2011 Theme Camps

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URL: http://www.campzoom.orgHometown: Oakland, CA

ZanZibar Lounge & Bar

Come chill an enjoy a friendly, engaging environment at ZanZibar Lounge & bar. This is our 5 straight year playing music, hosting our thursday afternoon Rolling Stones party. Ride on over, relax and enjoy a refreshing cocktail.

Hometown: Portland, OR


Camp Zeitgeist will be built emulating the circular cities of social engineer, Jaque Fresco’s ‘The Venus Project’. We will focus on promoting awareness of the current failing economic system, and present viable solutions for the entire Planet.

URL: http://zmvc.groupsite.com/uploads/files/x/000/05a/a7f/Burning Man Zeitgeist Camp.pdf?130175788Hometown: Ojai, CA


Enjoy in lounging, meditation, tea sipping, and sand sifting. RELAX!
is our philosophy. Step into our life size zen garden to rake your cares away. ZENsation with DJs, dancing, and sand play at night!

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Zip Ties & Beer

We are Zip Ties & Beer; named after the two things that hold our camp together. Come by and say hello, we’ll have plenty of both for you when your camp is falling apart – looking forward to meeting you!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA