2011 Theme Camps

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Yachting with the Christina’s TaH-o-e’s!

URL: http://tahoeburners.comHometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA


North Lake Tahoe Burners – “Think outside the cube!”

URL: http://www.tahopia.comHometown: Kings Beach, CA

Tangoed up in Blues

Discover what it’s like to hold a partner in your arms and move to the music. Tango.  Blues Dance.  Join us in re-popularizing partner dance in America.

We’ll have the music going around the clock for you to come explore these two intimate dances with a friend, lover, or even a stranger.

URL: http://bluestango.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Taos re:Camp

an oasis in the creativity and chaos that is black rock city

Hometown: San Cristobal, NM


Tarwater returns with the Tarry Bowl-a-Rama and the Tarot Croquet Court. Play in the day time. Play after dark. At night, our Light Garden will be lit. Watch out for unscheduled acoustic music, and more.

URL: http://home.comcast.net/~retawrat/site/?/home/Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA


Tasty is the support camp sponsoring the Solarium art project

Hometown: Alameda, CA

Tattoo Oasis

Tattoo Oasis is a sacred space for people to engage in body modification while reflecting on tattoo as ritual. See how people have used tattoos as rites of passage, share your own stories, and come get inked* on the playa!

*Supplies provided will include paint, stencils, stamps, henna… but no needles!

URL: http://www.tattootunnel.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Tequila Shack

Experience the true Right of Passage. Come lick the huge Salt lick that thousands have licked before.
Serving REAL Tequila on the Playa since 2006 Daily Shootings from 4-5PM Daily.

URL: http://www.tequilashack.comHometown: Tualatin, OR

Terminal City

Terminal City is a village of theme camps including The Booby Bar, APOKILIPTIKA, Playawaste Raiders, SEX Filth Avenue Boutique, Espresso Camp, and M.A.S.H. 4207th. Join us for many fun games, interactive features, and nightly theme nights at the Booby Bar. Terminal City – No Gas, No Food, No Mercy.

URL: http://www.apokiliptika.com/terminal_city_2011_index.htmHometown: Benbrook, TX

That Bloody Camp

That Bloody Camp returns with its haven of morning-after repose. We will cut through the dust of the playa and the previous night’s excesses with spicy bloody marys and even spicier servers. And of course we will give you space to relax, connect and maybe even make a new friend.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Artists Of Debauchery

Come meet The Artists Of Debauchery and express your interpretation of debauchery with us. “Bond” with us and be gifted away to someone else, play debaucherous games where only you can decide where too far is. Most of all, come sin with us.

Hometown: Burbank, CA

The Big O-vum

The Big O-vum is a 8 foot tall community use egg shaped oven for baking your eggs sausages cookies and other foodie delights. Have a drink with us at the bar while the smell of your exotic dinner wafts across the plaza, enticing others to visit the oddly shaped and inspiring cooking machine, The Big O-vum!

Hometown: Benicia, CA

The Black Rock City International Post Office Village

Not just an average BRC Post Office, an International Post Office Village! Featuring Ritual Delivery Services: Rituals delivered & performed anywhere on the playa, The Portrait Passage post card making, Eurotrash: the schengen of the 9:00 Plaza, a History Museum for BRC Philatelists, and, of course, lot’s of good ol’ bureaucracy, E-Mail Playagrams, on and off playa mail & Playa-O-Grams from your beloved BRCPO 2.0. Come play, hang out, volunteer or just wait in line. “Next!”

URL: http://brcpo2oh.weebly.com/Hometown: Seattle, WA

The Chillage

The Chillage is an oasis of replenishment for tapped-out Burners who want to move their body and stimulate their stomach, eyes and ears. With a vegan-friendly breakfast restaurant, a grilled-cheese experience, fat beats, a low-key dance floor, mellow yoga classes and sound, light and video art installations, the Chillage is the place to go to find your inner chiller.

URL: http://www.chillage.org/Hometown: New York, NY

The Church of Big Science

The Church of Big Science is a refuge for science at the Playa. Can you pass the test to pledge your soul to science?

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Church-of-Big-Science/138844439518114Hometown: Boise, ID

The Cowbell Saloon

The Cowbell Saloon is a dive honky tonk 10×16 shade structure. Need more cowbell ? Furry Bar, Cowbell centric music interaction area, and Photo Booth ! Your hosts the More Cowbell M.C.

