2015 Theme Camps

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2015 Theme Camps

Da Dirty Hands

Da Dirty Hands, the place to educate the world about Deaf Culture and Sign Language

URL: https://www.facebook.com/DaDirtyHands?fref=ts Hometown: Santa Rosa

Daily Playa

Daily Playa: All the news we felt like printing.
Playa newspaper since 2010.
Bring some news. Maybe we’ll print it. Or come pick up the paper. Or become a delivery human

URL: http://www.dailyplaya.com Hometown: San Francisco

Dare to be Rare

Dare to be Rare a unique camp of people for unique people. Come on and be different! Something we all like however is meat! And we love it rare!

URL: http://www.daretoberare.rocks Hometown: SF Bay Area, Portland OR, Denver CO, Jacksonville FL, Sydney

Dark Sparkle

Dark Sparkle is the potent mix of the mysterious and the dangerous that makes something irresistibly attractive, the unexplainable quality that pulls us all to the dark side. We bring interactive workshops and burlesque performances that challenge citizens to find mystery and beauty in themselves and others, and celebrate the unique Dark Sparkle in all of us.

URL: http://campdarksparkle.org Hometown: Davis

Darwin Fish Tank

Dive into the Darwin Fish Tank! When you are ready to grow a pair (of legs that is!) climb out of the primordial ooze and beat the heat with our misting system for a genuine adventure in the belly of the beast. Come for the flowing beats, stay and chill within the waves with some liquid joy.

URL: http://www.darwinfishtank.com/ Hometown: Vancouver/San Francisco/Boston/London

Davy Jones' RV

A relaxing ocean-themed oasis. In a dry, chaotic lakebed, our Octopus Garden Lounge will provide a calm, shaded area that will give people a reprieve from the hot sun and loud music around the playa.

URL: http://davyjonesrv.com Hometown: San Francisco

DDP (Decentralized Dance Party)

Camp DDP (Decentralized Dance Party) is all about connecting Open-Source Partying enthusiasts and believers in the greater Decentralization movement (Blockchain Tech, Bitcoin, MESH Networking, 3D-Printing). Join us for daily talks at 4:30-6:00.

URL: http://www.theddp.com Hometown: Vancouver

Death Guild Thunderdome

Death Guild Thunderdome
The dark beating heart of the playa since 1999.

URL: http://deathguildthunderdome.com Hometown: Oakland


Debocceri and Cats! Cats! Cats! are joining forces again to form Furballz Villiage. Debocceri be hosting public bocce ball tournaments and 24/7 open court, a costume-exchange rack, and a 5-piece bluegrass band which can be seen at center camp as well as live guerilla bluegrass attacks throughout the city.

URL: http://www.debocceri.com/Welcome.html Hometown: San Francisco, Vancouver

Decadent Oasis

A glowing multicolored oasis in the dark of night, a windswept grove of white palm trees by day–our magical oasis and sheltered lounge welcome you to dance, play, perform, and chill. Slack lines, trampoline, giant twister, other games, DJ’s, day/night dance parties, hula hoops, and friendly folks all around–in an eco-conscious camp made from mostly reclaimed/reused materials.

URL: http://www.decadentoasis.com Hometown: San Francisco / Oakland


Here at Declusterfuqerization we strive to fuq your burn! Fuq it long and hard and straight and true. Any way you like. Soft and cuddly, we’ve got you. Hard and vigorous, you are at the right place. Dirt nasty? Always. Dirt stars? Yes please. Fuq yer b3rn.

Hometown: Reno

Deep Heaven

At Deep Heaven we share our hearts with the Playa through a commitment to authenticity and honesty and this year we giving up our popular ‘chill’ space to create a carnival like experience and to provide room for fun, surprises, deep interactions and more than a few tricks with the guests. We have created our new Platform With (Deep) Purpose, (Deep) Hammocks, Wall of (Deep) Wisdom and (Deep) Interaction Portal and we are keeping some of the best pieces from past camps…our Rotating Heart Mirror and our Interactive Heart Beacon. Our Deep Heaven camp is more interactive than ever this year.

URL: http://www.deepheaven.org Hometown: Napa

Deep Sea Circus

Need some energy for your nighttime adventures? Those who dare to venture beyond the jaws of the anglerfish will be rewarded with tasty coffee and undersea treats.

