2011 Theme Camps

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Oasis 47

We are the small craft bazaar in Black Rock city. Liberate your inner artist amidst our comfortable tribal nomads. Join us to practice fire spinning, embellish bronze pendants, learn the secrets of EL wire or take our crab taxi to far away places. Join us. We serve you.

URL: http://www.oasis47.orgHometown: Waltham, MA


obnoXous returns to the playa this year with their tower full of lights and sound. You can visit us or listen to our “Public Service Announcements” broadcast over our PA system which provide you with absolutely no useful information!

Hometown: Reno, NV

Ocean's Serene Luxury Day Spa

Retreat from the heat and the dust inside Ocean’s Serene Luxury Day Spa @ Stardust Lounge Casino, where you can pamper your skin with a rejuvenating treatment, cool off with our hand-held fans and misters,or simply hang out and relax with our lovely mermaids. New for Rites of Passage: playa weddings and photo opportunities at our “Under the Sea” Wedding Chapel!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Octopi in the Sky!

Octopi in the Sky is the ultimate underwater experience in the middle of the desert! Come explore the sights and sounds of the deep ocean, dance with sea animals and get lost in an infinite forest of seaweed!

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Oden's Eye Apple Cider

As Fenris Wolf rises on the event horizon of the Black Rock Desert, Oden’s battleslain return to bandy cider to the embattled residents of our fair City. Drink of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, and distinguish between Good and Ill!

Hometown: Fort Bragg, CA

Oh No You Didn't!

Be our guest and get it off your chest at our playa confessional lounge, featuring unprofessional counseling, libelous libations and scornful judgment from our panel of experts. Commiserate with the best as MC Amy Wineho’ helps keep your shame in perspective.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Oh-No-You-Didnt/108649105843013Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Ohm Drone

URL: http://www.ohmdrone.comHometown: Oakland, CA

one world currency camp

One World Currency Camp, is a hub for a network of community currency activists, whose mission is the creation of a secure, ecologically sustainable, resource based, electronic, open source, transparent, interest free, fee free, money system / medium of exchange created by the people, for the people, available to every human on the Earth.

URL: http://1worldcurrency.netHometown: Eugene, OR


Yep, it’s us. Your least favorite cigar bar on the playa.

Hometown: Gardnerville, NV

Opulent Temple

Sacred dance to world class music, in a self made setting for the evolution of the community and the world through shared peak experience on a dance floor.

URL: http://www.opulenttemple.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA


Oroboros! is an art collective consisting of BBoys and BGirls (Break dancers), Poppers, Fire Dancers, Visual Artists, Yogis, + other vibrant personalities from NY, Cali + Beyond. We intend to illuminate, entertain, beautify, and expand the creative parameters of the human spirit!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_213908321968577Hometown: Brooklyn, NY


Step onto the dusty playa expanse, warm wind caressing your face, eyes scanning the horizon. You will witness the rise of the great pyramid, a feat yet unknown to Black Rock City. Man-made or mythical, OSIRIS is your portal; your doorway from the living to beyond. Your passage between worlds – music, passion, and art are created here. Exiting OSIRIS you are changed forever. You’ve glimpse

URL: http://www.osirisburners.comHometown: Reno, NV


Celebrating and destroying The Other since 1943.

Hometown: Park Ridge, IL


Otter is an oasis of love and conscious celebration. This is
the 17th year in a row in which we, the Otter Clan, bring our big love, laughter and fancy pants dancing to Burning Man!

Hometown: Portland, OR

Outpost 23

Outpost 23 – we strive reach new and obtuse ways to affect your sanity. Whether it be through music or just being generally weird; we’re here to serve you. But were not sure what to do after that…expect 80’s music, megaphones and bubbles…

Hometown: Tucson, AZ