2011 Theme Camps

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S'mores N Amour

You can’t go camping without S’MORES…everyone’s favorite camping snack. You bring the appetite, campfire songs, and good cheer; we provide the rest for you to roast marshmallows, then create and eat a S’more.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/b1e2bf96-a3bf-4a91-b145-9a9b0fdff718Hometown: North Hollywood, CA

Sacred Cow-Girl Saloon

The Sacred Cow-Girl Saloon welcomes all wayward cowpokes to our frontier Saloon, where from 4p Wed-Fri you can make your reservations and join us grilling up the best grub this side of the Truckee (and don’t forget the moonshine!). Listen to bluegrass beats, test your riding skills on Bessie, our bungee bull riding barrel, and play some high stakes horseshoes as the grill fires…after dinner entertainment includes crooked poker, offensive comedy and non-thematic live music!

URL: http://burningmansacredcow.tumblr.comHometown: Seattle, WA

Sacred Spaces Village

SSV is continuing its tradition of combining the efforts, talents, resources, gumshun and elbow grease of a multi-national plethora of artists, teachers, healers, builders, performers, visionaries, culinaries etc. to create an amazing, transformative, embracing, grounding, captivating, and engaging experience for each other and our playa family.
Our theme this year is “reEmegence” with emphasis on the v

URL: http://www.sacredspacesvillage.orgHometown: Fairfax, CA

Safer Sex Camp

Source of all your playa safer sex needs: Safer Sex Kits with condoms, lube, gloves, and dental dams. All Kits are free, not for sale, not for barter. Look for Kits in blue Outpost Bags. Also home of Making Erotic Fetish Wear from Rubber Inner Tubes, Women- Only, Liquid Latex Body Painting (See What When Where for days & times)

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Safety First

A safety minded themed camp featuring live electronic music insanity, D.J.s , Experimentation’s in sound, and a safety mind alcoholic watering hole

Hometown: Grass Valley, CA

Sake To Me

Sake To Me is your neighborhood sake bar. Stop by for a comfortable shady pitstop, some great chilled sake, and test your skills at a giant version of Jenga.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA


Looking for the coldest, most refreshing sake on the playa? Well, look no further than Sakenoma, Black Rock City’s original sake bar! Adults only, please. Kanpai!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sakénoma/110650969763Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Salon Soleil

Salon Soleil is a welcoming space for personal exploration, self-expression, and interaction with other beings. We invite the Burning Man community to visit our friendly, comfy quadruple Do-Me Domes any time, stop by for a dance at our Prince Butt Funk cordial, or enjoy one of our healing fairs offering massage, readings, or relationship counseling.

URL: http://www.salonsoleil.net/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Samba Stilt Circus

Samba Stilt Dance Entertainment for every event. Bringing Color and Flair to every inch of the world!

URL: http://www.samba-stiltcircus.tkHometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Saran Sarong

Need some alternative Playawear? Then try out our Saran Sarong. We offer a selection of beautifully colored semi-transparent plastic wrapping options to adorn portions of your body either as your primary fashion ensemble or as an accessorily to accompany your nearly completed playa persona.

Either put on your new Saran Sarong yourself


Step onto the Turntable of Fashion and allow our technicians to spin you into a colorful translucence of playa plastic couture.

Bubble wrap also available while supp

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Sat Chitti City Ananda Bang Bang!

An inspiring, uplifting, artistic experience of yoga to explore our existence (Sat) of consciousness (Chit) and bliss (Ananda). Please check the WhatWhereWhen Guide for pre-scheduled class times, and stop by the camp to check our ever-expanding schedule board for spontaneous additions daily!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Saturday Morning Cartoon Camp

Bringing you the best of Saturday morning cartoons and sugary, sugary cereal goodness on everyday but Saturday. Bring your own bowl and spoon!

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Scarbutts Cafe

Wake Your Ass Up! Come on by at the crack of Playa dawn (10:30am – noon) to get your daily spanking and hot coffee. Yes, from Tuesday through Friday your friendly semi-corporate pawns will be serving up brisk spankings and piping hot, super-strong coffee! Bring your own cup.