Hometown: Chicago


DeMaTerial returns to the playa as DeMaTeriOwl! Our international diaspora of American, French, South African, and other burners from across the globe welcomes you to our dome, which this year we have transformed into a majestic Owl. Featuring the Licensing Bureau during the day, and Silent Disco at night.

Hometown: San Francisco, Cape Town, Paris, Buenos Aires


Come join in the minty fun at DeMentha. You’ll find music from out DJ line-up, enthusiastically prepared fresh mojitos, aromatherapy, ample shade and plenty of cooling mist. Combined with a hearty welcome you’ve got the perfect recipe for a awesome time. 1-6pm daily.

URL: http://www.dementha.com Hometown: San Francisco


dEOxidized Camp is dedicated to recharging the batteries of all hard working burners. The camp is comprised of members of an Entrepreneurs Organization along with guests from all over the world. Together, we will co-create an unforgettable experience with our community of friends old and new. Our main attraction will be a 50’ parachute featuring a lounge type chill space with an open bar, live music and happy hour everyday from 3 to Sunset. There will also be a stage for impromptu performance, educational talks and well planned workshops throughout the day, i.e.; Yoga, bicycle workshops. We have members from all over the United States and as far as Dubai, New Zealand and Mexico. We are a diverse group of burners with much to share and look forward to meeting you!

URL: http://www.deoxidized.org Hometown: Reno

Department of Mutant Vehicles

The Department of Mutant Vehicles licenses all mutant vehicles and disabled persons’ vehicles allowed to drive during the event.

URL: http://burningman.org/event/art-performance/mutant-vehicles/ Hometown: San Francisco

Dept of Experiment and Research

The Department of Experimentation and Research (DEAR) will serve the community as an interactive outpost of conversation and humor. We also will serve as a stopping over place on the way to someplace else. Stop by and visit in the shade of our large aluminet structure.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DEARcamp/ Hometown: Far Northern California and Beyond

Deputy Testing 2016 Embed 12/3/15

Deputy Testing 2016 Embed 12/3/15 website text

URL: http://www.public.com Hometown: Hometown

Deputy Testing Laser Description

Deputy Testing Laser Description

URL: http://www.publicurl.com

Desert Chai-Wallah

Desert Chai-Wallah serves hot, homemade, Indian chai every evening as the weather cools from 6:00-7:00pm. Come recharge before the night’s adventures with a cup of tasty masala chai in our Indian Lotus dome.

Hometown: San Francisco

Desert Morning

Home of the Lovin’ Oven – greet the morning, and let the smell of our freshly baked bread draw you in to our oasis, where mint tea, joy, music and performance will soothe your soul and nourish your body. Performers needing a space or those wanting to use the oven, please drop by and see us.

URL: http://www.desertmorning.org Hometown: San Diego



Hometown: OAKLAND

Destiny Lounge

Come play Rock Yer Balls, Get a Free Blowjob, and experience the amazing Vortex of Destiny! You may never be the same again!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/destinylounge/ Hometown: Pasadena

Destiny Oasis

Destiny Oasis will once again host a daytime party on Weds (Canada Day) and Thursday (Star Wars) in the Mo’rockin tent. We’ll also offer morning yoga classes. In addition, Bowen Island artist Stacy Beamer will also be bringing an art piece to the playa.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/destinyoasis?fref=ts&ref=br_tf Hometown: Vancouver

Detroit: BRC

As Detroit is the birthplace of electronic music, we will be showing new burners the roots of the music that has become part of the culture of Burning Man. In addition, as Detroit goes through tough times, the lessons learned in Detroit carry over to Black Rock City (using everything you have to make something useful, sharing, persevering and dra wing upon the innovations of self motivated Detroiters such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison). From nothing comes brilliance.

Hometown: Detroit

Devachan Lounge

The “dwelling of the gods” of Indo-Tibetan theosophy
– a place of authenticity, love, and connection.
A home on the playa where we get to be our best selves.

URL: http://www.devachanlounge.com Hometown: San Diego

Dia De Los Muertos

Viva Los Muertos is a fun and friendly camp to don candy skull makeup, drink margaritas and sangria , break pinatas and dance.

URL: http://vivalosmuertos.org Hometown: Dallas

Dickstracted Camp

The Dickstracted Camp is and adult-gay oriented camp emphasized on bringing exhibitionism and voyeurism to the playa.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Dilated Peoples

Dilated Peoples is where weary souls come to be rejuvenated, renewed, and find their inner bliss.

URL: http://www.dilatedpeeps.com Hometown: San Francisco

Dirty Beetles

Dirty Beetles…the name says it all.

URL: http://dirtybeetles.com Hometown: Los Angles

Disciples of the Dust

Support camp for Gary Gunderson’s and the Disciples of the Dust’s PENTAMONIUM.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/disciplesofthedust?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Hometown: Seattle

Disco Chateau

Disco Chateau is a creative global community for artistic, loving and inspirational people who are committed to sharing their experience at Burning Man as one family. We are a community that thrives on creativity, love of music, dance, community, art, and relaxation. Our camp’s core focus is to create a communal space to serve the Burning Man Community by hosting events and programing that will foster authentic connection.

Hometown: San Francisco

Disco Dokie

Chill vibes, good tunes and delicious ice-cold lemonade – We are a collective of open hearted human beings who dance a lot, build cool stuff, hug, play games, practice gratitude and love sparkly things! We welcome all citizens of Black Rock City to join us for our Disco Dokie Happy Hour – everyone loves Dokie Lemonade.

Hometown: Seattle

Disco Knights

Disco Knights is back for their 7th year. Expect sweet vibes and world class music.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/DiscoKnightsBM Hometown: San Francisco and England, but all over the world

Disco Space Shuttle

Join us in the late morning and early afternoon to confess your sins and rejuvenate your body with a tasty Bloody Mary and join us at night to do it all again and fly across the Playa on the Disco Space Shuttle.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/discospaceshuttle Hometown: San Francisco


Discordia presents some of the best Kiwi, British and Aussie music available in an evolving environment integrating light and mirrors with misting fans and varied, interesting light effects inside a huge public pyramid.

Discordia’s chosen art theme ‘Reflection, Light and Illusion’ merges art and technology to create illusion and encourage participants to question their perception of reality and self.

URL: https://discordia.camp Hometown: London, Melbourne and Auckland


Chill on the steps of our Amphitheatre.
Show your moves under the Dome’s Oculus.
Repair your blinkies at the Blinky Clinic.
Practice for the Decathlon in our Stadium.
Let the games begin!

Welcome to DISORIENT!

URL: http://disorient.info Hometown: New York


Bringing art & beat together – A rambunctious playa day party of vociferous beats from live DJ’s, original art, and luscious blended libations from a shaded bar. Your daytime dancing & dutifully disorderly DISTRIKT.

URL: http://www.distriktcamp.org Hometown: San Francisco

Diva Nation

Diva Nation is about bringing out the Diva in us through experiences that trigger the artist, the lover, the dancer and the human in us.
Come experience interactive art pieces and join in our live jazz sunset sessions.

URL: http://pangaeadiva.com Hometown: San Francisco

Do More Now

We are “Do-More-Now”: a loose community of Burners committed to art and partying. On the playa we build the famous Firehouse and encourage drive-by art: we bring the paint, you bring the talent.

URL: http://www.do-more-now.com/ Hometown: Everett

Dodo's Nest

The Dodo’s Nest is a camp of wigs and ruffles, music and affected accents based around the fabulous Dodo Pleasure Barge art car.

URL: http://dodobus.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Dome on the Range

An East meets West Saloon-of Sorts; combining the spices, silks, and teas of the east with the spurs, saloons, whiskeys and wagon trains of the west. Cowboy hats meet Saris. Tea ceremonies meets tumbleweeds. Banjos meet Sitars. Where one sun sets, the other rises!

Hometown: San Francisco

Down Low Club

An enclosed, discreet and air-conditioned play space for adult men of the Playa seeking to meet other adult men and/or engage in tactile and erotic manplay. Whether self-identified as gay, bi, trans, questioning, curious or straight, this non-judgmental and away-from-prying eyes space is open 24/7 all week to adult men.

