill-out escape from the hustle and bustle of the esplanade.

URL: http://www.mystiqueskylounge.netHometown: Napa


We are a family of friends, partners, cousins, parents, children, gays, straights and every thing in between, a family of different-minded, like-hearted people who bring an oasis to the playa. At Mystopia you can enjoy our gigantic misting tent, French Toast brunch, and Reverse Cowgirl Creamery. Come play with us!

URL: http://www.mystopia.netHometown: San Francisco