2015 Theme Camps

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2015 Theme Camps

L melon O P

A totally serious, highly organized, completely childish camp of melon-lovers.

Hometown: Chicago

La Calaca Village

Come visit La Calaca Village who is proud to present Pinata’s Plaza and La Calaca Healing Dome Plaza! Come enjoy spiritual healing, yoga and related arts during the day and party at the Pinatas Present Sunset and Sangria events every evening from 6-8.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/110739525682835/ Hometown: Reno

LAFer Camp

Hometown: Sacramento. Salt Lake City. Los Angeles. Los Gatos. South Lake Tahoe. King's Beach (Lake Tahoe).Chicago. Yellowknife(Canada). Buffalo. Woodland(CA).

Lahontan Korps

Visit Lahontan Korps. A shade structure for guests. Hydration Station for those in need of bottled water.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/lahontan.korps Hometown: Los Angeles

Lamplighter Village


Last Flamethrower

Last Flamethrower Art Support Camp. http://matisse.net/flamethrower/

URL: http://matisse.net/flamethrower/ Hometown: San Francisco

Last Pig's Hideout

Last Pig’s Hideout: We’re a lovely group of gadflies who… I Camp Remember!

Hometown: Portland

Last Resort Country Club (LRC)

At the darkest edge of the Outer Ring, The Last Resort Camp is a vision to weary adventurers brave enough to explore Black Rock City’s limits and newcomers approaching its distant lights. An oasis of comfort and civilization before the barren wilds open up behind us, The Last Resort is a place you can have a seat in the shade, sip a mai thai, take some tennis lessons and make some friends before you rocket away across the dust.

URL: http://www.thelastresortcamp.com/ Hometown: Toronto

Lavender Lounge

The Lavender Lounge has been on the Playa for over 10 years providing a mid day chill space. This is a family friendly treatment with lavender oil-water mist and head message.

Hometown: Bay Area, Sebastopol, San Francisco, and all over the West

Lazy Skool Daze

Lazy Skool Daze is an intellectual and artistic haven for the sharing of knowledge, love, and adventure. We present a creative, welcoming space where playa-mavens can come to teach and learn, to perform and observe, to show and tell.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/LazySkoolDaze Hometown: New York City and far beyond

Le Kafé

Warm. Loving. Sexy. Coffee. Home. Le Kafé may be the coziest landing spot on playa at any hour.
Morning: delicious servers in French maid regalia. Organic coffee and tea with pastries and biscotti in our front of house Kafe. Watch for our mobile unit bringing hot java to the sunrise Robot Heart shows!
Afternoon: shady napping in our “flounge” (lounge of many futons). Cool off in our new swamp-cooled yurt; enjoy our large hammock or porch swing. Down tempo grooves day and night. Relax. Sip a cold one. Soak your feet in a cool medicinal bath.
Evening: informal cocktail lounge; play with our many lighted toys. Our late night fire pit warms your bones into the wee hours. Share a ceremonial pipe ritual while; trade stories and flirtations. Don’t leave! Blankets and pillows emerge in the lounge. Snuggle. Slumber. Repeat.
Check out our container top sky bedroom, step into the speakeasy for adult fun. Come see why we continue to be a favorite cozy spot in Black Rock City.

Hometown: San Francisco/Denver

LED Dinosaur

LED Dinosaur is Burning Man’s best preparty destination. Come by to grab some glowsticks & drinks while you paint our giant dinosaurs and dance to some house beats.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/LEDDinosaur Hometown: San Francisco

Leopard Martini Lounge

Hometown: Palo Alto

Let It Go

At “Let it Go” we would like to provide a space where people can feel comfortable to let go regardless of their cultural background or spiritual beliefs. Come to our confession booth and let go of that which does not serve you. We offer a variety of yoga, meditation, dance, reiki, arts & crafts, and poi classes. Need a place to reconnect with the infinite? Come visit our meditation dome.

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/campletitgo Hometown: San Diego

Life Cube Burning Man 2015

Life Cube Burning Man 2015 is a passionate group of Cube-ists that have come together to create magic on the playa. Visit the Life Cube art installation – write down goals, dreams, wishes, and aspirations on wish-sticks, watch murals be painted during the week, express yourself, share your hopes and dreams. Check out the tapestry wall of 1000s of panels from burners all around the world. Climb and play. Have fun and watch as we all birth creativity. And we will be burning on Friday night.

URL: http://www.lifecubeproject.com Hometown: 3rd planet from the sun. We start in NY, but come from across the universe to create magic.

Life Rulez

The life “ruleS” at Life Rulez is that life rulezzz!

URL: http://www.liferulez.org Hometown: Los Angeles


Star in your own 80s-style arcade game! Step into our console and onto the light-up dance floor where you can play fun games like giant Minesweeper! Experience life-size, 8-bit immersion!

URL: http://lightsweeper.z3n.org Hometown: Seattle

Liminal Labs

Do mornings on the playa find you a little dazed and hazy? Do you wish there were some middle-of-the-night place where you could grab a seat and let your mind be doubly warped? Liminal Labs have you covered! From 10-noon each morning, we happily throw open the Liminal Pharmakon where you are invited to choose from an apothecary menu full of salubrious nostrums, elixirs and vitamin-rich restoratives. After dark, all night long, Tuesday through Saturday, we invite you to Mirror Movie Mashup, where daring cinephiles grab a seat and watch TWO movies at once! Think of it, BARBARELLA & LOGAN’S RUN! THE HUNGER & ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE! DUMBO & CAROUSEL! REPO MAN & PULP FICTION! ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK & THE WARRIORS! STAR WARS & STAR TREK! Or talk us into showing your own mirrored movie picks from our extensive roster of fine films, tv shows and ridiculous youtube videos. All this and free popcorn, too!