URL: https://groups.yahoo.com/groups/BurningManDownLowClub/info Hometown: Los Angeles

Dr Playa's Ear Nose&Throat Clinic

Pesky dust packed into those openings in your head? We can help with that!
Our NON MEDICAL staff is available Mon -Friday from 1-3 PM

Hometown: Reno

Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections

Dr. Carl’s big board of stuff is imposing, daunting and a little bit sexy. Pick something from our big board, go out and find that something. Return to us, convince an official that you deserve a semi-fabulous prize…collect a semi-fabulous prize.

URL: http://www.drcarlscamp.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Dr. Placebo's Snake Oil Emporium

Come try out strange cures to strange illnesses.


Dr.Baron von Realz esq. Steampunk

Come join our circus of freaks and be a part of the shenanigans of our camp. Flaming girls, tattoos, body modifications, piercings, carnies, performers, freaks, geeks and other oddities fill our ranks.

Hometown: We are spred all over the world but based in Newark CA.

Drag on Dragon

Drag on Dragon is a costume theme camp helping burners and friends with fierce fashions and ferocious fun.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/burndragondragon/ Hometown: San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York

Dragon Ass Camp

Dragon Ass Camp celebrates the wonders of Claude the Dragon, the 22′ fire breathing kinetic sculpture, made from 100% recycled scrap materials. Claude will be featured in the Dragon Master Presents “Wicked Art Piazza” near the Artery for 2015!

URL: http://www.dragonassball.com/ Hometown: Sacramento

Dragon Camp Armory

Make your own Bikini Armor!

Hometown: Fountain Valley

Dragon Clan

Dragon Clan is a camp themed on fire and flight. Join us to practice and perform fire arts in our performance space, learn about the joy and experience of ultralite flight, or just seek shelter beneath the wings of our dragon, climb up into our nest or just hang with us in our lizard lounge.

Hometown: Redwood City

Dragon Smelter

The Dragon Smelter invites participants to learn and make art from recycled metal with us. The art changes every year, so be sure to keep coming back!

Hometown: SF Bay Area

Dragonfly Den

Come find us and recharge your health and wellness. We will be offering morning yoga, speakers and sunrise chill experiences starting Tuesday along with a hydration station of infused waters.
Thursday night into Friday morning sunrise we are hosting an a White Themed Party of epic proportions including The Lucent Dossier Experience.

Dream Orphanage

A Wonderland maze with a creamy center, where orphan burners are paired up new adventure parties.

Hometown: Portland

Dream Society

Dream Society welcomes you to the ASTERIX, a space for exploring potential and possibility. This reflection zone features multiple points of opportunity to see yourself amongst the stars or through a portal to another dimension. Come anytime and experience a gateway to inquiry….visit the oracles within and search inside yourself for clues to the emerging genius within you.

We are here as your TAZ for discovery, the Dream Society welcomes you to this lucid dream for the deeply inquisitive souls.

Hometown: Everywhere

Dreamer's Playground

We are Dreamers. Open minds filled with imagination and restless energy. Confronting fears and learned dogma to discover new realities patiently awaiting our return. The Playground is a cushion of comfort and warmth clearing routes for kinder experiences. Placed in a perfect position to enjoy the Burning Man Sunset – come by for juice and Vegan treats. A home built on Love and connection with a family of support for higher vibrational exploration of experience. Designed in colour for fun and flow. We are Dreamers and this is our playground.

URL: http://www.dreamersplayground.org Hometown: London

Dreamers Guild

Welcome to Dreamers Guild
come by and say hi.

URL: http://www.templeofpromise.org Hometown: Oakland


Best dive bar on the Playa – 10 years running. Join us in celebrating a Decade of Ducks!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DuckPondBRC/ Hometown: San Francisco

dust & stars

dust & stars is a celestial experience! come enjoy star-studded pancakes at our interstellar house of pancakes, take or leave something at our gifting tree, cool down in an intergalactic water gun fight, or join us for a late-night warm-up around our fire pit.

Hometown: the stars

Dust Circus

The Dust Circus – twisted mix of entertainment. Real Magic, Dancing, Mind and Bighting your Movement Lighting, Burn your bad thoughts away Machine…There are overwhelming, dazing and confusing shows.

