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2023 Archive

A Confederacy of Dunces

Hometown: New Orleans

A Medium Place

Welcome to an impermanent realm of mediocre existence curated especially for Burning Man. Our uninspired camp is the not-so-premiere destination for unexpectedly disappointing experiences and half-assed fuckery; the metaphorical handy, where no one fucks yer Burn.

Hometown: Portland

A Playa Home Companion

We plan on bringing out our best “Mom-itudes” to be some of the most delightful caretakers around. We know how non-stop the party can be in the staff camps, and how much a little time away can make a big difference. We strive to offer a relaxing retreat for staff, volunteers, theme camp and art project leads and workers to get a little time away to clear their heads and center themselves. Haven’t had a decent meal or are sick of commissary? We just might happen to have a pot of soup going for our upcoming meal which we’re more than happy to share, or one of our Moms might be in the mood to whip up a grilled cheese just for you! Need some body-work after a long day or a bedtime story to help you settle into the night, we’ve got a Mom for that!

Hometown: Sacramento

A Shack of Sit

A Shack of Sit, where sit happens! For the last 20 years, A Shack of Sit has provided a respite from the harsh elements by creating a shady, cool space and serving ice cold water for wayward Burners adventuring out on the playa, along with many fun activities, classes, and interactive gizmos. We are affiliated with the Mensa Burning Man Special Interest Group, and many of our members are Mensans. We are a part of Snowflake village. Come say hello and sit with us!

Hometown: San Jose

A Transformation Station

A new camp incubator, a cultural exchange hub, a place of learning, transformation and sharing. We are dedicated to enhancing consciousness, connection and openness. A Transformation Station is your go-to-place to raise your vibration and communicate with your highest self and unlock synchronicity!

Hometown: New York

A Transformation Station Camp

The art and interactivity heart of transformation

Hometown: Los Angeles


Breathe easy with the Maskman’s quality N-95 dusk masks with their non toxic psychedelic Burning Man logo. And don’t forget our our Breathe Easy nose plugs, BM stickers, pins and BM stencils.

Hometown: Santa Monica


Abraxas welcomes the strange friends and the friendly strangers always and all ways.

URL: Hometown: Valley Ford


The friendly bar on the playa, providing our special drink to the thirsty of BRC since the last millennium. Come try our many flavors and enjoy the music, ambiance and conversation of our neighborhood bar.

URL: Hometown: Oakland

Academy of Arts and Sciences

We’re the scientists who are artists. And the artists with a passion for science. We can show you how a crystal is born, and then teach you to make wearable art with it. Want to look at the sun? Want to look at the sun and NOT go blind? We got you, and we’ll even paint you up once you’re done. Want to learn more about drug tests, or have a question for an OB/GYN? Stop on by for our lively and interesting debate and educational sessions. You can also just kick back in the shade, trade a bad idea for a bad drink, and relax at the Bad Idea Bar – worst bar on the Playa (since 2010!).

URL: Hometown: seattle

ACatemy Ltd

The playa’s most prestigious feline higher learning institution, this Catnip League University offers art classes and spirited debates.
Make an embellished wet-formed leather mask (Masters level, 2+ hours) or a catnip-stuffed felt toy to gift a feline companion in the default world (101 level, 30-45 min). Enroll early.
Felines: theory and practice lectures and workshops on alternating days.

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Acrobatica Galactica

Space-themed anti-gravity acro and movement camp fueled by spice elixirs. Calling all acrobats and acronauts! Come move your body and partner up for space travel. We have a padded circus tent, safety belt and lines, daily acro/movement classes and afternoon acro jams. Iced coffee served daily at jams.

Hometown: Boulder

Adopt the Bead

If you ever wonder how all these glass beads are created stop by in Adopt A Bead camp! See the magic, adopt one for yourself so it will remind you about this time on Playa.
You also might want to check our exclusive collection of scarves!

Hometown: Seattle


All inclusive and diverse camp focusing on a drama free and fun filled burn. Engaging workshops, delicious delicacies, hydration, art, weddings, burnercise, and good company are to be found with us. Whether you need a safe space to escape your drama or a place to meet new friends, you’re always welcome here.

URL: Hometown: New Orleans

Adult Novelty Shoppe

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Aerial Screw

No aerial antics here, for 2023 we’re exploring the cultural intersection of chess and hip-hop.

