2013 Theme Camps

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H.R.H. Prince Phillip Tiki Bar

Once again open for drinks and debauchery, 24/7.
This year as the Prince Philip Tiki bar we shall be resplendent with colonial majesty, instead of our previous Burningdales shop assistants, Terminal Y stewardesses or even Untied Nations diplomats. Come and join us for a cocktail or 7.

Hometown: London

Habitat for Insanity

We’re a mix of artists, entrepreneurs, and free-thinkers that love all things Burning Man! If you enjoy original thoughts and like to initiate projects, we’d love to welcome you to Habitat for Insanity.

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Hammer And Cyclery

Comrades! Join the struggle to disseminate bicycle repair, advice, and the color red. Help Camp Hammer and Cyclery promote self reliance through Playa bicycle repair, Burner bike tutorials, and inspiring (and terrifying) Burning Man cycling stories.

Hometown: Minneapolis

Hammock Hangout & Space Cats

90 hammocks in giant passive solar tent, karaoke lounge, full bar, snack trays.

URL: http://thehammockhangout.com/Hometown: San Francisco

Hammock Heaven

Hammock Heaven, a place to rest those tired feet.

Hometown: Reno

Hang-Out, the

Dozens of hammocks swinging in the playa breeze filled with dusty desert nymphs, lost souls, Gargarean bards, and past patrons. Come tip your cup; light a hooka; swing in the Bird Cage while singing a song; loose a day to our special version of Nirvana; find your inner child (or even a lost one); we offer all these things and more.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/150704538339546/Hometown: Chico

Happy Camp

Need to re-boot your ‘Happy’? Join us for the Pirate’s Happy Hour and ride our gas-powered blender, jump on the trampoline, or have your picture taken with the TARDIS!

URL: http://happycampbrc.comHometown: Boulder/Portland/Tucson/Seattle

Happy Hour

Hard day on the playa? Unwind at Happy Hour, where you’ll be greeted by one of a kind refreshing spirits served with smiles! Enjoy our lounge, bar, and gigantic jungle gym! Climb, spin, dance on the tallest rotating “exotic dancing” pole! Start your evening with Happy Hour!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Happy-Hour/350219491736402Hometown: Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Australia, England, Cos


Your favorite Old West biker bar welding shop is back on the Playa. Come drink our whiskey, take a Salsa lesson, get your art car welded, and win valuable prizes while yer at it. Don’t bring your bicycle here to get it fixed – we don’t do that.

URL: http://hardlydavidsoncafe.comHometown: Mountain View

Heart Tribe

Heart Tribe offers interactive playshops, speaker presentations, and forums to help us connect more deeply with our own hearts and the world. We offer workshops in movement, nutrition, love, meditation, yoga, spiritual philosophy, emotional intelligence, intuitive healing, energy work, massage, giving, and more. Our favorite question is “How May I Love You?” Please come visit us at Heart Tribe. http://www.facebook.com/groups/HeartTribeFamily/

URL: http://www.facebook.com/groups/HeartTribeFamily/Hometown: San Francisco


We provide airbrush heart body art as well as Ink-Ons, Welt-Ons, and temporary tattoos. Wear yours proudly, because everyone loves a Heart-On!

Hometown: San Jose

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers

A Grounded Oasis creating a nurturing environment providing healing and personal growth education for the citizens of Black Rock City. Our community intention is to cultivate healing that will spread into the world, promoting love and a higher state of being for every soul.

URL: http://www.heebeegeebeehealers.orgHometown: We no longer have one - we are a truly global community now.


We worship the Sun god, that atomic dance floor where the ecstasy of fusion explodes in glorious light, the dub of electromagnetic waves rolling out from it and animating all living things with its cosmic beat. Come by and make your burnt offering to the Sun god using our reflective parabolic dish, which gathers up the Sun’s energy and focuses it to a single point, making that point super hot, like the Sun itself.