URL: http://www.dustcircus.org Hometown: San Francisco, Sacramento


DUSTFISH VILLAGE BELIEVES IN THE POWER AND GLORY AND BEAUTY OF LOVE. This year, as DUSTFISH Village, we include Sextant and Sk8Kamp, to join with DUSTFISH to bring Tesla Coils, a Zip Line, Vünderbar, a Skateboard Park and Sidewalk and a Ramp into a Foam Pit, a live stage featuring music, performers and other live acts, our Fortune Teller’s Bar, chill domes which are always open and inviting, all with the ambiance of a traveling circus.

URL: http://www.dustfish.org Hometown: San Francisco

Dusty Beavers

Directly from the Great White North, land of the maple leaf, comes the sugar shack of your dreams. Yes, a sugar shack on the Playa! Maple taffy on snow. Yes, snow on the Playa, in August. We will make it happen. Join us after dark for a taste of sweetly delicious “tire d’érable sur neige.” The Dusty Beavers are an international group: Canadians, French and Americans.

URL: http://camp.dustybeavers.org Hometown: Montreal

Dusty Bumm

Trade in your dusty tookus for a warm drink and a cold slap in the face or plow it up with a snowboardski or three, then try your hand at Giant Beer Pong or relax under hundreds of G-Strings! Face it, out here, there’s no escaping a Dusty Bumm!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/thedustybumm Hometown: South Bay

Dusty Cobra Art Car / UCBR

Come learn more about our exciting Art Car and Camp!

URL: http://www.dustycobra.com Hometown: Truckee

Dusty Dice

Remember the joy of setting up a tent in the backyard and playing board games? Go, Checkers, Monopoly, Life, Parcheesi… We celebrate the joy of play with just a little bit of competition. Our infamous cock-ring toss, an oversized Twister mat, and other super-sized games provide entertainment. Now with even larger dice! Check the events calendar for Liar’s Dice, Brunch Against Humanity, and other events.

URL: http://www.rebeccakidder.com/dustydice/ Hometown: San Francisco

Dusty Goats

It is the year of the Goat!

Dusty Goats- Come and get f***ked up like a goat with dancing in our dome and showing us your goat golfing skills. Stick around and recover with our yoga sessions, massage and rest your hooves under our huge shade structure. Come by and have a goat-tastic time!

Hometown: Vail

Dusty Justice

Dusty Justice Camp is bringing an open, slightly impartial, fun venue for Burners of all stripes to get their dusty dirty day in court.

Hometown: San Francisco

Dusty Lady

Come one, come all, to take a turn at the Gravity-Powered Cooperative Marble Maze! Come for the maze, stay for the Fire Window and the Amazing Mister System!

Hometown: Oakland

Dusty Lusty

Find your dusty lover with our playa grindr matchmaking board! Join us for tasty nutella pancakes geared for queers and friends to dance, eat, and make plans for later. Nutella Pancakes served Tuesday through Friday, 1pm-2pm.

Hometown: San Francisco

Dusty Nuts Tavern

Join us daily 5pm – 7pm for the Dusty Nuts Tavern happy hour. Come leave your mark on The Scroll and get your night started with Remix, The Master, Undecided Douchebag, 101, and Dusty Nuts himself.

Hometown: Sunnyvale

Dusty Poon Saloon

Git on over to the Dusty Poon Saloon for a gun slingin’ good time! Park your pony, check your pistol at the door, and belly up to the bar for one of our signature PoonTang libations! Come dressed in your best Western gear or get gussied up in what we provide and we’ll shoot your photograph, but hopefully not you! You’re bound to have a shit kickin/ good time here with dancin’, drinkin’, and hell, eve a wild western showdown!

URL: http://dustypoonsaloon.com/ Hometown: San Diego

Dusty Taint

The Dusty Taint Camp is born in the style of a 1940’s “Negro Juke Joint” featuring music, games and drinking. A nexus where people passing by and coming to the area can join us for the annual Ginger Appreciation Party, and rousing rounds of ‘The Game”, in addition, drink and get to know their fellow burners in a multi-cultural and sensual adult space following an amazing day on the playa.


URL: http://www.dustytaint.com Hometown: Charlotte

Dye With Dignity

Dye with Dignity provides silk, dye, wine, margaritas, snow cones and lots of love to help you create your own piece of playa magic. Come dye a silk scarf (or sarong during our surprise event!), spin the Wheel of Shame, entertain the neighbors and feel the love!

URL: http://www.dyewithdignity.com Hometown: Fredericksburg Texas