Hometown: San Francisco

AEZ Music Hall

Hometown: Seattle

After Hoot

It’s a hoot

Hometown: Sacramento


Afterglow, that wonderful feeling that lingers long after the experience has elapsed—a feeling that only occurs when the mind, body, and soul has been ever so stimulated. Our gift to the Playa and to its dear citizens is Afterglow!

Hometown: Bay Area

Afterglow Lounge & Spa

A communal space of nurturement where wandering burners can rejuvenate, relax and recharge. A caring place where burners can restore and reignite their radiant glow. We will host a purifying spa, deep cleansing sauna, and dance parties to show off that new sexy glow!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Agave Lounge

Kick off your dusty boots, and let us knock your socks off in our carpeted, dust-free, 70-foot (giant) geodesic dome. Come dance to some great house music and lounge in our super comfy “indoor” space protected from the windstorms and sun. Filled with squish, bean bags and a bouncy castle, we are open to the public every day from 11am-8pm. For those 21 and over, we are serving agave craft cocktails with mezcal and tequila. Every day we have a long list of happenings including yoga, meditation, jazzercise, twerkshop, community clean ups, Thai massage, cocktail classes, mezcal tastings, face painting, arts & crafts, karaoke, and even speed dating (for all genders and orientations), and much more! If your tired come relax and meet your new friends at the Agave Lounge!

URL: Hometown: san francisco

Aglosata MV Camp

Aglosata was born not just from a desire, but a longing to give back to the citizens of Black Rock City through comfortable transportation, exploration of the city’s art, and to contribute to the overall eccentricity of individual & collective experiences.

Hometown: Seattle



Hometown: Novato

Air Phoenix

We have gifted tandem skydives into burning man, this year we intend to get more people involved by helping to teach them how to overcome fear within our camp. We intend to do this by providing a tall scaffolding tower from which we will facilitate jumping, aerial activities and the best view on Playa.

Hometown: Moab

Airpusher Collective

Airpusher Collective brings our iconic Steampunk Airship to the playa every year. We celebrate love, art and music. This collective of visionaries believes in the power of community and creativity, of collaboration and inclusion, of fun and silliness. Our passion lies in creating memorable experiences with our art and music. You can find us creating and celebrating on the Playa, at our home-grown parties in San Francisco like the Steampunk Masquerade or more intimately at our monthly FlyBy Happy Hours.

URL: Hometown: Oakland

Airstreameri and What Not

Home to Playa’s Best PostCards & Dusty Scientific Talks! Because ‘nothing to write home about’ doesn’t apply here & ignorance is NOT bliss. Bring your address book & send some love back to the default world! Special libations & yard games every evening!

Hometown: Genoa


If you find yourself parched and disoriented, listen carefully. Follow the melody and you may just stumble across camp Alborz. We’ll be happy to nurture your body and soul before we send you back off to find the next adventure.

URL: Hometown: New York

Alchemy Stop

A dusty sanctuary for anyone to enjoy a quiet musical retreat with a cold limoncello or a steamy Italian coffee in hand. Look for our limoncello sign, wall of flags and neighboring lighthouse and piano music – we will be welcoming you with open arms.

Hometown: San Francisco

Ali Bar-Bar

Theme camp that provides shelter day and night, drinks, and edgy entertainment for the citizens of Black Rock City with the mission to have fun in a welcoming and comfortable environment to chill, relax, drink, and dance. We have a full service bar, and a lineup of DJs daily. Our motto is “Top shelf music & bottom shelf drinks!”

URL: Hometown: Palo Alto

Alice in Slumberland

Known for intricate cocktails and zany decor, this year the bar returns with an extra tall and an extra short sections, just in case you suddenly change in height after consuming a drink.
We also offer the caterpillar lounge, a hookah bar with a relaxing gathering space for our guests, open every afternoon (relaxing space open always). Also open always is our LED croquet court — use some flamingos to hit some balls! Hit them at your friends!
And this year, we have much more fire. Flaming croquet one evening, flaming juggling another. Come do them all, with hot drinks too.

But careful, you might get trapped in the Queen of Heart’s Bunny Cage, if you don’t pass our arbitrary DUI checks.

Hometown: Santa Rosa

Alight Market Village

Hometown: Oakland

Alter Ego

Camp ALTER EGO creates experiences through art that challenge and expand one’s sense of self.

URL: Hometown: Reno

Alternative Energy Zone

A village dedicated to using Solar & Wind, not only for Burning Man, but all year long. We don’t allow generators, so our village is fairly quiet. Anyone is welcome to sign up to camp with us. We DON’T have “DUES”.

URL: Hometown: Reno


AmaZONE Wisdom Camp is inspired by the power of the largest river in the world. We started out as a Brazilian camp and, in that way, we honor our South American heritage. We see each of the 10 principles of Burning Man reflected and encapsulated in every water molecule: inclusive, self-reliant, participative, immediate… Like water, like life. We are a hub of people who get together to reinforce our beliefs and share our studies.We like to provide experiences so people can contemplate water and the natural forces that rule existence. We are a tool for awakening. We bring up practices to heal our body and soul and by doing that we heal the whole. Be water, my friend.

URL: Hometown: Porto Alegre

Amber Dust

Sausages sizzling, VR “Love Symphony” in sight,
Broth and games, Pagan vibes ignite!
Oh my, dear friends, let’s gather and cheer,
At Amber Dust Camp, the fun is right here!

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Amour Inn

Welcome to Amour Inn, a Burning Man camp that radiates love in the heart of the Black Rock Desert. Our cozy lounge area, illuminated by twinkling lights, invites you to unwind and connect with others. Together, we celebrate the power of community and sharing. At night, our camp transforms into a magical wonderland, with glowing lanterns and heart-opening rituals that inspire connection and love. Come stay with us at Amour Inn and experience the warmth and connection of our loving community.

Hometown: San Francisco, London, Dubai


Bring out your inner Animalia as you enter our dome with your favorite animal call, bird song or howl at Camp Amulet! At our Amulet table, you’ll be gifted a brass dog tag; pre-stamped with the Burning Man symbol. Our highly skilled Amulet Counselors will guide and inspire you to customize your Amulet. Using metal stamping tools you can add names, numbers, symbols, astrological signs, and Viking ruins. We’ll put your Amulet on a necklace, keychain or bracelet for you when you’re finished.

Hometown: San Francisco

Anahasana Village

Anahasana Village brings awareness to a fully embodied knowing of the power and the wisdom of our own hearts.

Our constituent camps gift workshops that are immersive, experiential, edgy, somatic and designed to take you into a direct experience of a new you.

We are home to:
Naked Heart
Tantra Mantra
Sacred Song Teahouse
Burning Man Goddess Temple
Radiant Seed Temple
Sleepy Thunder
Hook-Up Camp

URL: Hometown: Eugene


art support for ancestry and mama jelly

Hometown: salt lake

Ancient Cult of the Alligators

The Ancient Cult of the Alligator is here to help indoctrinate you into celebrating the NOW! Come by for an Alligator Bite or specialty cocktail, stay for the music, conversation and parties, and let us help you discover your spirit animal (hint: it’s probably an alligator).

Hometown: Los Angeles

And Then There's Only Love

Home of the world famous Orgy Dome – where couples & moresomes of all orientations are invited to come and play. We welcome all combinations of love!

We’re a sex-positive, inclusionary, and exploratory space that’s been a place of joy and passion since 2003.

Everyone wishing to enter the Orgy Dome receives a detailed orientation covering Informed Enthusiastic Consent. Anything other than an enthusiastic YES means NO!

Our (relatively) dust free, air conditioned space is designed for people to experience social sexuality in a safe and respectful way. We have a ‘Just Us’ and an ‘Open to More’ section – so monogamous & non-monogamous folks are all welcome.

And check out our daily workshops on many different sex-positive topics, hosted by preeminent sex-educators

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


ANDAS – Art support camp for the glowing turtle

URL: Hometown: Oakland, CA

Android Oasis

Creators of The Android Chill Dome and The Oasis Lounge, Android Oasis offers a refreshing and reinvigorating respite from the heat and harshness of the playa. Come by for misting, massage, mindful music, and a mental break. Stay for the vibes, vines, and vivacious community!

Hometown: Los Angeles


Our camp invites you to explore the whole spectrum of states from sensory (sensual, physical) to subtle (spiritual) combining two temples – Sensorium and Angelic.
The shape of the temples corresponds to two crystals – black and white, like yin and yang, connected by a passage symbolizing the heart.
They activate the movement from the lower energetic centers to the upper energetic centers and from the upper to the lower.
At the entrance, the Seeker is asked to choose through an audio guide which temple he wants to visit.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Animal Escape Room No. 5

Welcome home baby! The Trendy Baby Bassinet Camp is an Art Support Camp for the massive Cradle to Grave sculpture by Torchmouth and Sepia Syndicate. We welcome you to come meet our artists and relax in the Baby Dome or watch our fire spinners perform throughout the night. Our sculpture will be periodically transforming from Spirit Being to an Owl and shooting off C02 during the day and, of course, lots of fire at night!

Hometown: Loveland

Anonymous Village

Anonymous offers sober camping and support for burners in recovery from drugs, alcohol and process addictions. We support the mission of Anonymous Village in providing recovery resources, leading meetings, and fellowship/hospitality to all of Black Rock City.

URL: Hometown: Gerlach

Anonymous Village

Anonymous Village provides safe, sheltered, shaded venues for 12-step groups to hold meetings and to gather and help one another. We have a drug and alcohol-free space for participants to camp during the event (please pre-register camp with us at If you are feeling unsafe in your camp because of drug or alcohol use, please consider staying with us for the night or for the event. If you are curious about burning sober please consider attending an AnyA meeting and learn more.

Hometown: Gerlach, NV

URL: Hometown: Gerlach

Antea fun

We are a bunch of artists who are Antea Fun. We like to host tea parties and build dinosaurs with doll heads attached to them. Come join us for a sculpture making work shop, a cup of tea, or play on our playground located at the front of our camp.

Hometown: Tel Aviv

Apocalypse Meow

Small art car camp dropping big beats!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Apocalypse Wow

If you’re lucky enough to go to Burning Man, you’re lucky enough! Come see us at Apocalypse WOW, the place to be for all the things you love about the apocalypse (and don’t): chaos, nonsensical games and logic, warm beer and putting on your best face even when it’s hard… We’re here to quash those vibes of impending world doom and give you a chance to prove you’re not a narc while doing a naked handstand. We love you already, we look forward to giving you a high five, dancing with you into the wee hours and shaving your eyebrows.

Hometown: San Francisco


We are proud to be an eco conscious kamp that strives to re-envision waste materials into art. Come chill out with us and have a beverage in our post Apokalpytikally themed sunset bar and 24 hr lounge, or play with our eclectic collection of installations and games.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


We encourage Burners to apply their psychedelic, playa, and peak experiences to their default lives. People experience more compassion, awe, immediacy, acceptance, self-expression, and community at Burning Man. If they believe this is only available on the playa, they are leaving one of Burning Man’s biggest gifts in the dust.

Our camp offers experiential workshops, one-on-one experiences, and community connections, to support identifying the truths discovered about one’s self. Then using this new awareness to power action in daily life. When people feel changed at Burning Man, we want to support the process of living it, in daily practice.

Hometown: Albany

Après Ski Injury

Music Vizards is an interactive camp offering an Apre-Ski Bar as well as a brand new thrill ride: A ski jump in the middle of the desert!
Our bar has open every afternoon till late night and offers not only drinks, but entertainment, fun games and fire.
You can also ski jump!
Music Vizards: Apre-Ski Bar and music, dance, music visualization and ski jumping the desert!

URL: Hometown: Vienna, Austria

AquaZone Intentional Water Bar

Every Day – Intention infused water tastings by your friendly Watertenders, plus! Nail Polish Stations, Tarot, Conversation, Surrogate Playa Parent/Friend Counselor, 24 hour Hydration Refill Station and self-serve waters of intention. Our bottles of various still and bubbly waters each have a positive word inscribed on them. These bottles infuse the water they contain with the specific energy that each word evokes. Our Watertenders guide you through the AquaZone Intentional Water Bar ritual of choosing your intention for the moment. You decide!

URL: Hometown: Berkeley


We build this mutant vehicle on playa every year to share a reminder that you should never lose the child like wonder and imagination, that nothing is that serious. “it’s all performance Art!” _Bill Gilman (Original SOS designer) You can’t take a Giant furry yellow submarine sauntering across the playa with rainbow flowers lights and a crew that’s wearing matching yellow rain gear bibs in the middle of the desert seriously.
We will continue to provide support& transportation for the Seattle Fire Conclave, and adventures for wondering travelers including BAIT

Hometown: Joshua Tree

Arctica Ice Sales

Hometown: Iceland


Cherish the uncertain, challenge fear, welcome the odd, and seek thyself! The Argonauts bring a unique and infectious spirit which we share across the playa and in conjunction with reenergizing camp activities including our ArgoShine-enhanced induction ceremonies and high-noon ArgoDogs. Besides our Argonaut spirit, our gifts include Argonaut dust, sun & fashion bandanas, temporary Argonaut tattoos, and spiritually-assigned individual Quests for each newly inducted Argonaut for the coming year.

URL: Hometown: Los Altos Hills

Armageddon Bike Camp

It’s not the end of the world, it’s the safe word! Think Armageddon for all your bike needs. We’ve been providing bike-love to the 3:00 sector for over 10 years, and we offer professional bike repair daily. Check out our Armageddon Emporium activities while you’re here for bike repair. We also host great parties, don’t miss our Weds Alley Cat Race and After Party with Funny Bike Demo! Our 28ft dome ‘living room’ and outdoor shade structure provide options for the perfect hang-out space, no matter the weather. Open to visitors 24×7. Drop in any time!

URL: Hometown: Salt Lake City

Arrow Dynamic

We are your guiding light home at night ,look for the Arrow pointing down.
Wednesday night Arrow Party
Day time Arrow Bar

Hometown: Grass Valley

Art Car Camp

Home for Art Cars and Mutant Vehicles on playa since 1994. Welcome creators and enthusiasts to the place where weird is celebrated. You’ll recognize cars from The Orange Parade, the Trinidad Art Car fest and many other hometown parades and festivals. Visit us in Art Car World in Douglas AZ after BRC returns to dust.

Hometown: Douglas, AZ

Art Haus

A collective of musicians and dancers dedicated to creating classical and contemporary productions on playa and sharing their art with the citizens of Black Rock City. We are a mix of professional and recreational artists and their supporters from all over the world.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Art Masel

An annual gathering of ultra eccentric humans we consider Art. Oh, and they’re armed with air compressors in case you feel like getting ‘blown away’

Hometown: Los Angeles

Art Model Camp

Come do figure drawing in a shade structure in the AEZ village (likely on the “F” side) from noon to 3, with male and female models (2-20 minute poses). Anyone can draw or pose, sign up on the whiteboard to pose in a 30-minute session if you’re curious, no experience necessary, and clothing level is your choice. Some drawing supplies, paper, pencils and pens, will be available.

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Art of Steam

Directional space to explore nature and knowledge of Steam. We provide BRC with guided steam sessions that have exploratory, healing, and meditative purposes. We are happy to educate future steam masters and propagate knowledge of the steam for a future better world.

Hometown: San Francisco


#Vagr art support camp

Hometown: Yerevan

Ashram Galactica

The Grand Hotel | Your Home Away From Home Away From Home

Located Directly Above the Center of the Earth

URL: Hometown: Venice / Los Angeles

Asian Fetish Camp

Have an Asian fetish? We do too! We hold workshops, food events, and more. Pay us a visit and get your fetish on!

Hometown: Seattle

Ass Stamp Camp

Need a temporary reminder of your time at Burning Man? Stop by the Gigsville bar in the afternoons for the year off version of Ass Stamp Camp. Everyone loves a stamp on the ass(21+). Have a cup of tea (and dish some!) with Grandma Geo while supplies last. The Gigsville bar is great place to hang out. It’s historical! Burning Man is that old!

Hometown: Winnemucca

Astral Headwash

Back in the saddle again.
Washing your dusty heads for the 21st year.
Missed you and can’t wait to hug you again!

Hometown: Denver

Astral Outpost

A rest stop for astronauts en route to other planets

URL: Hometown: San Francisco, Tahoe, London

Astro Cats

We invite all burners to chill at the Flying Saucer Lounge with special cocktails during the day, and hot or cold sake or premium Tequila at the Dragon Lounge at night. You can enjoy acrobatic, fire dancing performance and workshops at scheduled times, and a place to practice and spin fire and Cyr Wheel with us. If you want to join our kitties for morning yoga, bring your mat to stretch and pose with us. Or, you would like to learn Zumba in the afternoon with us. You can chill on our chairs and watch people pass by while sipping our special drinks. You can learn to be a puppet master and perform at our Improv Puppet Theatre. You can challenge yourself to manipulate the LED Matrix, walk the plank, or play the game of Giant Jenga, or play poker at our game table while enjoying your sake.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


Delicious coffee served in a cool space with extraordinary hospitality. Fresh ground French press dark roast brewed black as the depths of interstellar space itself (BYO creamer if you must adulterate). The hangout for quasi-legal alien beatniks, mutant cyborg gear heads, trans-solar scooter gangs, radical anarchist raypunks, neuroatypical geeks, freaked-out psychonauts, and caffeine fiends of every stripe.

URL: Hometown: Hometown: Carina Nebula (Sagittarius Arm)

At the Oasis

An oasis for unleashing your creativity as you craft your own custom-designed pendants with branded leather, charms, beads and more. It’s also a welcoming oasis at all other times with cold drinks and warm greetings.

Hometown: Southern California


Chill, Laugh, and Dance with us. Relax and experience our space and hospitality. Play our games and laugh with us. Enjoy our music and dance with us. We are a safe space for all burners 24/7.

Hometown: San Francisco


Don’t call us a sound camp. We are a dance camp.
Sunsets/Sunrise dj’s, drinks, and dancing.

URL: Hometown: New York

Atlas Camp

Atlas is a community of volunteers, dreamers & doers who get together to create unforgettable experiences. This year we’re bringing the xTent to Burning Man: a 7 Dimension Sensual Sound & Light stage that can host 400 guests with live DJ performances mixed with Fire, Water Misters, Fog, Wind, Lights, Lasers & Projection Mapped Walls.

URL: Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

Atom Cult

Start the day with our signature Hot Fusion Pancakes and Winter Brew coffee!
Cool yourself down with a variety of Ice Cream offerings at noon!
Fill yourself with Happiness and Joy while exploring the magnificent Sculpture Garden full of surprising immersive experiences!
Relax and recharge both yourself and your portable electronics in our Reactor Dome!

URL: Hometown: San Diego

Atomic Pussy Photo Lounge

Come visit what is easily the 3rd best Bar/Lounge and Photo Booth on the playa. We serve ice-cold beverages every afternoon to awaken your inner animal and propel you to a higher flow state. Returning this year is Weir(d) Wednesday, when we’ll be serving up a hero dose of the Grateful Dead all afternoon. And don’t miss our twin-tip, reverse camber Shot-Ski (for those playa face shots), the Elaine Benes Dance Experience (dance classes for dance-introverts) – and of course the photo booth, photo art, and photo gifts.

URL: Hometown: Salt Lake City

Atypical Camp

Delve into the Dazzling and Deviate from the Mundane!

Hometown: Seattle

ATypical Forest

A Typical Forest

Hometown: Issaquah


There’s a magic to the dawn, and we’re always grateful to receive it. Whether it’s the end of a long night or the start of a beautiful new day, we love sharing that early-morning serenity with friends both old and new. Our international crew speaks the common tongue of hospitality, and it’s our true joy to extend the sun’s warmth through good food, good music, and good conversation.

Hometown: San Francisco

Automatic Subconscious

Back again with our 31 foot, fully climbable non geodesic diagrid gherkin complete with netting at the top. Come by and relax in the netting or catch a beer that we launch from the sky.

URL: Hometown: Boston, MA

Avant Card

Avant Card is a “suitably” fun camp. Continuing the 1,000 year tradition of
playing cards, this house of cards is built out of love and dust and never
truly topples. Come on through and check out our big deck (like really, it’s
almost 4ft tall)

URL: Hometown: Oakland

Avocado "Toast"

Come enjoy a nice breakfast of avocado toast and mimosas! Try out our champagne bubble blaster, have some breakfast, and meet new friends before heading out on the playa!

Hometown: Salt Lake City


Hometown: New York


The home of daily classes, fun spaces, and organized chaos. We’ll teach you a new skill, find your hidden artsy talent, move and grove your body, and pour you a tasty cocktail. Kick back and enjoy artwork, new friends, and lots of laughs. We’re here to celebrate just how AWESOME you can be!

Hometown: North Lake Tahoe


We are a cavalry of Unicorns. Our camp is decorated in bright fuchsia pink, lights and unicorns. We run an afternoon bar, called The unStable, with different daily events, and serve our unique Unicorn Tears drinks. We also have Awesomeball – large inflatable Zorb balls people can climb in and bash against each other.

URL: Hometown: North America

Awkward & Tawdry Lounge

Part bar. Part lounge. Part theater. Part chill. Part Shoot Your Balls Off. Park Karaoke. Part Playa Tatoos. 100% Awkward & Tawdry.

Hometown: Sacramento