2013 Theme Camps

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Oasis 47

We are the small craft bazaar and art school in Black Rock city. Liberate your inner artist amidst our comfortable tribal nomads. Join us to embellish bronze pendants, learn the secrets of EL wire, Burmese Massage or partner yoga and more.
Take our art car to faraway places, or find us in the dust for a dip mid playa in our mobile steam bath. Join us. We serve you.

URL: http://oasis47.orgHometown: Boston

Oasis Divinium

If you could make love with Spirit/The Divine: how could it happen? how would it feel? what would result? whom would you trust and ask to assist and/or to guide? where could this happen? when would you be ready? what is holding you back? The Oasis Divinium invites you to explore these questions on your path to experiencing divine ecstatic communion.

URL: http://www.oasisdivinium.orgHometown: Fairfax

Object of Worship

An amulet or talisman worn around the neck can both focus your thoughts and let others know what person, inanimate object, or anatomical feature you are devoted to. So bring us your object of worship and we will use our mystical powers (with a little help from a 3D scanner and a 3D printer) to create a likeness of your object in convenient amulet form.

URL: http://www.menconi.com/oowHometown: Milpitas

Octopus Garden

Come by the Octopus Garden to enjoy a salty treat and some Pussy Punch while we airbrush your body to some smooth grooves… Though we love Pussy, we are not an orgy camp… yet.

Hometown: San Francisco

Ocular Cavity

We have a few giant public stencil walls for anyone to enjoy. Cut it out, paint it on. Come by for Mimosa Wednesday Morning.

Hometown: Emerald City

Oh No You Didn't

Be our guest and get it off your chest at our playa confessional lounge, featuring libelous libations and scornful judgment from our panel of experts. Commiserate with the best as we help keep your shame in perspective.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/camp.oh.no.you.didnt?Hometown: Santa Rosa

OMitting Station

OMitting Station is a camp to support a participatory art project, which is to record burners uttering the sanskrit syllable “Om” and then layer them to create one unified Om. We will then have it played from a large sound art car sunday morning at the ashes of the man.

URL: http://www.omittingstation.comHometown: Mt. Shasta

Ooligan Airways

)'(Ooligan Alley is coming back this year as )'(Ooligan Airways: The Trip of a lifetime. 00L1GAN1 experienced heavy turbulence whilst bringing in cargo on its way to the desert and went down in a ball of flames.
Follow the runway lights to see what’s left of her, luckily the soundsystem survived.

URL: http://www.ooliganalley.co.ukHometown: London

Oontz Pouch

Cargo cult classic since 2010! Oontz oontz oontz!

Hometown: San Francisco

Orphan / Endorphin Camp

The Orphanage is a group of three camps, based on the concept of the original Orphan camp in 2010.
For “loners who don’t want to be totally alone”. All are welcome, there is no vetting, and we attract orphans and virgins from all over the world.
The Orphan / Endorphin camp, features the Asylum Pub, Daddy Warbuck’s Cigar Lounge, Captain Ron’s Fishing Shack & Hoist, Baron Oink’s Latex Vac & Pac, Punjab’s Infused Vodka Luge, and the Orphan Radio.

URL: http://orphanendorphin.comHometown: Sacramento

OSIRIS Village

You step onto the dusty playa expanse, a warm wind caresses your face, your eyes scan the horizon. You shall serve witness the rise of the great pyramid in Black Rock City. This is OSIRIS; your doorway between the land of the living and what lies beyond – a place where music, passion, and art are created. Though you may exit OSIRIS, you’re changed forever. You have glimpsed the Underworld, with OSIRIS as your guide.

URL: http://www.osirisburners.orgHometown: Reno


Otter is an oasis of love and conscious celebration. This is the 19th year in a row in which we, the Otter Clan, bring our big love, laughter and fancy pants dancing to Burning Man!

Our House

This is Our House on The Playa! Come over and play with our colorful collaborative family.

URL: http://www.ourhousecamp.virb.comHometown: Reno


Outpost23 is a conglomerate of DJ’s, artists and cosmic hobos; ready to turn your Burning Man experience upside down. We are the change you’ve been looking for.

Hometown: San Francisco