2011 Theme Camps

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Bacon Without Borders

Ambassadors of everyone’s favorite gateway meat, Bacon WIthout Borders invites you to let us pork you on the playa & then some. Drink at the Black Rock 31 Flavours Bar,
groove to some tasty beats, and from Bacon O’clock to Bacon Thirty we unite in our love for nature’s true meaty wonder in combinations you never thought possible.

Hometown: Austin, TX

Bad Idea Theater

“To Serve and Project” Bad Idea Theater returns with daily and nightly entertainment in our expanded lounge / theater complex, providing you the best in Psychotronic entertainment and potent potables. Hangovers installed and serviced and movies you just can’t unsee

URL: http://www.badideatheater.com/Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA


The badlands is an arts collective meant to gather musicians,
painters, dancers and other creatives to spontaneously combust and
make rad shit happen. Come through…

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Baggage Check

Fear of commitment? Catholic guilt? Bitterness over unrequited love? Come check that baggage with us so that you can experience Burning Man baggage free! Sunday night all unclaimed baggage will be burned in the temple burn.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Balloon Chain Camp

The artist crew camp for Balloon Chain art installation

URL: http://balloonchain.comHometown: New York, NY

Bang Bang

Camp Bang Bang invites you to experience our progressive art installation- Brites of Passage. Look around, and all you’ll see is love.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Bar(e) Dairyaire – The Fundue Bar

The friends of fundue at Bar(e) Dairyaire will be serving Swiss cheese fondue and building life-sized paper-mache cows. Stop by on your passage and paint the cow’s bare derriere to the smell and taste of molten cheese.

URL: http://www.teuscher.ch/bare_dairyaireHometown: Portland, OR

Barber Ella Shop

t’s three days into the burn and you’re already cursing the tangled mess that used to be your hair. Come get it dyed, styled, or just plain buzzed at Barber Ella Shop, the interplanetary playa salon that wants to give you a mohawk while surrounding you with Barbarella impersonators dressed in silver spandex à la the 1970’s class sexploitation hair-strazaganza.

URL: http://barberellashop.wordpress.comHometown: San Francisco, CA


Serving the finest “Barbiebera” for over a decade to the elite denizens of Black Rock City in our climate controlled Bistro with over a thousand Barbies to entertain the wildest of fantasies. We are Kernul Killbucks guilty pleasure and Doc Pyro is a DOG, uh, I mean GOD!

URL: http://Barbiedeathcamp.comHometown: Placerville, CA

Barbie Death Village

Now in our third year on the playa, Barbie Death Village, with it’s well-known subcamps Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro, Eden, Black Rock City Body & Paint, Loose Nutz, Preserved In Time, Boosh: The Canadian Splinteer Squad, and Clan O’Crash welcome you to the best damn village on the playa. Come by and enjoy a nice glass of cabernet sauvignon, an Otter Pop, or nice cocktail while being entertained by the Barbiebarians, the sickest bastards on the playa.

URL: http://www.barbiedeathcamp.comHometown: Newcastle, CA


Come take a load off at Basscouch and stay for a sub-sonic frequency journey that will leave you begging for more. Colorado’s own mountain grown bass experience is on playa to serve your auditory resepticals.

Hometown: Denver, CO

Bat Country

Bat Country invites you to relive some of the first rites of passage. Pain, patience, acceptance, sharing, fear, joy…yes, the kindergarten playground. Of course our carousel is a bar but we’ll have swings, a slide, see saws and other ritualistic devices. Of course we’ll be bringing back Hunter S Tuesday and other Gonzo favorites. As the good doctor said; Buy the ticket, take the ride…

URL: http://www.visitbatcountry.orgHometown: Mcmurray, PA

Bayesian Conspiracy

The Bayesian Conspiracy is a multinational, interdisciplinary, and shadowy group of scientists dedicated to saving the world. We devote ourselves to refining the art of human rationality and bringing about a positive Singularity.

URL: http://wiki.lesswrong.com/wiki/Burning_Man_2011Hometown: Berkeley, CA


We’re all just cogs here, spinning and meshing and grinding and churning out solar-baked toast for our Toast Bar. When assembled correctly, we can be persuaded to produce slacklines, ziplines, and the ubiquitous hoop making clinic. And bearwhales.

