2015 Theme Camps

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2015 Theme Camps

Cabana Club

Come and enjoy The Favorite Vacation Destination for the hard working citizens of Black Rock City! The Cabana Club is an oasis of hospitality and friendship. We serve up a refreshing array of nosh and cocktails for your Afternoon Delight and a variety of late-night themed events.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BlackRockCabanas Hometown: San Francisco

Cacao Camp

Cacao Camp – bringing the culture of the food of the gods to the playa. Chocolate making workshops and cacao related events open to all.

Hometown: San Francisco

Cafe Diem

We can make you almost any coffee or tea drink imaginable and we strive to make it the best you’ve ever had. We serve turkish coffee, matcha, masala chai, yerba mate, espresso, pour-over, and a wide array of teas from around the world.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CafeDiemBRC Hometown: North Lake Tahoe

Cafe Nëgrø - Funeral Edition

Cafe Nëgrø provides aural and oral transformative rituals for your morning, featuring the finest in black coffee and black metal. Come for our 1 PM hour of darkness and ready yourself for the new day.

URL: http://cafenegro.org/ Hometown: Oakland

Cafe Village

Support camp for active Cafe volunteers and staff.

Hometown: Black Rock City

Café Sŭrprïsé

At Café Sŭrprïsé, we wish to delight your palate with an array of culinary triumphs. Come see us at camp for dinner at our formal sit-down French Cafe Mon-Fri, 3 seatings starting at 5:30pm; Pancake Brunch Saturday at 10am and daily French Fry Service at 2pm. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you with our mobile grilled cheese cart operating nightly around the city. Bring your appetite for sŭrprïsé!

Hometown: San Francisco

Caja Pedo

Caja Pedo is a refuge for all those who wander, so escape the heat and join us for daily rejuvenation, unlock answers that only bananas and pendulums can reveal. The playa is full of dust, so bring your dusty Caja Pedo our way.

Hometown: Black Rock City


Calico brings traditional tap and jazz dancing to the playa. Come join us for instruction and rock out sessions!

Hometown: California and Colorado (aka Calico)


Cameltopia is a Utopian society for camels where inconvenience and hydration go hand in hand…. or toe in toe.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/hydrationstationcamp Hometown: Berkeley/Oakland

Camp 11:11

Celebrate 11:11–11:11 is a catalyst to unite people. It’s a totally vertical moment in time. Make a wish at 11:11. Have a shot, give a kiss, or smoke a smoke at 11:11. Flame on at 11:11. Orgasm at precisely 11:11. Does anyone know what time is it? Its 11:11. Come help us discover 11:11 at Camp 11:11

Hometown: Redding

Camp 451

Books Loaned, Borrowed, Given Away
Library with a large reading/chill space – All are welcome

Hometown: Woodacre - Seattle

Camp Afterglow

Afterglow, that wonderful feeling that lingers long after the experience has elapsed—a feeling that only occurs when the mind, body, and soul has been ever so stimulated. Our gift to the Playa and to its dear citizens is Afterglow!

Hometown: Oakland


Join our crew hailing from 15 countries for Cocktails, Culture and Carousing any day between 11am-6pm. Everyone needs something and Anita has it – music, dancing, workshops, a cuddle puddle tower, and the best cocktails and conversation in town. (Warning: Camp Anita may contain Aussies, Kiwis, Nuts, Traces of extroversion, Grundy Undie walk-offs, and Revelers made with nuts)

Hometown: Wow. 15+ countries make this question hard, but here goes: New York, LA, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Sydney, Georgia, Buenos Aires, Honolulu, Denver, Boston, Maui

Camp Anostraca

Camp Anostraca
Port for The Anostraca ship.
Home of the Anostraca Family.

Hometown: Big Sur

Camp Armageddon

Armageddon – it’s not the end of the world, it’s the Safe Word! Come to Camp Armageddon for bike repair, yoga, music or just to ‘set a spell’ in our community dome! We offer professional bike repair daily, serving the 3:00 sector for 8 years. Morning yoga classes in our dome are the best way to start the day! And our dome is a great place to hang out and watch the world go by, at any time of day. Come for a visit!.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Armageddon/51276852446?fref=ts Hometown: Chico

Camp Asterix

Camp Asterix with our new TURBO BAR dispensing Magiacal Illuminated Elixher that starts the night off with fun magical times.

URL: http://www.campasterix.com Hometown: Coldwater

Camp Atlantis

Camp Atlantis offers daily 9:00am “Wake up to wellness” breathing and spinal exercise program. Come and align your energy centers, get clear focus, flex your spine to keep young, and go deep within.

Hometown: Malibu

Camp Awesomeness - A 5D Experience

Camp Awesomeness is a place of openness and all those who enter are free from all past expectation and judgements. There is only the now. We are made of 99% pure potential and so we are here to create all we can in this moment.

URL: http://www.campawesomeness.org Hometown: Planet Earth - Global collaborative

Camp Boom Boom Womb

Camp Boom Boom Womb is the new incarnation of the camp formerly known as Camp New Year. We’re still about collective celebration and rebirth, now with an elevated dash of the soulful, feminine and funky.

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Camp Camp

Camp Camp Camp: Where the weird go to play and laugh!

Hometown: San Diego


Camp Caribou – get related to the North

Hometown: Toronto & Vancouver

Camp Charlie

Where art, music and mythology intersect in Black Rock City to celebrate Burning Man.
Inspired by great balls of fire, candy cane stripper poles and rainbow glitter, this one of a kind land-yacht is as unique as the phenomenon that inspired it.
On the playa, Charlie The Unicorn Art Car is known for epic DJ sets, mesmerizing laser light shows and massive fire balls that shoot from his horn.

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/campcharliecorral/ and https://www.facebook.com/CampCharlie Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Cleopatra

Interested in a delicious health drink with rum? Please come by our camp to experience a Cleopatra and the lively conversation that inevitably follows.

Hometown: Sacramento

Camp Conduit

Camp Conduit – gifting sun hats, hemp bondage rope, suspension bondage rides, and knot instruction to the masses. Returning in 2015 with more hats, more rope, and more fabulous accessories!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/camp.conduit Hometown: Seattle

Camp Contact

Transformational Interactions are what we’re about at Camp Contact. Through Contact Improvisation Dance, Acro/Yoga, Authentic Relating, Tantra, Meditation, the Steam Bath and more, we gather to bring self-awareness, connection, and heart opening catharsis to the burns and festivals we attend.

