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2023 Archive

qt pies

The qt pies are an eclectic collective of souls inviting you to explore non-normative interpretations of time. We’re on a mission to deconstruct our understanding of time – our most ubiquitous, yet most precious, finite resource. Traverse the 4th dimension with us. Embrace pie-in-the-sky ideas. Our doors are open to all who dare to question, who might be questioning, or who simply have questions. This year, we plan to bring back our most popular events from 2022 and innovate new offerings engaging with this year’s Animalia theme. We believe that the soul, or anima, is eternal. Our interactivity takes participants on thrilling journeys of soul and body exploration.

Hometown: New York

Quarks and Recreation

Games for Progress! Play! Scientists vs. Unicorns! Discover! Nuclear Fusion Bocce-Golf! Learn! The modern wonders of the Atomic Age! Your local Quarks and Recreation department invites you to experience our comprehensive catalog of nuclear-inspired games, physics trivia, labyrinthian bureaucracy, and definitely-not-radioactive “drinks” at the elusive h-bar. (Void where the strong nuclear force is inhibited; the electromagnetic force may apply).

Hometown: Berkeley

Queer Medicine Community: &camp

&Camp is a queer affirming, sex-positive theme camp that celebrates the unity underneath what, on the surface, appears to be duality. Day/night, pleasure/pain, life/death. &Camp is also home to the “This L’il Piggy & The Unicorn Creamer (They, Them), the two spirit Art Car that gifts freshly-baked cookies and ice cream treats.

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles


Come by camp Quesadildos for some delicious quesadillas and ridiculous games. Spin the wheel of fortune to see what game you’ll have to play to get a ‘dilla!

Hint: the games mostly involve dildos.

Hometown: Alameda, Bend, Cabo, North Carolina, Australia

Questionable Camp

A Feathery Flock of Fuckery, we here at Questionable Chicken bring you Dusty Deals and Questionable Choices. Come try your luck in our Casino Coop or quench your thirst in our Deep Chill Libation Lounge while listening to sweet beats by our resident musical comrade cluckers. Check out our Playa Pilates and Restorative Yoga classes to ease the chaotic mind under our 20′ shaded pyramid and find us in the early morning hours throwing dice and making dusty deals!

Hometown: Reno

Quetzalcoatl Reborn Art Camp

support camp of Quetzalcoatl Reborn art installation on the playa

URL: Hometown: Mahahual

Quick Dip

Liquid nitro ice cream pebbles + disco & house music < 3 @Camp Quick Dip opening party @Camp Quick Dip Quick Dip'n Disco Sunset Party @QuickDeepPlaya pop up with all the leftovers

Hometown: San Francisco