2013 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

Naked Heart

Naked Heart is a place of connection and communion that invites women to fully embody their essential feminine selves, and men to honor this powerful feminine. Naked Heart shares our experiences outward through workshops and by simply holding light

URL: http://www.nakedheartcamp.comHometown: San Luis Obispo

Neil Armstrong Movement

On December 19 1972 the whole moon went dark; We no longer receive cargo from the heavens. We have scavenged the last of the supplies for a great display of sympathetic magic. With our newly constructed lander, landing site, and offerings of freeze dried food how could the earthling deny us now.

URL: http://vibdev.com/bmHometown: Oakland

Neo Evolutionary Logic Project (N.Ev.Lo. Project)

Broadcasting the greatest of human potential but providing a positive psychology project for people to creative express themselves on a giant scaled playground. There will be a drawing room, library and lookout tower to use the creative energy, meditate or just take in the beautiful view.

URL: http://nevloproject.comHometown: Eureka

Neon Monkeys

Elevating the primal part of our existence, Neon Monkeys seek to expand consciousness through fire dancing, yoga, and group art.

URL: http://neonmonkeys.wikispaces.com/Hometown: Chico

New York Dangerous

We’re the New York Dangerous, offering BRC all sorts of awesome danger: indulge your sweet tooth on Strangers with Candy, compete in our Running With Scissors relay race at 3pm Wed, and meet new people in our social Talking to Strangers yurt. More dangerous than playing real-life Frogger on Broadway during rush hour.

Hometown: New York City


Nexus is much more than just a large-scale sound camp, it is a community of builders, artists, engineers, dancers and DJs that focuses on providing unique experiences.

URL: http://www.nexusorg.orgHometown: Santa Cruz

Nocturno Lounge

The Nocturno Lounge is a bar and a hookah lounge in the style of a Bedouin tent.

Hometown: San Francisco

Nom De Plume

Come get some tea, dub, and thrivelry.

Hometown: Magicalville, CA

Northwest Mist

Look for the premier misting tent on the playa. Step out of the heat and into our rainforest atmosphere that provides not only a “cooler” environment but also offers music and airbrush body art.

URL: http://www.northwestmist.comHometown: Portland

Nose Fish

Nose Fish is back with daily EL Wire Repair Service, The MEZ at night, and a playa art piece called Beat Frequency Muffin all day and all night.

URL: http://nosefish.org/?page_id=141Hometown: Oakland


Bunnies, Smurfs, Jellies, Monkeys, and Spacenutz… we’ve come to realize we’re just Nutz! See you at sunrise:)

Hometown: Los Angeles/San Francisco

NYC Container Camp

NYC Container Camp is the New York container filled with all the love, joy, art and creativity shipped from the other side of the country! Come get your goods, put your art and bikes together, and sit awhile for our nightly NYC Happy Hour!

URL: http://www.nyccontainer.comHometown: New York City