URL: http://burningman.campcontact.org Hometown: Earth

Camp Crippy

a crew of multi media artists coming together –
including but not limited to glass blowing, jewelry, music and co-creating a gallery space within the space. Hoping to inspire and to connect with others…

Hometown: Denver

Camp Crypto

Subvert surveillance with Leave-No-Trace messaging in Camp Crypto’s Dark Net Lounge.

URL: http://basicbitcoin.info/CampCrypto/ Hometown: Oakland

Camp Cuddle Cult

Camp Cuddle Cult aims to foster a stronger Burning Man community through cuddling. Drop by and immerse yourself in one of our famous (platonic) Cuddle Puddles filled with soft pillows, fuzzy blankets and warm bodies. If you want to make some new friends on the playa this is the camp for you!

URL: http://www.campcuddlecult.com Hometown: Portland/San Francisco

Camp Cul-de-Sac

Founded in 1997, we offer fine cinema, video abstractions, and good vibes.

Hometown: Houston, TX

Camp Deep C

Camp Deep C, a collaboration from Seattle Washington, was conceived to share our love of creating interactive music and light displays with the Burner community. With our flagship art project, the Deep Pentaphonica, we let the viewer mold the sound and light to their will amidst a variety of other collective and creative arts and activities, from karaoke to body painting.

URL: http://campdeepc.com Hometown: Seattle

Camp Delicioso & Creperie

Camp Delicioso & Creperie was born in 2006, and based out of Long Beach & San Francisco. With campmates from all over the world, our international crew has evolved over the last 10 years to include friends from Monaco, New Zealand, Spain, Britain, Australia, Colombia, Argentina, France, Mexico, Morocco, Venezuela, Israel, Switzerland, Zimbabwe and…

We can truly say that our crepes are World Famous!

URL: http://campdelicioso.com/ Hometown: Long Beach

Camp Disco Nap

Because the best type of nap is one with a party at the end! Dedicated to the art of getting ready– Camp Disco Nap is about bonding over creative frenzied makeovers, dancing in hot pants, and all things shiny and distracting.

URL: http://pinterest.com/campdisconap/ Hometown: NYC

camp do nothing

Camp Do Nothing. Come by anytime and jump in to the Foam Dome. its a climbable dome filled with fun and 5 feet of foam rubber blocks for you to jump in and play. Come by in afternoons and evening and ride the 360 swing we will spin you upside down 35 feet in the air hanging from your feet. ( please come with good fitting shoes or boots its very important if you want to ride swing) we have other activities so come on by and talk to us and we will love to meet you and tell you all about it. yes You…

Hometown: seattle. but we have camp mates from all over the country and the world

Camp Electro-Therapy

Camp Electro-Therapy is a theme camp offering solar recharging services to the Black Rock City community during the Burning Man festival. Recharging services will be available 24/7 while we are on playa.

Hometown: Drums

Camp Faderade

Come on down to Camp Faderade and try Doc Faderade’s Amazing Elixir. gaze into the splendor that is our Infinite Tunnel bar, laugh at the hilarity that ensues from completing a Whizbang, and spin the Wheel of Destiny.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Faderade/ Hometown: Sacramento

Camp FingerBang

Camp Fingerbang features the Go Fuck Yourself Saloon and FingerBang University. We are dedicated to raising the level of inappropriateness on the playa. We are a group of delightfully ridiculous long time playa friends who are yet again banding together for another year of fun and mayhem. We do not take ourselves seriously at all and neither will you when you come to visit.

Hometown: San Francisco, Los Angeles

Camp Fortuna

Camp Fortuna, loyal subjects to the King of Fun

Hometown: Portland

Camp Fuck Yeah

Hometown: Lake Tahoe, California

Camp Gallavant

Ahoy from the Pirates of the Playa (infamous creators of the Mutant Vehicle, USS Nevada). We have the “gall” to “Gallavant” around the playa spreading fun and adventure, so, visit us, enjoy all the interactivity & hospitality we offer and hop a ride on a Mutant Vehicle!

URL: http://www.rickmetz.com/Site/Camp_Gallavant.html Hometown: Reno

Camp Gold Star

Buck up, Kiddo! The folks at Camp Gold Star know that somewhere deep inside that sparkle pony facade is a very special snowflake, and we’ve got your daily dose of overenthusiastic personal adulation, participation certificates, trophies, hugs, and all the snark you can handle. You may even be named “#1 All-Time Greatest, Most Amazing Person Ever”, you entitled little shit.

URL: http://www.camp-gold-star.com Hometown: Washington


Camp GTFO! Come visit us when it’s time to GTFO of your own space! Need a break from your peeps? Hang with ours! Anytime you stop by, you’ll often stumble across random food and drink giveaways – be sure to BYOC!

URL: http://www.campgtfo.com Hometown: Sunnyvale

Camp Half Ass

At Camp Half-Ass we have a GIANT swing. Interactive Art Installations and a Beer Garden Happy Hour on Tuesday, Wed, & Thursday afternoons. Come enjoy an “ICE COLD beer” and fun company. Don’t forget to try your hand at our Stool Surfing and Beer Bobbing

URL: http://www.camphalfass.com Hometown: Bay Area

Camp Harmony

Community chill space, Playful dungeon focusing on bondage with training for beginners, and a Puppy play space.

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Hellnback

Combat veterans invite burners to view veteran and military art, have open discussions about American troops in combat and share PTSD meditation and coping skills.

URL: http://www.camphellnback.com/ Hometown: Reno

Camp Hey Gurl, Hey!

Camp Hey Gurl, Hey! is primarily of members of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus and we say to you, “Hey Gurl, HEY!”

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Hot Cheeks

The best body painting on the playa, and the Chinese Swear Word of the Day, what more could you ask for? Come! Sit! Relax! Enjoy the shade and a cold beverage! Do you dare try our special fortune cookies?

Hometown: 10 cities

Camp Hot Mayo

Come visit Camp Hot Mayo, we have nice cold daily drink specials with a fabulous bar, with comfortable seating and the most amazing people to meet. Thursday is our famous Irish Car Bomb party, and we have a B-Ball hoop that shoots flames w/ some 3 on 3 action and fun giant Jenga game.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Hot-Mayo/283651174985176 Hometown: Sparks B and 4

Camp Hotel Rug

We are an eclectic group of like minded wayward souls drawn by fate into the nexus of Black Rock City. We began our Burn in 2013 as a group of strangers and left the playa one week later as a tight knit family. By counting on each other we magnify the love, healing, compassion and assholery that exists at Burning Man

Hometown: Everywhere!!

Camp Lamp

Camp Lamp brings Light, Art, and Music to the Playa, with a fire-spinning circle that is open to any skilled fire spinners.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/ilovecamplamp Hometown: Boston

Camp Last Year

All camp members are only allowed to 1) talk about how great past burns where or 2) plan how much better they’ll be next year.

Hometown: San Francisco & Boulder

Camp Little Bitty

Smile like a child again! Come play with our grown-up sized version of popular children’s toys, and relax in our pre-school!!!

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Camp Luminoso

Camp Luminoso is a place where you can create your own lanterns.

Hometown: Phoenix

Camp Luminous

Camp Luminous is an interactive Tea Lounge open randomly 24/7 for your enjoyment.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/camp.luminous Hometown: Arcata

Camp Make Good Choices

At burning man one must make good choices. Let us offer you sound advice about how to make the most of your burn! Participation, spanking and games are all good choices! Come play with us in our dome and see if your interaction produces gifts!

Hometown: Boise

Camp Manifestation

At Camp Manifestation we encourage and explore the process of creation, acknowledging that power within each of us, in order to manifest whatever is in one’s heart and to experience life as one desires. By discovering our innate ability, we put intention toward the coupling of the power of thought with the moving force of action. We then begin to ignite and catalyze these forces which allows us to create magical results in the world. Come explore with us!

URL: http://campmanifestation.com Hometown: Oakland

Camp Martini

Come see Camp Martini within Martini Village and enjoy a Dean Martin Happy Hour!!! See you out there, Wednesday afternoon.

Hometown: Reno

Camp Meow

Control the Immersive wrap-around projection screen with your body movements and the gaze at the giant spinning LED teleport. Enjoy a host of bands and musical performances, improv activities, sno-cone happy hour, silk acrobatics, healing yurt, yoga sessions, and play some volleyball!

Hometown: Sydney

Camp Mind Eraser

Super trill just come

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp MisBeeHive

Bumble, Buzz and Humm in our Hive of savory art, expression, collaborative painting, and dance your pants off snuggle parties! Bee-friend our swarm over sweet nectar refreshments, and we’ll bee sure you get some honey:)

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1547069225577697/ Hometown: Denver

Camp Monkey Business

Camp Monkey Business is an all inclusive no-holds barred camp made up of veterans and virgins building relationships through human interaction. We believe in the power of soft rock, cold beverages and getting to know our neighbors thru the use of a megaphone.

Hometown: Washington, DC

Camp Morning Cookie

A band of Bay Area misfits serving cookies and conversation on playa since 2010!

Hometown: San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco

Camp Morning Wood

Camp Morning Wood is a collection of responsibly irresponsible counselors of the absurd. Join us for music, a skydeck view of the city, refreshments at the bar and oddities on our movie screen at night.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Murmuration

Join us at sunset for a winged migration across the playa. Extra bird masks will be provided.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Camp Mystic

Camp Mystic has a 15 + year history as a theme camp at burning man. We are a group of extraordinary thought leaders, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, teachers, aritsts, musicians, and healers who provide visionary art installations, live music and performance from some of burning man’s best artists, and a series of speakers and workshopw who offer their wisdom to the playa on topics ranging from emerging civilization, human development, sexuality, relationship, post modern spirituality, the burning man ethos, and more.

URL: http://campmystic.org Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Naughty Bench

The naughty bench is effective discipline for all naughty burners. the punishment? More Fun!!!
Come visit Camp Naughty Bench and join in on a number of listed activities and enjoy the view from the naughtiest bench of all.

Hometown: Great Britain

Camp Not For Prophets

Hot Holes and hot beverages. We have the hottest (donut) holes and coffee on the Playa being served Tuesday thru Friday mornings 8:30 until their gone.

Hometown: Hood River

Camp NoWhere

Come play on our folding draw bridge. Dress up as a troll, Monty Python themed, or robin hood men in tights. We will provide costumes or bring your own. Pay the tole; ride me this or sword fight with boffer to cross our bridge. Once inside enjoy our Wall of Infinity Mirrors, Fire performers, shade structure, and crystal misting sanctuary.

Hometown: Salt lake and Victoria

Camp Odyssey

Camp Odyssey, an adventurous camp full of mystical creatures and fun adventures. Come visit but be aware, you might get lost!

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp of No Commitment

Art Support for Revolution

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Orange

Fruit lovers rejoice for Camp Orange (you glad we didn’t say banana) is here! Cool off with a refreshing treat from our enormous banana, relax in one of our banana hammocks, enjoy a banana flavored cocktail all while hearing every fruit pun imaginable!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BMCampOrange Hometown: San Francisco


With pounding deep house jams at our OTPHJ Tent, an ice-cream social, yoga/pilates classes, and cutouts of famous OTPHJ’s throughout history, Camp OTPHJ (Over The Pants HandJob) provides service with a smile!

Hometown: San Francisco/LA

Camp Peace of Ass

Camp Peace of Ass supports the vulnerable, sumptuous, cheeks of biking Burners as they travel the vast, course playa environment. The repetitive motion propelling your steed, up and down, fast or slow, hard or soft over and over again demands the protection and shield available only from Camp Peace of Ass; colorful, hand-crafted fleece bicycle seat covers that are guaranteed to soothe and caress your precious assets all day and all night long! Free installation included!!

URL: http://www.camppeaceofass.com Hometown: Reno

Camp Pendant

Camp Pendant is back, and we’ve missed all your smiling faces! Come by and pick up one of this year’s awesome pendants, rest your weary feet and tell us how your year has been. While you’re here, don’t forget to pay the Gifting Tree a visit. Whether you take a little something or leave a little something, she’s here to make everyone’s day a little brighter.

Hometown: Laguna Niguel

Camp Pickleback

Do you like pickles? Then this is the place for you!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/camppickleback Hometown: Greensboro

Camp Pickled Monkey

Mirror Mirror has fucked with thee
Have your eyes had simply too much to see?
Playa dust has parched your throat
Don’t let Chimpy get your goat.
Soft Keys you hear
So you draw slowly near.
Find the secret passage way
Come inside and Drink.
We a Piana Bar.

Hometown: los angeles

Camp Proper

Do you think of yourself as a Proper Burner? Have you always wanted to become a Proper Burner? Stop by Camp Proper to take your Proper Burner exam and earn your Burner License while enjoying some ProperTea! Think you can pass the exam? Stop by and find out!

URL: http://www.campproper.org Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Camp Questionmark )?(

“A questioning mind does not always find satisfaction in what is effortlessly presented in mass…it seeks out what is needed for true fulfillment” ~?

Instead of trying to bring a club out to Burning Man we are here to summon a desert experience. Filled with the collective creative energy of the burn. Music & atmosphere born from & inspired by the dust. )?(
+++Music Day & Night from Tues till BurnNight+++

Come (((feel))) the difference & Seek the answer


URL: http://campquestionmark.com Hometown: Bae Area

Camp Safari

Home of the Safari Bar, where a spin of the wheel will determine your beverage fate. Photo ops, animal hunting, and desert games… it wouldn’t be a Safari without ’em.