Hometown: Woodbridge, CA


Becky Ville is the playa home of the performance troop called THE BECKYS. The Beckys will entertain their visitors as they pass through and visit playa surfers.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


We are the Bees of bEEcHARGE!!!, which means we buzz around and swarm folks, serve Labeetos (Honey Based Mojitos), and do our Amazing Bee Line Dance… And if you wear the black and yellow, then you are a BEE too! Join us in a swarm!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Bell Camp

Visit Bell Camp and climb the three bi-level observation tower, or find a spot in our cargo net lounge. Ring our large namesake Bell, and exit through our Corridor of Passage while bathed in gently undulating colored lights.

URL: http://burningmanbellcamp.webs.com/index.htmHometown: Burbank, CA

BFA Camp

What is “BFA” all about? Stop by this friendly camp and learn for yourself.

URL: http://bfa.alohahaus.orgHometown: Seattle, WA

Big Lebowski Camp

Come enjoy not only a man, but a way of life where the bowling is good, the white russians are cold, and the rug really ties the room together…”Shut the fuck up Donny!”

Hometown: Agoura Hills, CA

Big Puffy Yellow Camp

SunTea, Lounge music, Massage, Body art, Stimulating conversation, Temporary adhesion, Orifice management …it’s all here for you at BIG PUFFY YELLOW!

URL: http://www.puffyyellow.comHometown: Charlotte, NC

Biggest Lil S'mores on the Playa

We’re back! Your Biggest Lil S’mores on the Playa invite YOU to come & Indulge~ Tues/Wed/Thurs ~ 5-7p,m. at the corner of 9:30 & G!

Hometown: Sparks, NV

Bike Course Camp

Support camp for the Bike Course builders, come on by and ride our mini-course at camp.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Bioliminati / Pimp Yr Bike

Bioluminati has been illuminating BRC for 16 years with art, quests and now PIMP YR BIKE; the bling-ification station where Black Rock Citizens upgrade their rides with that extra get-up-and-glow. Open daily. Donors of non-moopy craft materials get VIP access! And every evening, Micro-Cinema!

URL: http://www.bioluminati.orgHometown: Orinda, CA


BIQ HQ – Headquarters for the BIQ Quick Repair stations located around the Playa.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/BIQ-HQ-Burning-Man-2011/192082817502880Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Bitchin' Braid Camp

Hometown: Reno, NV

Black Planet

Make your future perfect at Black Planet, live in radiant health, become an active participant in your government. DE-PROGRAMMED film festival showcasing documentaries and visually stunning sci-fi films. Featuring daily vegan food and snack giveaways, workshops on health, animal rights and sustainability, and interactive political art installation: Habeas Corpus. Deep vibrations emanate from the BlackDome: DJs Veganinblack & Dominion spin darkwave to dubstep. Dance in the dark with us…

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Planet/163536577039317Hometown: Chicago, IL

Black Rock Bakery

A holy order devoted to the creation of piping hot baked goods. As each batch of exquisite pastries, breads, and pizzas emerges fresh from our propane and solar ovens, a dedicated squad of warrior monks rushes the delectables to you, tireless in their journey until their destination is reached.

URL: http://www.blackrockbakery.orgHometown: North Hollywood, CA

Black Rock Beacon

The Black Rock Beacon will be producing a daily newspaper for Black Rock City with a mix of fun articles and serious news. Our Press Club & News Room will provide shade and refreshment for ourselves as well as other members of the press and interested Burners.

URL: http://www.blackrockbeacon.org/Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

Black Rock Botanica

Tarot and palm readings, candle magic, essential oils and infusions, talismans and other expressions of the mystical arts find their home behind an unassuming storefront in the French Quarter. Craft your own spirit mask, or bring a trinket from the object of your desire (or ire) and customize a voodoo doll in their image. Offerings of the sacred and the profane are encouraged to keep the botanica stocked.

URL: http://www.blackrockbotanica.orgHometown: Woodland Hills, CA

Black Rock Boutique

Helping the citizens of Black Rock City stay fabulous with funky, furry, freaky fashions. Open Daily. Donations accepted.

