2015 Theme Camps

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2015 Camps

M*A*S*H 4207th

We’re not Doctors. The least disciplined military unit on the playa. Random security Checkpoints will occur. Terrorists & Loyal Citizens will be labeled. Propaganda & commentary provided for the prevention of communism. Nightly viewings of old episodes & movies from the show. Since 1999, your bastion of Democracy in a sea of fifth column communist/socialist/lawless infiltrators and barbarian mutants! Daytime martinis at Rosie’s Bar. Praise the lord and pass the sauce!

Hometown: Van Nuys

MacGyvers' Union

Every camp has a MacGyver — now the MacGyvers have a union. We provide all MacGyvers with recognition, thanks, tools, training, entertainment, emotional and moral support, chill space away from their home camp, and an official ID card.

URL: http://www.macgyversunion.com Hometown: Oakland

Magic Pancakes Project

The Bizarre Necessities: Magic Pancake Project, will be serving pancakes dyed with different fruit juices, with a vegan/gluten free option Monday thru Saturday at 10 am! There will be a 80’s themed prom night on Tuesday and Bunny/Carrot March after party on Thursday, along with various healing sessions, tarot card reading, meditation, and more!

Hometown: Ventura


A technicolor land before time, featuring an interactive Mamasaurus sculpture, a jurassic chill area, and beats.

Hometown: San Francisco


We are the first Brazilians to bring art to the Playa, with a support camp for artists and friends! Come stay with us! We will provide a Shower area, Kitchen Area, Dj Booth, Dancing Area, Bar, Camping area, Lounge / Chillout area, Dinning area!! Come along!

Hometown: Brazil

Mansonian Institute

Mansonian Institute of Urban Studies – Burning Man historical and educational society providing artist support services for large art projects on playa. Come on by and learn some interesting facts about Burning Man history and the art projects, both past and present.

Martini Village

Come visit Martini Village and enjoy cold refreshments, entertainment and much more!!! Look us up for our scheduled events or just stop by and check out a random happy hour. Be prepared to be immersed in the 10 principles of the playa.

Hometown: Reno

Math Camp @ Group W

Math Camp @ Group W is A Safe Place for Mathematics: A small, social camp, offering a place to Drink and DErive! Daily lectures and long-winded impromptu chats on all things Math related. We are proud Purveyors of Crunchy Snacks, plus we have The Best Friday Morning Sunrise Cocktail Party on the playa (not to mention being home of the fabulous Electric Cupcakes).

URL: http://mathcamp.us

Mayan Warrior

Mayan Warrior is both a camp and a massive moving stage. After years of collaboration and inspiration, a group of artists, designers, musicians, builders, wanderers, lovers, and festival designers created Mayan Warrior to bring an underground culture from Mexico City D.F. to the Playa.

URL: http://www.mayanwarrior.mx Hometown: Mexico City

Media Mecca

Media Mecca is home to the members of the Media Team that volunteer to assist press, filmmakers, photographers and other members of the media in the endeavor to document the cultural story of Black Rock City and Burning Man. Come on by to register your media project for publication or to meet up with other photographers, videographers, or journalists.


Chill place for past, present, and future friends. We have a bounce house! Come for a bounce, then stay for the fun! 😉

Hometown: Santa Barbara & Sacramento

Mellow Mountain

Come day or night for crazy swing and carousel play, cafe-table drinks at high-noon, stuffy fluffy toys, and a smooch and tunes from Kissy Fish mutant vehicle.

URL: http://www.mellowmountain.com Hometown: San Francisco Bay


A unique collection of carefully and principled curated characters make up the Menagerie; a village of unique and fun participants with the excitement and open eyes that Burning Man freely unbosoms. With virgins, fresh, new and open to experiences, next to slightly-experienced and partially-wise veterans and many transitioning between condition make a spectacular experience ready for all who arrive in Black Rock City wandering the rudimentary playa. Menagerie is curated to create, expose and enjoy from the primitive, gruff and young, to the mature and refined, sophisticated taste of a discerning wanderer.

Hometown: New York, Reno, Los Angeles, Bay Area, Portland, Toronto, Bismarck, Philadelphia, Some place in Germany, Moscow and a few others.

Mental Floss

Mental Floss will be located in Gigsville this year and will be providing many opportunities for shared insanity, hilarity, and fun. Please join us for Drag Queen Bingo, Angry Hour, and Playa Post Secret, and more (see even listings for more info).

Hometown: Los Angeles


We at Merkabah Camp are committed to doing the deep evolutionary work, as individuals and as a tribe. Our community is coming together to curate transformational experiences, where in programming is dedicated to bringing in the most profound healers, doctors and experts to share knowledge of holistic health and wellness, earthly stewardship, and shamanic healing.

Hometown: Earth

MidNight Popcorn Palace

Serving the Burning Man Community since 1999… The Famous Midnite Popcorn Palace will be returning home this year for one last tour of duty in BRC. Our goal for this year’s Carnival Of Mirrors theme is to give away 700 pounds of POPCORN TO THE PEOPLE! We’re coming out of deep retirement for our big Grand Finale Party Tour! We specialize in good old fashioned service and genuine burner hospitality. Join us nightly for fresh organic popcorn with your choice of exotic seasonings, visit our 24 hour flossing center, chill-out in our swanky East Indian Popcorn Lounge; plus no doubt our camp will have many more wonderful surprises and yummy goodies for you that we hadn’t even thought of yet when we wrote this…

Hometown: Reno

Midnight Poutine

Bonsoir nos amis! Come and sample Québec’s favourite late night snack at Midnight Poutine. Learn the awesome power of french fries, cheese curds and hot gravy. Embrace the joie de vivre of our french Canadian camp. Lâche pas la patate!

URL: http://midnightpoutinebrc.com/ Hometown: Montreal

Midnight Ridazz Camp

Bike repair and F.U.N from Los Angeles and Oakland.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Mighty Misfits

Throw your pecker, challenge your tit-tac-dic, toss your vagina, paint your body, have your fortune read and savor a photo with the Oracle. All games hosted from 2:00 to 4:00

Hometown: Livermore

Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey strives to be a home for connection and transformation. We draw on secular and spiritual traditions to create experiences where individuals and communities can heal, grow, and express themselves creatively

URL: http://www.sukkatshalom.net Hometown: Oakland

Mimosa Sunrise

Mimosas at every sunrise. Join us at our Bar as the sun rises for good drinks, great stories and awesome people before you call it a night.

URL: http://mimosasunrise.org/ Hometown: Santa Cruz


MindShark is a community of neuroscientists, engineers, and artists who have pledged their crotches and cerebral cortices to stoke the eternal flame that blazes at the core of every individual, friend, and stranger. We all come to Burning Man to explore our inner selves; let MindShark guide your awakening with gifts of science, fire, and light.

Hometown: Burlington


Feeling the need to blow, beat or stroke on something?
Come to MINSTREL CrAMP and get your creative “musical juices” flowing.
Stop in, Listen in , Join in, to some great live acoustic, jamming with our house band “THE BURNING SENSATIONS”.
Check the schedule board out front to see what’s happening or sign -up for a slot to perform with your own band (or ours)
It’s all good!
Listeners welcome!

Hometown: Ojai

MIR camp

Own way (Cradle of MIR in 2013) Art Support Camp

URL: http://ownway.su/ Hometown: Moscow

Miracle Wonderland Carnival Comp.

The Miracle Wonderland Carnival Company is the firm that employed the Wizard of OZ as a balloonist prior to his being whisked away to OZ.

Hometown: Oakland

Mirage at the Oasis

Is life an illusion and happiness a mirage? Come find out at Mirage at the Oasis.

Hometown: Palm Springs

Miso Horny

Miso Horny is all about refining ourselves and each other. We value humor, communication, playfulness, open mindedness, and creating strong meaningful bonds between one another. On the Playa we gift hot miso soup, sake, and herbal aphrodisiacs, as well as engaging conversations with our guests.

There are camps at Burning Man that offer public spaces for sexual play and exploration. While we fully support those groups, we choose to instead explore sex positivism by creating a safe event space for healthy dialogue of human sexuality. Our mission is to share ideas and philosophies that aid in the discovery of our sexual selves. We have created, and are always improving, a dedicated workshop and event space that is a platform for our lifelong journey of learning.

URL: http://misohorny.us Hometown: Santa Cruz

Miso Soup Camp

The Miso Soup Camp believes that the miso will replenish lost nutrients to the burners on the playa. We are serving our AMAZING miso soup Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 am till 11:00 am.

URL: http://misosoupcamp.tumblr.com Hometown: Santa Monica

Mission Country Club

San Francisco’s Mission district outpost on the playa. Eleven years and going strong! Beer, cocktails and pretentious coffees served daily. Monday night we host the 3rd Annual BRC Hip Hop Ball! Tuesday at 3pm we host an Afro-Carribean Drum circle. And…the tradition continues…come by on Thursday at 4:20 for our 11th Annual Sangria SoundClash Party: dance to Cumbia/Salsa/Merengue while devouring 50+ gallons of Sangria.

URL: http://www.missioncountryclub.com Hometown: San Francisco

Mo's Mini Martini and Erotica

Mo’s Mini Martini and Erotica Camp

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Mobility Camp /BRC DoA

Mobility Camp is an accessible Camp Providing Mobility services and Accessibility education in Black Rock City.