Hometown: SF Bay Area & Portland

Camp Samovar

Stop by at Camp Samovar everyday during sunset (7-8pm) for a little taste of Middle East with Persian Tea, Dates, world music and great company.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Samovar/224458257645409?ref=hl Hometown: Oakland

Camp Sass

Camp Sass.. Home of the Lady Sassafras and NOLA funk!

Hometown: New Orleans/Ashland

Camp Scatter

Go ape shit at Camp Scatter!

Hometown: Venice

Camp See you Dad (Ciudad) WTF???

Ciudad WTF??? (See you Dad) is the art support camp for “WTF??? What, the Fork???” Come by and say: “Hi!! WTF???”

Hometown: Austin

Camp Shark Cage

Welcoming all pilgrims to worship the One True God: St. Nicolas of Cage. Join us for Cage-themed drinks and pray at the Saint’s Shrine.

Hometown: Sacramento

Camp Shiny

For those on the autism spectrum, it may appear that the core Burning Man principles of Radical Inclusion and Radical Self-Reliance are in conflict. While it is true that the autistic need more support than the typical Burner, self-reliance means relying on others as little as possible. Burning Man is a Communal Effort, all participate in a community of Gifting and Participation — no one goes it alone.

URL: http://www.campshiny.org Hometown: Monterey

Camp Shotski Wanderlust

Welcome to Camp Shotski Wanderlust for a bit of the Sierra’s on the Playa! Ski’s, Boards and of course shots from the bar including our famous Chairlift and lounge for relaxation! Come visit us!

Hometown: Reno

Camp Soft Landing

Camp Soft Landing offers a comfortable space to drink tea, hydrate, rest, tell stories and participate in workshops. Soft Landing sponsors and staffs the Full Circle Tea House which is planning to return to the playa for the 5th year to offer fine pu’erh tea and herbal infusions in the Chinese Gung Fu tradition. Servers provide tea and empathy and comfortable spaces for rest, hydration and quiet conversation 24 hours a day. The Full Circle Tea House will be hosting a satellite Zendo in our camp this year. The Zendo project is coordinated by volunteers organized and trained by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). Soft Landing also presents the Palenque Norte speaker series featuring 40 visionary talks and stories spanning concepts such as technology, medicine, art, science, design and entheobotany. These events take place in the Palenque Norte circus tent which also hosts small musical performances and yoga.

URL: http://www.campsoftlanding.com Hometown: San Francisco

Camp SPF

Camp SPF has been providing Sunscreen during the day and low key evening entertainment since 2007.

URL: http://campspf.org/ Hometown: Milwaukee

Camp Stella

Camp Stella is a clean and sober space, providing an oasis on the Playa. Open AA meetings are offered daily at 3pm from Mon to Sat.

URL: http://campstellabm.wix.com/camp-stella Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Suburbia

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence, cause it’s certainly green over here at Camp Suburbia Come see for yourself!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/CampSuburbia Hometown: Seattle

Camp Sweaty Betty

Friendly neighborhood misting Parlor, Spa and Bike shop, so stop in and experience an overall cooling sensation from head to foot as you stroll through the mist (is that vanilla?) and watch the smiles emerge while body temperatures drop; got crunchy hair, feeling a bit beat…You many qualify for an emergency hair wash, perhaps there is an opening in the massage room…Stop in and chill while your bike is being fixed with new tires, maybe need a new chain or if your lucky you might be gifted a bike. Open 11:00 to 4:00, Volunteer opportunities.

Hometown: Seattle, Ventura, Ithaca

Camp Thump Thump

Camp ThumpThump is birthed from the dusty blood, sweat, and tears poured into the labor-intensive drum-building process. We are the BRC Drum-Building Collective, a nexus of rhythmic proportions hailing from all corners of the galaxy. You’ll recognize us easily, smelling like dirty goats as we welcome all forms of life and those not living too!

URL: https://medicinalhealingexcursion.wordpress.com/about/ Hometown: Adirondacks

Camp Touch This

This misbehaving camp has fun planning adventures and misadventures all week. Do you have any naughty or misbehaving friends? If so, stop by and lock them up in the Camp Touch This Jail where you can get your mugshot and the full locked up experience. How will you post bail? CTT is the place to visit if you want to be locked up, take home a souvenir photo, or check out the creative kinetic bike sculptures.

Hometown: Truckee

Camp Upsie Dasium

Rising Up out of the Chaos of the Default World comes your Beacon of Hope: Camp Upsie Dasium! Featuring a 45 foot high climbable Tower, Silhouette Theater, over 900 sq ft of Shade, Live Music and Tastings. Come Climb the Tower and Enjoy the View of BRC on Platform Level 3. We are open to Burners who want to use our camp for small events.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campud Hometown: Corralitos

Camp Walter

Walter the World’s largest VW Bus and his giant friends Big Red, Heathen and Kalliope are often seen cruising the playa, but love to welcome guests home to play, party, and peace out with our tribe. We hope to inspire everyone to let loose and look beyond what is to what might be…

URL: http://walterthebus.org Hometown: Scottsdale

Camp Whisker Biscuit

Calling all aerialists, cocktail enthusiasts and fun-loving freaks! Swing by Camp Whisker Biscuit for a cold drink, delicious shade and inverted adventures. Daily Happy Hour is from 2pm-4pm. Don’t forget to check out the city views from the top deck of our beloved burner bus Birdie.

Hometown: Denver/Wonder Vu

Camp XOXO & Camp Short Bus

XOXO/Short Bus/Rawrtastic. Come to sip the unicorn blood and watch the freak show, stay for the hugs and heartfelt conversation. Burning since 2011, we’re an eclectic and home-grown camp honoring the weird in all of us. Join us at one of our many events. Stop by in between for an icy beverage and entertainment on the big screen in our shaded social space.

Camp Yaaaaas!

Come spin the Wheel of Reflection to win self satisfaction and even a prize! Then dance it off in the Reflection Zone!

Hometown: Chicago

Camp Yes Please

Yes: adv – Used to express affirmation, agreement, positive affirmation, or consent. Please: adv – Give pleasure to or to be pleasing to; give satisfaction. Yes Please is the answer to every question. Come meet sexy, open-minded, international, friendly, dancing, writhing people. And be sure to visit our infamous Non-Monogamy Advice Booth, occasionally staffed by real doctors!