URL: http://www.blackrockboutique.comHometown: Portland, OR

Black Rock Brewery

In eternal devotion to the magic of hop and yeast, the Black Rock Brewery brings together home brewers from around the world, to share their honey ales, lavender meads, ginger beers, and dozens of other exotic concoctions for your drinking pleasure. Join us for contests, lessons, and tastings!

URL: http://www.blackrockbrewery.orgHometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Black Rock Center for Unlearning (BRCU)

Got Too much on your mind? All those facts and figures got you down? At the Black Rock Center for Unlearning you’ll finally let go of the burdens of knowledge. Let our UNtrained professionals help you UNfigure out where you don’t want to go and what you don’t want to become.

URL: http://blackrockcenterforunlearning.comHometown: Reno, NV

Black Rock City Airbrush

Black Rock City Airbrush is back!
This camp resides within the Sin City Village and offers the finest custom airbrushed T-shirts and body art made just for you! “You-say-it-we-spray-it”
We are creating MAXIMUM participation from gifted patrons!
Expect to participate, and/or take a guerilla course in airbrushing! You may even find yourself running our booth while we sneak away.
Enthusiasm, Curiosity, Compliments, Flirting, Patience, and Cold Beer go a long way at our camp!

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Black Rock City Body & Paint

BRC Body & Paint, nestled within Barbie Death Village, has been voted “Best body paint camp on the playa” and is your Critical Tits headquarters. Whether you want your boobs highlighted or your entire chest and face done by our “Playa Picassos”, come by for the finest body painting around. We’ll be open most days and all day Friday, preparing all of the lovely sirens for the big Critical Tits parade. Wine will also be available.

URL: http://www.barbiedeathcamp.comHometown: Newcastle, CA

Black Rock City Department of Mobility

At BLACK ROCK CITY DEPARTMENT OF MOBILITY, we offer the gift of mobility to disabled Burners who might have difficulty traveling to the far reaches of Black Rock City. It is our goal to expand and enhance the opportunities for our Themecamp guests to PARTICIPATE!
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: BRCMobility (at) gmail (dot) com

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Black Rock City Epitaph

Visit the Black Rock City Epitaph to have a Living Obituary or Society Page announcement created for you or by you. Writers, artists and editors will publish a daily “mural” edition of the Epitaph.

Hometown: Victoria, BC

Black Rock City Post Office

There’s no team in Fuck You We provide service and delivery of your U.S. and playa mail, on and off the playa. Come trade post cards, stamps and other art. We provide performance art, socialization, integration, and certified citizenship. Join us to, make a post card, work a window, deliver the mail or just for a laugh.

URL: http://www.blackrockcitypostoffice.comHometown: Portland, OR

Black Rock City Recycle Camp

Black Rock City Recycle Camp is a participant produced & participant supported camp that wants you to bring us all of your aluminum cans. Separate all of your trash, to dispose of properly, and then come find us in Center Camp on the corner of 6:00 and the Center Camp Ring, where you get to crush your cans on the State-of-the-Art can crushing machine..!

URL: http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/environment_concerns/recycle_camp.htmlHometown: Oakland, CA

Black Rock City Weddingmobile Camp

Mobile Legal Wedding Chapel. Cosmic Dancer officiates Weddings with the Black Rock City Weddingmobile

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Black Rock Film Fest

Our open air theater will show the best short films from around the world to an international audience of art and film lovers who descend on Burning Man every year for fun, art and experience in the northern Nevada desert. Films do not need to be about Burning Man, we seek to present a showcase of the best short films from around the world about any subject.

URL: http://www.bostonunderground.org/brcffHometown: Somerville, MA

Black Rock French Quarter

The heart of the Big Easy come to Black Rock City, including cocktails, bakery, fresh roasted coffee, botanica and voodoo shop, live music and burlesque, gumbo cookery, brewery, wine cellar, Mardi Gras, jazz funeral for the Man, vineyard, and a few other surprises. Our French Quarter buildings are based on an open design that your camp can build to join us!

URL: http://www.blackrockfrenchquarter.org/Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA

Black Rock Hardware Shoppe

The name says it all. Serving Black Rock City for over 11 years, BRC Hardware Shoppe is on-site with a mess of tools and supplies to help fix or build anything on the playa. If it ain’t broke, we’ll fix it till it is!

