2015 Theme Camps

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2015 Camps


Come on join us and get heart with us!
Come to night market and you will fun with sexy betel nut girls and hot Taiwan sausage!
Can you imagine a goddess, Empress of Sea, Mazu, show up in Burning Man?! Come to see and welcome to join us!
We love to share Taiwan temple culture with you at workshop.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/taiwanvillageburningman Hometown: Taipei


We are a mobile kindergarten for Your inner children.

URL: http://www.burningman.org.ua Hometown: Odessa

Tango'd Up In Blues

Discover what it’s like to hold a partner in your arms and move to the music. Tango. Blues Dance. Join us in re-popularizing partner dance in America.

URL: http://bluestango.com Hometown: Eugene


Hometown: taos

Tar Pits

At the Tar Pits, take a load off in our dinosaur themed camp. Come by to say hi to Tracy Crea Tops! We will be playing old stop animation dinosaur movies in our hammock chill area nightly.

Hometown: Seattle


Tarwater, home of the Rat Taxi, returns with The Tarry Night Bowl, the Ladder Toss game and the inaptly named Corn Hole game. Have your fortune told in the Hit or Miss Fortune Booth. You can pick out clothes at Lady S’ Boutique where you don’t have to do anything in exchange. The Labyrinth will be lit for your nocturnal wanderings.

URL: http://home.comcast.net/~retawrat/site/?/page/Tarwater/&PHPSESSID=48d2591ec384559766db47d231edcf2b Hometown: Santa Rosa


Tasty. Serving up beats and eats since 2005.

Hometown: San Francisco

Tasty Noodles

Stop by Tasty Noodles in the afternoon for beer, dancing, and shade. Bounce on our trampoline, swing on our swing set, and paint a picture in the Noodle Doodle Dome!


Tautology is an arts collective of mathematicians and scientists.

URL: http://tautology.io/ Hometown: Seattle


Come chill in Tazii’s lush Moroccan festival tent! While you’re at it, get a drink our three from our top shelf octo-bar.

Hometown: San Francisco


Camp TBD hopes to serve as both a welcome wagon for new participants as well as a portal to inner visions for long-time participants. Our camp has been around for a couple of incarnations and each year our desire to enmesh with the 10 Principles grows deeper and rapturous. We have the slobbery enthusiasm of a young puppy paired with the obsessive compulsivity of a head nun.

Hometown: San Francisco


Come bask in the shade of our fire spewing volcano, or dance to our ground-shaking beats while we serve you a tec n’ tonic. Don’t forget to bring us your playa virgins to sacrifice to the volcano gods!

Hometown: Portland

Teddies on Teddys

Take a slide down into the teddy bear pit!

Hometown: San Francisco

Temple Guardians Camp

The mission of the Temple Guardians is: To hold the space of the Temple, maintaining an environment that allows equal access for everyone to have the experience and expression that they need, and keep the Temple itself, as well as the participants who visit it, safe.

The mission of the Temple Guardians Camp is to hold space for and to serve the Temple Guardians. We do this by creating a warm and welcoming place for Guardians and potential Guardians to gather. We host the training sessions and social events. And as the experience of being a Guardian can be powerful and overwhelming, our camp is a place for them to find a compassionate ear and a knowing Heart.

URL: https://templeguardians.org/camp/ Hometown: BRC

Temple O'Flying Spaghetti Monster

We are a comfortable neighborhood pub with a rockin’ attitude. In honor of his noodley goodness the Friendly Fire Bar will administer ice cold libations and groovin’ tunes for your mind, body and spirit. Take a ride 3 stories up in the Sky Lounge and view the Playa with a much higher perspective. Call almost anywhere in the world on our free public phone or use our free wi-fi hotspot. The Flying Spaghetti Monster welcomes all, so stop by and be touched by his noodly appendage.

URL: http://www.fsmtemple.com/

Temple of Anointment

If your hide is suffering from the ravages of the dry dusty and high solar radiation climate of the playa, come to the Temple so we may anoint you with our healing skin care formulas that you may rise again to fully enjoy all the experiences the playa offers, and without playa foot! Don’t forget to take back to your camp and friends a tube or two of our Don’t Burn, Man! Organic SPF 35 Zinc Oxide Sunscreen, so you can remain protected while out exploring the Carnival. (And if you really wish to, you can use Don’t Burn, Man! Sunscreen to mime it up!)

