2013 Theme Camps

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(TMWC) Martial Law Camp

Welcome to Martial Law Camp

The world is weary; we are its STRENGTH! Join us in veneration of our Supreme Leader at our vodka infusion bar. Be a part of our collective might at radical self-oppression open mic. Help enforce collective justice and re-education; turn in your friends for interrogation and trial.

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/martiallawcamp/Hometown: Los Angeles

Tahoe Twisted

Hometown: Tahoe and other random places

Tall Balls

Create a musical contraption powered by marbles.

Hometown: San Francisco

Tangoed up in Blues

Discover what it’s like to hold a partner in your arms and move to the music. Tango. Blues Dance. Join us in re-popularizing partner dance in America.

URL: http://bluestango.comHometown: Seattle


a creative relaxed environment in the midst of the rush and roar of black rock city

Hometown: taos


Tarwater, home of the Rat Taxi, returns with Bill’s Bowl-a-Rama, the Ladder Toss game, Kubb; the Viking party game, and the inaptly named Corn Hole game. You can pick out clothes at Lady S’ Boutique where you don’t have to do anything in exchange. The Light Garden Maze will be lit for your nocturnal wanderings. Join us, in the shade.

URL: http://home.comcast.net/~retawrat/site/Hometown: Santa Rosa & San Diego

Tasty Heart Deco

Established Burning Man camps Tasty and Heart Deco will join forces again this year to bring new and inspired stationary and mobile art, sound, and sensory experiences to the playa in 2013. With the birth of a redesigned mutant vehicle we are calling “Heart Phoenix” and an enhanced home base that integrates Heart Phoenix seamlessly into its in-camp public “nest,” Tasty Heart Deco are taking their collaboration to the next level this year.

URL: http://heartphoenix.comHometown: San Francisco


Hometown: San Francisco


Come bask in the shade of our fire spewing volcano, or dance to our ground-shaking beats while we serve you a tec n’ tonic. Don’t forget to bring us your playa virgins to sacrifice to the volcano gods!

Hometown: Portland

Tell Us Something Camp

Inspired by the Moth, Tell Us Something camp is an open forum for telling, archiving, and sharing true stories. Stories are 10 minutes, must be personal, and told from memory. It’s a celebration of storytelling, of the Black Rock City, and of each other. We listen, we laugh, we cry, and we do it with stories. Our theme this year is “What are you waiting for?” Want to tell a story? Call 406.203.4683 to pitch your idea

URL: http://www.tellussomething.orgHometown: Missoula

Temple Camp and the Lost Lounge 2013

Home to a crew of pirates chasing the creative spark.

URL: http://www.spaceisland.orgHometown: Los Angeles

Temple of Dome

The stewards of the HoneyDome are back with a post-apocalyptic twist on Black Rock techno-chiliasm. Ascendants will be invited to a divine throne for grapes, mist, and obsequious sycophancy–if the software’s working correctly. We mean metaphorical grapes, not the kind you have to register with the health department to serve.

Hometown: Bay Area & beyond

Temple of Ra

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Temple of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

We are a comfortable neighborhood pub with a rockin’ attitude. In honor of his noodley goodness the Friendly Fire Bar will administer ice cold libations and groovin’ tunes for your mind, body and spirit. Take a ride 3 stories up in the Sky Lounge and view the Playa with a much higher perspective. The Flying Spaghetti Monster welcomes all, so stop by and be touched by his noodly appendage.

Hometown: Southern California

Temple of the Indifferent: Chess Camp 2013

Temple of the Indifferent is back with Chess Camp III for 2013. New SHADE and THREE, count ’em, three chess sets for a three ring circus of chess. Returning favorites, 2007’s GREEN VS GREED and 2009’s SCIENCE VS SUPERSTITION and added to this year’s new camp, CARGO VS CHRISTIAN CULT.

Hometown: Ventura

Tender Heckles Porch

We brought the bullhorns and the instruments, you bring the sass. Come kick it on our porch!

Hometown: Berkeley

Tennis Camp

The glory days of playing tennis on the Playa are back and have expanded with mini golf! Show up in your proper tennis whites or plaid golf pants to play a set and stick around for the country club soirees.