URL: http://brchardware.orgHometown: Seattle, WA

Black Rock Kwoon and Dojo

The ancestral training ground for the warrior monks of BRC, in which you may explore various martial arts and philosophies. In between classes and training sessions, the monks are an elite delivery service, carrying goods from the Black Rock Bakery, Black Rock Vineyards, and Black Rock Brewery to the four corners of the city.

URL: http://www.blackrockkwoon.orgHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Black Rock Lemoande

Cold Lemonade for hot dusty humans. This is the place to come and get you thirst on ! Non-alcoholic , DJ’s to swing to , hoop’s to play with and people to smile with you ! Come play on our new Super sized pool table !

URL: http://www.blackrocklemoande.comHometown: Willits, CA

Black Rock Local 447

Black Rock Local 447 is like your favorite bar a not a techno warehouse or an ultralounge, but the classic neighborhood watering hole that you can’t get enough of. We are all folks who work for Burning Man, and we offer you a friendly, fun environment for beating the heat and seeing what makes this.

URL: http://www.brc447.comHometown: Cotati, CA

Black Rock Neighborhood Association (BRNA)

The Black Rock Neighborhood Association (BRNA) is a Sacramento based theme camp that exists to enhance the overall quality of life in Black Rock City and to support the commonwealth of its Burners. BRNA achieves its mission by: 1. Creating and maintaining the Tree House Park for fellow Burner’s enjoyment. 2. Hosting a Community Meeting for all Burners on Thursday September 1st. 3. Building community by joining neighbors together through Burning Man’s 10 Principals.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Black Rock Preparatory Funcademy of Positivity

The Prepatory and Funcademy of Positivity is here to let you reclaim that most awkward rite of passage: school! Come play double-dutch, climb on a jungle gym or retake that “under the sea” prom picture with someone you actually have a shot with.

URL: http://BlackRockPrep.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Black Rock Rest Stop

Black Rock Rest Stop is a place to rest your face or have some space. Vacant or not…this is your spot.

Hometown: Denver, CO

Black Rock Roller Disco

There’s a place on the playa where the funk and disco beat will have you rollin’ nonstop!!! Make tracks to the Black Rock Roller Disco where you can roller skate on the playa all day and all night. The Black Rock Rollergirls will be slamin’ the competition with all girl roller derby Thursday, Sept 1 and the bar ia always open. You can even show ohh your foosball skills!!!

Stop by and say hi!!!!!

URL: http://www.cora.org/BlackRockRollerDisco2010.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

Black Rock Spatial Delivery

Our uniformed bike messengers have served our community with playawide delivery services for your missives, parcels, letters, schwag since 1999.

This year we are recruiting the stout of heart and the sturdy of sinew to join our legions of deliverators . . . more riders, more bikes, more deliverators! Interested parties should contact BlackRockSpatialDelivery at gmail.com

URL: http://www.cheetowagon.com/brsd/brsd.htmlHometown: Seattle, WA

Black Rock Supper Club

A showcase for culinary and mixological talents from around the world. Since 2006, the supper club has hosted gourmet candlelit dinners with musical accompaniment for artists, builders, and all the other folks who make the magic of BRC possible. Are you a chef or performer with a talent to share?

URL: http://www.blackrocksupperclub.orgHometown: North Hollywood, CA

Black Rock Syndicate

A day time oasis with shade and the some of the brightest electronic producers and DJ’s spinning house, electro and techno.
Have a drink at our bar or get cooled in palm oasis by the water cannons.

URL: http://www.blackrocksydnicate.comHometown: Henderson, NV

Black Rock Travel Agency

Instead of a pithy comment this year, let’s have H.L. Mencken say a few words:
“For it is mutual trust even more than mutual interest that hold human associations together-our friends seldom profit us but they make us feel safe.”
“Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.”

URL: http://blackrocktravelagency.comHometown: Nevada City, CA

Black Rock Vineyards

Producers of the first and only wine grown, pressed, and aged entirely in Black Rock City! Established in 1999, the vineyards have nurtured a cutting of the nearly extinct carnivorous Cabernet Dionaea for 12 years to yield the acclaimed Vinum Pejorative – vintners and wine lovers, stop by for a sip!

