2013 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

* Cats/The Hive

Hometown: San Francisco//NYC

7 Deadly Gins

You loved us in 2012 – you’ll love us even more this year! From Monday through Saturday – between the sundowner hours of 3.30pm and 6.30pm – come enjoy top notch, ice-cold Gin + Tonics in the mellow shade of the lush ‘7 Deadly Gins’ desert oasis bar and dance to the sweet sounds of our DJs deep house tunes.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/The7DeadlyGinsHometown: Bend

7 Sins Lounge

Embrace the Heat as the Playa’s friendliest little slice of Hell returns for the 13th straight year!
Night brings what sinners want- Libations and the ever popular WHEEL OF SINS where our highly skilled and dedicated staff happily delivers absolution & encouragement with a FIRM hand! So come earn your “Get Out of HELL Free” card, and remember: Start your SINS at 7!

Hometown: Sacramento

7 Sirens Cove

A pirate bohemian rest stop where merrymaking, gypsy lounging, dancing rhythms and mischief run aground. Beware, it is futile to resist the 7 Siren’s call!

URL: http://www.7sirenscove.comHometown: San Francisco Bay Area

9 Energies

There are Nine energy centers in your body. Aligned with the Chakras, the Heart Chakra holds 3 energy centers. One of these energy centers has been partially active since birth. When completely activated it becomes your Superpower.
Come to the 9 Energies camp and activate your Superpower.

URL: http://9energies.comHometown: Novato