2011 Theme Camps

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Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Kalitopia Kamp

A place for northern and southern Kalifornians to hang out and talk, or stay longer at our refugee kamp overflow. Come check out our talks on ritual initiations and the Apocalypse as prophecized in the California love video by Dr. Dre and TuPac.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Kamp Kammaniwannalaya

Our camp is a place old where friends and family meet and greet new friends and family.

Hometown: Alturas, CA

Kamp Kaos

Kaos is the complexity of causality or the relationship between events. This means that any ‘seemingly’ insignificant event in the universe has the potential to trigger a chain reaction that will change the whole system.

Hometown: Somerville, MA

Kamp Sky-Nerd

An Oasis of Ignorance in a Sea of Enlightenment!

Hometown: Lake Hughes, CA

Kamp Suckie Fuckaye

Kamp Suckie Fuckaye, home of the Official Black Rock City Garnish Fire Conclave and the Suck ‘n Fuck Saloon. Circus, fire, comedy… The kids that hid behind the curtains at the traveling circus till close and took over! Desert Sirens enticing the Great Neptoon from his watery layer. Suckie Fuckaaaaaayeeee!

URL: http://kampsuckiefuckaye.comHometown: Portland, OR

Kanuckistan Virgin Sacrifice

For make benefit glourious nation of Kanuckistan, featuring Old Country Vodka Snorting Bar, 7th annual Xeni Cup street hockey tournament and Canadian cultural exchange. Alberta Regional Camp. twitter.com/kanuckistan

URL: http://kanuckistan.ca/Hometown: Calgary, AB

Karma Chickens

Karma Chickens are all about sharing knowledge and experience while having fun! In our 25-foot shaded dome we hold drink socials and hold workshops on poi, swing dancing, belly dancing, gray water management, solar power, felting, tai chi, play acoustic music and more!

URL: http://www.karmachickens.orgHometown: Rancho Cordova, CA


Welcome to the jungle planet of KashyyyK, home of the Wroshyr Trees. Come dance, play, and frolic in the shade around our tree trunks, wander through our Bottle Cap Flower Garden, and sample our native libation, Wookie Juice!

Hometown: Oakland Gardens, NY

Kegel Kamp and Bijou Boutique

Exercise your PCs! Can you peg the Kegel-O-Meter?
Play Kegel Pong! Compete for valuable bragging rights
or pick up a piece of jewelry at the Boutique!

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Kentucky Fried Camp

And for yet another year Kentucky Fried will liven the mornings with Kentucky Bourbon and our delicious smoked, fried Baloney Sandwiches. We served over 2000 last year. What better way to start your day than getting Fried the KFC way! Starting 9 AM each day.

URL: http://kentuckyfriedcamp.comHometown: Berkeley, CA

Khufu's Stache

Khufu’s Stache incorporates the mystic of the Egyptian ways with the diabolic sounds of dub-step and modern moves. Khufu’s Stache brings the furry during daylight hours with recreational gaming options as well as refreshments. Keep a look out for the mega-sized pharaoh’s, Khufu and Ra, guarding the entrance. Come “whomp like an Egyptian” on our two story dance floor/viewing tower.

Hometown: Truckee, CA


KidsVille is THE place for children of all ages, with a group of diverse families creating a unique space for play and other activities. Families with children 0-17 years of age are welcome to camp with us if they are pre-registered by August 1, 2011. Note: Kidsville is NOT a babysitting service.

URL: http://blackrockkids.orgHometown: Bullhead City, AZ


In the remote galaxy of Kin-Dza-Dza lies a desert planet named Pluke. Residents of Pluke have long ago used up all of their water to make fuel. Their harsh world is littered with remnants of advanced but dingy-looking technology. We are the emissaries of their post-apocalyptic culture, hoping to learn from the spirit of the Burning Man community and bring it back to our home world.

URL: http://sites.google.com/site/campkzz/Hometown: Brooklyn, NY


Kink’os: Get your photo taken and printed on a postcard. Play with our props and people to create fun and exciting photo opportunities.

Hometown: Cave Junction, OR

Korova Milk Bar

Korova Milk Bar: A recreation of the Korova Milk Bar from Stanley Kubrick’s film A Clockwork Orange.

Hometown: Henderson, NV

Kosmik Dust

Stop in for our daily Iced Tea, Lemonade and Fresh Baked Kookies in our solar ovens not to mention scheduled hot dogs, burritos and sno cones. Take a pic in our Photo Booth and create music in our walk through Sound Garden or enjoy great company in our expanded shade structures.

URL: http://www.bill-barrios.com/kosmikdust/Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Kostume Kult

Kostume Kult offers daytime costuming makeovers and a celebration of YOU – emerging from the Kostume Dome, through the Nyrvana Arch and down the runway where MCs/DJs propel you onto the playa and into your new life. For 2011, we present “Rites of Kultage” celebrating all cults and their unique rituals. Featuring Witchdokktor Magamboo O’Boogie, a Mayan Dance Temple, the Church of Coulrophilia hookah bar, the Passage of Enlightenment video tunnel and a Horned Voodoo Ball on Wednesday Night.

URL: http://www.KostumeKult.comHometown: Kew Gardens, NY

Kreme Burners

Rave de Creme Brulees: Enjoy cool beats in the afternoon with our DJs, while tasting the finest Creme Brulees on the playa. Later, join us for the Francophone Burners Aperitifs, and play our rites of passage game.

URL: http://kremeburners.org/Hometown: Sammamish, WA