2011 Theme Camps

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I love Holly Camp

Going to show burning man and the world how much I love Holly…

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO


Come and play with us atop a black pyramid. Look out onto the playa from three stories up. I see you, baby!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Ice Nine

Ice Nine is the ice sales operation located in the 9 o’clock plaza. Crushed and block ice are available for $3 per bag or, a 6-pack of crushed at the discounted price of $15. Hours are Monday through Sunday 9am – 6pm.

Hometown: Austin, TX

Identi-T Farm

Identi-T Farm will be serving Playa Names and Ice-Tea daily. We will also be hosting a happy hour on Tuesday and a sunset Secret Identi-T Masquerade Ball on Wednesday -Bring your own mask, or one will be provided!

URL: http://materialdsign.com/identitfarm/Hometown: North Hollywood, CA


Camp Illumelodie brings the pure expression of creativity through an artistic exploration and engagement of all six senses and invites participants to experience their “rite of passage” by returning to their most basic human awareness. Visual, aural, sensual, “scentual” and savory transcendence occur when visitors step through our gates into a place where light and music entwine, fire dances on flesh and participants are invited to go beyond their perceptions of themselves and release the sensual creative s

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA

Image Node

Camp Image Node is bringing you The Shadow Preserve And Observatory, and a delicious art bus!

URL: http://www.imagenode.orgHometown: Brooklyn, NY

Incendiary Intent

Incendiary Intent – Making life’s bad decisions for you.

URL: http://www.incendiaryintent.com/Hometown: Aliso Viejo, CA


Infinity is a New York City-based camp taking its name from a gathering space, hosting spontaneous and communal gatherings, potlucks, performances, and celebrations. Infinity as a camp creates spaces, environments, and events for like-minded people to connect, participate, express, and, in turn, create. This year.s offering to the community is .The Labyrinth of Infinity., providing a gathering place at its center where interactive art, performances, and a wedding celebration will take place.

Hometown: New York, NY

Intention Dimension

Intention Dimension is a space that encourages living intentionally in all dimensions of life through example, workshops (See WWW Guide), and an inviting atmosphere. Come join us in our sanctuary focused on sustainability, happy healthy life styles, healing and expansion, and creative expression.

Hometown: Eugene, OR

Interaction Cafe

At the Interaction Cafe we do not serve food or drinks – we serve interactions. Perhaps you’d like to start off with a casual conversation for an appetizer, engage in an interactive game for an entree and end with a song for dessert while you drink in the moment.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Introspectacle: Chrysalis

Calling all Nympha!
Introspectacle:Chrysalis is hosting the Pupal Stage !
Come as larvae and leave as butterfly.
Metamorphosis nightly@ Introspectacle.

Hometown: Auburn, CA

Iron Rose

…when you’re tired of Techno: Iron Rose
Burn Barrels, Bluegrass and a Big Red Pill.

Hometown: Laytonville, CA

Ironika Soup Nazi and Compliments Camp

Drop by Ironika for a bowl of Thai soup if the Nazi lets you have any from 3-6 PM. While you eat it prepare to be complimented.

Hometown: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Is Land


I. Rene invites you to a viewing of her suspended real estate.

URL: http://www.i-rene.co.ukHometown: London, Great Britain