2015 Theme Camps

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2015 Camps

A Cavallo + Thunder Gumbo Village

A Cavallo + Thunder Gumbo

URL: http://thundergumbo.com Hometown: Brooklyn

A Shack of Sit

A Shack of Sit – Where Sit Happens!

Hometown: Boise

A Transformation Station

A Transformation Station …

An art school, A cultural exchange hub, A place of learning and shaing

… & Margaritas

Hometown: Boston

A Walk Through Time

A Walk Through Time: 5 billion years of Earth’s history shown right here at Burning Man, as a visceral physical journey. Experience the magnitude of the timeline of life on Earth, and how quickly humans have made an impact to Earth’s creatures and systems. A Walk Through Time was initially exhibited in 1997 in the Bay Area and traversed one linear mile. It was a project 20 years in the making. Made anew for Burning Man 2015, the massive endeavor of exhibiting this new 1/4 mile A Walk Through Time is being undertaken to show Burners the reality of how long humans have been on this planet, and how quickly we have changed it in the last 100 years — a mere nanosecond in the timeline of Earth’s history. The intent behind brining this project to Burning Man is to make it one step in the process of ceasing climate change.

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

A-Playa Mask

Breathe easy with the Maskman’s quality N95 dust masks with their psychedelic Burning Man logo.

Hometown: Los Angeles

ABC Alphabet Block Camp

Manifesting your thoughts to the citizens of Black Rock City, one giant wooden block at a time. We’ll help you have a great time on the playa. It’s easy as ABC!

URL: http://www.ccnv.us/abc15 Hometown: Worldwide

Above The Limit

Welcome to Camp Above The Limit’s Afterburner Lounge, where you can visit our exotic colorful space to enjoy snow cones, popcorn, water or libations at the bar, games (win a flight on the F-15!), event acculturation, or a nap on the comfy pillows. By night, have a seat by the twin fire cauldrons for warmth, conversation, marshmallows, and s’mores.

URL: http://www.campabovethelimit.com/ Hometown: Reno

ABR: Acronym Being Reconsidered

ABR is a tight-knit group of weird people whose values stem from a strong foundation of cooperative living, self-reliance, and responsibility. Our camp encourages playfulness, creativity, and exploration, and provides a casual social space for burners old and new alike.

Hometown: Bay Area, CA, USA


Abraxas, the golden dragon.

URL: http://abraxasdragon.com Hometown: West Coast, USA


Abstininthe is the friendly bar on the playa, providing our special drink to the thirsty of BRC since the last millennium. Come try our many flavors and enjoy the music, ambiance and conversation of our neighborhood bar.

URL: http://abstininthe.tribe.net Hometown: Bay Area/Seattle

Academy of Arts and Sciences

Welcome to the Academy of Arts and Sciences. We have interactive classes teaching burners about science that can be used to create art, as well as art that makes science real. We strive to balance the left/right brain dichotomy with a range of activities to meet our fellow Burners’ diverse tastes. You can also slake your thirst at the Bad Idea Bar, as long as you have a bad idea to contribute. Come visit!

Hometown: Seattle, Wichita, Boulder, OKC, Chico


Everyone is invited to transform into a tropical bird in an tropical soundscape. Come test out your wings on trampolines or occasionally even diving from sky high.

Hometown: Rio de Janeiro + San Diego

Afternoon Respite

Hometown: San Leandro

Airport Village

Airport Village is a collection of camps that support and enhance the airport environs. It is anchored by the Black Rock Travel Agency, helping people land since 1996.

Hometown: Yo, we're pilots. We fly in from all over.


Airpusher: the Steampunk Airship brings an aural and visual experience making you feel as though you are flying through (and dancing on!) the clouds! We are sharing this experience with the community at Burning Man 2015; creating a space for DJ’s to spin, dancers to dance, laughers to laugh, cuddlers to cuddle -all happening underneath the massive, illuminated balloon that “carries” us across the playa!

URL: http://www.airpushercollective.com Hometown: Oakland

Airstreameri and What Not

Airstreameri and What Not; come join us Wed evening for dusty scientific talks from a Geologist or Botanist or even a guyno talk by our resident Gynecologist. We have the Best Playa Post Card Table to misinform the folks back home where you are.

Hometown: GENOA


aLittle something for everyone! Join us at dawn for sunrise mimosas. While you’re there chat us up about our other activities, including yoga, bike jousting, playa marriages. Join us for discussions about finding meaning (Tuesday @ 3PM) and dealing with loss as an atheist/skeptic (Thursday @ 3PM).

Hometown: San Francisco

Alternative Energy Zone

The AEZ is a generator free zone. If you like alternative energy, then welcome, you are invited to join our village of friendly folks. You will see and learn about solar panels, wind generators, solar ovens, solar showers, water cleaning,

and meet people who can show YOU how to do this.

URL: http://www.ae-zone.org Hometown: Reno


Althing, home of the Library California and the Go the F*ck to Sleep Bar. Visit the happiest camp this side of the Playa!

Hometown: Planet Earth

Altitude Lounge

Are you interested in seeing Burning Man from a different perspective? Visit Altitude Lounge, when you can relax on a couch, meet cool people, and take in the views from the top of our 42 foot tall tower.  At night we will help you find your way home with our brightly lit navigational beacon. Our tower is open 24 hours a day, and when there are high winds, it is a great escape from blowing dust.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Altitude-Lounge/127966623902091 Hometown: Boise

Alzheimer Camp

Hometown: Los Angeles


Amazecamp’s illuminated maze and secret chill-out space will delight the senses and calm the mind. Pick up some psychedelic spectral glasses to enhance your burn!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/mazecamp Hometown: San Francisco

Amber Dust

Add a little bit of magic to your burn this year with a sojourn to Amber Dust. Light up your world with our magic powder, partake in the merriment of a spiced honey elixir, shake what your mamma gave you learning some belly dancing moves, feast your eyes on magnificent art, and create something of your own to take with you. The earth juice will be flowing as well as the good vibes and the happiness. I sveikata!

Hometown: Los Angeles; Intercontinental


Gettin Sticky Wid It.

Hometown: Berkeley / NYC / Bavaria

Anahasana Village

Transformational Interactions are what we’re all about at Anahasana Village. Through Contact Improvisation Dance, Acro/Yoga, Authentic Relating, Ecstatic Dance, Circling. Tantra, Meditation, the Steam Bath and the Purple Palace Art Transport, we gather to bring self-awareness, and heart opening catharsis that leads to the great beyond of relational depth.

URL: http://anahasanavillage.org Hometown: Ubiquitous

Anam Cara

Anam Cara- a term used for soul friends in the celtic language. We encourage interaction through art and expression through body painting.

Hometown: Tempe

Anat's Love Camp

Please come and share the energy of love with our wonderful camp community and enjoy each other; we love meeting people from all over and giving everyone hugs. This will be Anat’s 21st year attending Burning Man and she will be dancing & performing at the camp & in the fashion show wearing her many wonderful costumes and she will teach Brazilian Samba dance.

Hometown: Berkeley

Ancient Cult of the Alligator

Just like all of the best travelling side shows, The Ancient Cult of the Alligator is a place for revelers to be captivated by entertainment but its true nature is to refresh and rejuvenate the soul. The Ancient Cult of the Alligator will offer daily afternoon activities with an open bar providing specialty drinks (Alligator Bites!), music to heal your soul, activities to refresh your mind and body, and Alligator Idols to unite the community and pay your respects.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/705136196225882/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Anonymous Village

We are a 12-step community who co-create a clean and sober environment for like-minded burners to have a safe place to camp. There are meetings from many different fellowships, from sunrise to midnight, and chips to mark years and/or burns. There are nightly excursions to check out the city and/or dance all night. We are not a glum lot.

URL: http://www.burnanon.org/ Hometown: The Fourth Dimension

Anti M's Home for Wayward Art

Come adopt wayward art, be a new forever parent, or commit your unhomed art to the Home! Anti M’s Home for Wayward Art is the place for small art, found art, lost art, art gone wrong, art which needs love and a place to hang.

URL: https://www.pinterest.com/antimmm/anti-ms-home-for-wayward-art/ Hometown: Ogden

AO (Almost Orgy)

Explore science & sensuality, control RC art cars, interact with art & exhibits, dance party with us, and enjoy the comforts of the Almost Orgy Dome!

Hometown: Seattle / Los Angeles

Apocalypse Wow

Listen, soldier, if you like surfing, helicopters, sensationalized combat, or creepy jungle flute music, come to Apocalypse Wow. Or if you want immediate cold beverages “on command,” any day of the week.

URL: http://apocalypsewow.camp Hometown: San Francisco

Apollo One

Apollo One welcomes you to dance with us under the desert moon. Providing world class lighting and audio for your electronic music pleasure.

Hometown: Bozeman

Appa Jam Camp

Come jam and dance! We provide instruments and can beer.

Hometown: LA/SF

Apres Ski BRC

Apres ski BRC: celebrations, libations and legendary ski themed camp and party. Frolic with the ski bunnies in the only snow on the playa! Wear your gear and goggles and come on up to the north to play!

Hometown: Vancouver

Aqua Lounge

Come bust a move or strike up a conversation while sipping on our infused water or hot tea libations!

Hometown: Tahoe

AquaZone Healing Oasis Water Bar

Come witness the magic of Positive Intention through the simple act of Drinking Water, revel in the heft of a replenished water bottle at our Self-serve Water Buffet, marvel at the healing powers of our Reiki Masters, succumb to the gentle ministrations of our Goddess Chiropractors and Massage Magicians, and recharge your electronic device through the Power and Mystery of the Very Sun Above! The magic happens when YOU show up.

URL: http://smartloftstudio.com/aquazone/ Hometown: Berkeley


Come to Arborealis to play, dance, and chill out in our magical LED jungle. The Jungle is alive and will play with you too..

Hometown: New York / SF


Art support camp for Hall of Mirrors Arcade and Macabre Penny Arcade. “Arcadia” means”a quiet and pleasant place!”

URL: http://www.hallofmirrorsarcade.com Hometown: Suburbia

Arctica Ice Sales

Arctica Ice Sales is your center-of-town resource for ice. Bags of crushed and block ice are available for $3/bag. During the event, ice sales hours are Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun Noon-6pm and Mon (Labor Day) 10am-Noon.

Pre-event ice sales are Thurs-Sun 9am-3pm AT THIS LOCATION ONLY.

Hometown: Icelandia

Armone Galaxy

Armone Galaxy: Labyrinth of Armone: A fully functional modular labyrinth obstacle course with many hidden gems, corridors of art, treasure maps, along with Armonelan scripts to decode and expand intelligence, spaces of creativity, meditation, hammock-pillow-yogic lounge, geodesic dome junglegym, aerial silks, Library of Armone, and much, much more.

URL: http://www.armonegalaxy.com Hometown: Eureka, Humboldt County

Art Car Bus Stop

Hurry up and wait at Art Car Bus Stop! We will be hosting a slew of events, from open bars and dancing to open mic poetry slams, guided yoga, and art galleries. Check by our camp to see the posted full schedule of events!

URL: http://www.artcarbusstop.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Art Car Camp

Art Car Camp is where “Daily Driver” licensed and insured full time art cars are displayed. These are vehicles that work their magic all year round, in the communities they hail from. Come see the M-Used Car Lot and meet the artists! Also showing films.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/107433335338/ Hometown: Douglas


Art of Such n Such is home to the mobile fire cauldron Infanity.
Back by popular demand is our Paternity Testing Station, Warm late night/early morning fires and some Bad Advice for your Burn.

