2011 Theme Camps

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Nipple Inspection and Placement Station. Coming tp BRC to further advancements in the science of nipple classification. How do your nipples stand up? Come by to have your nipples evaluated for type and class. Nipple coverings and jewelry will be given as needed while supplies last.

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV


We all know how the playa leads to nothing but chipped and cracked nails. Well head over to Nails N ‘Tails to slap a nice fresh coat on while you enjoy a cocktail. Relax in our comfy playa salon, make friends and have a nail painting party with us!

Hometown: Anaheim, CA

Naked Ninjas

Our sneakiness is something to be seen! Join us Monday and Wednesday afternoon for tasty libations and funky beats in the Ninja Temple, and Thursday evening for classic sci-fi movie action in honour of a fallen friend.

URL: http://naked-ninjas.com/Hometown: Fort Collins, CO

Namers at Rest

PLAYA NAME HELP provides meaningful playa names for Black Rock City citizens.

URL: http://www.playanamecamp.infoHometown: Seattle, WA

Nasty's Dive Bar

Welcome to Nasty’s Dive Bar, your new home away from home. From misfits to heathens, from ravers to furries, you are all welcome to take a load off a relax a while, play some games, sing some songs, as Nasty fixes you up a fresh cocktail.

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/nastysdivebar/Hometown: Portland, OR

Nectar Village

Nectar Village is about you. It is about what you need… to survive, refuel, and revitalize. Mind, body and spirit are all served, and you’ll find the nectar you seek for any of them, in the camps at our oasis. Offerings continuously from 8am to 10pm.

URL: http://www.nectarvillage.comHometown: San Francisco, CA


Where the concrete jungle of metropolis meets the prismatic nature of the hominid family, Neon Monkey is formed, an evolutionary experiment of buffoonery and rapturous indulgence. We offer to our community yoga, meditation, EFT circles, hoop jams, and incredible music by talented EDM producers and DJs. Enter our Neon Jungle and evolve with us.

Hometown: Chico, CA


Calling all lost boys and girls, fly away to NeverNeverLand, where you’ll never grow old. Come to our lagoon and party down, and watch out for those pesky pirates.

Hometown: Bozeman, MT

New Jersey

What a difference a state makes!

Hometown: Denver, CO


Nexus is an experimental community, within an experimental city. We live, sleep, work, eat, drink and party like rockstars together. Epic music every night, and friendly sarcastic bartenders keep you coming back for more all week long.

URL: http://nexusorg.orgHometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Nice Nice

We are an international group of artists, musicians, and innovators. Come make music with our tubular bells and gongs, interact with our neon sculpture, or just take some time to relax; all while listening to the sound of a babbling brook.

URL: http://campnicenice.com/Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Nit Whips

Nit Whips is a luminescent and physical space where human and elemental momentum becomes light. Up close, engage with interactive Nit Whips and generate rich luminous compositions, from afar experience the drapes shimmering in the night.

URL: http://www.nitwhips.comHometown: Montreal, QC


NOLA CORE is the base camp for Mama Nola, the New Orleans regional effigy.

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Nom De Plume

Dub… Were a dub camp and we play a variety of dub sounds. We serve chai tea, yerba mate and coffee, come by to skank, watch a movie, drink some tea and thrive.

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA


Noonaantea is a loving camp devoted to revitalizing travelers during their many rites of passage. Come by our comfortable dessert oasis to enjoy tantalizing teas and scrumptious naan bread daily at noon.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/NOONAANTEAHometown: Valley Village, CA

Northwest Mist

Providing a soothing Northwest atmosphere to escape the mid-day heat. Step through the Northwest Mist portal and transcend the heat of the day for a momentary refreshening.

URL: http://www.northwestmist.comHometown: Vancouver, WA

Nose Fish

Nosefish returns in 2011 with Quesadillas and the MEZ Video screen at night, and our EL Wire Repair service during the day.

URL: http://www.timefold.com/nosefishHometown: Oakland, CA

Numba Tribe

Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA


Bunnies, Smurfs, Jellies, Monkeys, and Spacenutz… we’ve come to realize we’re just Nutz! See you at sunrise:)

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

NYC Container Camp

NYC Container Camp is the New York container filled with all the love, joy, art and creativity shipped from the other side of the country! Come get your goods, put your art and bikes together, and sit awhile for our nightly NYC Happy Hour!

URL: http://www.nyccontainer.comHometown: Brooklyn, NY

Nyrvana Village

Nyrvana Village is anchored by Kostume Kult to be joined by Raised By Wolves, Entwined, Love3 and PRED. Our Esplanade will be alive all day with costume giveaways, MCs, DJs, ongoing runway shows and 24-7 shenanigans. Find the 15′ arch and you will be in Nyrvana. We have fun here. (see individual camp listings for more)

URL: http://www.kostumekult.com/Hometown: Brooklyn, NY