2013 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.


A mix of Carnaval and Mardi Gras, Que Viva! (celebrate life) camp will roll with rollicking fun, Latino and Cajun music, migration stories, and butterflies. Migration is Beautiful. Burners may share their migratory stories via a video story-telling booth and projections, make and take Migration is Beautiful butterflies all over the playa, and maybe get a BRC Permanent Residency Card.

Hometown: San Francisco

Quixotes Cabaret Present The Duke of Edinburgh Arms

Quixotes’ returns to Burning Man in 2013 to embrace the wonder of cabaret whilst tipping our hat to the Cargo Cults everywhere via our own cargo cultist Prince Philip by presenting The Duke of Edinburgh Arms, a pub. Our gift to the desert is a Pub with an open mic Cabaret Stage where you can come and realise your Cabaret fantasies, join us for a tasty beverage, and enjoy the show.

URL: http://www.qccb.orgHometown: London