URL: http://playa-tennis-camp.blogspot.com/Hometown: San Francisco


A tropical pit stop, where you can zip on fancy tequila or a straight shooter on the go! Always with Limon y Sal.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Terminal City:404 Village Not Found

Keeping burning man potentially lethal. Come for the hugs, stay for the abuse.

Hometown: Dallas

Termination Dust Hole

A collective of bands and fire dancers escape from the Arctic to fill your Hole by cramming it with live music, fire performances, Flunky Ball, and erotic sock puppets. Come chafe away the techNO at Termination Dust Hole.

Hometown: Anchorage

The Academy of Arts and Sciences

Welcome to the Academy of Arts and Sciences. We have interactive classes teaching burners about science that can be used to create art, as well as art that makes science real. We strive to balance the left/right brain dichotomy with a range of activities to meet our fellow Burners’ diverse tastes. Come visit!

Hometown: Seattle

The Anchorage

Step right up to The Anchorage and take a spin at the Wheel… Of… FORTUNE! Discover your narrative direction and calibrate your moral compass while exploring a subtle twist on ancient arts of divination. Delve deep into your past, present, or future with insight from the beyond.

Hometown: San Francisco

The Avant Yard

Avant Yard is a collective of artists and free spirits from all over the world. Through performance, healing, and self-expression our dream is to help the Burning Man Community evolve spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

URL: http://www.artsdiaspora.com/Hometown: New York City

The Black Rock Mafia

This looks like a nice neighborhood. We’re movin in. Nuthin happens without us knowin about it beforehand… Capiche? You look worried… don’t worry… we’re gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.

URL: http://www.blackrockmafia.com/Hometown: Seattle

The Bouncy Bouncy Club

The Bouncy Bouncy Club – Home of “The Water Bar” and “The Wilson Phillips Pancake Breakfast.”

URL: http://www.facebook.com/groups/asdfghjzxcbnjm/Hometown: Los Angeles ....... woot!

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is Burning Man’s first radically inclusive breakfast village. Formed from two pillars of the playa community, Pancake Playhouse and Scarbutts Cafe have joined forces to gift the most high octane, sticky sweet, soft rocking, spanktastic breakfast experience ever to seen in BRC. With support from the Airpusher Steampunk Airship our soft rock will inspire as never before. We’re a morning mecca of taste, stimulation and aural sensation for famished burners of all ages, types and experience l

Hometown: san Francisco

The Bureau of Misinformation

The Bureau of Misinformation is Black Rock City’s leading source of radical ridiculosity, ambiguity, and factual inconsistency. We have the answers to all your burning questions, and you’re sure to leave as confounded as your are enlightened. We also have a pretty sweet bar, so if you don’t get the answer you want, at least we can drown your sorrows.

URL: http://bureauofmisinformation.com/Hometown: San Francisco

The Cats' Lounge

The Cats’ Lounge is a congregation of like-minded, easy-going, feline-friendly friends looking to help new burners “newbies” find an identity by sharing clothing, makeup, and stories with the intention of setting them free into the abyss of the playa.

URL: http://The Cats'lounge@facebook.comHometown: LA/Silverlake

The Chai Tent

Come for Hot Chai between 9-10 every morning Monday to Friday.

URL: http://chaitent.comHometown: London

The Dark Carnival Community Cafe

Darkroast for those dark of heart, the Circus is in town, Gothic performers lurking in the night. Bring your mug as we have no cups, embrace your inner expressionist but leave your drama at the door.

URL: http://www.darkcarnivalcafe.comHometown: Santa Cruz

The Department of Experimentation and Research

The Dirty Beetles

The Dirty Beetles are a silly collective of artists, musicians, DJ’s and designers. This year for Burning Man 2013 we will be bringing our beloved art car for the 3rd year, called “Boogaloo”.

URL: http://www.dirtybeetles.comHometown: Los Angeles

The Disco Space Shuttle

Confessions by day….Join us in the “morning” for a tasty, refreshing, rejuvenating Bloody Mary – confess a sin and be absolved by the power of the Bloody Mary! We provide the nutrients you need to go about your playa day. Reflections by night….join us on the Disco Space Shuttle as we roam the playa with awesome beats and comfy chill, in our mirror-mosaic shuttle that’s about to take off…

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Disco-Space-Shuttle/203026893098782Hometown: San Francisco

The Dump

Where the worlds most fabulous musicians and dancers from MarchFourth Marching Band, Vagabond Opera, Trashcan Joe, The Libertine Belles, The Ukeladies, and The Saloon Ensemble are dumped and recycled to endlessly create music from a by-gone era. Come sing, dance, play our piano, and join-in as we all share electronic-free acoustic joy!

URL: http://www.saloonensemble.comHometown: Portland

The Empress

Come to The Empress, the last bastion of a failed empire! Relive the glory of the Victorian age and enjoy the comforts of a more civilized time in our reinterpretation of a Victorian drawing room.
Every afternoon our gracious hosts and hostesses serve you your selections from our tea menu along with light snacks(see the What Where When for daily times), as well as 24-hour self-serve tea (bring your own cup), and a nightime sheesha smoking lounge.

Hometown: Victoria

The Enchanted Forest Funk-i

The groovy magic of the redwoods and phungadelic beats are waiting for you! We’ll be dancing and giving away free hugs 24/7, and if your timing is right, our Wizard has been perfecting his homebrew to quench your thirst! Our family is full of enchantment, each with our own talents to offer, bring your hOOp, your glow and fire toys, your cup, and that smile and we’d love to move with you!

Hometown: Humboldt

The Future

Technological and social change offer the promise of a future that’s radically different from the present; what do we want that future to look like? The Future is a good place to meet people who think about that sort of thing, and even better, are doing something about it.

URL: http://future-camp.netHometown: SF Bay Area

The G-Spot

The G-Spot is a often hard to find and always pleasurable location in the warm (sometimes frigid) wonderful lower region of the Black Rock Desert, deep inside the fantasy zone known as Black Rock City where, you may discover an incredible welcoming environment. “The G-Spot if You Can’t Find Us …You Are Not Coming”!

Hometown: SF, Seattle, LA, Placerville

The Gallavant Goddesses & their Lost Boys

The Gallavant Goddesses & their Lost Boys return with The Goddess Market. We brought what you forgot, from toothbrushes to tent poles, your own cup, bandanas, socks and everything in between!

Hometown: Sparks

The Gods' Vending Inc

Come and try your luck at the GODS VENDING INC! Open daily, except when the “Out of Order” sign is out. Insert an authentic Cargo Cult token, spin the dial and see what the GODS will gift to you!

Hometown: Victoria

The Grateful Man

We have joined our love of The Grateful Dead with our love of Burning Man <3 Put em together and you got yourself THE GRATEFUL MAN!!!

Hometown: Santa Cruz

The Hive

A buzzing mass of madness from the East descends upon the desert, full of burning light and energy. Is the Hive full of honey, or stings? Bathe in our glow, and discover!

Hometown: Boston

The Institute

Ah, the Institute… of higher learning? higher earning? higher yearning? Perhaps…or perhaps just a center for the study of the wide-spread, grievous affliction of bicoastal disorder. We’ll never tell–we merely guarantee round-the-clock experiments with the edges of art, technology, and movement.

URL: http://www.infectprofitrelax.orgHometown: New York, San Fransisco, Los Angeles

The Kazbah



The Last Resort Country Club

At the darkest edge of the Outer Ring, The Last Resort Country Club is a vision to weary adventurers brave enough to explore Black Rock City’s limits and newcomers approaching its distant lights. An oasis of comfort and civilization before the barren wilds open up behind us, The Last Resort is a place you can have a seat in the shade, sip a mai thai, take some tennis lessons and make some friends before you rocket away across the dust.

URL: http://www.thelastresortcamp.comHometown: Toronto/New York

The Lemonade Stand

Join the Lemonade Stand for a fantastic daytime interactive art experience.

Hometown: Portland

The Lollipop Guild

The Lollipop Guild returns to the Playa from over the rainbow to celebrate equal love in a garden of day glow lollipops. Join us to get married in our rainbow chapel, get your nails painted at our nail station, make your own lollipop art on our spin art bike, shine in black light splendor throughout the night and so much more.

