2011 Theme Camps

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Galactic Jungle

Galactic Jungle will create an oasis of plant life and cool air in the desert. Plants, misters, fans a portable a/c unit as well as a sound system and extensive LED lighting will create a spacey jungle environment for people to enter into.

URL: http://www.galacticjungle.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Gallavant Goddesses and their Lost Boys

We are back for another year! The Gallavant Goddesses & their Lost Boys fly in from around the world to bring stability to the Playa by giving their fellow citizens BALLS. Located within (unofficial) Redirection Connection Village, sit in our inviting front yard while we supply you with a brightly colored tennis ball for your bicycle kickstand and lively conversation.

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Ganesh's Boister Shack Baggage Shuck

Ganesh’s Boister Shack Baggage Shuck celebrates overcoming obstacles to rites of passage. 11-4, shuck your baggage, retreat from the heat & transform your state at our bar in a big, cool desert tent from India. A maintained, regulation tennis court is also for volleyball & badminton at night. The Gifting Tree provides interactivity around playa giving.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Gears & Ties

BRC’s Steampunk Lightning Rail Station. Home to a trading post, an academy of disciple, and the Battleborn Locomotive.

URL: http://www.gearssteampunkmarket.com/camp.cfmHometown: Sparks, NV

Gedi Prime

Come by and visit our Wild West Saloon and whiskey bar. We play all our favorite country songs all the time.

Hometown: Reno, NV


Clean, comfortable climate controlled – (did someone say there’s dust out there?) Come to the Geisha House! Your plush sanctuary on the playa where fuzzy pillows, furry floor & velvet walls invite you to focus your chi. Have some self-service sake, flirt with neighbors, share the latest playa gossip, or contemplate life. A/C in the day..heated at night — a 24 hour self-serve, dust-free spot that will rekindle your senses and give your spaceship a softer landing.

Hometown: New York, NY

Gender Blender

Boy? Girl? Ze? Unidentified? You decide. Gender Blender is a safe haven for those bending and blending gender, a place to come and explore for those who have always wanted to mix up their gender but have never before, and a spot for those who are curious about gender play and how gender impacts and affects our lives. We are a gender conscious open loving community that runs workshops, theatrics, loves sparkles, drag, and making smoothies in the desert.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=92581727889Hometown: Valley Stream, NY

Genital Portrait Studio

At Genital Portrait Studio, highly trained photographers offer you the
opportunity capture that special side of yourself in the privacy of our playa
studio. Your session may include a number of props and positions, and you can
walk away with your very own Genital ID card.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


The Geriantics are Burners 55 and older celebrating the Rites of Passage into Seniority with creativity and self-expression. Come by, say “hey”, sit awhile, share your story or listen to someone else’s. When the dust has got ya down – Geriantics. When it’s too hot to sleep – Geriantics. When ya just saw the best damn art car in the whole friggin world – Geriantics baby!!

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Get Lost

On the edge of the city sits Get Lost. We’ll give you directions and they will be wrong. We’ll point you to the punk rock bar next door instead. Or we’ll point you to a shady spot and give you a cocktail and relax you with pretty music. Anyway about it, you’ll definitely Get Lost.

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

Gherkin Lounge

The Gherkin Lounge, infamous since day one, is a slice of the playa you have been longing for. Classy by nature, sassy by default. Good music, better cocktails and greater people. Our three story bar/lounge will captivate you as you sip on yummy cocktails (like our famous Gherkin Martini) while listening to cool beats that transports you to an unforgettable human experience. Themed parties nightly. Ice-cold pickles and martinis are just the beginning…

URL: http://www.facebook.com/gherkinloungeHometown: San Francisco, CA

Glitter Camp

Come get naked and shiny as nature intended! We will adoringly slather you with glittery goo by day, and rock lap dances by night!

Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Glow Salvation Ministries

Wandering darkly in the darkness? Let us illuminate you (or your art installation)!

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Gnome Camp

Gnome Camp will assist you in the rite of passage from human to gnomanhood. Get your hat and beard, then set forth to create gnomish mischief!

