2015 Theme Camps

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2015 Theme Camps

Galactic Bamboo

Gravitate towards your dream experience in our elevated Love Pod moonbeds; CyberCircusTent complete with light-engineered wormhole; Gravitron libation bar; or chill StarDome. Get your booty-groovin fix atop the Panda Lounge Skybar or by the Blackbird’s golden space shuttle.

Hometown: San Francisco

Galactic Redirect

Feel like the universe is against you? Now for a limited time only! Galactic Redirect will help you lose weight, make friends, and get rich. Write a letter to the Universe and change your shitty life forever. Guaranteed or your money back. Daily from Noon – 2 PM.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Gallery BRC

Gallery BRC boasts Visionary art by long time Burners. Our 24/7 gallery will move, inspire, and activate your creativity and imagination!

Hometown: Portland/LA

Gamelan X

GamelanX, Providing performances of traditional and non traditional music of Bali, and community Monkey Chant Workshops.

URL: http://gamelanx.com Hometown: oakland

Ganesh Camp

Ganesh Camp is a lush retreat for dusty desert denizens. Play volleyball or shoot hoops during the day. Noon-5, Tue-Fri, celebrate and beat the heat in the bar in a large, cool desert tent from India. Interact with the Cosmic Theatre or sit by the fire at night!

URL: http://www.johnkane.com/2014-04-26-GaneshCamp/ Hometown: Oakland

Gardeners of Missed Connections

Have a missed connection? The Gardeners are here to collect your messages to those you have no way of contacting.

Gauchos del Fuego

Gauchos from Argentina’s Pampas and some friends from all over the world. Come and have some mate with us.

URL: http://fb.com/GauchosDelFuego Hometown: Buenos Aires

Gaylactic Invaders Village

Gaylactic Invaders Village is landing on the playa in search of intergalactic love slaves. Out-of-this-world aerial performances, beverages, and workshops held throughout the burn. Resistance is futile!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/687050031323624/ Hometown: Los Angeles and San Diego

Gazoonie Camp

Larry Harvey will write this

Hometown: San Francisco

Gears & Beers

Gears & Beers is back! From rusted jalopies to busted beach cruisers, we are your one stop shop!

While you’re here, stay for the ice cold beer, or enjoy a game of chance dealing with one of our bookies as they accept all forms of bets on the gladiatorial combat happening within the world famed arena

Hometown: Seattle

Geisha House

The Geisha House will be offering a tasty ramen dish and early morning coffee to all the weary stragglers. Our house is your house to chill, warm up, cool down and meet new friends to share the inclusionary joy of Burningman.

Hometown: San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles

Gender Blender

Boy? Girl? Ze? Unidentified? You decide. Gender Blender is a safe haven for those bending and blending gender norms. We create safer spaces for Trans, genderqueers, & gender non-conformers. We provide a welcoming place for those curious about gender play, mixing up one’s gender for the first time, and general discussions on how gender impacts our lives. We are a gender conscious open loving community that loves sparkles, theatrics, drag, running anti-oppression workshops, and making queer smoothies on playa.

URL: http://www.genderblenders.org Hometown: Bay Area

Genital Portrait Studio

Genital Portrait Studio, the playa’s premier genital photography studio since 2000, celebrates genitalia as glorious and beautiful. Welcoming to all genders, we invite you to capture your most intimate side in a keepsake laminated ID Badge. www.genitalportraitstudio.org

URL: http://www.genitalportraitstudio.org Hometown: San Francisco


Back for another year is the Tower of Terror 3! Come climb our 50′ structure and enjoy the spectacular view of our neighborhood. Beware of the SlackJaw…

Hometown: Reno/Olympia

Gerlach-Empire Bus Stop & Tickets

Dusty Black Rock Denizens! Help your fellow participants get to town and back on the fun-loving shuttle bus service. Our crew is responsible for selling tickets, answering questions, providing local info and chatting up drivers on the radio over the course of multiple, several hour, mid-day shifts.

The Empire-Gerlach Bus Ticket Office is located on the Center Camp ring road, and offers plenty of people watching, not to mention shelter and shade. We’re looking for people who can work during the day for a responsible job that’s also FUN.

If you’re interested, fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire and check the box Bus Depot.

URL: http://burningman.org/event/volunteering/teams/bus/ Hometown: Black Rock City

Get Nailed

Come “Get Nailed” to our Crucifix. Tell us your sins and what you will be remembered for after you burn.

Hometown: San Francisco

Ghetto Stiletto Camp

The home of the Ghetto Stiletto art car and where all burners, old or new, can seek out honest fashion advice.

Hometown: Reno/Tahoe, Nevada (and one part Florida/Oregon)

Gift Exchange Bazaar

Hometown: Seattle


Gigsville is one of the oldest villages on the Playa having been in operation for 15 or 16 years, depending on who you ask and how drunk they are. We’re dedicated to fire, fun, and good old fashion jackassery. You’ll find us gathered around the car that’s on fire in the center of camp. No ocelots or other violations of the Gigsville CoC are allowed.

URL: http://gigsville.org/ Hometown: Highly distributed, clusters in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Austin

Gingerbread House Camp

Gingerbread House Camp – For Ginger People. A place for red heads to call home, eat gingerbread-man cookies and ginger chews, while receiving a sunblock lotion massages. Non-gingers are welcome to attend, and evolve their existence in the Gingification Station.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/GingerbreadHouseCamp Hometown: Sacramento/SF/Tahoe


We are a global family of gays, driven by our boundless love, our passion to create and share, and our celebration of life with a spirit of GLAM! Join us for amazing music, sexy dance parties, delicious drinks, fantastic drag, interactive art, entertaining performances, hands-on workshops, cuddle puddles, and more!