URL: http://www.scarbuttscafe.comHometown: Tiburon, CA


SchizoFrenzy is a team of highly-energized Southeastern US burners: bringing you the Alchemy CORE project located around the Man, the never-before-seen SuperCube interactive dome, UV Rorschach art, the actual AdultSwim SchizoPhrenzy game and we’re the home of the OctoBus art car. We will also be hosting a Southeastern Burner Mixer late in the week on playa, so join us!

URL: http://www.schizofrenzy.comHometown: Atlanta, GA

Science of Churchology

Come and play with us. If you enjoy thumb wresting, have a match in our Thumbderdome, it’s like Thunderdome, but our dome is less than three feet wide. Or a game of chance perhaps? If you dare play our toy gun Russian roulette game with water balloons filled with stage blood. Losers will taken to our coffin where you will be reborn, maybe take on a new playa name? And you will have a new lease on life. 🙂

URL: http://www.scienceofchurchology.com/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Scotch and Hop

Scotch and Hop, a spot goof around on a playground, play some games and have fun. Don’t forget there is Scotch…

URL: http://groups.google.com/group/scotch--hopHometown: New York, NY

Senior Prom

Senior Prom is a dance hall. There will be a prom Queen and King coronated daily.

URL: http://www.tangoasis.comHometown: Vancouver, WA

Sensual Pleasures, The Camp of Sensual Pleasures

The Camp of Sensual Pleasures is dedicated to providing pleasure for women. Our offerings will be hair washing and massage by Pope DB, and we will be the home for the Orgasamator Experience that was hosted at Spanky’s Wine Bar (RIP) in years past.

URL: http://www.campsensualpleasures.comHometown: Anaheim, CA

Serenity Giant Game Camp

Serenity Giant Game Camp is back this year and we’re growing, we’ve added some new games to our camp. So come be a kid again and enjoy giant versions of Mancala, Connect Four, Jenga, Checkers, Backgammon, and Qwirkle to name just a few. No more searching for people who aren’t embarrassed to play kids games. Check our calendar for other events and watch for the Giant Connect Four mutant vehicle.

URL: http://serenitygamecamp.blogspot.com/Hometown: New York, NY

Sew Sew

Our camp is based around teaching people how to sew/knit/crochet, if you already know how, come join us to repair and/or enhance your playa wear. Nearly everything you need is supplied (ie. fun fabrics, yarn, sewing machines, insanity, etc.), just bring yourself and maybe a friend (or six) and pimp your playa wear!

Hometown: Reno, NV

SEX Filth Avenue Boutique

SEX FILTH AVENUE Boutique 24/7 self service. Donations desperately needed. Recycle your old naughty sexy playa wear. Bring a big bag of costumes. Cleanup & Restocking daily 9:30AM volunteers clean up and put out new costumes. They get first pick of the new costumes. Don’t miss out. 3:15 on “A”

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/S_e_x_Filth_AveHometown: Carson City, NV


Swing by our singular six-sided living room to relax, or…get busy! Climb to see 360 degrees of BRC from our Observation Deck, 20 feet high (seems higher), pass our PlayaPilot? cycling challenge to receive your Official Pilot’s License and bike ID tag, peruse and position a panoply plastic people pursuing pleasures in Barbie’s Sexagon, or feel your own Hoopdance joy!

Hometown: Portland, OR

Shady Waffle

Burning Man can be pretty intense: the people, the music, the motion, the heat… our goal is to provide an escape from all of that. A shady, cozy nook on the playa where you can take a yoga class, meditate, or enjoy a peaceful breakfast.

Hometown: New York, NY


Shadvil is a welcoming, laid-back haven for the weary playa traveler.

URL: http://www.shadyvil.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Shakti Tribe Shake Face Camp

Creatures in the wild instinctually know that shaking after a stressful experience releases trauma in their physiology. We, at the Shakti Tribe Shake Face Camp celebrate this wisdom and say “Bring on the Shake!”

