2015 Theme Camps

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2015 Theme Camps

Rack em Up

Rack em Up is back again! Located in the Black Rock City Science Center village, we won’t be hard to find. Come have a drink and shoot some pool. You can use our sticks or bring your own. Have fun playing with our balls!

Hometown: Federal Way

Radio Electra 89.9 FM

Radio Electra 89.9 FM. We put the ROCK in Black Rock City! Offering an eclectic array of music, mayhem, commentary and art. Camps, villages,and artists wishing to make radio announcements about events may stop in or contact us by email prior to the event. Please feel free to email us or drop off any prerecorded announcements you may have. You can even come in for an interview. We want to hear from you about what you do to participate.

URL: http://www.radio-electra.com Hometown: Tucson

Rainbow Bridge

This year’s theme, Carnival of Mirrors, asks: who is the trickster, who is being tricked, and how might we discover who we really are? Our response is that humans can discover their true nature through yoga and meditation. Self-discovery is a process of lighting up the mythic metaphor of the “rainbow bridge.” Anodea Judith writes that “on our journey through life, the chakras are the wheels along this axis that take the vehicle of the Self along our evolutionary quest, across the Rainbow Bridge, to reclaim our divine nature once again…to restore the Rainbow Bridge is to reconnect to our own divinity, anchoring it in the world around us and healing the rifts that so plague our world.”

In interacting with other burners, we would like to focus on 7 chakras over 7 days. We will offer a daily practice tied to each Chakra leading up to the lotus / crown / diamond chakra the day the man burns.

Hometown: San Francisco / Oakland

Rainbow OASIS

RAINBOW OASIS is the outpost of gay culture you’ve been dreaming of! Come straight, come gay, we don’t care just come thirsty!

Hometown: San Francisco

Raised by Wolves

Raised By Wolves is a transcontinental pack of artists, healers, performers, and builders who are inspired and impassioned by the classic story of feral children and their wolf pack families. Each year we bring our untamed energy to the Black Rock desert through play, performance and art.

Our gifts this year include our Cafe, where you can get hot locally-roasted coffee every morning, and Ziza the Roving Tea Truck. We will also be hosting a speaker series each day, with a lecture followed by a more interactive workshop.

URL: http://www.rxwburn.com Hometown: Portland

Rancho Sparkle Pony Rodeo of Fire

Rancho Sparkle Pony: Rodeo of Fire. A place to celebrate your inner Sparkle Pony. We don’t care how hard you’ve worked today, just come and be beautiful! We’ve got refreshments, a cool place to take a break, and good music to keep you from sitting on your ass too long. Check out our art cars, when they’re in the chute. And learn a thing or two from our wranglers and fire performers.

Hometown: Wagon Mound

Random Pants

Are you too big for your britches? Is your cod-piece not sitting right? Did the sun go down and now your ass is freezing? Stop by Random Pants get yourself a new look (on the lower half, at least). From slacks to gators, we’ve got you covered.

Hometown: SF

Rat Trap

The bar that never closes.

Hometown: West Coast

Reared In Steel

Come visit the Madusa Madness camp and enjoy a drink during happy hour. Take in one of our scheduled fire shows at Center Camp and hop a ride around the playa on the fire breathing Rhino.

Hometown: Petaluma


Our big ass board games bring all the burners to the yard, and
they’re like, “hey, this is pretty fun.” Come for the games, stay to
get schooled in DJing, juggling, and the fine art of hula hoop.
Don’t worry, we’ll make time for recess.

Hometown: Vancouver


Ever miss the third grade, when recess was the best part of the day? So do we – almost an hour a day of unfettered frolicking, chasing, tagging, hopping, skipping, jumping, so long as you don’t linger too long over lunch! “RECESS!!!” will capture this magic – there will be an elaborate magical playground to inspire play, an daily unschedule of fourth grade games, and a grumpy lunch lady who will reward and resolve disputes with spankings by wooden spoon.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Recycle Camp

Monday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. you can stop by to crush and recycle your aluminum cans at Recycle Camp. Be sure to come by before they close Sunday evening! Recycle Camp can be found at 6:00 ON THE INNER CIRCLE OF CENTER CAMP, just behind the Center Camp Café.

URL: http://burningman.org/event/volunteering/teams/recycle-camp/ Hometown: San Francisco

Red Bar

Red Bar (formerly Cornhole Bar, Farmopolis, …), an oasis popping out of the desert, red and glowing at night, invites weary travelers to float through our halls to find the inner sanctum of libations and live music at the piano. Sit down and play, or listen and sing. Bring your instruments and see what develops. We are always open and will have daily drink specials plus games and entertainment. You will also find nooks to create art and walls to hang it on.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/RedBar2014 Hometown: Boise

Red Lightning

Red Lightning- Arrow to Evolution
Red Lightning was born out of a desire to bring balance and healing between the masculine and feminine on Earth as a first step towards a cosmic consciousness. To learn more about who we are, what we do and what we are bringing to the Playa, visit us at www.redlightning.org
See you in the Dust!

URL: http://www.redlightning.org Hometown: los Angeles

Red Nose District

The Red Nose District is an interactive camp.  Come and enjoy our Pedal-powered bumper car track, sidle your stilted (or non stilted) self to our High Chair Stilt Bar and relax in the majesty of The Stoop in a friendly open community and a welcoming family for anyone who wants to be part of the fun. And what carnival-esque world wouldn’t be complete without puppet shows?

