2011 Theme Camps

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)'(Ooligan Alley (the )'( is silent)

By day Ooligan Alley is a shady and welcoming haven for a cold beer, cider, or gin in a teacup under a well placed umbrella. By night travellers can join us in an exploration of visual spectacles and temporary art.

Fun, frivolous & mostly English we love nothing more than dancing in fancy dress to our favourites DJ. This year we’ve brought them with us, so do come sink your teeth into our F1 rig.

URL: http://www.ooliganalley.co.ukHometown: London, Great Britain

H.M.S. Excess

The HMS Excess will be cruising the playa providing delectable refreshment to all-comers. As with Burningdale’s we will be once again going overboard to provide unlimited libations and music and entertainment of a naughty-cal nature…

Hometown: Hove, Great Britain

Habitat for Insanity

We explore novel uses of technology to bring great food, art, clothing, and experiences to Black Rock City. We welcome anyone that embraces the do-ocracy ethic!

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Hammer And Cyclery

Comrades! Join the struggle to disseminate bicycle repair, advice, and the color red. Help Camp Hammer and Cyclery promote self reliance through Playa bicycle repair, Burner bike tutorials, and inspiring (and terrifying) Burning Man cycling stories.

URL: http://HAMMERandCYCLERY.comHometown: Minneapolis, MN

Hammock Hangout

The Hammock Hangout is a multifaceted highly interactive camp. The primary structure is a GIANT 120 feet in diameter, 11,300sqft of passive solar tent. There will be approximately 60 hammocks, a karaoke lounge, a bar, and a lounge area. We are an easy going, no drama-zone fun camp with our core members having participated 10+ years. We snack people, lavish them with cold beverages and get them to sing songs during the HOT days.

URL: http://thehammockhangout.com/Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Hammocks, hammocks, and more hammocks swinging in the playa breeze filled with dusty desert nymphs, lost souls and the fortunate weary traveler who seeks our special version of Nirvana. The music never repeats, but the bliss it brings never ends. Come play with Satyr and his minions for an hour or the day and you will leave better than when you arrived.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=217992911550209Hometown: Chico, CA

Happily Ever After?

Journey through childhood Fairy Tales and Monster mayhem. Will you find your Happily Ever After?

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Happy Camp

Happy Camp is all about being HAPPAY. We shout, drink, play, dance, meditate, burn and romp to infect the playa with HAPPAY… for 11 years now 🙂

Hometown: Portland, OR

Hard As Fuck

Hip hop camp. You know what it is.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Hardly Davidson Cafe

Biker bar, welding shop, and gambling saloon on the playa. Come in the day to get your mutant welded, come back at night to hang out and win some prizes.

URL: http://www.hardlydavidsoncafe.comHometown: Mountain View, CA

Harmonic Convergence

Bring people together thru song & mirth…please sing or hum as you pass our camp.

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA


Many nights are topped off with wanderings back into the city, a cold chill creeping up on you, searching for a place to alleviate those tired legs and that over-stimulated mind. This is Hearth.

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Heavy Petting Zoo

Come and visit our fun, friendly zoo comprised of the cutest stuffed animals all done up in naughty bedroom attire. Grab some lube and condoms from our safe-sex trough and look for our events throughout the week including The Man Spa and a Virgin Burner Workshop.

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers

Black Rock City’s oasis for healing, restoration and growth. We have over 30 healers, a giant chill space to exchange massages and a classroom running 6-8 topics a day.

URL: http://www.heebeegeebeehealers.orgHometown: Boulder, CO

Hello Gigsville

Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses… because we need more fuel for the CarBQ!!

URL: http://gigsville.org/Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Camp promoting artistic liberation, and the passage into a new world. Bringing people together under the same principles.

Hometown: Ste. Croix

Hero's Welcome

Hero’s Welcome – we celebrate that all who make it to Black Rock City have accomplished a heroic journey, an odyssey deserving of commemoration! We celebrate your arrival atop a well lit throne where we adorn our heroes with laurels, medals, and fine oils. Drumming, dancing, and song are all part of the festivities in your honor. You will definitely feel the love and appreciation for all it took. Burning man would not be the same with you, our hero!

Hometown: Portland, OR


Welcome to Hippocampus – where memories are made in your brain and on the playa. Stop by the cafe in the morning for the best coffee on the playa. We’ve gone mobile this year! The cafe might not be where you left it last time.

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Hobart's Secret Passage

In 1969 an artist named Hobart Brown invented the Great Arcata to Ferndale Grand Championship Kinetic Sculpture Race from his home (and museum). Help us pay homage to our glorious founder by surviving this kinetic rite of passage: Hobart’s Secret Passage.

URL: http://kineticcabco.org/Hometown: Woodacre, CA

Hoe Garten

A traditional biergarten, happy hoes will whet your whistle and wiener your schnitzel at daily happy hours. Enjoy freshly tapped kegs, salty food snacks, and a motley collection of instruments so that we can all make our own beer-drinking tunes.

We will be hosting Happy Hour every day from 5 – 7, but even if we’re not tipping the tap, you can hang in our cool garden, enjoy the shade and be first in line when we get frosty.

URL: http://hoegarten.wordpress.com/Hometown: Seattle, WA

Hokey Pokey Initiation

Hokey Pokey Initiation Camp -Dance the Hokey Pokey everyday at noon and turn yourself around. Everyone welcome. Friends of Bill W. Meeting Everday at 5pm. This a 24 hour camp of clean and sober people. Everyone welcome to come by and adjust or just hang out.

URL: http://HokeyPokeyCamp on facebookHometown: Chico, CA

Holi High Camp

Holi High Camp is bringing the colorful madness and wisdom of the Indian festival of Holi to the boisterous masses of the playa. Our contribution this year is to recreate one of our favorite rites of passage from around the world for spontaneous public consumption.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Come Home: stay a while, exploring our lush Home on the playa. Leave Home having participated, creating your space within ours.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Home Base

Welcome to Camp Home Base, your “Home Sweaty Home”— a collective group of bass abusing DJS, goddesses galore, delectable goodies, cool libations, and questionable humor. There is no place like home…base!

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Home Brew 4A Home Brew

A Home Brewers community where brewers of the Playa come to meet and share. Enjoy a cold home brewed beer, mead or soda served daily. We have a pool table, foosball, a party dome and daily events including a home brew contest. Bring your keg and we will refrigerate and tap it. Old school Burning Man. Open… community… low tech.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Home-Brew-4A-Home-Brew/286030026202Hometown: Sparks, NV

Home Free Dome

Home Free Dome is an experimental community of encounter designed to accelerate and amplify the transformative cultural forces at play in Black Rock City. We turn spectators into participants, veterans into virgins, and virgins into virtuosos.

URL: http://steinbock.org/project/homefreedomeHometown: Stanford, CA


Drop in for a cheerful “Slice of Home”—Playa-style. Participate in our comfort-food cook-offs, climb the sky-high Tower of Transition’s inverted pyramids, experience a hypnagogic Dream Machine reverie, upgrade or re-engineer your Playa duds and gear at our Radical Alteration clinics, boogie down at the HomeSlice Prom, or catch a ride across town on the four-wheeled Sliceicle!

URL: http://www.homeslice.org/Hometown: Altadena, CA

Honey Tree

Come nap in the shade of the honey tree….

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Hookahdome - Outside The Dome

Hookahdome – Outside The Dome
Eastern Tribal Sound, Performance, and Fire

URL: http://www.hookahdome.comHometown: San Francisco, CA


Hometown: Venice, CA

Horny Camp

Come to Horny Camp 12 PM-4PM Mon-Thu to release your inner demon or woodland creature by making yourself a pair of horns! In the great Playa tradition, Horny Camp miscreants will supply clay, teach you how to fashion your own pair, and bake them for you before you leave!

URL: http://hornycamp.comHometown: West Orange, NJ

HOTD - Hair of the Dog

Your friendly neighborhood dive bar and live music venue returns! Our infamous HOTD stage features daily Open Mic, variety acts, poetry slams, and the latest, greatest, and famous unsigned bands daily and nightly. You bring the drinks and music. We’ll supply the drinks and music.

URL: http://www.dmomusic.com/hotdHometown: San Jose, CA


Hushville, an aural oasis in an undulating sea of chaos, is open to any camper who pre-registers and can abide our three simple rules: 1)No generators; 2) no amplified sound; and 3) Leave No Trace. We are proud to host large, solo, theme, and non-theme camps, and residents from all parts of the US, Canada, and Europe. Because Hushville is a village in Black Rock City, we can’t promise that it will be quiet… just quieter.

URL: http://www.hushville.comHometown: Seattle, WA