URL: http://www.shaktitribe.com/shakefaceHometown: Long Beach, CA

Sham Rock City Pub

Sham Rock City is an Irish inspired pub, created to serve the thirsty masses at our beloved party in the desert. We are an all inclusive watering hole that celebrates the hard working members of the Burning Man Community. We are a live music venue and will host many dance parties along the way. Our goal is to put a jig in your step and jolt in your cup. Hope to see you at Sham Rock City Pub!!!

URL: http://www.sham-rock-city.comHometown: San Francisco, CA


Shamandome is a collective of “Shamanistas” – people interested in developing our understanding and practice of ancient wisdom for the good of others and ourselves. We find joy, community, identity, and healing through shamanic drumming journeying, and helping you do the same.

URL: http://www.shamandome.orgHometown: Fairfax, CA


A lost paradise for sun-beaten adventurers, or a den of chaos for the wild hearted? Come to investigate for yourself the legends of Shangri-Lawless.

Hometown: San Diego, CA


A lost paradise for sun-beaten adventurers, or a den of chaos for the wild hearted? Come to investigate for yourself the legends of Shangri-Lawless.

Hometown: San Diego, CA


ShangriLa is known as an imaginary remote paradise on earth, utopia so to speak. Also known as a distant and secluded hideaway, usually of great beauty and peacefulness. Our theme camp will be ShangriLa for you and your playa friends and we will adhere to the managing principle of Black Rock City by Participation, Radical Self-expression, and Leaving No Trace! Hope you’ll stop by our camp!

URL: http://shangrila.racinesystems.com/Hometown: Morrison, CO


Come chill with us at Shantytown… Orgasmatron head massages, leisurely arts and crafts, and best of all: join us every sunset for Sunset Curries- don’t forget your bowl and spoon! Ohhh yeahhh…..

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY


Sharkey’s Bar AKA the Preferable Party Past the Porta-Potties is known as the “Cheers” of the BRC. Come join us for cold beverages served daily by our mixmaster Sharkey. Bar opens when the Shark awakes and closes when he sleeps. We cater to young and old, an awesome vibe as described by most. We do temp BRC themed tattoos and are staffed by former neighbors who are now friends and camp mates from across the globe.

Hometown: Shaver Lake, CA


Shibumi (shi-boo-mee) n.
1. a rare kind of personal excelence; a state of effortless perfection.
2. a balance of simplicity and complexity.
3. where’s Andrew?

URL: http://campshibumi.com/Hometown: Oakland, CA

Shipwreck Tiki Lounge

The scattered remains of a vintage sailboat beached upon the rocks of a forbidden isle. Join the castaways for afternoon grog, flaming rum drinks, and the spectacle of classic tiki culture at their exotic driftwood bar of handmade idols, gods, and flaming totems. Beware of cannibals!

URL: http://www.shipwrecktikilounge.com/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Show Us Ur Pits

Woohoo! Show us ur pits!

URL: http://www.showusurpits.com/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Siberian Electric Company

A nuclear powered vodka bar with a stage for people who like to expose themselves. Come on by. Get contaminated.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Sign Post Forest

Ventucky Burners return to the Playa and happily bring BRC citizens, “The Sign Post Forrest.” This amazing inter-active oasis crafted from found, recycled, and re-purposed materials, is a fresh expression of classic technology, connecting old and new friends, both on and off the playa!

URL: http://www.ventuckyburners.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Silicon Village

Join us for Tesla coil demos, cool down in the misting booth, take a windsurfing lesson, refill your bike tires, get an airbrush heart tattoo, check the time at the big sundial, see the Merkin fashion show and SO much more. We love to meet new people and are looking forward to seeing YOUR face in our HOLES: cartoon cutout photo-ops.