Hometown: Lafayette

Temple of Fluff

Temple of Fluff is a place designed to be as comfortable as feasibly possible. Come explore the possibilities of comfort in a dome completely full of soft things to lay on. When in doubt, stretch out; all places are your places.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/TempleofFluff Hometown: San Luis Obispo

Tender Heckles Porch

‘Oops you dropped your smile…’ come find it at Tender Heckles Porch.

Hometown: Bay Area, NYC, Tucson

Termination Dust Hole

We are a collective of artists, musicians, freaks, hecklers, and performers, hailing down from Alaska to meet, greet and eat all of you.

Hometown: Anchorage

Tesla Camp

Camp Tesla is the name. Our camp has a couple of Tesla coils and some stuff about the famous inventor. It is also the home of the Big Friendly Fish.

Tetrix Village

A fractal world of excitement. Bringing together the resources of several camps to deliver a fusion of insightful and playful experiences to further the mind of the burner. This year we bring you the Armone Galaxy 100ft Maze, Camp Meow Illuminated Environments, a host of bands, improv activities, sno-cone hours, silk acrobatics, healing yurt and much more fun.

Hometown: Sydney & San Francisco

That Camp Over There

Providing Caffeine in the morning, Drinking in the afternoon and Glowing in the dark. Moon the Man from our scaffold.

Hometown: San Francisco

the black hole

The Black Hole. Staff camp for the Black Rock City Department of Gate, Perimeter and Exodus

URL: http://gate.burningman.com Hometown: Black Rock City

The Blight

The Blight—bringing you fine refreshments and high nerdy discourse since 2008. Join us each evening for a salon, and Thursday night for our high formal Blight Cocktail Party.

URL: http://theblight.net/bm Hometown: Oakland

The Boot Camp

The Boot Camp (by Farrah and Chris)

Hometown: Stockton

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club provides Coffee and Pancakes for the community from 9am to 1pm. Scarbutts Coffee serves fresh brewed coffee. Pancake Playhouse serves up hot pancakes. With our steampunk Airship Airpusher, we deliver sweet music to the masses.

Hometown: Oakland

The Cove

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Disco Parlour

The Disco Parlour is a space that inspires, entertains, and energizes as you travel on your dessert quest. Join us in the Barn for a daytime disco. Create your costume additions, paint your body, enjoy a cold beverage, or dance under the water mister. Climb through our dome to challenge your body and mind. Rock on the see-saw to find your inner adult child! Dance under the disco ball under your head is spinning!

Inspire // Create // Enjoy!

Hometown: San Francisco

The Dreamaginatorium

The Dreamaginatorium aims to foster a sense of wonder, joy and excitement. We create a space and energy of play, exploration and creativity that helps people get in touch with their deepest dreams, hopes and desires, and inspires them to follow their heart and pursue these dreams. We do this primarily through sublime art and participatory, improvisational performance that induces heart and mind opening experiences to remind people of the magic all around them, and inside themselves.

URL: http://dreamaginatorium.com Hometown: San Francisco

The Dump

Where the worlds most fabulous musicians and dancers from MarchFourth Marching Band, The Saloon Ensemble, Love-Bomb Go-Go Marching Band, Trashcan Joe, and The Ukeladies are dumped and recycled to endlessly create music from a by-gone era. Come sing, dance, play our piano, and join-in as we all share in electronic-free acoustic joy! Lyrics included!

URL: http://saloonensemble.com Hometown: Portland

The Dusty Rhino Camp

The Dusty Rhino Camp aspires to bring people together through art, fire and electronic music, and to be the best Black Rock public transportation possible!! While people take an “art safari” they listen to great DJ’s and enjoy a 29’ Rhino that shoots fire from its horn.

URL: http://dustyrhino.com Hometown: San Francisco

The Elephant

Welcome to the house of The Elephant.

Hometown: New York

The Embassy

The Embassy is the center for relations between Black Rock City and the Default World. Come by to ease into life as a burner, learn about the strange customs of the Default World, and prepare for inter-world travel.

Hometown: Boston

The Enclave

The Enclave brings those with deep BurningMan roots while providing room for a cast of new tendrils. We are united by a passion for art, design, performance and self-depricating behavior. The Enclave brings a spicy hot mess of Playastani charm to the 9’s of Black Rock by celebrating the civically-minded gifts, we have to offer, in a format that intends to suspend and expand our visitor’s expectations

Hometown: Santa Barbara

The Fun Fur Traders of Black Rock

Where does fun fur come from? Come and visit the Fun Fur Traders of Black Rock and learn the story behind the fur! Help us celebrate, as we spread cheer through song, dance, and drink – guests of the Fun Fur Traders will be immersed in the culture of the fun fur trade, and a re-imagined era of exploration and discovery.

Hometown: Winnipeg

The Hangry Bishop

The Hangry Bishop serves up tasty meals in a festive, communal dining hall. Come prepared to mingle while enjoying a Grilled Cheesus sandwich. Comes with a side of Guilt.

Hometown: San Francisco

The Hive

A buzzing mass of madness from the East descends upon the desert, full of burning light and energy. Is the Hive full of honey, or stings? Bathe in our glow, and discover!

Hometown: Boston

The Hookah Lounge

Come to the Hookah Lounge and enjoy our flavored tobaccos, coffee, and wide selection of teas. Our Moroccan style lounge serves up shisha filtered through juice and water every night. The plush seating, soft carpeting, and great people make this the ultimate Burning Man chill-out zone. If you have a favorite molasses based tobacco, you are welcome to bring it and share with others.

URL: http://thehookahlounge.co.nf/ Hometown: Jacksonville

The Institute Village

The Institute Village — Explore the True Frontier through innovations in science, technology, negotiations, and propoganda. When you are on the edge of a system, find your way to our network saloon and reformat your hard drive while having a randy good time. With daily installments and upgrades, be ready to expand your world.

Hometown: Space, Motherfuckers!

The Living Room

August 26, 2013: A terrestrial being in the form of a cheese pizza visits us at camp and requests that we share our experiences and makes our camp public. Not wanting to piss off the being, we began planning our theme camp. Back again as The Living Room. BYOSP (Bring Your Own Summer Punch).

Hometown: Park City

The Lost Boys

The Lost boys is a fun interactive camp where you can come for an event like Naked bacon and stay and hang out for hours.

Hometown: Eugene

The Lost Penguin

What could be more lost than a Penguin in the desert? Drop in to our hospitality oasis where we offer comforts such as shade, couches, wine, lemonade, chocolate, snow cones, friendly people, and live entertainment. Day or night, get up on stage for asshole theatre, watch some bands, dance to DJs or take a workshop. Join us as we navigate surpirses all week! Or just sit and we will engage you in conversation as you watch the playa float by.

URL: http://www.lostpenguincafe.com Hometown: Toronto

The Love Muscle

My World, My Rules


Hometown: Brooklyn, LA, Byron Bay

The Mask Factory

The Mask Factory Camp is the supply base and residential base for a portion of the artists from all over the world, that will operate The Mask Factory.

Hometown: Houston

The Mine

We are art support camp for Anton Viditz-Wards art installations, this years project is called “Reflections of a Fire Sprite”.

URL: http://deepcreekmine.org Hometown: Telluride

the ministry of douchebaggery!

Hometown: nevada city

The Neighbourhood

We are a Québec/US Burning Man theme camp! Together we create a communal space that celebrates the childlike mastery of the art of play.

So come to The Neighborhood, where it’s Recess all day! Dance, drink and play your cares away.

You can swing on our swings and slide down our slide, from our super dank bar, you simply can’t hide.

Come dance to some beats, no need to be discreet, we got your back covered from this whimsical heat.

Whether noontime or nighttime, leisure or labor, do us a favor…Won’t you be our neighbor?

URL: https://www.facebook.com/theneighbourhoodatburningman Hometown: Montreal/Los Angeles

The New Barbarians

The New Barbarians and their band of human-sized dinosaurs are led by their massive, Tyrannosaurus-like steel ruler, Jurassic Pork, on its quest to spread its bountiful stock of barbecued flesh taken from pastured hogs. The only hope for the few remaining survivors living amongst the playa is to join a never-ending feast suitable for King Horik himself as we share amongst the generosity of our humble leader, JP, and amalgamate ever closer to becoming one.