Hometown: San Diego

The Lost Penguin

What could be more lost than a Penguin in the desert? Drop in at our hospitality oasis for shade, couches, wine, lemonade, chocolate, snow cones, friendly people and live entertainment. Join us for our iceberg obstacle course, get up on stage for asshole theatre, watch bands, dance to DJs or take a workshop. Or just sit and converse as you watch the playa float by.
Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area & Toronto
(We’re scattered globally, actually)
URL: http://www.lostpenguincafe.com
Contact: thelostpenguins@yah

URL: http://www.thelostpenguincafe.comHometown: Bay Area/Toronto

The Monkey Pit

The Monkey Pit is a Pirate themed interactive challenge camp where we award gifts to the winners AND losers of the many different challenging games for adults. Challenge the Monkeys of “Monkey Pit” if you dare. Maybe you can handle “The Bilge adventure”? Or just have fun with Monkey Pawn, our version of what a Pawn Shop “should” be like. Activities are both day and night.

URL: http://www.themonkeypit.comHometown: Las Vegas

The Neighborhood

Come to The Neighborhood, where it’s Recess all day! Dance, drink and play your cares away. You can swing on our swings and slide down our slide, from our super dank bar, you simply can’t hide. Dance to some beats, no need to be discreet. We got your back covered from this whimsical heat. Do us a favor…Won’t you be our neighbor?

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Offering Bowl

When we thought to ourselves, “What is the greatest service we can offer to the world, and how can we do that through Burning Man?”
This ensued:
We want to feed everyone at Burning Man love-infused sacred gourmet vegan food.
Volunteering is a generous gift of your time and allows us to feed more people – even you!
Can you think of a better reason to volunteer than the chance to give and get the best meal on the playa?

Hometown: San Francisco

The Phage

The Phage is an homage to the vast dark ecology whose foment gave birth to Earth’s living diversity. These ubiquitous viral life forms evolve faster than any other life on earth. In their furious co-optive radiations they have acted as the vital genetic pollinators that wove long-separated lines of cellular life into resplendent new threads — the phage are the needles of life’s tapestry. Beware if you encounter us: memetic biohazards lie ahead.

URL: http://infectprofitrelax.org/Hometown: San Francisco, Los Angeles, NYC

The Pongo Lounge

The Pongo Lounge is a casual posse of peeps dedicated to a low drama, stunningly psychedelic couch lounge complemented by visually appealing games, including some custom designed ping pong tables. Come for the comfy, come for the shade, come for the company, come for the gaming, come for the evening parties.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/288772264532755/Hometown: Berkeley CA

The Rising Arms

Your friendly, local watering hole and second home on the playa returns for a fourth year. Stop by to wet your whistle, just take care not to trip over the folks passed out on the floor, and if you want a quiet pint, be sure to pop in before sunset, after which it gets slightly raucous.

Hometown: London/Sacramento

The Santopalato

The Santopalato strives to bring a magical, mysterious, gourmet and interactive dining experience to the citizens of Black Rock City, filled with art, laughter, and wonder.

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Space Between

At TSB we bring you the chill danceable grooves every sundown, 3 nights of awesome music sets as well as chilled iced coffee served from 2PM-4PM every day. We’ll have sunrise milk and cookies and tea service on select days. See events for more info!

Hometown: San Francisco

The Story Portal

The Story Portal aims to connect people to the vast world of shared experience through spontaneous storytelling. Jump into our story time machine to discover the story you are meant to share with our community!

URL: http://www.TheStoryPortal.orgHometown: Boulder

The Sunset Trip

Take a journey down The Sunset Trip where 4 veteran camps join forces to represent the City of Angels on the playa. Hang out with us for the best live music and incredible DJs before taking a tour on one of the 7 art cars: The Boogaloo Bus, Jabba Barge, and Charlie the Unicorn and friends.

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Temple of Anointment

Come join us at The Temple of Anointment to relax, heal and rejuvenate your playa ravaged hides with our handmade and organic lotions and potions. Bring a friend or meet a new one and lounge in our posh temple, give or receive some tenderness, and don’t forget to leave with a tube of Don’t Burn Man (or Woman) Organic SPF 32 sunscreen!

Hometown: Denver

The Transmorphagon in the Sunset Trip

The Transmorphagon always has as many sides as it has… and 2013 is no different. As part of the Sunset Trip Village, we once again bring live music & a Killer vibe to your senses.