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SiliconVillage/Hometown: San Jose, CA

Simple Times

Camp Simple Times keeps things simple. We have a porch, a rocking chair, and a slow-goin perspective for good ol’ times.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Sin City

“What happens in Sin City stays in Sin City.” Sin City is a place where freedom of expression is embraced. There are many things to see and do at the Party Naked Tiki Bar, BRC Airbrush, Sin City Day Spa, Sin City Costume Exchange, DNA’s Wrongs of Passage and much more. There are lots of photo opportunities and something always happening here. Come and check out our village schedule of planned events.

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Sin City Costume Exchange

Donations of gently used costumes welcome. Come browse our selection of playa costumes that we’ve been collecting on Thursday. Leave with a fun new costume for the playa and you can even pay it forward when you donate a gently used costume that no longer suits you. Come early for the best selection.

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Sin City Day Spa

Take a MIRACLE “SHOWER”. Learn how while you are on the playa you can “shower” with two glasses of water and feel squeaky clean. It’s a miracle! All you need to do is bring your own towel. Other services include foot moisturizing, sun screen or aloe vera application, and more. Come by and check for hours of operation and full services list.

Hometown: Cross River, NY

Sin City NYC Fetish Tribe Club

New York style evening kinky parties. Come try out the suspension gear and other fun equipment. Strictly for adults only! Come with a sense of adventure and try something new and kinky. Check for schedule of lessons and parties.

Hometown: New York, NY

Sin Cuty Stage

OK, so it’s not so much a stage as a space in the front of Sin City. Daily demonstrations and activities are planned. Check out our hoop demonstrations and join in. Practice hoops will be available 24 hours a day and the extras will be handed out on Sunday. Enjoy our Mega-Twister board. Yoga instruction with Uma as scheduled. Watch evening traveling fire performances in front of camp from here. Check our posted schedule for days and times.

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Singers' Sandbox

A creative, constructive playground for vocal music enthusiasts.

URL: http://renatamartin.com/singerssandbox.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

Sk8 Kamp

skate junkies with no cement to ride on, get your fix on the ramps at Sk8 Kamp

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Skinny Kitty Teahouse

Regroup and Relax at our teahouse with Skinny and friends; serving tea 24/7. We offer a refuge from the blistering sun and the blustery winds by providing a piano and space for performance, music, conversation, funk, yoga, art, and copeira…..or whatever your heart desires to offer. Bring a cup and meet our cats!!

Hometown: Willits, CA


SLURP serves delicious nutritious wet noodles in the afternoon. BYO bowl/cup if you can.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY


Remember those guys who treated you like shit just because you wanted their crappy vodka drink? Fuck those guys. Slutgarden will dress you, drink you and dance you into perfection.

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Smile for Grandma: Rights of Flashage Cafe

Come enjoy hot beverages at this friendly neighborhood cafe’. Smile for Grandma while you pose in our Rights of Flashage Family Photo Wall, fill out a census form and hang out with the friendliest people on the playa.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

smoke on the water

Relax ; sit down on Morrocan style cushions,savor the Hooka pipe,while enjoying the exotic flavored sheesha as intoxicating aromas of frankincence and myrrh, and sandalwood drift through the tent. Indulge in the ancient art of all natural organic henna body art.

Hometown: Richmond, CA

Snack Food Glory Hole

Open your mouth, close your eyes, and get snacked! 80% delicious, 90% interesting, 100% food.

URL: http://snackfoodgloryhole.comHometown: Somerville, MA


EAT THE YELLOW SNO. Don’t worry, we got your PAC.

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/burningsnopac/project-definitionHometown: Sonoma, CA

Snow Koan Solar

Snow Koan Solar provides a solar-powered charging station where Burners can recharge batteries of ll shapes and sizes.
Camera’s, car batteries, whatever… bring them over.
We also serve snow cones each afternoon @ 4pm in a festive and music-filled dome. Come by. You can recharge, relax and refresh.

URL: http://www.snowkoansolar.org/Hometown: Fairfax, CA

Snowflake Village

Snowflake Village (since 2001) is a home for Midwesterners and far-flung travelers. Our many smaller displays combine into one massive interactivity zone.

URL: http://www.clevian.com/snowflake 2011/Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

So Fly Tribe

We can help you fly high! At the ‘So Fly Tribe’ learn to make kites with all the materials and instructions to get high on the playa!

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Society for the Perpetuation of Empatheogenic Celebrations (SPEC)

A Canadian collective dedicated to promoting community events that engender an empathetic bond between the participants.

Hometown: Victoria, BC


solnishko – diminutive word for the Sun (russian). At camp solnishko, we will recreate the warm, light and life-filled atmosphere that the Sun provides to the Earth and its inhabitants in the form of live and recorded music, warm beverages at sunrise, cool smoothies during the hot hours, and yummy snacks at various times. We will also engage our guests in active meditation of Shaolin tradition, invite them to practice soccer and poi spinning skills and much more.

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

Sore Nipple Camp

The World Famous Sore Nipple Camp is back an *&%$# than ever. Ladies come by and see how many CD’s you can put on your nipple (record 15) or enjoy a nice inner thigh message with the Sybian. Games and trivia daily!!!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/people/SoreNipple-Camp/100000643310982Hometown: Sparks, NV


Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Space Cowboys

Shaking your business since 1997.

URL: http://www.spacecowboys.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Space Gnomes

Galatic party enablers.

URL: http://www.spacegnomes.com/Hometown: Calgary, AB

Space Gnomes

Galatic party enablers.

URL: http://www.spacegnomes.com/Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Space Island

Home to a band of space pirates who cause mayhem and disorder with their art car: the Space Wench.

URL: http://www.spaceisland.orgHometown: Pacific Palisades, CA

Space Virgins

The Space Virgins invite you to experience our portal into the Space Time Continuum — where you will experience a new place and time of cool comfort and verdant, jungle luxury.

URL: http://spacevirgin.orgHometown: Seattle, WA

Spaghetti Taco

From the fertile desert of New Mexico, we are a Mixed Food Camp, specializing in Spaghetti Tacos. Come for the Ass-Impressions, stay for the Chicken Fighting, Fish Rodeo. Fortune Telling, Captain Cuervo, Duct Tape Wallets, Magik, Costumes, Green Chile, and the KouchWhole Mutant Vehicle!!!

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Spandex and Steroids

Challenge our Gladiators at 2 games of physical skill: “Assault,” where contestants dodge pneumatically launched tennis balls while shooting foam missiles and arrows at a target and “Joust,” where the first to fall off a gimbaled platform loses. Helmets and jock straps provided. Spandex encouraged.

Hometown: Davis, CA

Spank Bank Camp

Your Past. Your Future. Your Bank

Hometown: Hood River, OR

Spank of America

Black Rock City’s finest bank.
Get your bottom robotically spanked on our ATM (Ass Thwacking Machine).
Enjoy the mist system,”Bottom Bar”,bank/spank satire art and videos. Swag…stickers and glow mugs.
Our motto..”We give till it hurts”.

URL: http://www.stuver.com/spankofamerica/index.htmlHometown: Torrance, CA

Spank the Monkey Lounge

Wet your whistle at the Spank the Monkey Lounge, enjoy virgin burner shots, playa friendly poontang (aka the playa screwdriver) as well as other refreshing beverages. They come with free harassment from our assortment of monkey clad bartenders, we’ll try not to throw poo.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Spank-the-Monkey-Lounge/125902577487583Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

SparkleSpaz RainbowTron 20:11

A spazatronic collective celebrating silliness, sunshine, sparkles, rainbows, robots, the future, the present, and the past and possessing a healthy dose of Midwestern-bred sarcasm! Our Mission: Spread Fun!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SparkleSpaz-RainbowTron-2011/188970724466281Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Spicy Krunchy Camp

Camp Spicy Krunchy is a collection of freaks that dig the spicy and the krunchy in reality. We also host and supply the post apocalytpic mobile wellness center art car project. Come and have a ride! Have you experienced spicy Krunchy? Come and visit us and say that you have!