URL: http://www.blackrockvineyards.orgHometown: Woodland Hills, CA

Black Rock Wine Cellar

The unrelenting heat of the Black Rock Desert is no place for wine! If you have a special bottle in need of tender loving care, we invite you to check your bottle into our refrigerated subterranean facility, where it will await your return under lock and key. And while you’re here, why not join us for a tasting of some of the bottles we brought to share?

URL: http://www.blackrockwinecellar.orgHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Black Rock Yearbook

Hometown: San Marino, CA

Blacklight Aquarium, The

Headed to the playa from the portapotty and lost your way, or vice-versa? Are you finding your passage to be utterly unrighteous? Seek the wisdom of playa oracles Maestro or Wolf-Cow. One may assist; the other may be pissed. Either way, you’ll eventually end up where you’re supposed to be.

URL: http://www.blaqua.com/projects/oraclesHometown: West Sacramento, CA


Dusty on the playa since 1953!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Hometown: Seattle, WA

Blue Oasis

Each evening movies will be presented in the Blue Oasis Theater. Enjoy movies on a big screen under the stars with full stereo sound. Our film collection includes big name feature films, cult movies and true art collectables. Or, bring your own (DVD format only) and arrange for a special showing. The planned program for each night will be displayed on the marquee at the front of the theater.

Hometown: Petaluma, CA

BMIR, Burning Man Information Radio 94.5 FM

BMIR, Burning Man Information Radio 94.5 FM
The voice of Black Rock City and your source for official news, information, music and madness. http://www.bmir.org and http://www.shoutingfire.com

URL: http://www.bmir.orgHometown: Berkeley, CA

Bocce Ballsy: A Division of Debocceri

Do you have fun with balls? Wanna play with ours? Join our crew at Bocce Ballsy: A Division of DeBocceri, International Bocce Ball Camp, for Bocce Ball Tournament, Dance Party and Happy Hour!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/DeBocceRi/130905600278584Hometown: Oakland, CA

Bojon Balance Camp

Join Bojon Balance Camp for Rite of Passage Cocktail Hours Thursday, Friday and Saturday late afternoon. Explore the Friend Machine to discover when you cross the invisible boundary from being strangers to friends.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Boo Boo City

Boo Boo City is a teeming borough and twisted version of Mr. Rogeras Neighborhood that incorporates a deli (Mikey’s Hug Deli), a theater (The Litter Box), a place to get lost in your mind (Brain Wave Escape), and the biggest, most sweetie-pie stray cat (Boo Boo Kitty).

URL: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=74337210678&v=infoHometown: Pasadena, CA

Booby Bar

Hometown: Sun Valley, NV

Booby Bar

The B(o)(o)by Bar, a social gathering place for new and returning burners alike, consists of two well-tanned domes that house the best damned bar on the playa. The B(o)(o)by Bar is a theatrically interactive place have a drink,
meet new friends, laugh, and enjoy each day of life in BRC. 

Hometown: Reno, NV

Boonville Cabaret

the Boonville Cabaret offers a stage and a lounge with a bar. We also have an art car decorated as a Gypsy Wagon.

Hometown: Boonville, CA

boot docks

come join the party

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Bootiful and Rayical

With the full intention of bring peace, love and make the world a happier and smarter place, one touch and one word at a time.

URL: http://bootifulrayical.wordpress.comHometown: Seattle, WA


Bounce camp is back on the playa, louder, bolder, rounder, and rolling to you. Hold on to your disco and leave the dogs at home, cause I do not listen to bounce very much, but when I do….I take one of these, I grab two of these and I bring you bitches down to your knee. Let’s do this this!

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Bouncy Bouncy Club

The BBC – A jolly good place to bounce …. and home of “Le Bon Temps BRC,” a great New Orleans bar on the playa.