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp...In Bed

Camp…In Bed enters its eleventh year of feeding hungry revelers the famous “Philthy” salsa, the spicy brown that never lets you down. Try it on a chip, smear it on your lip.

Hometown: Seattle


“88” is inspired by the many traditions that have found meaning in the number eight: the Buddhist eight-fold path toward the end of suffering; the Judeo-Christian notion that 7+1= a new paradigm, a call to move our planet in a better direction; the universal and mathematical symbol for infinity—if you flip that 8 on the side, you’ve got infinite possibilities… nothing can hold us back. Why two 8’s? Because you can never achieve monumental changes on your own.

Hometown: Washington

Camp: Optimistic Cat Den

Camp: Optimistic Cat Den

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampCatmandu Hometown: San Francisco


CampDIY is an assemblage of thinkers, tinkers, makers and dreamers. We welcome all visitors particularly those with a preference to self reliance and self sufficiency.

URL: http://www.campdiy.com/ Hometown: San Diego


One of the unsung wonders of the world! Come drink at our circular bar! Bounce on the finest trampolines in history! We have music, too. You, you there! You can dance! If you can walk, you can dance. No? How about art? Everybody loves art! Come into the art tent and get creative. We has paints of all colors! Oil, tempera, watercolors! Pastels, mattes, shiny things! We have surfaces of all shapes and sizes, all makes and models. Even a graffiti bus! Weary of walking? Come rest in the shady comfort of our seven-ring tent! Come one, come all! Enjoy Campoline!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Campoline.Tribe Hometown: Santa Rosa


Camposanto is from all corners of the World, but we are mostly Latinos. We love to dance and celebrate friendship. We contribute to the playa experience with dope Latin Beats and Rhythm. Come and play Beer-in-hand soccer. We have a stadium. Look for the Camposanto-mobile.

URL: http://www.camposantito.com Hometown: San Francisco


You are invited to enter a sacred space where we will be exploring our Divine Feminine and Masculine bodies as ONE. In line with the mission of the Burning Man community, we will have workshops on female sexuality, healing, shamanism, polyamory and love. We welcome all, women and men, and we honor new and experienced Burners.

Hometown: The World

Canadian Cascadian Tiki Lounge

The Canadian Cascadian Tiki Lounge will transport hot dusty Burners to a land in the Coastal rain forest featuring craft beers and excellent beats.

Hometown: Victoria and Vancouver


PHISH phrenzy! We’re back for our third year with an all new set list, plugged in. Bring your bongos to our piano lounge on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. for an epic live Phish jam. Pound your Northern neighbors in our life-size Whack-Ca-Nuck game (you know you always wanted to). Liqour yourself up at our Maple Liquor open bar open every day. Contribute to the Tattletale Project – tell us when “telling” is responsible and when it’s just straight-up tattling.

Hometown: Montreal/Winnipeg/San Fran

Captain Billy's Karaoke Bistro

Sing for your supper, feeling hungry or have a craving for attention? Got some talent you want to show off? Come to our tiny cabaret and show us what you got and you will be rewarded with a great breakfast in the AM or cocktails and tasty food in the evening

Hometown: NYC

Captain Pump's Raiders

Captain Pump’s Raiders is Black Rock City’s finest mercenary company. By which we mean we are a collection of geeks, gamers, musicians, artists and storytellers committed to adding to the fantastical nature of Burningman through song, story, and roleplaying games.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/PumpsRaiders?fref=ts Hometown: Boulder

Carnival of Light

Carnival of Light, a dazzling and entertaining spectacle of wonder, lights, mystery, and music.

Hometown: Healdsburg

Cartoon Commune-Green Reflections

If you’re an aspiring cartoonist, artist, singer, comic, or game enthusiast, on-stage model, dancer, reader, or goth rocker, there is much for you at Cartoon Commune in the Carnival of Mirrors. If you need a massage or something to drink, we’re here to serve your preference, and with Laughter Yoga as of yore, plus revered Longevity Stick exercises to get your Xi flowing like the Playa wind blows — and so much more, in our 9th year on Playa.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/groups/198208360209399/ Hometown: Fountain Valley

Cat's Meow

Come glow with us at The Cat’s Meow blacklight bar and lounge! You can’t miss our bright purple and yellow glow dome with a fully stocked bar and cozy lounge that leads into a huge pillow paradise. We have a Hexi-Hammock swing set and our House of Mirrors Hooping Station to play in. Multiple chill spaces are available, our the ultimate relax station in our Fur Hammock Serenity dome.

Hometown: Rocklin

Catch and Release

We catch the wandering burner and share without being asked. We feed those who don’t expect to be fed. We provide shade and water to those who pass. We give friendship, company, and safe space to those who are lonely or overwhelmed. We laugh and play with those who join. We welcome all in to our family for a minute, an hour, or a day, and then release them back out to the playa to have a spectacular burn. We welcome new campmates if they’re also overachieving care givers.

Hometown: San Jose


Come get cat-ified! Create your very own cat ears & collar, then get your cat nose and whiskers painted on; communicating in meows is enthusiastically encouraged. We will have a giant scratching post for you to scratch, rub up against, or enjoy in a manner befitting a cat. BYO Cat Toys and/or Cat Nip. Reminder: the playa is not a litter box, please use the porta potties.

URL: http://www.catificationcamp.com/ Hometown: Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco


Cats!Cats!Cats! is a playful camp inspired by the feline inside all of us, and a member of FurBallz Village. Cat lovers, furry types and those who just like to MEOW are invited to stop by for a spin on our stripper pole, a climb up our cat condo or a rub against our scratching post. We’ll be hosting the Critical Cats parade and party on Thursday, “Kitty Porn” on Wednesday night and much more. Come purrrrr with us.

Hometown: San Francisco

Cavern Tavern

Need to get out of the arid and bright playa for a bit? Step inside the Cavern Tavern, your home away from the Sun. We have both hot and cold drinks, hammocks, a fresh couch, and misty air.

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Celestial Bodies

Celestial Bodies – your straight-friendly “Cheers Bar” in the gayborhood.

Join us for daily activities and special events and enjoy one (or several) of our now infamous Playa Cosmo cocktails.

URL: http://www.campcelestialbodies.org Hometown: San Francisco / Sacramento

Celtic Chaos

Celtic Chaos is a community of like-minded, electronic music-loving, banter-filled folk that love nothing more than to party with friends and dance their cotton socks off.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CelticChaosCommunity Hometown: San Francisco


The Census has been collecting information about the population of Black Rock City since 2002. The results of the Census from previous years will be on display at the Census camp. The 2015 results of the Census will be presented in the Afterburn report accessible through the Burning Man website.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Cereal Thrillers

We are the Cereal Thrillers Breakfast Cereal Bar.
We serve sugary breakfast cereal your mom would not let you have as a kid.