URL: https://www.facebook.com/RedNoseDistrict Hometown: Los Angeles/San Francisco/Santa Fe/Bend

Red RubberTattoo

Red Rubber Tattoo – Lavishing temporary rubber-stamp tattoo art or your personable topography since the last century.

Hometown: Berkeley


Rejuvenation gifts coconut water and supplements to the playa semi-daily. Catch us in camp or out on the playa.

Hometown: Eugene

Reno Housewives

Helping costume BRC since 1998. Do you need bridesmaids for your playa wedding, or are looking for the perfect outfit for that party? ASK US — From frumpy to fabulous, we have you covered.

Hometown: Reno

Reno Nation

Reno Nation is a collaborative effort between several smaller camps working towards showcasing our favorite parts of Reno to BRC. From meditation and yoga, the flow arts, to the 24-hour nightlife.

URL: http://instagram.com/reno_nation# Hometown: Reno


BDSM dungeon and experienced staff with everything needed to learn and explore your sensual desires, fantasies and fetishes. LGBTQ inclusive environment full of exotic games and sensual experiences and that cerification you never sought!

URL: http://www.retrofrolic.com Hometown: Ventura


Reverbia- Known as the “Portal of Live Music” or “Oasis of Live Music at Burning Man”, offers Live Music programming 18 hours a day/night including: Live Music Yoga in the Morning, Live Dance Workshops, Song, Dust, Sing (Black Rock City’s popular singer/songwriter showcase and open mic), our Concert in the Shade Series, Reverbia Live Nights (featuring International, national, and regional festival bands), and After hours Jam and Chai.

Come Chill, Vibe, Dance, and Celebrate Live Music on the Playa!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Reverbia Hometown: Pacific Coast


Proud to return to Black Rock City for our 9th consecutive year, the RhythmWave theme camp is dedicated to the practice of Conscious Dance as a moving meditation. With no experience necessary and no “steps” to learn, Conscious Dance provides a path – the destination is the discovery of ourselves and a return to our center.

Facilitators from around the globe offer multiple daily sessions of Conscious Dance and movement on our 2,000 sq. ft., fully shaded and easily-accessible bamboo dance floor. RW also hosts morning yoga and meditation, as well as workshops and intention circles throughout the week. All citizens of Black Rock City are invited to bless the bamboo at RhythmWave. Please join us!

URL: http://www.rhythmwave.org/ Hometown: Olympia-Ashland-SF-Reno-BRC

Ridiculicious fun house

Drop by the fun house chill out, check out the illusions, discuss meteorites or just join the crazy clowns for a hold up.

Hometown: Perth


RISA is a resort planet, renowned for its breezes, beaches and friendly atmosphere. Our main attraction at RISA during the afternoon is our Snow Cones. Evening Mutant Vehicle rides on the Mistress Amadee and the Dancing Peacock.

URL: https://www.flickr.com/photos/9027688@N04/15244009895/in/album-72157651347177088/ Hometown: Carson City


Come join us as we play host to evening socials featuring drip coffee and chai tea – ensuring that participants are properly caffeinated before their night-time activities. Our homegrown nonsensical storytelling will surely entertain as we share our unique blend of art with you.

URL: http://roastedcamp.in/ Hometown: Bay Area, CA

Roasted Breaux and Coffee Heaux

Roasted Breaux and Coffee Heaux will be again roasting coffee right on the Playa while serving the freshest coffee in Black Rock City. Come join the fun and grind up your own special blend of coffees from all over the world, then pull up a chair or pillow and hang out under our shaded pavilion.

Hometown: Auburn-Spokane-Ojai-Boston

Rock n Bowl

Play some over-sized pool on a giant black light reactive billiard table or maybe some giant beer pong or cornhole.

Visit the dome where you can relax or create your own laser light show using various levers and gears.

URL: http://www.camprocknbowl.com Hometown: San Diego

Rock Star (Camp Rock Star)

Camp Rock Star hosts multimedia rock concerts every evening, complete with a magical stage, psychedelic lighting, video projections, and, of course, incredible musicians and bands. Our goal is to infuse the Playa with the incomparable energy of the live concert experience, and inspire other burners to take the stage.

URL: http://www.camprockstar2015.com Hometown: New York

Rogue Nation Village

Home to a group of camps from the PNW; KremeBurners, SeaWEED, and Moulinsert. Seattle’s village for large art, Crème Brule, and “Comfort”.

Hometown: Seattle

Root Society

Root Society continues into our 13th year at Burning Man gifting a place to dance and celebrate. We are passionate about creative architectural design, music, dance and visual arts. Root Society is based on the roots of our friendships and the amazing connections we make on the playa.

Hometown: Boston


Rootpile is a camp providing live Bluegrass Music and food at Burning Man. We will also have music instrument workshops and a geat chill space.

URL: http://www.rootpile.com Hometown: Boone

Rumi's Tea House

Join us in exploring the beauty of Persian poetry over tea and hookah in our peaceful tea-house.

Hometown: Tehran

Run Free Camp

Run Free is a clean and sober Burning Man camp for folks whose common goal is enlargement of spiritual life through new adventures in being human and living life to the fullest.

URL: http://www.runfreecamp.com Hometown: Oakland

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette? Why the heck NOTsky?

We will turn people in to Russians and turn Russians in to people.

Hometown: San Francisco