URL: http://gnomecamp.comHometown: Brooklyn, NY

gNome Dome

There is but one true and benevolent ruler of this universe and that kind monarch is none other than Sparkles The Unicorn and Sprinkles the Gnome is his Prophet!
Play, unwind and discover your Inner-Gnome.
Join us beneath our toadstool dome!

Hometown: Denver, CO

Godzilla Camp (GBC)

Members of the former Sloth Camp & Carney Camp reunite to bring you the traditional fare; Afternoon free-range boccie ball tournaments, discussions and examples of solar & wind generation, woman’s foot care, scented misting station, massage, and a shaded gathering spot by the fountains.

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

Golden Cafe

Your home for exotic cocktails, live music, and gourmet dining since 2003. Swing by for elegant libations served in real glassware, jam with our house band, work with our chefs to bring culinary wonder to the playa!

URL: http://www.goldencafe.orgHometown: Woodland Hills, CA


Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Grand Hotel Ashram by Coco Poco Loco

“Your Home Away from Home Away from Home” The Grand Hotel at Ashram Galactica sets the standard for hospitality in the Black Rock City Metropolitan Area for the 7th year running. Enjoy a crisp cocktail and conversation, with a twist: this year Ashram is being run by the Infamous Coco Poco Loco crew out of Melbourne, Australia so expect the unexpected.

URL: http://www.ashramgalactica.com/Home.htmlHometown: Northcote

GrassRoots United

GrassRoots United does disaster relief at Burning Man. Visit our camp for a taste of GRU in Haiti including: a hot dog stand, chicken shooting range, cafe with Haitian coffee and fresh bread, “hole in wall” bar, resource center with hand tools, electrical, welding and mechanics facilities, chill out dome, recycling center, compost bins, “tap tap” art cars, our famous Wednesday night Prom and post burn camp demo services.

URL: http://www.grassrootsunited.orgHometown: Kings Beach, CA

Great Balls of Fire

From DC and beyond, we offer several activities for your delight: sock poi making workshops, poi spinning classes, hoop-making, hoop lessons, devil sticks, a performance by members of the PDF Fire Conclave, Naughty Nightie Cocktail Party.

URL: http://gbofdc.comHometown: Arlington, VA

Green Bean Cafe

“Cafe Verde” inspired by the idea of community, a symbol of growth, a unique structure that will cultivate ideas, education and harmony.This will be a 45′ tall green stalk with an observation deck on the 6th floor and in the main space a cafe that serves free home made soups, Herbal Teas and coffees, we will have an interior stage space for sustainable living and alternative energy seminars, acoustic music sessions and childrens storytelling hours.

Hometown: Ridgewood, NY

Green Tortoise Village

Green Tortoise = alternative travel entity. We operate the shuttle service to and from Empire and Gerlach and have a cool camp with shade, a chill area, and great folks from around the world. Come by if you have a bus problem, to check out our unique sleeper coaches or hop on board in San Francisco!

URL: http://www.greentortoise.com/adventure.travel.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

GreenSun Camp and Enchante

Camp GreenSun and Enchante will be celebrating the union of the Greenspan and Nelson families. We will also be holding a hug/massage instructional session, a Cornhole tournament, a Bar Mitzvah and Burning Man Gospel hour.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/camp-greensun/Hometown: Mckinleyville, CA

Greeters Station

Hometown: El Segundo, CA

Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves

Gypsies can join us for classes on palmistry and tarot, henna, massage, or belly dance; look for the Gypsy Caravan multi-person bike transport cruising BRC. Tramp though our camp and paint a bandana, get your Tramp Polaroid picture taken, learn some circus arts, or lounge at the bar. Thieves? We’re just here to steal hearts with a parade across the playa, stopping to provide impromptu live drumming and American Tribal Style belly dance.

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Gypsy Witch Camp

The Gypsy Witches are a welcoming group here for the Newbies & the lone travelers. Our camp consists of experienced Burners who would like to provide a community for you to camp with, explore with, eat salsa with and drink tequila with.

URL: http://www.myspace.com/gypsywitchcampHometown: Reno, NV