URL: http://www.thebouncybouncyclub.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Brain Freeze / Got Stickers Camp

Brain Freeze / Got Stickers Camp will be stickers of all sorts during the event. Stop by and find some stickers and if you are over 21 you may enjoy a frozen margarita.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Brand-UR-Ass N' More

Brand-UR-Ass N’ More will stimulate your entire being, from ur mind to ur ass. Bare ur butt at the hitchin post, get a painless temporary brand, get costumed at Suburban Slippage, have a drink at the Martini Bar or get some gong vibes. Y’all come and play!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/BrandURAssHometown: Sparks, NV

BRC Animal Control

Since 2001, Black Rock City Animal Control (BRCAC) has tagged and inoculated countless playa animals. Safety and security from wild and rabid animals are our promises to you on Playa. We make no other promises.
BRCAC also continues to celebrate interactivity with playful shticks, such as Demolition Enforcement Agency, Tequila Pit Crew, and our quest to find the “Winner” of Burning Man with Trophy Camp.

URL: http://brcac.com/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

BRC Boobwash

BRC Boobwash! come on by to spin to win, we will be handing out boobwashes, boobwaxes (sunscreen) drinks, prizes and goodtimes!!

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

BRC Buhpartment of Buhfense

The mission of The BRC Buhpartment Of Buhfense is to protect our city from The Enemy and its Stuffed Animals of Malicious Intent. Join us for basic training in our interactive human-sized maze, at boot camp, and enlist in the Buhfense of Black Rock City by participating in patriotic levels of mockery.

URL: http://www.technobrat.com/buhfense/Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

BRC Bureau of Misinformation

Are you lost? Are you looking for the meaning of life or maybe just the way to Center Camp? Swing by the BRC Bureau of Misinformation, where we promise to answer all your burning questions with weird, wild, and witty responses. Our (mis)information booth doubles as a bar, so if you don’t get the answer you want, we’ll do our best to drown your sorrows!

URL: http://www.BureauOfMisinformation.comHometown: Castro Valley, CA

Bread Camp

Come to Bread Camp for sustenance from our wood-fired oven or from the camaraderie of humans.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Brokedown Palace

Come have a cocktail, dance to the Grateful Dead and enjoy the liquid light show. The party starts before sundown and ends whenever…What a long strange trip it’s been.

Hometown: Sherman Oaks, CA

Brooklyn California

Establishing a peace between East and West since 2007. Reggae, soul and sleep till Brooklyn.

URL: http://wnyu.org/archives?c=shakeem-on-downHometown: Brooklyn, NY

Bubble Tea

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere and drops to drink for all. Dispensing boba filled yummy tea for all you parched playa peeps.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Bubbles and Bass


We will be rockin’ you out during the AM hours with bubbly bass-tastic house music as you watch the sunrise over the playa, dance the morning away, and cheers with a glass of bubbly!

URL: http://www.bubblesandbass.comHometown: New York, NY


When deluded one is an ordinary being when enlightened one is called a Buddha. Every human being can manifest their ultimate potential and live a life of true happiness through chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. BuddhaCamp@theLotusDome Bringing True Buddhism to the playa since 2007!

URL: http://www.buddhacamp.orgHometown: Seattle, WA

Buffalo Nation

native american tradition alive and present — evening come sit at our burial ground to listen to native american story telling, participate in a drum circle, pipe smoking ceremony; daytime come learn some words in lakota, how to weave baskets, how to heal yourself with herbs and alternative methods;

Hometown: Breckenridge, CO


In the year 1050 BCE, an idea began to grow. An idea so revolutionary that it would need to ruminate, morph, and gestate to perfection. For thousands of years, it floated in space. In 2007 CE, a group of non-talented, uneducated, uninspired individuals merely sat in a room unable to speak. This group was actually unimportant. Yet, beside them in the room, a motivated, frolicking, bubbling team found themselves smacked in the face with an idea. Bumblepuss was born.

URL: http://www.bumblepuss.com/Hometown: San Francisco, CA


In the year of the rabbit, the West Side Canadian Chapter of the Global Bunny Nation will come together to create a Rite of Passage for all Burner Brethren in Black Rock City 2011. Journey Down The Rabbit Hole and emerge as a sentient furry being on The Bunnyside.

URL: http://www.bunnyside.comHometown: Calgary, AB

Bureau of Artistic Development

The Bureau of Artistic Development: Apply for Creative License.

URL: http://www.mindshaftsociety.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Bureau of Unclaimed Secrets

Have a secret…leave a secret! Need a secret…take a secret!

