2013 Theme Camps

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G Spot


URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261251493986214/Hometown: Reno / Nevada City

Galactic Jungle

GalacticJungle is floral-oasis meets galactic-lounge. Open bar & electronic music nightly. Sno-cones with fresh fruit juice, movie projections and art installations. Tight crew of ~40 folks, chill vibe, no drama. Every insight since 2002 will be incorporated 🙂

URL: http://www.galacticjungle.comHometown: San Francisco

Gamelan X

Drawing its inspiration from the clove and incense scented air of Bali, Indonesia, Gamelan X, “The Bay Area’s own Funkadelic of ethnomusicology” (SF Guardian), explores the sonic landscape of contemporary beleganjur gamelan to offer a wildly unique expression of both East and West.
From the resonating sound of the gongs to the explosive drum beats and interlocking cymbals, Gamelan X remixes the ritual of a Balinese procession with a decidedly west coast twist.

URL: http://www.gamelanx.comHometown: oakland

Ganesh’s Boneyard Public House

Ganesh’s Boneyard Public House is a venue for cultish BM behaviors, like indoor parties while it’s raging hot, 11-4 in a large, cool desert tent from Rajasthan, India. Play tennis on a regulation clay court. Interact with the Gifting Tree any time. Quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate gifted daily when we are awake. “Good” music. Ritually raising BM spirits!

URL: http://www.johnkane.com/2012-02-20-GaneshCamp/Hometown: Berkeley

Gaylactic Invaders

Strange sexy creatures from beyond the stars, sent to gather information on carbon based life forms. Prepare to be probed!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gaylactic.invaders/Hometown: San Diego


Plush & climate controlled (did someone say there’s dust out there?) come to the Geisha House! Your sanctuary on the playa where fur, velvet & 24hr SAKE invites you to focus your chi.

Hometown: NY-LA-SF-Tokyo

Gender Blender

Boy? Girl? Ze? Unidentified? You decide. Gender Blender is a safe haven for those bending and blending gender, a place to come and explore for those who have always wanted to mix up their gender but have never before, and a spot for those who are curious about gender play and how gender impacts and affects our lives. We are a gender conscious open loving community that runs workshops, theatrics, loves sparkles, drag, and making smoothies in the desert. genderblenders.org

URL: www.genderblenders.org, https://www.facebook.com/groups/genderblender/?fref=tsHometown: SF, NYC, DC

Genital Portrait Studio

At Genital Portrait Studio, our highly skilled photographers offer you the opportunity capture that special side of yourself in the privacy of our playa studio. Your session may include a number of props and positions, and you can walk away with your very own Genital ID card.

URL: http://www.genitalportraitstudio.org/Hometown: San Francisco


Come climb the mathematical space we simply call The Spaceship, and get a whole new view of the playa!

Hometown: Reno


URL: http://gigsville.orgHometown: San Francisco, LA, and Austin


With love and respect on the Playa and beyond, we are a group of gay friends who invite YOU with open arms into our sexy, loving family through coversation, drinks, and dance for ALL who stumble upon us. See who we are as individuals, know us as the GLAMCOCKS!

URL: http://glamcocks.com/Hometown: Seattle

Glass Camp

Glass blowing demonstrations everynight. Watch glass artists create works of art from molten hot, firey goo. Participate by entering in nightly competions to have a custom glass piece of your own design made for you on the Playa.

URL: http://greenfootglass.comHometown: Seattle

Glitter Camp

Naked and Shiny

Gnome Tramps

“Gnome Tramps” are the mischievous tricksters fueling the Cargo Cult and bestowing unexpected gifts of absurdity to the citizens of Black Rock City. If you watch very carefully, you just may catch one out of the corner of your eye!
Gnome Camp + Sexy Tramps = Gnome Tramps

URL: http://gnomecamp.comHometown: Brooklyn, baby!

Golden Cafe

Celebrating its 11th year, the Golden Cafe is your home on the playa for exotic cocktails, home infused liquors, and live music since 2003. Swing by for elegant libations served in real glassware, jam with our house band, and sample strange infusions from our cellars. Donations of liquor and mixers keep the party going, and there may be something new in store this time around…

URL: http://www.goldencafe.orgHometown: Los Angeles

Golden Legstep

Join us for afternoon celebrations, and praise of the Golden Leg. Together we can please the cargo gods and restore their bounty.

Hometown: Santa Monica

Got Sparkle?

Come fish for prizes, hang in the shade, become a unicorn, have a drink or be glamorized! Virgins encouraged and given an extra gift.

Hometown: Portland

Grandma Frum's Painful Candy and Drip Coffee

Slump yer frumpy rump at Grandma Frum’s and get painfully numb, with all your new chums, as you slurp a sip of your favorite drip!

Hometown: Toledo

Green Tortoise VIllage

Green Tortoise = alternative travel entity. We operate the shuttle service to and from Empire and Gerlach and have a cool camp with shade and a chill area. We are comprised of great folks from around the world who corroborate and work together to form a Village, and to participate at BRC. Come by if you have a bus problem, to check out our unique sleeper coaches or hop on board in San Francisco!

URL: http://www.greentortoise.com/adventure.travel.htmlHometown: San Francisco


The GreenHome is an incubator for creative social sprouting. Just as you use a greenhouse to start seeds and cultivate plants, we offer our GreenHome to spark experience and cultivate human interaction through play, experimentation, art, and ideas.

Hometown: San Francisco

Greeters Camp

Greeters Camp

Hometown: Black Rock City

Greeters Station

Greeters Station

Hometown: Black Rock City

Grid City

Grid City is an interactive, perfectly harmonic space expressing the larger cosmos on a micro level. Come express the consciousness grid and see how we all align!

URL: http://gridcity.netHometown: Oakland

Gypsy maetS Circus

Hometown: DFW

Gypsy Nebula

Gypsy Nebula, where planets collide and Gypsies dance. Stop in for a telling of your fortune or to make a sock puppet, and make sure to be there for our world famous (to us anyway) “Chicago style Vegan Hotdog” giveaway (check the www for date and time).

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GypsyNebula/Hometown: Grants Pass Oregon

GYST (Get Your Shit Together!)

GYST – (Aka – Get Your Shit Together) – a camp about getting your shit together, burning in the desert and having a blast in the process!

Hometown: Sacramento