Hometown: San Francisco

Lip Bomb

Lip Bomb is about the celebration of celebration in all of its naughty light heartedness. We do this through a chill environment of deep house, Down tempo, chill and fun lounge house music. Our camp is open daily for our coffee and tea social and our bar is open nightly for our signature drink The cherry Lip Bomb.

URL: http://www.booms-box.com Hometown: Murrieta

Lip Service

LIP SERVICE – Bad Advice, Free!
Life not working? Come to LIP SERVICE where we believe no problem is so big it can’t be run away from, and blame is the first step towards healing.

Hometown: Salt Lake City


Come to Listen and be heard.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/470394766364523/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Little Uncle Janis' Pizza Planet

At the pizza planet, all of our nieces and nephews are welcome with open arms and love in our hearts. Come and grab a button but do not upset sleeping Little Uncle Janis, he gets cranky.

Hometown: Intergalactic

Lituanica Birds

Nestworking Lithuanian style

Each year dozens of Lithuanian burners together as a flock of birds migrate over Atlantic to the Playa where they setup their temporary nest – Lituanica Birds camp.
In 2015 Lithuanians we plan to have a huge and interactive Nest so we invite all burners for NESTWORKING at our camp.

URL: http://www.degantiszmogus.lt/lituanica-birds-stovykla/ Hometown: Vilnius

LMP likemindedpeople CAMP

A space to experience, explore and express with acceptance.
Daily didgeridoo soundscape and DJ performances with the conscious community in mind. Chill, safe sacred space within a TIPI available 24/7 to reflect, release or meditate. Didgeridoo lessons and more!

Hometown: Calgary

Local Kooling

Local Kooling, inside Martini Village, is a place to stop by to share a cool drink and time with cool new friends.

Hometown: Reno


At Camp LOLA our philosophy is spontaneity and serendipity. Bring us something from your heart – a poem, a dance, a song, etc. and express it on our “soap box” or draw a square for our Living with Heart tapestry. We offer healing touch instruction for couples, children’s book story and cuddle time with optional vibrator, daily meditation, amateur yoga and coffee or flaming enemas for deserving pilgrims.

Hometown: Las Vegas/Menlo Park/New York

Loquacious and Lovely

Loquacious and Lovely Art camp hosted by PO9

URL: http://mix-engineering.com/ Hometown: Kingston

Lost & Found

)'( Together We Can Do Anything )'(

URL: http://playalostandfound.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Lost in Space Tribe

Bringing the Sixties to the playa … from the people who were there! Who doesn’t love the music of the Sixties and where else on the playa can you find it … come enjoy a Summer of Love experience!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Love Beets

Your Chief Love Vibrators on the Playa

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Love Bubble

Love Bubble – Come into our Love Bubble where you can feast your body temple, nourish your psyche, and feed your soul.

Hometown: SF Bay Area


Illuminating The World : Through Inspiring Ourselves & Each Other. Expanding Our Ability To Thrive & Accomplish Bold Feats Of Daring, While Inspiring Frivolity, Illuminating Ideas & Deep Connections.

URL: www.https://LoveILLUMINARIUM.Wix.Com/LOVE-ILLUMINARIUM Hometown: Bay Area

Love It!

Hometown: San Francisco

Love Land

Love Land: We welcome and inspire people taking part in the Burning Man Experience. Featuring daily activities, the 4th annual “Steely Dan Happy Hour”, the 2nd annual”David Bowie Happy Hour” and our 5th or 6th Annual Pastie Workshop: bling out your boobs in our cozy beehive dome! Get crafty and create your own sexy pasties, adorn yourself with body paint, enjoy a cocktail, or shake your booty to our honey-licious Dj’s + More!

Hometown: Los Angeles/ Santa Barbara

Love Potion

Celebrating art, creativity, whimsy, fun, family, positive vibes , ‘Luurve’ & our famous Love Potion.
To learn more, go to http://www.lovepotioncollective.org

URL: http://www.lovepotioncollective.org Hometown: Oakland

Love Puddle

A bar, playground and lounge open every afternoon that serves the most refreshing punch on the playa, to enjoy before or after playing foursquare or swinging on the swings. Ask nicely and we might give you a Love Puddle or whip out Dildo Jousting. We also have a small stage for intimate performances that is open for your scheduled or impromptu shows.

Hometown: Bay Area

Lucy B

Aldo at Camp Lucy B! Come say hello to your favorite Suave Ride and check out the Little House of Hoarders. Bet we have something you need…

Hometown: Lovelock

Ludus Symposium

Come by our spot on the playa for a beer and a great view of the playa off our deck!

URL: http://www.ludussymposium.com Hometown: Sacramento

Lunar Disco

Lunacy with a Pinch of Disco. Follow the sound, follow the moon.

Hometown: San Francisco

Luxurious Vagrants

Luxurious Vagrants is where sandy bodies come to get fancy! Enter our parlor to try on tattoos, bedazzle your bodies, and leave feeling special.

Hometown: San Francisco