Hometown: San Francisco

Chainsawmargaritaguys Camp

It’s the 12th anniversary for the ChainsawMargaritaGuys. Stop by for our happy hour. Daily from 2-3PM Mon-Fri. At 12,000 rpm, it’s the frothiest margarita on the playa. This year we will be serving our 12,000 drink. 12th year,,,12k rpm,,, 12k drinks,,, 12 million year old ice,, Coincidence? As in the past years, we will be using our Northern Canadian glacial ice that is over 12 million years old. 21 and over please. check this site out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LngEInjk8HI

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie

Chakralicious Camp

Chakralicious Camp is a camp dedicated to all levels of colorful diversity, with yoga, workshops, music, art, performances, spirituality, community, and more. This will be a 24 hour interactive camp with beautiful altars, chill spaces, visionary art, and colorful decor representing the rainbow colors of the chakras. Come take a class in Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Thai Massage, or Non-Violent Communication, and at night, dance at our chakra themed parties with djs, live music, and fun interactive ceremonies.

URL: http://chakraliciouscamp.org Hometown: San Francisco

Chameleon Camp

Chameleon Camp is your home for amazing company and food! Swing by in the morning Monday through Friday to get some delicious, multicolored, chameleon shaped pancakes. Feel free to come by any time to relax in our Ham-Dome, visit the Chameleon Camp Cosmic Cathedral, or just chill in the shade with some amazing people. Come visit!

URL: http://www.chameleoncamp.com Hometown: Corvallis

Champagne Chandeliers

Champagne Chandeliers is a multicultural group of friends that promote different cultural experiences. Stop by for some improv, language classes and champagne.

Hometown: San Francisco

Champagne Lounge

Come by the Champagne Lounge for your daily dose of bubbly fun! The Champagne Lounge will be quenching your midday thirst with happy hours featuring ice-cold champagne. Not in the mood for bubbles? Grab some friends and take a shotski! Bring your own cup, and be ready for booze, live music, and fun! Also check out Champagne Lounge Audio Programing, or the C.L.A.P, on your radio at 99.9 fm!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Champagnelounge?fref=ts Hometown: Reno

Champs and Tramps

Been making Poor Life Choices lately? Stop by Champs and Tramps for New Year’s Re-Do! Fresh starts served daily with a champagne toast, a ball drop and chance to leave those PLCs behind…it’s always midnight somewhere!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/269368666502337/ Hometown: Santa Barbara

Cheezy Porn

Cheezy Porn returns to Burning Man 2015, now featuring the Draft Punk bar! Stop by in the afternoon for a cold drink, participate in our “Pornival” games, build your own Bad Decision Bear, or dance at our RW dance floor!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CheezyPcamp Hometown: San Diego

Children of Chaos

Chaos, joy, good conversation, parades and motherly advice. Gold parade Wednesday, assemble at 5:30, parade at 6:00 pm, cocktails after the parade. Illuminated Specters Thursday, assemble at 8:30, parade at 9:00 pm. Also, meet the Jewish mother you never had – mothering in your choice of English, Yiddish, or Hebrew. For good conversation, try our bar.

URL: https://chaoscamp.wordpress.com/ Hometown: Portland

Chips n' Dip...Nip Slip

Hometown: Boulder

Chomp and Stomp

Camp Chomp and Stomp – a team of makers and shakers. Find us in camp for decadent leisure and merry making.

Hometown: Atlanta

Chop Shop

Chop Shop is the best Playa neighborhood repair garage in BRC! We are ready to repair a wide variety of Playa transportation with parts, repairs and advice.

Hometown: Flagstaff

Church of the Fifth Element

Burning Man affords individuals opportunities to shed societal constraints and safely experience what their true their potential could be. This is the foundation for empowering individuals to radically transform the world around them. Our camp is focused on providing a set of experiences for individuals to do just that. Our name “Church of the 5th element” emphasizes that one’s potential can unlocked and amplified when juxtaposing the elements of the external world (earth, wind, fire, and water) with the most powerful element – the individual. The programming that we have created – including climbing structures, fire sculptures, open mic events, a fashion show, and live music — pushes individuals to examine all aspects of themselves – mind, body, and spirit within the context of the four elements.

Hometown: San Francisco

Church Trap Revival Camp

Our camp is resurrecting The Church Trap Organ from 2013! Sinners, saints, worshipers, and questioners welcome.

URL: http://www.churchtrap.com/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Circus Boot Camp

Come earn your clown nose by participating in Circus Boot Camp! We’ll teach you to juggle, unicycle, hoop, slack line, trapeze, crack a whip and other circus-inspired arts

URL: http://www.curiouslife.net/circusbootcamp Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Cirque Brûlée

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of All Ages (so long as that ages is over 21)… step right into Cirque Brûlée – Black Rock City’s Esplanade kinky circus at 7:45 and Esplanade! Best Püntang on the playa!

URL: http://www.brulee.co Hometown: Denver

Cirque du Cliché

Cirque du Cliché, part of JaNyTown beings live music, circus arts, musical improv comedy. Come jam or dance or clown with us. Cirque will be continuing the JanKyTown Orchestra – group flow music and performance art happening all week and featuring a wicked cast of musicians and performing artists (clowns, stilt-walkers, fire dancers).

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jankytown/ Hometown: Reno, NV and the Bay Area, CA

Cirque du Formage

Come visit Cirque du Formage for some great wine, cheese and sunrise Bloody Marys provided by Big Cheese and our Family Formage!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Cirque Du SoGay

Cirque Du So Gay will be returning to the Playa this year. A circus troupe based in Joshua Tree, CA. which will feature mutliple full length circus shows.

Watch the time to burn app for more information.

We are centrally located in the Gaylactic Invaders Village.

Hometown: Joshua Tree

Cirque Gitane

Cirque Gitane is an intergalactic, nomadic traveling circus comprised of dreamers from all over the globe who create for a living and who support the creative arts.

Hometown: Topanga

Claw Machine Camp

Starting to feel like a tiny cog in one big machine? We might be the machine. Get to the heart of being a human and play in and ride our giant, human powered, claw machine!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/clawmachinecamp Hometown: Oakland

Clevian Circularity

Home to nightly Clevian Speed Dating!

Hometown: Milwaukee

Cloud 9

A place for collective rest.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Club Neu Verboten

Club Neu Verboten provides our usual retro avant garde parties under the massive star tent.Depeche Mode Night returns! See you all there and thanks to those who made 2014 our best year ever.