Stop by to unlock and share the secrets of your Rites of Passage or relax with the bureaucrats.

URL: http://unclaimedsecrets.blogspot.com/Hometown: Fishers, IN

Burmingham Observatory

Burmingham Observatory is a place for learning, creative thinking, and mental enrichment. We are providing telescopes for nighttime stargazing and daytime playagazing. We encourage all new astronomers and even children, as we will provide basic starmaps and instruction so that you can view the night sky like never before. Come enjoy talks with our informative space advocates, lounge around and share ideas, all over a nice cup of hot coco!

URL: http://www.burminghamobservatory.com/index.htmlHometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Burn Academy

The Burn Academy is a Fire Conclave that provides community interaction through teaching fire performance workshops. We will also host fire performances, teach fire safety education, and provide open spin jams where we will engage people in guided performances within a safe structural environment.

URL: http://www.burnacademy.comHometown: Torrance, CA

Burn Again Campers

Burned out on Burning Man? No more…because it’s time to be a “burn again camper” and let our Burner Virginity Rejuvenation technicians recapture your lost playa innocence without all that unsightly cynicism.

URL: http://camp.burnerd.com/Hometown: Fountain Valley, CA

Burners Without Borders

For the past 5 years, Burners Without Borders has been bringing innovative solutions to real world problems around the world and you are invited to bring it to your communities. Come check out the amazing projects this community has undertaken while dancing to the best live music the playa has to offer as you create poi and art for ongoing BWB projects.

URL: http://www.burnerswithoutborders.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

burning flix camp

We will show classic comedy flx every evening.
Tuesday and Thursday night at midnight we will show “Rocky Horror Picture Show”
We supply real popcorn from a old time popper.
Stop by during the day to relax in the shade and chat about ??

Hometown: Littlerock, CA

Burning Man Earth

Making cartography from chaos… A dedicated team of artists, coders, and software developers have created tools to help you locate others, schedule and find themecamp events, artwork, and much more. This project is aimed at providing a digital space which encompasses the entire event and community, both in BRC and in archival form, long after the dust has settled.

URL: http://earth.burningman.com/Hometown: Oakland, CA

Burning Man Studios

Started by some creative types, in the entertainment industry and otherwise, to share with the BM community. Drop by for some serious advice/discussions about the entertainment world, some very un-serious bs sessions, or just to say hello.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Burning Phone/Soft Rock Camp

Burning Phone Camp Contact To The Outside World

URL: http://boxcarcabin.com/bman10.htmlHometown: Torrance, CA

Burning Souls

Come join Burning Souls in a psychedelic adventure of sight and sounds. Kick your shoes off, grab a drink and absorb the energy.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Burning Stump

Blukis the traveling Stump in BM: in pagan traditions in Lithuania and many other IndoEuropean countries are popular myths of stealing and conquering back the Sun, Blukis – symbol of undertheearth beings and energies of the underworld spirits. Drag Blukis around and burn it is an action of freeing the Sun. Blukisdraggers not only welcome the new sun, they burn their old fears, emotional baggage, everything that is old and needs to be born again..
Burn your Badluck with us!

URL: http://www.degantisblukis.ltHometown: Vilnius, Lithuania

Burntown Reverses the Rights

Don’t call it a comeback; we’ve been here for years! Cross the Rope Bridge of TERROR if you dare…Expect the un-expected in the General Store. Dance the night away listening to your favorite DJ’s. Chillax the day away in the beanbag dome of sleepy cuddle puddle.

URL: http://burntown.ajpn.com/Hometown: Auburn, CA

Bus Depot Camp

Our camp is a working camp! We dedicate ourselves to the Bus Depot, which services the public, in their attempts to return to Gerlach or Empire by way of Green Tortoise transportation. We work hard, and party harder!

Hometown: Pacifica, CA


Busted! offers a refuge from the elements, with ample shade, soft comfortable seating, and colorful loose walls that allow for the breeze to flow through. Busted! is a meeting place for the Burning Man community, an inviting environment where people can relax and swap stories over glasses of iced tea. As gracious playa hosts, our camp members foster and encourage interaction among strangers walking by calling them in to share a drink with other fellow participants, while helping them regenerate.

Hometown: Oakland, CA