2013 Theme Camps

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La Calaca Village

La Calaca Village is an art support village who supports the honorarium project Touch Me, are the curators of TedX Black Rock City and also participate in many other interactive projects around the playa. La Calaca Village is comprised of two camps the second of which was born as an expansion to their original camp, Pinatas Revenge. The new camp is called La Calaca and will also offer spiritual healing services in their dome. Contact a La Calaca camp member for more information.

Hometown: San Francisco but we have campers from the all over the US, Mex

Ladies' Vivant, Haus of Toniq

A home base retreat for our mobile burlesque review Mutant Vehicle. The camp will also host a variety of performance art, antics, and our full burlesque show. A plush vintage travel themed and styled Shade structure and Chill Space to escape the heat of the sun and enjoy non-alcoholic herbal tonics and brewed refreshments. A beautifully styled setting for photo ops that will also host mini burlesque workshops.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Toniq-Vivant/354743467695?fref=tsHometown: Mendocino

LAFer Camp

LAFer Camp (LazyAssFucker) provides a mellow chill space with an abundance of NEON lighting and NEON body paint. When the sun goes down the NEON comes on. Paint yourself, paint a friend, or we will paint you. There will also be Karaoke and unscheduled erotic readings on our stage.

URL: http://lafcamp.website-wishes.com/Hometown: Black Rock City

Lamplighter Chapel

Lamplighter Village

Lavender Lounge

The Lavender Lounge provides a cool relaxing place to come and chill during the heat of the day. You will be pampered by our diverse group with a 10 minute lavender water spray mist, soft music and a head massage.

Hometown: Sonoma County

Lazerium DIY

The Laserium is back – just for your pleasure! Come by, watch a laser show, and make one of your own video game style!

Hometown: San Francisco

Lazy Skool Daze

Lazy Skool Daze is an intellectual and artistic haven for the sharing of knowledge, love, and adventure. We present a creative, welcoming space where playa-mavens can come to teach and learn, to perform and observe, to show and tell. We sing songs from the days of lunchtime and lockers, dance with childish abandon, and share wonders, warnings, and wild stories of what we’ve learned since youth.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/LazySkoolDazeHometown: BRC

Le Kafé

Le Kafe welcomes you for a cup of fair trade & organic coffee or tea, iced or hot, with an Irish flair or French style. Come relax in a cozy shaded area with comfy futons and eclectic music, favorite board games and great company. Served by authentic and exaggeratedly obnoxious French waiters. Menu extravaganzas will be offered daily, check every morning. Open 11am to 2pm.

Hometown: San Francisco


The BRC home of the LEGO TRUCK and host to day daily parties, “LEGO TRUCK STUFF PRE-FUNC” from noon-3pm daily. Come build stuff out of giant LEGOS, dance and drink, then adventure out on the truck with us!

Hometown: Seattle

Lenny Camp

Come visit the now legendary Pope Lenny O’ The Playa and the Chosen as they wreak their very special brand of blessed havoc from the friendly confines of Lenny Camp. We’re the secret anointing that holds BRC all together-the followers or wayward wonderers return again and again to engage every sensory exploit from laser lights, skittle body shots, giant jengalike building, Holy! Holy!- hole it, frozen blessings and jam sessions from the kingdom that should never be missed.

URL: http://www.rickmetz.com/Site/Lenny_Camp.htmlHometown: Reno

Leopard Martini Lounge / BRCH3

Day Oasis where you will be pampered with cool libations in the Leopard’s Lair.

Hometown: SF Bay Area

Life, Truth, Love — Experience Christian Science

Our camp offers practical expressions of agape Love through healing prayer, communal foot washing, and dj musical baptism. “Judge not” and celebrate with humility that God is Love; we are about Christianity that heals.

URL: http://spiritualplaya.orgHometown: Berkeley

Lifted Lounge

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Light and Illusion

Interactive light wall, Persistence of Vision, Reverspective, Electric Kaleidoscope, and many more light-optical illusions at camp site. Demonstrations and symposia.

Hometown: Oakland

Liminal Labs present John Frum Security Theater

Remember when the world was absolutely safe? When the mere waving of a flag or badge was enough to guarantee peace and safety for all? Neither do we, but in the name of conjuring up those chimerical times, Liminal Labs present John Frum Int’l Airport Security Theater. Join us as we sacrifice privacy and logic at the altar of fuzzy agitprop. Friendly pat-down? Jackscatter xray? Psychic baggage check? Customs stamp? Safety first, second, AND third!

URL: http://www.zorca.com/liminal_labs2013/Hometown: San Francisco


BURN THE MAN, NOT YOUR LIPS! When the harsh playa takes it’s toll on your lips and soul, come see LipService. We’ve got just what you need…..soothing Lip Balm, really Bad Advice (cool beverages, great beats and other debauchery generally included)!

Hometown: Rocklin

Liquid Latex Lounge

For the 15th year, the Liquid Latex Lounge will again be turning your body into a canvas of self expression. We will teach you how to paint a ‘friend’, or we can assist you with something interesting. Our camp full of artists (and aspiring artists) will apply latex, body paint, or our “Masterbraiders” can weave your hair. Just drop by from mid morning on. Come join our drum circle at dusk after a hard day of brush work.

Hometown: San Jose

Liquid Sky

Liquid Sky creatures find awesome folklore in the Aztec earthlings after crash landing in Mexico.

Hometown: Mexico


Come to Listen and be heard.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/470394766364523/Hometown: Los Angeles

Lonesome Gator Gumbo Cookery

Shrimp, okra, crab, sausage, celery, catfish, crawfish, onions, gator, lobster – it all goes in there one time or another, and the recipe changes with the ingredients. Bring something to share with the gumbo chefs, or put on an apron and join the team! Soupfiends and stewmasters from around the globe – lend your talents to our everchanging savory delight! Help us shuck oysters and do a proper crawfish boil on playa!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/lonesomegatorHometown: Los Angeles

Lost Boys

We are the LOST BOYS and we will never grow up!! Come escape time with us in our treehouse or enjoy Naked Bacon every morning… you bring the naked, we bring the bacon! Rufio will be handing out mixed drinks from our bar that are BANGARANG! Learn to fly, learn to fight, learn to crow all you mung tongues! Find us past the second star to the right and straight on till morning! )'(

Hometown: eugene

Love Muscle

My World, My Rules.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/189548531179275/Hometown: Brooklyn

Love Nation

Love Nation is a camp dedicated to spreading the energy of Trance music. Love Nation’s intention is to bring people together to unite as one global conscience.

URL: http://lovenation.usHometown: San Francisco

Love Potion Camp

Love Potion Camp welcomes you to a chill space full of art, creativity, whimsy, fun, positive vibes and Luurve. Cuddling and BIG hugs are welcomed and encouraged.

URL: http://www.lovepotioncamp.comHometown: oakland

Love Puddle

A bar and playground open every afternoon that serves the most refreshing punch on the playa, to enjoy before or after playing foursquare or swinging on the swings. Ask nicely and we might give you a Love Puddle or whip out Dildo Jousting.

URL: http://www.lovepuddle.net/Hometown: SF Bay Area


Loveland: We welcome and inspire people taking part in the Burning Man Experience. Featuring daily activities, a unique and pampering “City Concierge” in our “Love Spa”, the 3rd annual “Steely Dan Happy Hour”, a “David Bowie Happy Hour” and our 5th Annual Pastie Workshop: bling out your boobs in our cozy beehive dome! Get crafty and create your own sexy pasties, adorn yourself with body paint, enjoy a cocktail, or shake your booty to our honey-licious Dj’s + More!

URL: http://lovelandbrc.comHometown: Los Angeles

Lucky Ramen

Lucky ramen serves Ramen,
come by and get some if we are open!

Hometown: Oakland

Luna Roots Camp

Get ready to dig deep and howl at the moon. Luna Roots Camp aims to facilitate a connection with creation by providing interactive experiences including collaborative artworks, hoop workshops, tarot readings, and more.

Hometown: Davis, CA

Lunar Disco

Come share drinks and dancing with our international crew in our Discoasis on the Moon.

Hometown: San Francisco