Hometown: reno

Clue to the Cleu & CleuCamp

The Clue to the Cleu invites you to follow the clues that point the way to CleuCamp, a special place that can only be found by those dusty pilgrims and intrepid explorers who are willing to make the journey. Synchronicities abound as clues are revealed. Want to find out who you really are, where we all come from, and why we’re all one? Get a Cleu! Stop by our guidepost kiosk, Clue to the Cleu, to discover the secrets that will lead you to CleuCamp where you can get your own mystic clue, a copper pendant, and a brainwashing too! Let us brainwash you with the Cleu. It’s an ecstatic experience not to be missed! First, you have to find us. Look for the intertwining circles of Consciousness, Life, Earth, Universe. Ask your friends to come along, and visit the Clue to the Cleu so that you too can make your way to CleuCamp. You are the clue to your own experience in Black Rock City. Start your quest at Clue to the Cleu. We’ll be waiting for you at CleuCamp. In dust we trust!

URL: http://www.cleu.org Hometown: Lakeview

Clusterf*ck United

Midway between a three-ring circus and a freak show, you’ll find us where we’ve always been, on a tight rope trying to be part of the BIG show. Guess what number we’re thinking and win a drink! Be a player (or get played) in our MaskCharade! Czech out a curious chimera of instrumental engenuity: the Bambufonomat!

URL: http://clusterf.ckunited.org Hometown: San Francisco

Clutch Village

Clutch village is a sustainability entrepreneurship theme village at Burning Man. We encourage you to think of the Earth as your primary shareholder.

We are interested in building the future with you, please come join us.

Hometown: Berkeley

Cock N Candy & Dionysus Art Car

Dionysus Art Car and Cock ‘N Candy Support Camp

Hometown: Santa Ana

Cock n' Waffle

Come on down to the Cock n’ Waffle and give those legs a rest. You’ll either be glad you did, or not.

Hometown: Missoula

Coco Poco Loco

Coco Poco Loco: the legendary Australian coctail bar theme camp, and more recently an artcar boasting intelligent leds systems, and hand made audio phileclass sound, has been kicking up dust since 2010.

Coco Poco Loco means ‘that crazy little coconut’ which sums us up fairly nicely!

We are proud to extend the burner community which is rich here in australia, and continue to expand, enhance and mature our world with the 10 principals down under!

Coco is a mix of many theme camps from Australia, and we are proud to continue to share the love and adventrues in 2015.

Hometown: Melbourne

Coco Poco Loco

COCO POCO LOCO PRESENTS: Betty Booth – The mobile Photo Booth.

Our Mobile Photo Booth will be in attendance at major burning man events where we will gift you with photo booth photographs as you capture the magical moments at Burning Man!

Our camp consists of many Australian Theme Camps representing crew from some of the longest running and most experienced regional burners.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coco-Poco-Loco/135628563131520 Hometown: Melbourne


An island oasis of scientific discovery. Enjoy our tiki bar and lounge and learn about the brief history of lime. Nightly demonstrations of the Large Piña Collider.

Hometown: San Francisco


Come to Cohesion to get weird with us!

We love to party and get silly and make new friends. Always someone to hang out with and a drink to be served from our amazing bar made out of recycled material. Come lounge in our hammock dome or get extra sparkly at the pussy pop lock and drop it station.

Hometown: Los Angeles/Flagstaff

Colorado Midway Camp

Support camp for the team working on the Discombobulator, Colorado’s Midway project.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1579265819022508/?ref=br_tf Hometown: Colorado

Comfort and Joy

Restore your body and lift your spirits at Comfort & Joy, a gay
community oasis offering a fully functioning Gym, colorful art
installations and daily events including yoga classes, inspiring performances, & quite queer nightlife. Check us out at: http://www.playajoy.org

URL: http://www.playajoy.org Hometown: San Francisco

Common Ground

Common Ground is a collaborative community of individuals from all walks of life, seeking to enhance the profound Burning Man 2015 experience with a variety of spiritual practices, primarily yoga and meditation.

On camp site will be a large yoga tent, equipped with props, singing bowls and sound system. Common Ground will host 1 sunset and 1 sunrise daily classes on camp premises, of vinyasa, kundalini and restorative practices. Our Deep Playa Yoga Project will send out the camp’s art car, The OMobile, to pick up interested yogis out into the depths of the desert for one pop up class at a random hour each day.

The yoga tent will be available for meditation throughout the day, and an additional tent equipped with essential oils and Ayurvedic concoctions will serve as a massage parlor for all to enjoy.

CommuniTea ManifeStation

Self-guided walks through the heart shaped labyrinth for a moment of reflection; ending with one of our Tea and Tarot parties in our chill(ed) sanctuary.

Hometown: Truckee - Tahoe

Community Improvement Association

The COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION (CIA) is built in the spirit of a Community Center for our Black Rock City neighborhood, providing a vreaky variety of useful and useless services, activities, and events geared towards improving the community through the celebratory revelation of the inner vriek.

Hometown: Chicago


We highlight that moment when ideas become tangible: the birthing of whim, desire, and emotion into art and performance. We believe in everyone’s innate creativity and we foster and celebrate that inner spark, providing a fertile (play)ground for it.

URL: http://www.campconception.com Hometown: Seattle

Confessions Of A Burner

Come by and confess your secrets to us in our private confessional booths. While you are here, play some games and dance to the music from our DJs. Don’t forget to stop by at 4pm daily for our costume contest and special confessions book giveaway.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/confessionsofaburner Hometown: Seattle

Contradance Community Camp

Contradancing to live music – looped/traditional/celtic/fusion/techno; fast-paced yet easy to learn with a caller who instructs (but with room for dancers to improvise and embellish) on three evenings as well as daytime workshops, dances and concerts in the shade of our dance tent. Half the moves are with your partner, half with everyone else, resulting in a tribal vibe (stomping, clapping, and hooting), where the Zen is flow, synchrony,and bonding – playful, flirtatious, all ages, possible for many disabled, community oriented, inclusive and noncompetitive – if you are smiling, you are doing it right, and everyone who shows up can have fun.

URL: http://burningmancontradance.com Hometown: Gainesville


Stop by the Contraptionists for Our afternoon Snowcone Parties from 1 until 3 each afternoon Monday through Saturday, as the ice lasts. Children are always invited to the front of the line to cool quickly.

Guests who wish to power our human powered shaving bike may do so, so we may split the crystallized H2O into a fine feathery powder of flakes ready to fully accept the flavors of Our choice, and encapsulate them into the jewel colored crystals that are so desired by the weary travelers visiting our humble establishment and we know you will enjoy.