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Tribe

The Tribe…escaping you people since 1997! An eclectic group that defies any labels or descriptions, stop by and check us out!

URL: http://www.burningtribe.comHometown: Colfax

The V-Spot

The V-SPoT is Burning Man’s official Volunteer Headquarters in Black Rock City. Where VCs, Managers and Staff come to seek Volunteers and where Burners come to find out how to help. Our friendly Volunteer Experts are here to answer your questions and help you find your “special place” on the Playa. Volunteer needs change often; we work pre-event to post-event and have lots of ways for you to contribute!

URL: http://www.burningman.com/participate/vrteam.htmlHometown: San Francisco

The Virgin Defisles

The Virgin Defiles brings you Idaho CORE, Marvin. We will be hosting events throughout the week, including games, prizes, and food.

URL: http://www.idahocore2013.comHometown: Boise

The Zebra Bar & Totem Bazaar

Come relax & enjoy a glass of wine in our zebra lounge. Dance the night away with our DJs. Bring,find or trade a totem in our bazaar.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Theme camp theme camp

A different theme everyday with tasty libations to match!

Hometown: Sparks,

Theme of the Moment/Rat Camp

Ever-changing Themes reflecting our ever-changing city. Seduce and destroy!

Hometown: Washington

Things That Swing

Including but never limited to: swings! hammocks! pendulums! people! We’ve got a diverse Event Schedule, and we welcome you to step under our shade any time of day or enjoy our camp fire at night.

URL: http://things-that-swing.orgHometown: Brooklyn

This Camp Is Bullshit

Bullshit! is the new awesome and this camp is full of it! We are hosting Salsa Dance workshops/parties throughout the week; also stop by anytime to turn your bike into a raging bull so that you can stampede with us through the streets of Black Rock city during the 3rd annual Running of the Bulls, plus Asshole Karaoke, Ride the Bull Barrel, Wheel of Consequences and much more. So check the playa schedule, because This Camp is Bullshit!

URL: http://www.hillelsmith.com/BM/thiscampisbullshit.htmlHometown: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York

Thunder Gumbo

Lair of Thunder Gumbo, from the deepest, darkest depths of Brooklyn.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/groups/181205123028Hometown: Brooklyn

Tiki Fuckos

Tiki Fuckos – Your adventure party group!!

URL: http://tikifuckos.org/Hometown: Los Angeles


Join the Cult of Film at Tikiplex-12, featuring 12 movies… just not all at the same time. We’re a Tiki bar and movie theater in one; relax and sip sumptuous tropical libations at the bar as you enjoy eclectic, outre cult cinema classics in our not-quite-state-of-the-art projection system.

Hometown: Tulsa/Dallas

Time Colony

The Time Colony is a resource center for time travelers and the temporally dislocated. Visit us for information about The Year 2013, Time Travel Visas, etc., and to watch our Historical Preenactment!

TimeStop UFO

Inside of a giant glowing inflatable UFO will be a 24 camera Multi-Camera Array for creating light painting & strobe spinning portraits which will be projected for all to see.

URL: http://TimeStopUFO.comHometown: San Francisco

Tissue and a Plan

Lost? Confused? Runny nose? Don’t know what to go do next? Camp Tissue and a Plan is dedicated to making sure no burner wanders the playa without a clear plan and a clean tissue. ‘Cause all you really need is a tissue and a plan..

URL: http://tissueandaplan.orgHometown: Boston


Happy people exploring the high altitude lake in the Andes mountains of South America…and some art cars…and some ice cream…and some frosty beverages!

Hometown: Lake Tahoe

ToneAge - FrumSanVanDencouver

ToneAge – Frum SanVanDenCouver is a bunch of music loving, laid back,participants of all ages, 15-55, who came together on the playa by fortunate happenstance in 2007 and organized as a camp in 2008. We invite anyone and everyone to stop by and join us for a lemonade, some music, and some dancing.

Hometown: Vancouver, Denver, San Francisco

Totem Wolf

Offering the Blackened, Grimm, Kvlt Brutality of the Northwest Mountain Region of DOOOOOOM.

