2011 Theme Camps

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JOBI -- "Coffee, Tea or Me

Coffee Tea or Me
Sunrise coffee, tea and treats for early risers and late returning burners.

Hometown: Oakland, CA


Spiritual based theme camp that is open to all people and all newbies to Burning Man. Come receive unconditional acceptance, along with Spiritual Readings, healing touch, dream interpretations, genuine love and a refreshing snow cone!!!

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

JubJub's Plastic Circus

Welcome! Monkey’s all grow’d up & will proudly serve funny hard-to-get drinks, uneasy rest, strange music, weird plays, loud noises, oh-so-friendly grief, bruises, nausea, vertigo i.e. Monkey Business!!! maybe poo too…

URL: http://JubJub's Plastic Circus on FacebockHometown: Reno, NV

Jungle Bus Lounge

The Jungle Bus Cigar Lounge is a small, roadside stop where peaceful people come to relax to Pink Floyd. The Jungle Bus is a vintage GMC 4104 that has been done in a Jungle theme, and is true living art.Built by Jungle Jim. His Brother Coheba has built his bus as a tropical Cuban Cigar Bar, and between the two buses is a little piece of paradise.

Hometown: Gardnerville, NV

Just Passing Through

Camp Just Passing Through will bring people together in a relaxed atmosphere to remind them that we are all temporary visitors on this planet and teach them creative ways to Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle. We will provide all the materials necessary for our guests to create beads from junk mail and magazines so that they may string them into bracelets while enjoying great company and new friends!

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Just Pony

Just Pony Camp is home to the Ponies. If we are not riding away into the horizon with our ponies, you can always stop by our shaded lounge to relax, socialize, or meet up for some pony adventures. Our shaded lounge will feature the Pony Hole Bar that will host a Sunset COCKtail party on Wednesday. If you are lucky, you may encounter a saddle ride as a Rite of Passage into Ponyhood.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA