2015 Theme Camps

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2015 Theme Camps

Earth Guardians

We inspire, inform and encourage our fellow Black Rock City citizens to apply the Green & Leave No Trace principles and practices to life in our temporary desert home and to leave positive traces in our desert home. Come, volunteer and participate in our daily yoga, talks about Black Rock and Leave No Trace or just grab a MOOP bag!

URL: http://www.earthguardians.net Hometown: Nevada City


– Eat Me Family Potluck and Funishments Bar –

Come join us each evening, shortly before sundown, for a full-on family potluck. A potluck of food, ideas, games, love, life, shenanigans, and whatever else you beautiful people bring to the table.

Bring something to share and leave nourished, both in body and in soul.

Or, of course, stop by anytime for snacks and drinks at our Funishments Bar. Just come prepared.

Hometown: San Francisco

Ecliptic Sun

Ecliptic Sun is an Art Support Camp for our deep playa art installation called Ecliptic Sun.

Hometown: Flagstaff

Ego Trip

At Ego Trip we want you looking and feeling your best! Get pampered at our beauty bar, capture that stunning playa outfit at our photo booth, check out all your good sides in the EgoNOMitron, dance to our sexy beats and get drunk on your own vanity (and our delicious drinks) until everyone looks as good as you!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/CampEgoTrip Hometown: San Diego

Electric Gypsy Coffee Oasis

In the blink of an eye don’t let it pass you by experience the electric gypsy coffee oasis! Our space is an oasis for travelers to come enjoy coffee drinks and stroopwafles. Experience with us stories of the past, energy of the present, and predictions of future in our yurt or shade structures. Offering coffee, music, healing, fortune telling, tarot reading, and tea leaf readings, we have something for everyone.

Hometown: Umpqua

EleVant Rising

Fresh, delicious, reservation-only dinners. A relaxing vapor lounge. Balance boards and activities. And sunset desserts from high above the Playa.

URL: http://www.elevantrising.com Hometown: Tahoe City

Elliot's Bicycle Service

Elliot’s Bicycle Service operates daily Noon to 6, plus do-it-yourself 24/8. Please bring your own spare parts if possible.

URL: http://www.elliotsbikes.org Hometown: Clearlake

Elvis Wedding Chapel

The Elvis Wedding Chapel (EWC) presents Colonel Parker’s Carnival of Soulmates & Garden of Reflection! EWC returns to BRC to service your nuptial needs! Come unto the Lord-Elvis, enter His chapel, and experience the acculturation phenomenon transforming BRC citizens! After the nuptial dust settles, enjoy a little sojourn in the Garden of Reflection. Hours of operation are posted at the Chapel entrance.

URL: http://elvischapelbrc.wordpress.com Hometown: Phoenix

Embassy Of Hardcore

Sharing the love for Happy Hardcore music and rave culture with Burning Man! Come enjoy the music, have a drink, and take in the hardcore vibes at this camp of infinite positivity with members from Toronto, Canada and parts of California.

Hometown: Toronto

Emerge-n-See Sparkle Pony Corral

“Emerge-n-See In-Tents-IV Care Unit and Sparkle Pony Corral” are two camps joined in the common cause of caring: ICU is a spoof on the real BRC med tents; we play doctor; Sparkle Pony Corral provides similar but more specialized care for those “special” camp mates. Together, we’re BRC’s preferred alternative health care providers (DOUBLE money back guarantee!!!).

URL: http://brc-fun.webs.com/icu.html Hometown: Portland/Boulder/Asheville

Emergency Services Station 9

Hometown: San Francisco

Emergency Services, Station 3

Hometown: San Francisco

Empire of Dirt

Empire of Dirt is a retro futuristic interplanetary mission base. It is the home of this year’s Honorarium Project, EMPIRE.

URL: http://www.aerospacepunk.com/ Hometown: Oakland

Empress Theme Camp

Come to The Empress, the last bastion of a failed empire! By the grace of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, our hosts and hostesses wish to serve you selections from our tea menu (along with cookies) in our tastefully decorated Victorian tea room.

Visit us outside the peak heat hours for tea from 12PM-3PM and 11PM-2AM. Or come for self service tea at any time!

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/empressburn/at-burning-man Hometown: Vancouver

Enchante Presents NDR

Enchante presents the Next Door Ravers delights you with the finer side of nonchalance. We disco party cats, dashing dandylions, outspoken owls, jubilant dukes and duchesses of debauchery and ambassadors of the No Fun creedo do humbly invite you and are at your service…sometimes.

Hometown: Oakland

Enchanted Booty Village

Welcome to The Enchanted Booty Village! Come enjoy a magical time.

Hometown: Los Angeles


A Family style house to come hang out, be family and encounter one of our interactive rooms. You may come as a stranger but you will leave as family!!

Hometown: Redding

End of Line Club

We are a camp that is Tron themed find info at fb.com/endoflineclub. We will be providing original music and equipment and a stage for any DJs that want to sign up and spin through the festival, as well as a Tron Lightcycle art car, and Tron themed gate and 3D End of Line Club stage backdrop.

URL: http://fb.com/endoflineclub Hometown: Portland


Need a break from the sun and noise? Take a load off in the shady hammocks of End0r.

Hometown: Portland, Chicago, Boston, Burlington


Camp EPIC promotes the notion of sharing unique Moments with fellow burners. We go above and beyond what is called for and we push limits. Our goal is to share the joy of gifting and self expression, to party hard, to facilitate and help others with having fun, and to treat everyone with respect. Come visit us in one of our community events…. “Give EPIC a chance”

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CampEpicBM/ Hometown: Las Vegas

Eridu Society

An explorer’s club for time travelers, creators, makers, designers, and thinkers. We take our name from Eridu, the first city in ancient Sumer, and we gather in Black Rock City to share stories, ideas, art and passion.

URL: http://www.eridusociety.org Hometown: San Francisco


Essence is home of the Essentia Card Deck and the Light Seed Lamps. Look for our beautiful color changing lamps, and stop by to relax in our card room for a personal card reading.

Hometown: San Diego

Everywhere Pavilion

The Everywhere Pavilion serves as a point of connection between Black Rock Citizens and off-playa worldwide Burning Man-related projects and culture. Come learn about the Regionals Network, Burning Man Arts’ off-playa programs, Burners Without Borders, and Black Rock Solar as well as connect with other like-minded burners about your year-round efforts to bring Burning Man culture to the rest of the world.

URL: http://burningman.org/culture/ Hometown: San Francisco

Eyeland Oasis

An eyedyllic retreat for soothing astonished eyes and dust weary feet. We will provide a sanctuary to relax in, while your peepers and your creepers are being attended to by “doctors” without orders.

Hometown: North Bay