Hometown: San Jose, CA

The Crossroads

The Crossroads is the epicenter of musical, social, and physical collaboration through Live Music Performances, burlesque, dance, libations, conversation, art and vinegar. We welcome any and everyone to come join our tuneful, mutil-cultural, social orgy!

Hometown: Colton, CA

The Daily Planet

Come visit The Daily Planet for shade, fresh water mist and great social scene.

Hometown: Sparks, NV

The Dirty Goddess Day Spa

The Dirty Goddess Day Spa is now on the Playa! Come by and get refreshed in our dome, or enter our daily “Dirty Goddess” contest and be rewarded with all the accolades such a lofty position deserves!

Hometown: Cave Junction, OR

The Dump

Where the worlds most fabulous musicians and dancers from MarchFourth Marching Band, Vagabond Opera, and The Saloon Ensemble are dumped and recycled to endlessly create music from a by-gone era. Come sing, dance, play our piano, and join-in as we all share electronic-free acoustic joy!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Saloon-Ensemble/137633062946792Hometown: Portland, OR


The Dusty Kitty Lounge – Home of the Romper Shroom (The Magical Mushroom Bounce House) and the Land of Lounging Kitties. Lounge in our shady dome or Find your inner kitty by bouncing under the towering mushrooms!

Hometown: Chicago, IL

The Dusty Lady

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Electric Sheep Farm

Come peruse our stock of beautiful realistic looking Electric Sheep so real your neighbors will believe you own a living pet! Be warned any suspected replicants may be subjected to our Blade Runner’s Voight-Kampff Test! Will you flip the turtle?!?!?!

URL: http://theelectricsheepfarm2011.blogspot.com/Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

The Empire of Dirt

The Empire of Dirt is a conglomeration of old-time and new fangled; the Valhalla down home experience. It is the support camp for The Front Porch and the Honorarium project The Serpent Twins.

URL: http://oilpunk.comHometown: Oakland, CA

The Fun Cult

The Three Rules of Fun Cult:
1.) Have Fun
2.) If your fun is getting in the way of someone else’s fun, go have your fun somewhere else*
3.) Safety*
* Optional

Hometown: Azusa, CA

The GreenHome Effect.

The GreenHome Effect is an incubator for creative seed starting. Just as you use a greenhouse to cultivate plants, we offer our GreenHome to cultivate human interaction through play, experimentation, art, ideas, rituals, skills, dreams, games, subversion, and activism.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Gypsy Monkeys

Gypsy Monkeys help the masses on their rites of passage by giving them sagely advice, fortune telling, and graphology.

URL: http://gypsymonkeys.comHometown: Petaluma, CA

The Haze Stage Brotherhood

Join us on our hazing game stage to out-frat your challenger!
Our goal is to recruit Phaternity Brothers, Sisters and the Undeclared (it’s a tri-sexual institution – we’ll try anything!) through the ancient ritual of subjecting people to public humiliation for the entertainment of others.

URL: http://thehazestage.wordpress.com/Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

The Hive

A buzzing mass of madness from the East descends upon the desert, full of burning light and energy. Is the Hive full of honey, or stings? Bathe in our glow, and discover!

Hometown: Somerville, MA

The Hookah Lounge

Come to the Hookah Lounge and enjoy our premium flavored tobaccos, teas, and coffee. Our Moroccan style lounge serves up shisha filtered through juice and water every night starting at sundown. The plush seating, soft carpeting, and great people make this the ultimate chill-out zone.

URL: http://thehookahlounge.110mb.com/Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

The Inner Temple Tribe Camp

The Inner Temple Tribe Camp, Teaching and performing Belly Dance with live music and Lively people.

URL: http://www.theinnertemple.org/dance-of-the-goddess/tribe-belly-dance-and-drum-troupe.htmlHometown: Long Beach, CA

The Institute

Ah, the Institute… of higher learning? higher earning? higher yearning?
Perhaps. Or perhaps just a center for the study of the wide-spread, grievous affliction of bicoastal disorder. We’ll never tell. We merely guarantee round-the-clock experiments with the edges of art, technology, and movement.

URL: http://infectprofitrelax.org/Hometown: Cambridge, MA

The Janky Barge Collective

The Janky Barge collective is a crew of DJs, producers, dancers, builders, mayhem enthusiasts, and mischief makers. A family of friends that works hard and plays hard, we aim to provide some of the best music and cleanest sound on the playa. Come and join us for adventure and whomping good times!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Key

Bringing you the KeyHole Lounge, a basement porno den from the 70s, complete with shag carpet, wood paneling and mustaches.