URL: http://www.artofsuchnsuch.com/ Hometown: Atlanta,

Art Support Identity Awareness

The Art Support Camp for Identity Awareness is the place were the artist and build team try and get some rest and stock up on pickles. We are not a big camp but we welcome you to swing by to talk about the art piece “Identity Awareness” or anything else you would like to share. We have a comfy 3-hammock stand for you to relax and contemplate your identity.

Hometown: Sammamish

Art Virgins XPO

Enjoy a relaxing game of lawn darts or corn hole, or discover 9 square in the air! You can also help us decorate our sharing booth and benches – supplies provided.

Hometown: San Jose and Portland


Burning Man’s Art Headquarters on Playa

Hometown: San Francisco

Ashram Galactica

Ashram Galactica – The Grand Hotel | Your Home Away From Home Away From Home

URL: http://ashramgalactica.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Asparagus Forest

Asparagus Forest is a beacon of LED art in a sea of sound camps. Visit us anytime to listen to music you won’t hear anywhere else on the Playa or stop by for one of our scheduled activities such as our Independence Day BBQ featuring backyard games and our DTF (Down Tempo Fiesta).

URL: http://asparagusforest.com/ Hometown: International- SF Bay Area and Sydney, Australia are the main points.

Astral Headwash

Greetings dirty desert dwellers! We are Astral Headwash and we do the amazing! We will wash your head for you again this year. That’s right, clean, fresh water warmed in the desert sun with wonderful smelling shampoo and a bit of leave-in condition to send you on your way! Bring your happy selves to us Monday – Friday noon until 4 pm!

Hometown: Denver

Astro Cats

We invite all burners to chill at the Astro Lounge with special drinks in the day and hot or cold sake at the Dragon Lounge at night Or challenge yourself to manipulate the LED Matrix and play the game of Dragon Says.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Astrocats.2014/ Hometown: San Fracisco

AstroPups:Warp Station Alpha

AstroPups – Fun, Frisky, n Fabulous! Exploring the PupVerse one lick at a time!

Hometown: San Francisco


The lost city of the playa

Hometown: San Francisco

Atom Cult

The Most Radiant Camp at Burning Man. Come taste our fusion spancakes with hot tea and coffee at 8 AM and fission ice cream at 3 PM. Enjoy the magnificent views of BRC and bounce off the trampoline at the top of our 25’ tall Cooling Tower.

URL: http://www.atomcult.com/ Hometown: SD-OC-LA-SF-NY


AudioSpa is a therapeutic sound massage experience.

Hometown: San Francisco


Automatapia welcomes you to the playa offering gifts of food, performance, jewelry making, arial rig and more. Come say hi to see our schedule and come to discover.

Hometown: San Diego

Automatic Subconscious

Boston’s longest running theme camp is back again! This year our Dome will be filled with offbeat events, daily happy hours, and high energy dance nights!

URL: http://www.automaticsubconscious.com/ Hometown: Boston

Avant Yard

We are a family of artists, dreamers, poets and gnomes. Join us in discovering and exploring the story of human connection and potential and bring your heart onto the stage.

URL: http://www.artsdiaspora.com/ Hometown: New York City


Hometown: Lake Tahoe


Most of what happens in our camp is spontaneous. We have a nice shady people watching gallery on the street that might be a bar, a snack shack, a workshop, or whatever else the moment calls for. Did you get a drive by spanking while on the go on E street in 2014? Maybe you came by during one of our Awesomesauce Awesome Shots party hours? We host Chow Time, a military ration mealtime event and we’re always glad to meet new folks. Stop on by!

URL: http://www.campawesomesauce.org Hometown: Everywhere (No Home Town)

Awkward Hug Camp

Need a hug – hope you’re ready for an awkward one, ’cause that’s the only kind we give! Stop by for your awkward hug and sit a spell with our resident huggers.

Hometown: San Francisco, Sacramento, LA, South Africa