Hometown: Seattle, bitches!! :D


Totenkitten is a fascist demagoguery devoted to crushing all opposition and imposing our will on the masses; initially conceived as a reaction to the decadent weakness of other organizations, Totenkitten quickly took on a life of its own. If you can’t tell whether we’re serious about this, you should attend one of our propaganda seminars (bacon and beer will be served).

URL: https://www.facebook.com/totenkittenHometown: Toronto, Boston, Burlington


The Rant O Matic returns for your ranting pleasure. Located within Dr. Carl’s Department of Collections.

Hometown: Lake County

Tribal Thunder Drum Camp

Tribal Thunder is a participatory percussion playground. A gathering of like-minded spirits drumming, telling stories and creating a thunderous calling to the heavens. Make rhythmic thunder with the natives on 30-plus drums or have a swig at the Tribal Thunder Cantina.

URL: http://www.tribalthunderdrumcamp.comHometown: Boonville


This is the public page for camp Trifucta at Burning Man! Like this page to stay up to date with event’s and projects we are producing. We are a large community of friends looking to give back to our community through art and music )'(


URL: https://www.facebook.com/TrifuctaHometown: New York

Trinity Jump

Interactive craft camp to film, edit and print flipbooks in The Matrix bullet time style. Camp name refers to the Trinity’s fight sequence ~3 minutes into the first movie.
Pilot a re-purposed Sentinel over the playa. Use the on-board systems to encounter and communicate with the denizens of Black Rock City. Embark on a mission of love, bewilderment, groove, propaganda, exploration, or create your own purpose in the playa skies.

URL: http://www.trinity-jump.comHometown: Sunnyvale

Tripod Camp

Tripod Camp features a 14 foot high platform built like a tripod. Come get a bird’s eye view of the city!

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Tropical Treehouse

A verdant home alive with the warmth of aloha! Castaways welcomed to paddle up to the tiki lights and toast the night with a Mai Thai.

Hometown: San Francisco

True Reflections Palace

Disco-Ver your true self in the amazing true image reflectors in the Disco Verium. You will not believe how much better your shining self looks when its not backwards!

Hometown: Highland

Tsunami Bass Experience

Come experience multi-sensory bass culture appreciation at its finest as the Tsunami Bass Experience presents the ~WaVe~ installation in all it’s audio, visual and kinesthetic glory. Our low frequency transducing installation, commandeered by the finest bass masters on playa, will challenge your perceptions in an intimate, aficionado friendly atmosphere where collaboration and facilitation yield the optimal conditions for proper appreciation.

URL: http://www.tsunamibassexperience.comHometown: West New York

Tsunami Camp

Stop by Tsunami for a Playa Fashion Makeover, a frosty snow cone, or enjoy live music, spoken word, and general wackyness on our stage.

URL: http://camptsunami.com/Hometown: Shadow Hills

Twilight Spaghetti Theatre

This is your chance to show off your under-appreciated talents on our custom built stage for a spaghetti dinner! A Cappella Dubstep and Bad Decisions Jenga and constant heckling are also our specialties.

URL: http://twilight-spaghetti-theatre.blogspot.com/Hometown: Unincorporated San Jose County/Palo Alto

Twin Freaks

Twin Freaks, where you’ll find mornings ushered in with a damn fine cup of coffee and pie that is nothing short of a miracle. Consult the talking log, seek solace from the searing heat, and help uncover new clues in the death of Laura Palmer. The owns are not what they seem.

URL: http://alexbrandmeyer.com/twinfreaks/Hometown: Nijmegen/Santa Cruz

Two Lanterns

Best weddings on playa, Unofficial Playa Civil Unions (incl. rings/certificate), Black Rock Temporary Divorce, Annulments, Spinning: interactive open room elwire sculpture with helixes revolving around 4 columns supporting a ceiling of whirling spirals and Joslyn’s Little House of Oral Delights

URL: http://www.skyhighway.com/~bobo/Hometown: Santa Cruz

Two-Stroke Transit

Loud. Is that what you think when you hear the words two-stroke engine? Think again! Come on down to Two-Stroke Transit to find out how you can be a good citizen by muffling that annoying buzz of your two-stroke engine and prevent dripping oil while improving your engine’s performance.

Hometown: Redding