URL: www.helioz.meHometown: San Francisco

Hellfire Society


Finish the night in our comfortable black light cave.

Hometown: Calgary


Hiburnia, a desert dwelling tribe from the ancient island of hibernia manifests the gift of fine Irish whiskey tasting each day an hour before sunset.

Hometown: San Francisco

Highness Yasmina's Imaginarium of Iniquity, Intrigue and Destiny

Her Highness, the Royal Yasmina calls all expanding soul searchers between 12 and 2 PM daily. Enter her Arabian dome and be captured in an extreme slow motion video portrait, guaranteed to reveal your soul’s purpose and destiny. Or not. Partake of her Middle Eastern feast and luxuriate with poetry and song. Then return at night to witness time and minutiae expand, and to see your unobservable self projected in wonderous proportions for all to see. Again. And again.

URL: https://vimeo.com/channels/493603Hometown: The City of Angels


Welcome to Hippocampus – where memories are made in your brain and on the playa. Make room for surprises, we’ve gone mobile! The cafe might not be where you left it last time.

Hometown: Mixed

Hive 5

Formerly known as the “Boobs & the Bees” camp, we are a collection of community oriented, leave no trace, renewable energy inspired, dance loving, bee themed camp dedicated to sexy fun!
Come ride our Giant Cock Car, bling out your boobs at our annual Pastie Workshop on Thursday, or join us for Sunset Kissing Hour on Friday.
Welcome to the Hive!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Hokey Pokey Come Back

Hokey Pokey Come Back is a clean and sober camp for the Friends of Bill W. We are open 24 hours a day for anyone who would like to drop in. Friends of Bill W. meeting everyday at 5:00 PM. Dance The Hokey Pokey at noon everyday and turn yourself around-all ages welcome.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/hokeypokey.campHometown: Chico

HoldenMyNuts Garage

Bicycle repair, tire repair, daytime full service & 24 hour self service bays; information and education on general playa maintenance & repair. At HoldenMyNuts we’re holden’ what you want- come get what you need!

Hometown: Denver

Holi High Camp

Holi High Camp brings the madness and color kaleidoscope of the Indian festival of Holi to the boisterous masses of the playa through paint blasting cannons.

Hometown: San Francisco

Home Brew 4A Home Brew

A Home Brewers community where brewers of the Playa come to meet and share. Enjoy a cold home brewed beer, mead or soda served daily. We have a pool table, a party dome and daily events including a home brew contest. Bring your keg and we will refrigerate and tap it. Old school Burning Man. Open… community… low tech.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Home-Brew-4A-Home-Brew/286030026202Hometown: Reno

Home Free Dome

Home Free Dome is a community of encounter, designed to amplify the transformative cultural forces at play in Black Rock City. We turn spectators into participants, virgins into veterans, and veterans into virtuosos.

URL: http://steinbock.org/project/homefreedomeHometown: Bay Area

Home Rule

Home Rule is a DC based Village. We welcome others with open arms for a wiggle, a chat, a laugh and shared magic. We look forward to getting down with you in the dust!

URL: http://www.dchomerule.orgHometown: Washington DC


Homebrauhaus is a collection of Scientists, Artists, and Ne’er Do Wells who all have a passion for making and drinking beer. HomeBrauHaus is devoted to upholding the longstanding traditions of beer culture by providing a wide variety of ales, lagers, and gluten-free home brew. Bring us your thirsty, your parched, your sober! We accept these huddled masses as equal, and they will leave as equal…ly inebriated, satisfied, and quenched.

Hometown: Reno

Homepage: The Human Powered Internet Camp

We aim to emulate the most popular websites on the internet with our mind, bodies, and souls. Come send an email across the playa or video chat with your Grandma! The power of the internet is vast but we will do our best to provide all of it’s conveniences in a physical form throughout the week.