URL: http://www.glamcocks.com Hometown: Seattle

Glitter and Rust

Where North, South, East and West collide. We are a group of friends with very diverse backgrounds and ethnicity, ready to tackle whatever the Playa throws our way – from amazing long-lasting new friendships to those pesky summer thunder storms. Bring it! We welcome all of it.

Hometown: SoCal (Glendale, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Silverlake) and NorCal (Cotati, Novato).

Glowskull Asylum Int'l

Come hang out with our team of misfits from the US, Italy, Norway, and Canada. Our lounge and art car “Castle Glowskull” will be hosting mischief, mistings, and METAL (and other forms of rock) daily!

Hometown: Morro Bay


gNarnia is a camp providing delicious cold brew coffee every morning from 9am(ish) until noon or we run out for that day. Enter the wardrobe and find yourself in our very chill camp space. Note: The walls are even made from coffee sacks!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Gnome Camp

Gnome Camp is the home and refuge for an unheralded breed of desert-loving gnome. Hailing from shrinking urban green space on two coasts, we gather once a year to propagate our species through gnome
adoptions and conversions, and to share our traditions of mischievous merrymaking.

Hometown: San Francisco

Godzilla Camp (aka Sloth Camp)

A place to get out of the sun and meet other interesting people. A chance to learn more about Buddhism. A chance to learn how to power your small camp.

Hometown: Denver & Palo Alto & Vancouver

Golden Cafe

Celebrating its 13th year, the Golden Cafe is your home on the playa for exotic cocktails, home infused liquors, and live music since 2003. Swing by for elegant libations served in real glassware, jam with our house band, and sample strange infusions from our cellars. Donations of liquor and mixers keep the party going, and there may be something new in store this time around…

URL: http://www.goldencafe.org Hometown: Los Angeles

Goodbye Horses

Home of the Kernel’s World-Famous Playa PopCart. Would you fuck us? We’d fuck us. Welcome to Goodbye Horses.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Got Sparkle?

Got Sparkle? is a Portland based theme camp!!
We specialize in kindness, compliments & glamour! & bringing wonder, joy & sparkles to all the lil’ ponies!!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/gotsparklepdx?ref=hl Hometown: Portland

Gr[ae]y Matter

Hey you, yeah you, you are awesome. Have a wonderful day.

URL: http://www.brchoa.com/wiki/index.php?title=Grey_Matter Hometown: Kamloops

Green Froggy Camp / AEZ

Green Froggy Camp / AEZ

Hometown: Novato

Green Goddess

The GREEN GODDESS invites Burning Man Participants of All Ages to join us for refreshments and reflection while nourishing your body with delightful tastes of fermented foods and beverages. Stop by for “Healthy Hour” from 2pm-5pm on Tuesday and Thursday to enjoy healthy, homemade fermented refreshments while relaxing in our lounge space, listening to soothing mantras and classical-infused electronic vibes staying cool under the solar-powered water misters.
Join us the Green Goddess On Monday and Wednesday morning (10:30am to Noon) for the “Fermented Goodness” workshop and learn about the benefits of probiotic foods, including how to make them for yourself at home! All interested class participants will be gifted a kombucha or water kefir “starter kit” to use at home.

Hometown: Las Vegas

Greeters Camp

Hometown: Los Angeles

Greeters Station

Hometown: Los Angeles

Groove Oasis

Groove Oasis is your refuge in the dusty desert to rest or move your body. We are hosting dance workshops and parties throughout the week so check the playa schedule and come get your groove on!

Hometown: San Francisco


Funky gruvs and tasty brus.

Hometown: Seattle, LA, & Denver


Gymnasium: We want to recreate the atmosphere of gymnasium in its original, Ancient Greek meaning, as a facility for training and competitions in public games, as well a place for socializing and engaging in intellectual pursuits. The term originates from the word [gymnós] meaning “naked”, because historically one exercised naked, and we would like to revive this aspect too, as we think that by doing athletic and fun activities naked, participants will experience bonding aspect of such events stronger and will only feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

URL: http://activenaturists.net/burning-man-2015/

Gypsy Kitties Carni-Ville

Stop on in at Camp Gypsy Kitties Carni-Ville for a few rounds in our carnival game booths, walk through our hall of mirrors and discover the wonders of the world in our Freak Show Museum. And of course the price of admission is your soul!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/GipsyKitty Hometown: Seatttle, Nevada City, Jackson Hole, CO

Gypsy Nebula Village

Welcome to our interstellar cloud of fortune tellers, minstrels, monkeys, coffee slingers and fools. Bonded by playa dust, come visit at any time of day to discover your true destiny or just sit out of the sun while some stranger fondles your palm.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GypsyNebula/ Hometown: Earth (mostly)

Gypsy Witch Camp

Gypsy Witch Camp brings in virgin burners and lone travelers and we offer survival help, games, homemade salsa and chips and witches brew and juice

URL: https://www.facebook.com/td.lowery.3?fref=ts Hometown: Portland Reno Oklahoma City


GYST Camp is about Getting Your Shit Together! We bring our little piece of the playa to life with a bit of everything. If you want FUN, or need to Get Your Shit Together, you will want to stop by this neighborhood bar and see what is happening!

Hometown: Sacramento