URL: http://mobilitycamp.org/ Hometown: Hesperia

MobQ Village

MobQ Village is the home of BAAAHS Station, DivaNation & Adult Playspace. Come on an adventure on one of our art cars or explore our public courtyard.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/359446900927329/ Hometown: San Francisco

Monks of Funk

Hometown: San Francisco


We are a group of people who enjoy taking things to the next level.

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area


Pass thru our mirrored entrance and leave the harsh playa for shade, misters, climbing structures, drinks, a foam pit, and more. All are welcome on the moon, so come make a dustmask, dance to some beats, and become a lunar lunatic with us.

Hometown: Craters

Moonwalk Mission

Moonwalk Mission is a station for Playa explorers, space cadets and anyone set for out-of-this-world experiences.

Hometown: San Francisco/Bay Area

MOOP Map Headquarters

Hometown: Gerlach

More Carrot

We’re More Carrot, the Black Rock City farmer’s market. Tuesday through Friday from 8AM to 10AM, we will be in French Quarter serving much needed nutrients to playa in the form a fresh locally sourced produce.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/MoreCarrot.BRC.FarmersMarket Hometown: Many

Mr. Peepers Closet

Need to spruce up your playa attire? We have wedding, prom, and casual dresses, hawaiian shirts, tutu’s, tie dyes and lots lots more stuff. We have Body Painting too. Let Mr. Peepers help you find your Playa persona. We gladly accept clothing donations.

Mudskippers Urban Decay Cafe

The Mudskipper Urban Decay Cafe is a close knit gay-friendly diverse camp with a history at burning man that goes back to 1993, Come chill out in our cafe or make a handy dandy craft in our craft lounge, all are welcome!!!!

URL: http://www.mudskippercafe.com/ Hometown: San Francisco & Los Angeles

Museum of Industry Science & Tech

The BRC Museum of Industry, Science, and Technology (MoIST) pays tribute to both the real and fake people behind all the amazing inventions that make BRC and Burning Man possible. In addition to a traveling exhibition of the BRC Museum of Transportation History (which you may remember from Burning Mans 2013 and 2014), MoIST tells the stories of the brilliant, enterprising, or just plain lucky folks who brought us things like the hydration pack, rebar, the porta-potty, EL wire, the zip tie, and so many more.

And don’t miss the museum’s bar: the MoIST-Tang Ranch. At the bar will be served…moist Tang. Patrons may decide how moist they want their Tang.

Hometown: San Francisco/Oakland/Berkeley

Music Savages Camp

We classify Music Savages as a Lounge Camp. This is a hybrid between your traditional Sound Camp and Relaxation Area. By blending hand selected music provided by international talent with art, comedy, comfort, and an intense lack of drama, we create a unique oasis off the beaten path. We prefer to stay out of the limelight – making it a pleasant surprise to stubble upon if you’re exploring without a set destination.

Experience the 360 sound system and sound-2-light installation for performances, relax to ambient music after-hours, bounce around on Kangraoo Shoes if your timing is right, motorboat some titties after a fresh shotgun to the face, and toss the bocce or baggo with your homies – ALL at Music Savages Camp.

URL: http://www.musicsavages.com/Home.html Hometown: Los Angeles

Mutant Machine Town

Mutant Machine Town offers a number of different shady bars in one village with art cars and kinetic sculptures sprinkled between awaiting your discovery.

URL: http://mutantmachinetown.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Mycodelic Forest

The mycodelic magic of the redwoods awaits you! We’ll be dancing and giving away free hugs 24/7. If your timing is right, our Wizard has been perfecting his homebrew to quench your thirst! Maybe you’ll stumble across a peaceful massage, a read aloud at sunset or an impromptu dance party! Our family is full of enchantment, each with our own talents to offer, bring your hOOp, your glow and fire toys, your cup, and that smile and we’d love to move with you!

Hometown: Humboldt County

Mystic Midway

The Mystic Midway Pop-Up Carnival Camp and Tea Tent Town

URL: http://www.mysticmidway.com Hometown: San Francisco

Mystikal Misfits

Everything your parents warned you about.

URL: http://www.mystikalmisfits.com/ Hometown: Los Angeles // Portland

Mystique's Sky Lounge

Mystique’s Sky Lounge is an oasis on the outer rim of the BRC for Esplanade weary travelers looking for a respite from the hustle & bustle of the playa. We serve fabulous libations and enjoy 360 degree views of the BRC. Morning meditation sunrise sets and down tempo grooves are our specialty.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mystiques-Sky-Lounge/580062648670893 Hometown: Napa


We are a family of friends, partners, cousins, parents, children, gays, straights and every thing in between, a family of different-minded, like-hearted people who bring an oasis to the playa. At Mystopia you can enjoy our gigantic misting tent, French Toast brunch, and Reverse Cowgirl Creamery. The Bright Young Things are bringing the Luxarium and the Banter Bandits some serious social lubricant. Come play with us!

URL: http://www.mystopia.camp Hometown: San Francisco