Come chill in our shade and check out the art and events schedule for more Contraptionists talks and activities.

Hometown: Black Rock City

Corporation Chaos

Corporation Chaos® (“We Own You!™”) is a disorganization of philosphers, artists, scientists, and weirdos who just happen to own you and everything you love. Our camp features a wide variety of activities centered on philosophy, science, technology, art, and games, as well as public space for discussions, relaxation, and education; we also run the famous and much-beloved.Ask a Philosopher®™ booth, helping you with your burning existential questions at a porta-potty or unpredictable location near you.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Cosmic Casbah

Cosmic Casbah provides to all wayward wanderers of the playa. Calling all adventurers to come sit under our palatial shade structure, drink and awaken your senses with our infusions, dive into our cuddle puddle filled with furry friends, laugh and play on our precocious pump track and if you don’t know what that is… all the more reason for you to come visit.

Hometown: Oakland

Cosmic Giggle

Like fire? Like muscles and sweat? For a good time, call 1-800-Cosmic-Giggle.

Hometown: San Francisco/Portland

Cosmic Recess

Cosmic Recess is a Playground with a Space theme. We believe that interactivity, creativity and play are all neccesary components of joy and happiness! All of our playground elements are original and homemade, most with recycled/reused materials. Please come play with us at the Cosmiquarium Village this year! We will also host kickball tournaments between camps and villages as well as parties and events throughout the week!

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Cosmiquarium Village

Cosmiquarium Village is where the mysteries of the deep intermingle with the wonder of the stars. Combining the galactic playground of Cosmic Recess and the aquatic antics of the 3 fabulous mutant vessels: the Pilot Fish, the Amazing Jelly Fish from the year 12000, and the Frog Prince. Join us for adventures of sea and space…at our home sphere or on voyages into the deep Playa!

URL: http://www.jellyfish12000.com Hometown: Salt Lake City

Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet

Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet is Black Rock City’s leading supplier of high-quality, low-cost soulmates since 1998. We offer quality name brand and private-label soulmates at substantially lower prices than can be found through conventional wholesale sources.

URL: http://www.csto.org Hometown: Bay Area, Kanukistan, and beyond

Cotton Candy Camp

We serve pink, sticky, delicious cotton candy every day during the event!!!!

Hometown: Boulder

CouchBurners Camp

Couch Burners, a cross section of CouchSurfers and BRC inhabitants, welcome weary, wild, and wondrous travelers alike to chat, relax, perform, interact, and play some international games and sports. Come learn tips and suggestions on successful international travel, converse in your original language, relax in our cafe & lounge, watch some bocci, croquet, horshoes, or giant pool, or gather a team for human fooseball, or fire dancing with a slew of likeminded individuals participating to create a better world… one couch at a time.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1399254543713321/ Hometown: Seattle

Coulrophobia Camp

Terrified of clowns? So are we! Visit Coulrophobia Camp for all you need to know about scary clowns and why we find them so terrifying!

Hometown: Echo Park (Los Angeles)

Covered in Bees

Covered in Bees Offers a bee themed Hive Lounge and Bar featuring home brewed honey beers, and whiskey infusions.
Our incredible 1500 LED lighting covers our dome in an interactive fashion utilizing microsoft connect allowing visitors to manipulate the mood and patterns.
Out front is our returning fire spinning space & burn barrel for fire comfort!
The chill / lounge space includes a hookah bar.
We support and promote bee awareness helping educate the public to the plight of colony collapse and similar issues while promoting bee keeping legislation.
Our camp also hosts the Bombus Regius art car ( pending DMV approval ! )

Hometown: San Fran, LA & Boston!

Crackwhore Camp

Bring out your inner Whore at Lil’ Crackwhore Camp. Learn to work the streets, dance a lil’ dance, and gain a tattoo if you do it properly.

Hometown: Portland

Cranky and Sons Bike Repair

Come to Cranky and Sons for assistance, education and advice for those “Oh shit!” cycling needs, from a flat tire to exploded derailer, and we’ll help you get back out onto the playa. If you’ve got some free time and can lend a hand, grab a beer and a wrench and help us help those in need! Mechanics on duty mornings until 1pm – DIY tools available any time.

Hometown: Berkeley

Creature Choir Camp

Creature Camp is a chilled base for the Lumiphonic Creature Choir crew and any supporters, devotees or people who just love what we create!

To see The Lumiphonic Creature Choir in action please visit the Maze near the Man!

URL: http://www.synarcade.com.au/lumiphonic.html Hometown: New York

Crepe Day Camp

Crepe Day Camp – A group of pun loving crepe people.

Hometown: Northbay

Crossroads & the MoonCheese Grill

The thematic elements focus around an impromptu interstellar party in a backcountry clearing. We offer a blockbuster party with live music featuring a 20+ piece band of professional musicians and performers. While enjoying the music, you’ll be able to grab a grilled cheese sandwich right off the grill. Don’t look away or it’ll all disappear into the dust without a trace. You may never know if it was really there or if it was all a dream.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CrossroadsLiveExperience Hometown: San Francisco

Crystal Ballers

The Crystal Ballers are a team of prop manipulating wizards dedicated to bringing magic to the playa. We host shaded daytime workshops and fire spinning circus performances at night.

Hometown: Portland


Cubhouse camp invites you to come play Cornhole, Kubb, Giant Jenga and Horseshoes! Stop by and play some games for a bit and let’s learn about each other.

Hometown: San Francisco

Cuddle Oasis

Too hot? Too cold? Partied out? Need a break? Camp Cuddle Oasis is bringing you the best chillaxation and rechargation on the playa. Stop by to receive a cuddle or two, hang with us, take a party nap, and carry on with your burn.

Hometown: San Francisco

Cult of the Magic Lady

Cult of the Magic Lady contains entertainment for all comers! Deep fried tofu, tasty jelloshot fetuses, massages, and a relaxing environment provide an oasis of class and refinement for all.

URL: http://www.cultofthemagiclady.com/ Hometown: San Francisco


Come for the thrill of an alien disco dance party, or the wondrous bric a brak curated from across the universe, all while enjoying a relaxing GABA receptor enhancer at the Bar Beyond the Stars. Your CuriOdyssey starts here.

Hometown: Oakland & Seattle

Curiouser & Curiouser

Camp Curiouser & Curiouser invites curiosity and curiousness to our curiosities. Are you curious?

Hometown: San Luis Obispo


Cyberia – the coolest place on the playa, with a chillax dome and snow cone machines churning out frozen treats. Step out of the heat and join us for daily meditation, yoga, and Shabari classes.

URL: http://www.campcyberia.org Hometown: Los Angeles