2013 Theme Camps

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I call this one Old Gregg

This camp is a tribute to Old Gregg, everyone’s favorite scaly man-fish! Come get some creamy Bailey’s and a pink tutu before we run out!

Hometown: Atlanta

ICU (Emerge-n-See InTentsIV Care Unit)

We play doctor on The Playa.
Conducting: Beerthings, Impatient Care, Sexy Change Operations, Dustal Cleanings, and Breastpiratory Therapy.
Treatmints for: Irritable Black Rock Syndrome (IBS), Whorettes Sindrome, and Partyac Arrest with Cocktail Party Resuscitation (CPR).

URL: http://www.brc-fun.webs.com/Hometown: Bend

Icy Hands Chillzone

Chill out with the Icy Hands crew as they defrost between midday mercy missions: share cool stories, images and video of those touched by icy hands under the sizzling playa sun. Learn how to turn a simple block of ice into smiles, goosebumps and a truly incredible shared experience!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IcyHands/Hometown: San Pedro

IDEATE Village

Innovation camp focused on enabling Burning Man culture in the default world.

Hometown: San Francisco

Identi-T Farm

Identi-T Farm, a unique & unexpected “City Concierge” service, to welcome & inspire people taking part in the Burning Man experience. Come to our “Love Spa” dome, treat yourself to our scheduled offerings (noon to 4):
Tuesday: CSI BRC Existential Detectives + “Holy Smoke”: a sacred Tobacco Ceremony + Life Drawing with Kent -Get your portrait done, or learn from the master!
Wednesday: Past Love Regressions + Fighting Global Warming by Global Sexing… population control.
Friday: Healing herbals consultation

URL: http://materialdsign.com/identitfarmHometown: North Hollywood

Ignited States Outpost

Ignited States Outpost is the location of the resurrected Long Lost Now Found Ski Lodge of the BRC Ski Patrol, and home of Jerry’s Complaint Desk and Unwanted Cargo Dropoff.

Hometown: Phoenix

Ikea Lisp Code

Exactly what it sounds like.

Hometown: Boston

Illumination Village

The Illumination Village is an eclectic gathering of camps, held together by history and shared resources. Each camp is responsible for their own art and interactivity- each is self funded. Our process of placement within the village is to showcasing our most talented artists in the front, and then placing others of noteworthy interest around our edges on the side and A streets, and within the village in our Town Square. Each year it’s a new experiment in radical collaboration.

URL: http://illuminationvillage.netHometown: We are truly a world wide group- but if we have to chose San Fr


Illuminus is a 13′ tall, two-story pyramid; a sacred venue for meditation, art and music created in the same divine proportions as the pyramids of giza. Come try a Chakra shot, enjoy our original art works and relax with others seeking illumination!

URL: http://theilluminus.comHometown: Los Angeles


Camp IMAGINEnation, founded by the Handel Group and in partnership with Global Glue Project, is a camp dedicated to making dreams real. A diverse group of artists and life coaches, camp IMAGINEation will help inspire burners to author their lives with a revolutionary approach to living, loving and dreaming.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/524995874212123/Hometown: New York

Immortal Jellyfish

If you’re not evolving, you’re dying; Our remedy: Glow with the flow! Chill with the jellies under the Immortal Jelly Fish and listen, refresh, heal. Come for the compliments stay for the Immortal friendships and libations!

Hometown: Las Vegas


Hometown: Santa Rosa

Incendiary Intent

Incendiary Intent – Making life’s bad decisions for you.

URL: http://www.incendiaryintent.comHometown: Orange County

Inebriation Nation

Liver’s End bar, TikiPlex, Kioty Kamp

Infinite Oasis

Welcome to Infinite Oasis!
Lounge in our shaded CuddleOasis, visit our PillowFight Vortex for some healthy release, get your nails painted and your infinite vibe on with our Eternification Station, or be processed to become a Universal Citizen: it’s all here!

You are invited to our annual 50’s Housewife Party, Wednesday 1-4pm.

Hometown: San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, SoCal

Infusion Confusion

We are a group of outdoor educators and enthusiasts coming from all over California and the Pacific Northwest to offer a small infusion bar including flavored alcohol and home brews. Come check out our queer enthused servings every sunset and throughout the day.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/InfusionConfusion?fref=tsHometown: Nalifornia

Intense Intents In Tents

A collection of intentional communities bringing the spirit of artistic expression, radical collaboration, and collective hospitality to the playa!

URL: http://synchronicityla.comHometown: Oakland and Los Angeles and Seattle

Interaction Cafe

At the Interaction Cafe we create a space where servers can offer any stripe of interaction, and guests choose which they’d like to indulge in. Perhaps you’d like to start off with a casual conversation for an appetizer, engage in an interactive game for an entree and end with a song for dessert while you drink in the moment.

Hometown: Oakland

Intergalactic Sasquatch Village

The funky little earth base of a clan of intergalactic sasquatch.

Hometown: Costa Mesa

Iron Rose

When you’re tired of Techno: Iron Rose
Burn Barrels, Bluegrass and a Big Red Pill.

Hometown: Laytonville and the Bay Area