Hometown: San Francisco

The Phage

The Phage is an homage to the vast dark ecology whose foment gave birth to Earth’s living diversity. These ubiquitous viral life forms evolve faster than any other life on earth. In their furious co-optive radiations they have acted as the vital genetic pollinators that wove long-separated lines of cellular life into resplendent new threads — the phage are the needles of life’s tapestry. Beware if you encounter us: memetic biohazards lie ahead.

URL: http://thephage.org/ Hometown: San Francisco, Los Angeles, NYC

The Reincarnation Location

Leave the default world behind and be reborn into the world of the Playa.

First confess your sins, then spin the Wheel of Penance. Whatever it lands on you must do, but you’ll get to choose a G, R or NC-17 rated version. Once your penance is completed, you’ll rid yourself of all your worldly belongings (temporarily), and from within the giant pregnant belly (our Dome) you’ll crawl out through a 6′ vagina to be reborn – where someone in hospital scrubs will spank you and give you a rebirth certificate (laminated) with your Playa Name and thumbprint.

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Rising Arms Pub

Your friendly, local, international watering hole and second home on the playa returns for a sixth year. Stop by to wet your whistle, just take care not to trip over the folks passed out on the floor, and if you want a quiet pint, be sure to pop in before sunset, after which it gets slightly raucous. If you’ve had enough of bars then give a pub a go. Stop by for much libations and games.

Hometown: California/London

The Secret Gentlemen's Club

The Secret Gentlemen’s Club will bring culture and refinement to this savage land. The Secret Gentlemen’s Club is a space in which a person, be they commoner or king, can be the best version of themselves. The Secret Gentlemen’s Club could use a stiff drink, and knows how to mix it…well. The Secret Gentlemen’s Club practices expert gamesmanship. The Secret Gentlemen’s Club counts among its members both men and women (because, of course, women can be the most secret gentlemen of all). The Secret Gentlemen’s Club reminds you that proper attire is required (or will be provided).
The Secret Gentlemen’s Club: Just Fucking Dandy

Hometown: Chicago and San Francisco

The Space Baggers

Our big ass board games bring all the burners to The Yard, and
they’re like, “Hey, this is pretty fun.” Come for the games, stay to get schooled in DJing, juggling, and the fine art of hula hoop.
Don’t worry we’ll make time for recess.

Hometown: Vancouver

The Space Between

The Space Between offers a cozy spot to reflect, relax and boogie. Every day from 12pm-2pm we serve boozy smoothies and cold-brew iced coffee while Eavesdropper plays soulful, funky music for house heads! Happy Hour at our Tokyo style micro bar on Weds/Thurs/Fri 5-8pm and open-mic comedy show on Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/AtTheSpaceBetween

The Steam Bath Project

The Steam Bath Project makes the mundane magical! The simple act of “cleansing” becomes part of an age-old ritual tradition embracing the possibility of transformation. We invite you into the geodesic dome where you can relax on the wooden benches as boiling water produces steam with negative ions that fill the space. Negative ions are known to create an overall feeling of wellness, similar to the air after a summer thunderstorm.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SteamBathProject Hometown: Boston

The Sunset Trip

The Sunset Trip is a mashup of 3 Los Angeles based camps with a concurrent theme of getting together and throwing epic parties. We are all vastly different in what we provide to the world, yet share the same values and deep rooted awesomeness that bring us together year after year. We bring the Dirty, Sparkle and BOOM.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/TheSunsetTrip Hometown: Los Angeles

The Tea Camp

Tea camp is the sister camp to Camp Bao Chicka Wow Wow and is honored to provide the Playa with thousands of cups of Tea of all varieties both hot and cold! Come share pork buns from our sister camp while you enjoy a relaxing ambiance. We look forward to sharing a cup of tea with you!

Hometown: San Francisco

The Universe

Scientists are shocked to discover that The Universe is largely composed, not of “empty space” as previously thought, but rather downtempo music, cuddly pillows and pretty lights.

Come cross “explored the totality of existence” off your list, you can go pretty damn far without ever leaving your comfy beanbag chair.

Hometown: Boston

The Yogi Bears

DJ guided yoga with the Yogi Bears! Daily DJ guided yoga, tea offerings and an occasional dance party at night.

Hometown: Reno

The Zoo

Hometown: London

Theme Camp Theme Camp

A bar with ever changing themes and tasty libations and games to match!

Hometown: Reno

Things That Swing

Bring your things! Put them on a porch bench, in a hammock, at the end of a rope. Join us for scheduled events including Social Grooming and Impact Play. You’re always welcome to stop in cuz that’s how we swing.

URL: http://www.things-that-swing.org/ Hometown: Brooklyn

Third Space Place

Third Space Place (3SP), located in Home Rule Village, celebrates “third spaces” – social, relaxing locations that offer a sense of place beyond the two usual environments of home (“first space”) and work (“second space”). A true “third space,” 3SP’s comfortable retreat will offer shaded conversations throughout the day, warm fireside chats at night, and interactive events that 3SP hopes will entice our Black Rock City community to stop by, have a chat, and Participate!

Hometown: Washington

This is You

Experience your own personalized scavenger hunt; Let our ‘Reflection Passport” guide you on your way to fascinating points of interest on the playa by seeking out adventure, and recording your reflections. Return to share stories with our Reflection Specialists, ponder your reflection in our 3D photo booth and lounge under our flame art installation “Brood”.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/LoveProjectors Hometown: Grass Valley


A sound camp for things that go THUMP in the night. A stimulating sunset communal dance party where intimacy isn’t sacrificed for sound.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/thumpercamp Hometown: Washington DC

Tiki Hammock camp

Tiki Hammock Camp – Have a drink and relax in our climbable hammock art, meet and visit with other awesome burners!

Hometown: Reno

Time Colony

URL: http://timecolony.org Hometown: SeattleMinneapolisLABayrea

Time Ninja Syndicate

I know you’re confused, it’s OK, we can help you remember. We don’t have much time. The temporal rift is unstable and won’t remain open much longer.

Hometown: Portland

Time To Burn

Taking over your devices, we help mirror your hopes and dreams on the Playa.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/TimeToBurnApp Hometown: San Diego


Ah… delightful Lake Titicaca, high in the Andes Mountains, and with such an interesting name with so many meanings. Come frolic!

URL: http://camptiticaca.com/ Hometown: Lake Tahoe, Reno, Austin, Sun Valley, Eugene, Bozeman, Jackson Hole


We have pancakes in the shape of animals, titties in the shape of titties, robotic creeptures, gaffs like the Fiji mermaid, reports of a live freakshow, mutated taxidermy/dried parts CHECK, body paint in the shape of mud CHECK two headed baby CHECK and now introducing… pancakes in the shape of titties!! Oh and did we mention DUTTCH? Come by and check in with RATS and DIANE!! New to DITCH? Everyone has to start somewhere. Nothing is what it seems, everyone is mad and the tea parties get you smashed.

Hometown: Eugene


ToneAge – CARNivAL PLEASURES, a great mix of new and old alike, primarily from Vancouver, Denver and San Francisco, but always happy to see and welcome new participants from wherever they call home.

Hometown: SanFrandencouver


TortoiseTown is an International Village comprised of people of all races, ages, and lifestyles.

Hometown: San Francisco

Totem of Confessions

Totem of Confessions. We support art!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/totemofconfessions?ref=br_tf Hometown: Bay Area/Sonoma County


Totenkitten is a fascist demagoguery devoted to crushing all opposition and imposing our will on the masses; initially conceived as a reaction to the decadent weakness of other organizations, Totenkitten quickly took on a life of its own.

URL: http://totenkitten.org Hometown: Boston and Toronto

Toxic Disco Clam

The real toxic disco clam is an aquatic creature that attracts prey with its lighted exterior and then immobilizes them with acidic snot. We’re… pretty much the same: dazzling lights, draw you in, ply you with our intoxicating beverages (significantly less snot).

Hometown: San Francisco


The Rant O Matic returns in its mobile glory, available to all city members who need to let off steam by ranting after those rough moments on and off the playa. We will also be host to the Anti Zen Movement, providing Anti Zen meditation daily, tomorrow at sunset. BE THERE THEN!

Hometown: Lake County


Trifucta was born after three people in separate RV’s decided to create community space by parking them in the shape of a triangle. From that small act, a community comprised of artists, builders, fashion designers and welders joined together to create connectivity through a common space that engages the playful creativity and expression inside each participant.

URL: http://www.trifucta.com Hometown: New York


Triptych welcomes all aficionados of art, music, food, and drink to dance the night and day away, enjoy some tasty treats, and bask in the glow of the Treasures and Grace (a collaboration with Disorderly Vandals). Stop by throughout the week to enjoy some entertainment, learn something new, or simply relax in one of our cozy lounge spaces.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampTriptych Hometown: San Diego

Tropical Treehouse

A verdant home alive with the warmth of aloha! Castaways welcomed to paddle up to the tiki lights and toast the night with a Mai Thai.

Hometown: San Francisco


Stop by Tsunami Camp for a frosty snow cone, a Playa Fashion Makeover, a live performance, or just to make new friends!

Hometown: Shadow Hills

Turkey Camp

What key has two legs, two wings and can’t open doors? A Turkey, that’s right, welcome to Turkey Camp (it’s not a typo).

Hometown: Arcata

Tutu Camp

Tutu Camp is your one stop tutu shop. We offer a variety of tutu related activities, along with raw tutu materials and an interactive Tulle Forest.

Twilight Spaghetti Theatre

Perform for your chance to slurp our hot wet noodles. This is your chance to show off your under-appreciated talents on our custom built stage for a spaghetti dinner!

URL: http://twilight-spaghetti-theatre.blogspot.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Twisted G Spot

Loosely knit group of burners offer for your pleasure the Twisted G Spot Bar serving up PVD’s (Playa Vodka Drinks) w/ mostly organic fruit juices. (Bring mixers if you can) Dudeist Priest available in his playa confessional “Penance is Hell”, two ordained burners available to marry you and then marry you again if you so desire. DJ N8Tron spinning dance party music. Otter Pops upon request – both cold and hard and early morning powdered donuts, that’s not just playa dust, delivered by Kristi Kreams on a silver platter at 8:30 am Thursday through Monday. Glasses cleaned, both eye and drinking and massages given or taken when the table is up! Look for schedule in the Twisted G Mailbox on playa.

Hometown: Reno / Sparks / Tahoe / Tahoe City / Nevada City / Green Bay

Twisted Swan

Stop in for a cold draught beer, fine Irish whiskey, hot Irish coffee, and wonderful Celtic music. Recite a limerick and get a Guinness, get your
Who on at our Doctor Who night or show your best knees on Kilted Thursday, and thrill to our music seisiun featuring the playa’s finest celtic musicians!

Hometown: Apache Junction

Twisted Tentacles

Tahoe Twisted and Octopus Garden present Twisted Tentacles Village. Welcome to Twisted Tentacles, a village of aquatic tomfoolery. Under the sea, you will dive into the Octopus Garden where you’ll fall in love with each of the great mollusc’s three hearts and be enveloped by its eight inky arms; on land you’ll join the DJ-mixed-up crew of the Twisted Yacht Club where loose lips never sink ships; and with the Christina you will sail out into the deep, deep playa to catch a glimpse of our dazzling art anemone.

We believe that the audio and visual arts have the ability to reach the minds, souls, and hearts of any observer, turning all merry mariners into participants.

Above and below sea level, on dry land and in choppy water, this village will be swimming in a pool of creativity and inspiration.

Hometown: Northern California, Nevada, and Beyond

Twisted Yacht Club

Come party with the DJ-mixed-up crew of the Twisted Yacht Club where loose lips never sink ships. We’ll be hosting
a Plank Walking Pirate Party and Motor Boat Contest where raunchy mariners are encouraged to wear their best hello sailor outfits. Come sail with us!

Hometown: Lake Tahoe, The Bay Area, and Beyond

Two Lanterns

Best weddings on playa, Unofficial Playa Civil Unions (incl. rings/certificate), Black Rock Temporary Divorce, Annulments, an: interactive elwire sculpture and Joslyn’s Little House of Oral Delights

URL: http://www.skyhighway.com/~bobo/ Hometown: Santa Cruz

Two-Stroke Transit

Tired of that loud buzz from your two-stroke engine? Then stop by Two-Stroke Transit and learn how to quickly muffle this as well as improve the general function and environmental friendliness of your motor. While here, find out how you can help prevent playa damage from dripping oil, muffle the buzz, or just learn about two-stroke engines.

Hometown: Redding


Tyger Tyger! We wish to assemble a society of adventurers and create a creative and artistic outpost, to act as an oasis of trade, entertainment, and cultural expression.

Hometown: East meets West