Hometown: Vancouver / Humboldt


Drop in for a cheerful “Slice of Home”—Playa-style. Participate in our comfort-food cook-offs, climb the sky-high HomeSlice Tower’s inverted pyramids, experience a hypnagogic Dream Machine reverie, upgrade or re-engineer your Playa duds and gear at our Radical Alteration clinics, boogie down at the HomeSlice Cha Cha Party, or catch a ride across town on the four-wheeled Sliceicle!

Hometown: Altadena


A mirage appears in Deep Playa. The aroma of fresh icy Homojitos stimulates your hypothalamus. Giant bright puffy flowers belt out groovy dance beats. Leave it to serendipity and the boys of Homojitoville! The Mobile Homojito Dance Bar & Sound Garden of Eden appear randomly, erupting in a fabulous cocktail and dance party, then disappear. Never in the same place twice, this is no mirage. Shake your groove thing where spontaneity rules! Bring your cup we’ll fill it with love.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/HomojitoVille/146746548673607?fref=tsHometown: Santa Monica

Honeysuckle 'Hood

We are a multi-camp tribe of dancers, somanauts, shamanistas, yogis and radiant beings here to offer our deepest gifts of awareness, authentic relating, play, galactic activation, soul-retrieval, and turn-on. We welcome you to our ‘hood to enjoy our acro-yoga, contact improvisation dance, ecstatic movement, intersubjective meditation, sexual polarity consciousness, energy work, and many other workshops and meetups.

URL: http://honeysucklehood.orgHometown: Sol III


Hookahdome provides an air-conditioned dome with Hookah services w Global music and Bellydancing in the daytime. Hookahdome is also the nighttime dance destination at BRC for Tribal/Global music styles and live music performances, including North African, Middle Eastern, Gypsy-Roma and East Indian music-reworks by re-knowned HD resident artists such as Karsh Kale, The MIDIval Punditz and live artists Turku from Istanbul, Turkey.

URL: http://www.hookahdome.comHometown: San Francisco

HOTD - Hair of the Dog

Your friendly neighborhood dive bar and live music venue returns! Our infamous HOTD stage features daily Open Mic, variety acts, poetry slams, and the latest, greatest, and famous unsigned bands daily and nightly. You bring the drinks and music. We’ll supply the drinks and music!

URL: http://www.dmomusic.com/hotdHometown: San Jose/San Francisco

House of Dust does Gaia

We have arrived on earth together.
We keep an elevated point of view.
We offer healing opportunities in a healing space.
We bring the four corners of the world together for a week, in an ephemeral house of dust.

URL: houseofdust@groups.facebook.comHometown: San Francisco

House of Skin

The one and only place to wet your skin with a little sunblock rubbed in by the most delicate hands on the playa.

Hometown: Spokane

House of YES

Say YES to our spontaneous and playful improvisation camp for games, drinks, sparkles, hugs and the kind of laughter that makes playa dust come out your nose.

Hometown: San Francisco

Houston CORE

Houston CORE will bring The Cargo Mother to the playa to cede her hoard–the final remnants of humanity–to the man. She has endured much on her journey and has prepared this warning: “You can Kill us…. Burn us. But we will never die.”

URL: http://houstoncore.orgHometown: Houston

Humanity Integrated

The “Human Integrated” camp is organized by a group of like-minded people determined to promote the value of mutual responsibility to the center of public discourse. We want to create a discussion platform for a wide spectrum of socially conscious people: activists, scholars, artists, educators, public officials and everyday citizens. It is a model for how we can all sit around the table as equals and look for how to build a just, healthy and sustainable society.

Hometown: Chicago


Hushville, an aural oasis in an undulating sea of chaos, is open to any camper who pre-registers and can abide our four simple rules: 1)No Generators; 2) No Amplified Sound; 3) Leave No Trace; and 4) Make a Significant Contribution to the City that is Black Rock. Because Hushville is a village in Black Rock City, we can’t promise that it will be quiet… just quieter.

URL: http://www.hushville.comHometown: Seattle