2015 Theme Camps

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2015 Theme Camps

Ibiza Camp

Ibiza camp, a replica of a bedouin camp at black rock city.

Hometown: Ibiza

Ice Cubed

Ice Cubed is the ice sales igloo located in the 3 o’clock plaza. Crushed and block ice are available for $3/bag. Ice3 sales hours are Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm and Sun Noon-6pm. (No pre-event or Labor Day sales at this location).

Hometown: Icelandia

Ice Nine

Ice Nine is the ice sales igloo located in the 9 o’clock plaza. Crushed and block ice are available for $3/bag . Ice9 sales hours are Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm and Sun Noon-6pm. (No pre-event or Labor Day sales at this location).

Hometown: Icelandia

Ice Sauna

Hometown: San Leandro


Chill out with the Icy Hands crew as they defrost between midday mercy missions: share cool stories, images and video of those touched by icy hands under the sizzling playa sun. Learn how to turn a simple block of ice into smiles, goosebumps and a truly incredible shared experience!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IcyHands/ Hometown: San Pedro


Hometown: San Francisco

Ignited States Ski Patrol

Ignited States Ski Patrol welcomes all Black Rock City Suckers…. er, Citizens… to come on by! Try your luck at the Ski Patrol Fun n Games Center, relax with us on our Front Porch, or stop by for a drink at the Ignite Your States Ski Lodge!

Hometown: Phoenix

Iguana Chill Camp

Iguana Chill Camp is a small camp of friends. The camp boasts a nice shade and an inviting wigwam chill space open to all, pleasantly outfitted with curtains and pillows, music and lights, hookahs and cold drinks, musical instruments and drums. Our goal is to radiating our groovy chill vibes by offering professional massage, tarot readings, ecstatic dance, yoga classes, sing alongs, and cooling sprays with essential oils.

Hometown: Home Rule Village

Illumelodie, Home of Lazerdome

Camp Illumelodie is now at home in Spanky’s Wine Bar!

Lazerdome is the amazing laser and lighting entertainment dome that’s now a part of Spanky’s.

Eros Tangere, the one-on-one erotic tactile performance experience for adults


Dare to Bare airbrush and body painting!

Look us up and check out our events and activities. Located inside Spanky’s Wine Bar.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Illumination Village

“A Drinking Village with a Fire Problem:” Illumination Village is one of BRC’s oldest villages, bringing classic fire art to the esplanade, and total mayhem to the people of Burning Man!

URL: http://www.illuminationvillage.org Hometown: Primarily SF Bay area, across the US, and internationally (England, Australia, etc)


Welcome to Camp Illuminaughty! Come by at dusk for our music and light-filled activities, then follow us and the Wall of Light out into the night to dance ‘til dawn!

URL: http://bit.ly/campilluminaughty Hometown: Sunnyvale


Come rock like an Egyptian in our art-gallery-being, sex-swing-having, two-story illuminated pyramid! Enjoy a tasty beverage at our Cool Cat Café in the daytime, or a crystal-infused Chakra Shot at night!

Check our whiteboard for daily workshops!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/theilluminus Hometown: Los Angeles


IMAGINEnation is a life coaching camp dedicated to the power of dreaming and radical honesty.

Our coaches provide daily life coaching workshops and one-on-one coaching to the people of the playa.

Hometown: CT/NYC


Come by, enjoy the chill space, choose some sexy lingerie for your playa night pleasure, exchange stories, join in the organized chaos.

Hometown: Santa Rosa


The inappropirates are… 1) Inappropriate. 2) Pirates.

Oh. And we serve coffee.

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Infinite Community

The Infinite Community Artist Support Camp supports the Los Angeles Midway project.

Hometown: Los Angeles


Welcome to Infinity!

Lounge in our shaded CuddleOasis or in our Hammock Wheel, get your nails painted and your infinite vibe on with our Beautification Station, get energy and body work in our Brainwashing Station, or participate in MAD SCIENCE: it’s all here!

You are invited to our annual 50’s Housewife Party, Wednesday 1-4pm.

Hometown: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, SoCal, Berlin, London

Inflatable Wildlife Conservatory

Join our Oasis! Relax in the flamingo lagoon. Tour our exotic collection of wildlife while sipping on cocktails in real coconuts. Camp inflatables will give you a relaxing experience and bring the Jungle to you. Mingle, Lounge and Dance by our Bar to the harmonious Tiki inspired Electro swing tunes.

Hometown: New York City

Inspiration Moasis

We encourage all citizens of Black Rock City to be themselves through mutual validation through open communication, collaboration, and unity. Come get inspired by and with seasoned burners in a mediterranean-style chillout space.

Hometown: Reno, Tulsa, Tel Aviv

Intense Intents In Tents

A collection of intentional communities bring the spirit of artist expression, radical collaboration, and collective hospitality to the playa!

URL: http://synchronicityla.com Hometown: Los Angeles, the Bay & Seattle

Intergalactic Sasquatch

Like the Cantina from Star Wars, but a lot less cutty and a lot more lovee.

Hometown: Lemuria

Iron Monkey's - Well of Darkness

Home of the Iron Monkeys

URL: http://www.ironmonkeyarts.org Hometown: Seattle

Iron Rose

When you’re tired of the techno, find us.

Hometown: Northern California

Irrelephant Bird Camp

From the dust and destruction of Elephant Bird Camp, comes Irrelephant Bird Camp, Grahama’s last dying wish, which was for Elephant Bird Camp to return to the playa and with it bringing dorkier, sillier, funkier, messier, and even more friendly-er people and events, but with more Irr than ever before, which everyone likes because people can’t get enough Irr in their life, as we all know, so that is why we are the best but also the most modest there ever was and that is grand, which also explains how we are gods among men/women/small flightless birdies, the tiniest, sweetest, tastiest, look-but-don’t touch-fishies, for which there is no replacement, no better leader, no better warrior, no better crocheter of crotchless panties than you.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/elephantbirdcamp Hometown: Bay Area

It's All Made Up

It’s All Made Up (IAMU) has a reputation for manifesting some of BRC’s most interesting events and gatherings, including dance parties, yoga classes, body painting, group meditation, spiritual exercises, large theme dinners, fire dancing demonstrations and more.

There will be improv comedy classes, a burlesque show, snow cone gifts, a mega Sunday morning pancake breakfast, a BRC farmer’s market, self-awareness and spiritual development workshops with themes ranging from “Black on the Playa” to group forgiveness circles, and throughout it all, down-tempo boogie or deep house playlists will radiate through the air and prompt smiles and hugs all around.

URL: http://www.itsallmadeup.org Hometown: Washington, D.C.