URL: http://thekeycollective.wordpress.comHometown: Seattle, WA

The Lemonade Stand

Hometown: Portland, OR

The Lost Boys

Peter and the Lost Boys are BACK! This year with a covered wagon, MORE BACON, a movie night with S’mores, and teeter totters.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_6323561363&ap=1Hometown: Eugene, OR

The Lost Penguin Cafe

What could be more lost in the desert than a Penguin? Drop in and enjoy our shade, couches, wine, chocolate, snow cones, friendly people and entertainment. Night and day there is always something or someone interesting at The Lost Penguin!

URL: http://www.lostpenguincafe.com/Hometown: Martinez, CA

The Mad Tea Party

Mad Hatter’s whom quench the thirst and warm the shriveled and stiff. Meet, greet, and… Care for a cup of tea?…

Hometown: Arlington, WA

The Master-BASS-Sin Station

The Master-BASS-Sin Station is a colaborative effort of many minds bringing the finest in SUB level bass music to the Burningman community. Our goal is to get the playa shaking with deep deep beats!

Hometown: Bellingham, WA

The Mine

The Mine is the art support camp for “Bapteme de fue” by Anton Viditz-Ward.

Hometown: Telluride, CO

The Ministry of Douchebaggery & The Mystery Dome

The Ministry of Douchebaggery is comprised of many art cars, artists, DJs, and long time burners, many with 10+ years on their playa resumes. We strive for eco-conciousness, community awareness, intelligent partying, and unity through music. Besides which, we’re an awful lot of fun.

Hometown: Nevada Cty, CA

The Oontz Pouch

An oasis of oontz providing rolling brownouts mixed with pouch hits straight to the dome. Come oontz us!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Paradise Motel

Paradise Motel is the most garish of roadside motels; yet the best of the “no-tel” genre, where weary travelers are invited to stop in for a snow cone and enjoy some progressive beats while lounging by the “pool”. This year’s roadside attraction is Dirty Summer Camp, where you can re-live your most capricious teenage memories…or the ones you wish you’d had… Snow cones served daily, gifts of unopened bags of ice are greatly appreciated.

URL: http://www.desertparadise.org/Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Welcome, Bienvenue,

Perfect World the only one officialy unofficial french camp is back !

This year, we continue to welcome participants from all backgrounds.

Everyone can find his place in the animation provided many surprises await you …

URL: http://www.theperfectworld2011.comHometown: Cormeilles En Parisis, France

The Phage

The Phage is an homage to the vast dark ecology whose foment gave birth to Earth’s living diversity. These ubiquitous viral lifeforms evolve faster than any other life on earth. Phage scientists and artists will evolve your minds with lectures, dancing, yoga, capoeira, open debate, and interactive art.

URL: http://www.infectprofitrelax.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Pier Support Camp

The Pier support camp is just that, a camp dedicated to supporting The Pier.

Hometown: Carnelian Bay, CA

The Polygraph Camp

Come test your current beliefs about Career, Love/Sexuality, Faith, and Family.

In the exhibit, the participants’ physiological output from a polygraph will be monitored and projected onto a large screen. Participants will be asked to choose among the four topics they would like to explore: Career, Love/Sexuality, Faith, Family.

The prize for successfully passing the polygraph test will be a 10-minute massage by a professional masseuse.

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

The Purple Palace Camp

You’ve found the theme camp of the Purple Palace art car and the Purple Parasites! We leave here at apprx. 8:30pm every evening (xcept thurs), if you want to guarantee your spot on the Palace this is the place to be! If you want to take a art tour on the Palace sign up at the Artery 1 day in advance.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Purple-Palace/135676401725Hometown: Leadville, CO

The Sand Trap

Fore! Come play golf. Dancing gophers welcome!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Seed

The Seed provides fertile ground for BRC citizens to germinate, take root, and experience life altering Rites of Passages. Try your first taste of Kombucha at our Bar, meditate an educate in our Star Lodge with a ceremony or a reading, cool your body, melt your heart and open your mind in our plush Dome with daily yoga, workshops and experiences led by powerful practitioners.

URL: http://theseedoflove.com/Hometown: Denver, CO

The Shallow End ( in Martini Village)

The Shallow End – A place in Black Rock City for the citizens our diverse community to come and enjoy a variety of activities appropriately designed with each year’s theme in mind. This year come and pass through our Rabbit Hole.

Hometown: Reno, NV

The Spenard Bar

real Alaskans bringing you a taste of old time Alaska !!
come enjoy our Fur Rondezvous and Spenardigras events or just chill on a couch and watch the show on our stage…

Hometown: Anchorage, AK

The synchroniciTEA house and JuJu Parlor

We believe in an everyday sort of magic — the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of syncronicity. It’s TEA time! ?

URL: http://www.destinationburningman.comHometown: Bellingham, WA

The Temple Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster

The Temple of the Flying Spaghetti Monster A refuge for all Pastafarians Yearning for a brief touch of His Noodly Appendage. Nightly sacraments and events will fill the hearts minds and mouths of devotees with praise and piratical yelling, and dust! Come on by and see the Temple! ?

Hometown: Pacoima, CA

The TriBe ~ Laser Lounge

Swing by The TriBe where every evening we invite all questionably sane playa hippies in for an evening of music, “frolic” and just slightly kinkified shadow dancing! Hang at the Laser Lounge bar and cuddle in the hormone dome or, just make-out 30′ in the air while the laser lounge is rocking out below!

URL: http://www.burningtribe.comHometown: Colfax, CA

The V-SPoT: Volunteer Here!

The V-SPoT is Burning Man’s official Volunteer Headquarters in Black Rock City. Where VCs, Managers and Staff come to seek Volunteers and where Burners come to find out how to help. Our friendly Volunteer Experts are here to answer your questions and help you find your “special place” on the Playa. Volunteer needs change often; we work pre-event to post-event and have lots of ways for you to contribute!

URL: http://www.burningman.com/participate/vrteam.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Wanderer's Camp

Our Camp is an oasis on the playa for the Wandering Burner who happens upon our camp and finds HUGS, libation and Hot Dogs. We also provide information about the Black Rock’s early inhabitants/explorers/wanders, provided on a kiosk for all to enjoy!

Hometown: Reno, NV

The Worlds M ost Inviting Climate Camp

The World’s Most Inviting Climate Camp arrives at Black Rock City in 2011 providing tasty organic fruit to playa citizens in need. Check in with us Monday – Friday in the heat of the day (1PM-5PM – ish) for sweet fresh nourishment.

Join us for our White Russian Party on Thursday afternoon as well.

URL: http://thesummerline.com/pages/worldsmostinvitingclimate/Hometown: San Diego, CA



URL: http://ThemeCampTestAllYesHometown: Test Theme Camp, MN

Things That Swing

We’ve got your traditional swing set, hammocks and a 15′ aerial silk. For those who like to watch, our suite of Chaos Pendulums are sure to mesmerize. Get your inner swing on with yoga classes and chanting circles. And at night, we open The Bonobo Lodge, a heated dome for adult workshops and play. So whether you’re a kid in years or at heart, there’s plenty of things for you to swing here.

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/ttsritesofpassage/Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

This Camp is Bullshit!

Is your bike the shit, ready to run with the Bull? Probably not. Come down and outfit your bike with customized horns. This way you will be ready Friday to Run with the Bulls. Supplies are limited. Because, This Camp is Bullshit!

URL: http://www.hillelsmith.com/BurningMan2011.htmlHometown: Los Angeles, CA

This is Not the Camp Youre Looking For

This is Not the Camp You Are Looking For is the base for the Death Star art car, and the home of Star Wars lovers.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

ThunderBubble Circus

Always evolving theme camp, whose primary focus is creating a magical space for the awakening and free expression of the Self.
We offer a community for all walks of life and interests.
All talents are welcome to the circus.

URL: http://thunderbubblecircus.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Tiki Fuckos

Tiki Fuckos – Your adventure party group. Hiking, Hooping, Rock Climbing and Biking is what we’re all about!

URL: http://tikifuckos.org/Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Time Colony

A certified resource center for time travelers and the temporally dislocated. We provide time travel visas, messaging services, and entertainment from the Historical Preenactment Society.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Time of Your Life!

A global camp with collaboration from Canada, Costa Rica, Russia, and USA creating a space to gather, grow, and play. We are DJ’s, dancers, artists, shakers, and movers here to guarantee the Time of Your Life!

Hometown: Canaan De Rivas, Costa Rica

Tissue and a Plan

Lost? Confused? Runny nose? Don’t know what to go do next? Camp Tissue and a
Plan is dedicated to making sure no burner wanders the playa without a clear
plan and a clean tissue. ‘Cause all you really need is a tissue and a plan…

URL: http://tissueandaplan.orgHometown: Portland, OR


On the shores there is light. High in the Andes mountains, Lake Titicaca stirs our primal energy, which creates a beautiful dance around our ceremonial fire.

Hometown: Hailey, ID


ToneAge is a camp full of like-minded, geographically disparate, brought together on the playa, music loving, age ranging, high desert fashion, sunset waking, sunrise walking, did I mention music loving, music making makers. Come meet us – or we’ll find you!

URL: http://www.toneage.orgHometown: Medina, OH

Tough Love Lounge

Doling out tough love in the form of constructive criticism, supportive heckling, and radical honesty in an intimate environment and positive chill space.

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC


Transmorohagon has as many sides as it has. Home if the Transmorphagon Live performance space & The Cuboctahedron Art Project

URL: http://www.transmorphagon.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA


Home of the Black Rock City’s Next Top Assassin competition. We will also be offering heckling and surprise spiritual services.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Rock-Citys-Next-Top-Assassin/163795947013771Hometown: Cobb, CA

Tree House

A tree house is a rite of passage! We’ll be serving up strong beverages as we square off against the neighbors in a modern adult but childish war of the Tree House gangs.

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Tren Way Bike Camp

Drinking gang with a biking problem. Riding dirty in La La Land.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Tropical Twister

Tropical Twister is a giant 25 ft square Twister game that also has Badminton available if that’s your thing. Look for the palm trees at the entrance, and bring your camera for photo opportunities at our Island Photo boards

Hometown: Sagle, ID

Troy Camp

Troy Camp, home to the Trojan Horse Project, will include one of the most fabled living venues at Burning Man–Vertical Camp–which made its first appearance in 2005, built by a San Francisco team of real estate and design enthusiasts.

This year, it anchors a city with a central plaza, towers, and a 2,500 sq. ft. mural by NY artist, Jordan Betten. Four satellite centers will have communal areas, large shady oases, and lookouts.

URL: http://www.trojanhorse2011.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

True Mirror Palace

True Mirror Palace brings True Mirrors to the playa – mirrors that reflect you without being reversed! Look for the amazing person that we see all the time, and that gets lost by being backwards in a regular mirror

URL: http://www.truemirror.com/burningmanHometown: Highland, NY

Tsunami Bass Experience

Tsunami Bass Experience presents “the ~WaVe~,” an interactive art installation created specifically for the facilitation of bass culture music appreciation which invites the audience to engage directly, in a tangible means with the art project. The ~Wave~ is a combination sound system, stage & dance platform in the shape of a breaking wave that is specially designed to submerge participants with full multi-sensory (audio, visual and kinaesthetic) enhancement in order to ignite the intuitive modality and dee

URL: http://tsunamibassexperience.comHometown: West New York, NJ

Tsunami Camp

Tsunami Camp sponsoring the Black Rock City Inconveninece Store where you will be served all sorts of inconvenineces. Playa Fashion Makeovers, Body Painting, and host to the 4th Annual Lake Lahontan Syncronized Ice Hockey Game.

Hometown: Shadow Hills, CA

Tús Nua (Gaelic for "New Beginning")

Craic and Music served the Irish Way!!! Wake up and experience a New Beginning at the Irish Wake at Tús Nua.

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

Twin Freaks: Cirque du Freak

Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, freaks one and all! We bring to you the best show this side of Black Rock: Cirque du Freak. Start your daily ritual with some damn fine coffee and a slice of pie straight from the gods above, then enjoy some of our most strange and hypnotizing circus delights: carnival games, fortune telling logs, freak shows, and performances of playa magic. Last but not least, join us at sunset for the BIGTOP-FREAKOUT!

URL: http://alexbrandmeyer.com/twinfreaks/Hometown: Nijmegen, Netherlands

Two Lanterns

Best weddings on playa, Unofficial Playa Civil Unions (incl. rings/certificate), Black Rock Temporary Divorce, Annulments, Annoying Phone Booth, Crazy Traffic Light, Dreams Visions Hallucinations Fantasies and Joslyn’s Little House of Oral Delights.

URL: http://www.taintedpackets.com/Hometown: Aptos, CA