URL: http://www.rawheaven.orgHometown: San Rafael, CA

Spin Art Camp and the Delfuego Art Wall.

Make A Spin Art Masterpiece
Make a large Spin Art on 15″ x 20″ core board… or take off your shirt and make a one-of-a-kind wearable Masterpiece! Every day from noon to 3pm. Also, all day every day, come and paint on the 40-foot long Delfuego Art Wall.

Spin Art Camp and the Delfuego Art Wall.

Hometown: Steamboat Springs, CO

Spin Cycle

The Spin Cycle is a hoopiong camp for all spinners. We create an enormous shaded space with a killer sound system for spin jams whenever the community asks for it.

URL: http://thesailors.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Spirit Dream (Interpretation Café)

Perhaps it’s your thirst, the smell of fresh ground coffee, the sounds of steam, the rhythms of percussion, or something deeper that draws you to us. You fill your cup and decide to stay. As your body rests, your spirit is stirred. A gentle wave washes over you, drawing you into the encounter tent. The atmosphere is charged and the filling of your soul and spirit begins. Welcome to your Spirit Dream.

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Stalker Camp

Have you ever wanted to be a stalker? Well we can make your stalker dreams come true. We have many colorful stalking stories if you come by our camp and if you are really adventurous, go for a consensual stalking adventure that we will set up for you. Come back to our camp with your Stalkee and you will receive a commemorative necklace and a patch. Let the stalking go on!

URL: http://www.stalkercamp.comHometown: Mountain View, CA

Stardust Lounge

When the Stardust Casino was reduced to a pile of ashes, dust, and memories, witnesses swore they saw a glittering swirl of purple smoke drifting Northwest. Pawn your jewelry and double down at the Stardust Lounge, where dirty martinis and dirtier cocktail waitresses rekindle the spirit of old Vegas.

URL: http://stardust.typepad.com/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Steam Bath Project

Steam Bath Project welcomes visitors to share a steam bath experience. Visitors are invited to enter the geodesic dome and relax on wooden bench where boiling water produces steam and negative ions that fill the dome. This process results in a clean body and improved respiratory function.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Steam-Bath-Project/195625990278?ref=tsHometown: Jamaica Plain, MA

Steampunk Saloon

Gents and Ladies: Indulge in a trip back to the future in our rollicking Steampunk saloon.

Hometown: Altadena, CA

Still Stings Camp

Still Stings camp this year will feature Mama Kabuke’s Big Tent, the Moroccan Tea Lounge and the Soul Cleaners.

URL: http://stillstings.meHometown: San Jose, CA

Straight 2 the Dome

Two domes and a whole lot of bass! Tired of bad music? So are we, and we take great pride in it. Come by and tell us what you would for a klondike bar!

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Street Life: Hip-Hop comes to the Playa

Street Life 2011: Hip Hop comes to the Playa

Picture Mr. Rodgers swigging a 40oz beverage while listening to Public Enemy. Street Life is bringing the story and soul of Hip-Hop to the Playa with the levity and neighborhood feel of Sesame Street. This is OUR version of a metropolis: the nostalgia we all feel for Sesame Street and the urban swag, bounce, and flavor of Hip-Hop.


URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Street-Life-2011/152087438167309Hometown: New York, NY

Stretchy Camp

Come by and give your spine some love with choices including inversion table, body balls, massage tools and a nice chill zone with hammock & cots.

Hometown: North Hollywood, CA

Sukkat Shalom

The mission of Sukkat Shalom is to “nourish the faith of those who sleep in the dust.” For three years, Sukkat Shalom has gathered disparate sparks of the Divine contained in all persons, forming a space for interconnection and exchange between all religions and cultures present on the Playa.The energy of such a convergence is used to elevate life on earth to more closely resemble a heavenly paradise.

URL: http://www.sukkatshalom.net/Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Summer Camp Sync

A collection of intentional communities bringing the spirit of collective hospitality to the playa! We welcome you to join us in celebrating rites of passage.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Sun Guardians

Sun Guardians is a place for creative men in a supportive and engaging environment to help perpetuate creative energy. Considered a collective, it remains open to anyone who wants to sign up, but has a focus on masculine energy. Although this camp might be seen as a “gay camp” it does not exclude any males who identify themselves differently. If other apply, they will not be denied to not exclude anyone with a honest commitment to the collective.

URL: http://www.sunguardians.netHometown: San Francisco, CA


Su Nido, “one’s nest”, is the place to roost in between your rites of passage on the playa this year. More than just a cozy lounge, use our hemi-sync meditation technology to rewire your nervous system, and become a Citizen of the Universe in a unique and magickal ceremony that honors our connection to the One.

URL: http://www.sunidocamp.comHometown: Lost Angeles, CA

Sunrise Coffee Camp

Come over and visit us from sunrise until our pots run dry. We will share hot coffee and all the fixings with you to greet the new day or finally send you off to bed! Use of personal cups is greatly appreciated.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

SuPer DuGs!!!!

SuPer DuGs You’re DOIN it Wrong!!

Hometown: Venice, CA

Super Friends

Whether you loved the Super Friends or love your SUPER friends, stop by and get friendly with us. Hone your hooping skills, strike out at wii bowling, or get cozy with us during nap-time; whatever the super occasion, we are your Super Friends too!

URL: http://www.glamborous.com/SuperFriends.glamborous.comHometown: Sherman Oaks, CA


SurlyCamp, home of the SurlyBird celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary at the BRC. We’re still a bunch of obnoxious assholes, still home to the best djs and mobile party on the playa and still paying it backwards. Now fuck off.

Hometown: Marina Del Rey, CA

Suspended Animation

Experience full-suspension erotic rope bondage: part kinetic art, part thrill ride, part endorphin rush. Our crew of expert riggers offers bondage rides, workshops for all levels, breathtaking performances, and night time play parties. We also rove the playa and build impromptu bondage sculpture!

Stop by for a rite of passage that will leave an indelible mark on your memory.

URL: http://suspendedanimationcrew.comHometown: Seattle, WA

Sustainable Sound

Home of the Sustainable Sound (AKA lowRes) Pedal Powered mobile art project (Sound, Light & LEDs). Other fun stuff too!

URL: http://sustainablesound.orgHometown: Charlestown, MA

Swag Mart

SwagMart is an Oasis of creativity located in the heart of Black Rock City. We provide shade and music with FREE unusual materials to create Swag, Necklaces, Earrings,and noteworthy embellishments for your Playa wear.
Join us for a bit of shade, fun conversation and meet Burners from all over the Planet.

Hometown: Nevada City, CA

Sweaty Betty's Misting Parlor / The Mon Salon

Rejuvenate, invigorate and experience an overall cooling sensation from head to foot as you stroll through our misting tunnel and watch the smiles emerge while body temperatures drop, open each day during peak heat on the playa.

Salon style, emergency hair washing services offered for those with crunchy hair (you know who you are…) open 10:00 to 3:00, Crunchy hair only please…Other spa services offered…Volunteer opportunities…Tea…

Hometown: Federal Way, WA

Swing City

Swing City returns to the playa with more momentum and fun!

URL: http://ringflyers.com/swingcity/Hometown: Venice, CA

Syncytium: Reset

Traverse the mysteries of the hereafter with Existential Liquidators, the most trusted cut-rate custodian of souls on the playa!

Witness your own funeral! Jettison your worldly baggage! Enjoy a personalized eulogy from a Board-Certified
Existential Minister! Overhear the words of loved ones from the other side! Traverse the mysterious Tunnel of
Spacetime! Enjoy the beaches of Purgatory! Be interrogated by an astral tribunal! Dance to ’80s music!

Experience all this and MORE at Syncytium: Reset!

URL: https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0By8tQaXmTRl8ODRlZDJjYjEtZTkwZi00NTk4LThmZjQtYTgzNzg0YjA5ZjI4&hl=enHometown: Ann Arbor, MI