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2023 Archive

I Love Elephants

We love elephants & the wisdom of Ganesh: We love them in herds, on carousels, in paint, in song, and thru our Asana practice. Express your own love for them! We are host to a spectacular Immersion Dome & share profound workshops! We have daily yoga, ecstatic dance and music! You can paint wood elephants in our Tent of Glow. Body painting too! This may seem irreverent, but elephants look strange, yet are the most compassionate animal on this planet! Humans are more strange – we can learn much from these loving creatures. Conventional approaches to saving elephants isn’t working – we need the unconventional! Be Unconventional – Join “I Love Elephants” camp! We also have a multitude of info-panels with little known elephants facts. Meet our Elephant conservation activists too!

URL: Hometown: Bend

I Miss My Dog Cafe

There’s no better way to celebrate Animalia than by honoring our furry best friends. Camp Calico’s I Miss My Dog Cafe is a community cafe uniting people over our love of all animals.

A colorful dog installation welcomes our guests, who are invited to relax in the intimate ambiance of dog-themed decor. Our on-duty dog-tor (human therapy dog) will enthusiastically greet you and dexterously serve whatever drool-worthy refreshments the house is cooking that day. Sit and stay for dog-themed events.

Staying true to our food-gifting roots, we host hot dog parties, serving traditional and vegan options for lunch. Our day starts bright and early with a sunrise coffee, tea, and kibble cereal bar. Nama-stay for our up-dog morning yoga or stop by for the occasional hair-of-the-dog cocktail.

Hometown: Denver

I Need An Adult

A camp that’s been around for over a decade, Camp I Need An Adult never takes itself too seriously. Stop by our bar for a drink, listen to one of our DJ’s on our custom-built sound system, play some Dinko (Dildo Plinko), or lounge in our enormous hammocks and act like you never grew up. RADIATOR!

URL: Hometown: Denver, CO

I'm Croquet, You'e Croquet

A small art support camp for the Sparkle Bonies honorarium piece.

Hometown: Alameda

I'm OK, You're OK Corral

Well howdy ya dusty burners, the I’m OK, You’re OK Corral is back on playa providing a rootin’ tootin’ boot scootin’ good time. We invite you to mosey on over to our saloon where we’ll be servin’ up some ice-cold libations. It don’t be matterin’ if yer a sparkle pony, covered in playa, or the fast talkin’ city folk kind, all are welcome!

Hometown: San Diego

Ice Ice Maybe

Welcome to Ice Ice Maybe, formerly known as Galapagos! We are a small but playful and inviting camp that offers daytime events inspired by wordplay, silliness, nerdiness and creative joy – hosted in a camp with some ice/winter-themed infrastructure and art. The concept is that we’ll bring a solar panel array to power ice generation, and serve this ice to sweaty Burners in the form of smoothies. It’s a new concept, new identity, and new setup for us. We expect it to work but it’s all an experiment — hence the “Maybe”!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


Chill out with the Icy Hands crew as they defrost between midday mercy missions: share cool stories, images and video of those touched by icy hands under the sizzling playa sun. Learn how to turn a simple block of ice into smiles, goosebumps and a truly incredible shared experience!

Hometown: Los Angeles


We are dedicated to amplifying solutions at the intersection of sustainability, community, and art – to solve our world’s greatest problems and build a better tomorrow – as a global community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, creatives & humans. On playa, we are helping green the burn, hosting interactive workshops, and creating magical artistic experience. Off playa, we are a year round community spreading the Ten Principles, sharing experiences of wonder and joy, and making the rest of the world feel more like playa one day at a time. Come join us!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


Ignited States is all about our states of mind, our states of being, our states of consciousness. It’s about lighting up our worlds. It’s about igniting and fanning the flames of our creativity. And sometimes, it’s about igniting the fire in our bellies with a shot of Fireball.
– What State are You In? Make your own flag!
– Join in on our music video! Sing I Get By With A Little Help From My friends in or outside of our recording studio!
– Need some bad advice? Served up with Morning Mimosas with the Elders Cats or Afternoon Coffee with the Not So Elder Cats!
– Wednesday Wine Tasting with Wild Owl!
– Fireball Friday combines with Birthday Girl’s Birthday Party!
– Play the Scrotisserie any time of day!

Hometown: Phoenix

Ignition Rx

Come play with our newest fire creations and Pyra, our 20′ tall interactive fire tornado! Enjoy a drink relaxing on circular seats around the fire, or take a turn running it! You can control size, speed and height. Create a little fire wisp, or a 20′ tornado – it is your choice! Groups of 1-8 can also help manipulate the flame by adjust air intakes to vary the spin, direction and shape of the fire.

Enjoy complimentary evaluations, advice and prescriptions from our camp doctors to cure spectators, and make participation even more fun!

Hometown: San Francisco

Iguana Chill

Welcome to Chill! Iguana Chill is known for its chill vibes, chill music, chill spaces, and chill people. Our primary offering is a stage for live music, comedy shows, open mics, drum circles, and DJs.

Our chill space consists of a carpeted and pillowed wigwam that swallows you as you chill. Our drinks are chilled. Our people are chill. Our beats are chill. Now we wanna chill. You wanna chill. Iguana Chill.

Hometown: Washington, DC


IHOTT (Intergalactic House of Time Travelers) is back with everyone’s favorite Waffles from the past, present and future: The Cheesy Pickle! The Whiskey Maple! The Kimchi Peanut Butter! The Strawberry Cream Pie! Some of these are made up! Will your own creation be the next favorite menu item? Enjoy our chill space with intermittent intergalactic entertainment including: buffing stations, letters to your future self, Tea House experiences, Music and more! WAFFLES are traveling to you across spacetime, from a portal or gravitational singularity or something — ENJOY WAFFLES, iced tea, and more from The Intergalactic House of Time Travelers (IHOTT)

URL: Hometown: Seattle


We all hail from different countries and cultures around the world but we all share the lifelong pursuit of finding one’s Ikigai, or reason for being. Our camp’s reason for being is togetherness and collective belonging ignited by disco and the power of dance. We strive to foster radical self-expression, reconnect with our inner child, heal the spirit, and encourage everyone to live boldly in the here and now.

URL: Hometown: New York

Illumina Radiata Art Support Camp

Art support camp encouraging radical participation, inclusion, diversity and community support.

Hometown: Seattle


Come by in the early morning or afternoon on weekdays for refreshments and flow lessons. See our fire performance at 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday!

Hometown: Las Vegas

Illumination Village

Illumination Village is an eclectic gathering of camps, held together by history and shared resources. We don’t require expensive dues to create a joint vision; instead, each camp is responsible for their own art and interactivity, and each is self funded. We have our own process of placement within the village, much like the microcosm of Burning Man, showcasing our most talented artists in the front, and then placing others around our edges of our camp, and within the village in our Town Square and internal roads. Each year it’s a new experiment in radical collaboration to create a cohesive feel for the village, across our many diverse camps. We love the multifaceted variety of environments and believe that it makes Illumination Village a unique and delightful place to visit.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


Illuminate your naughty side! Come visit our naughty carnival Monday-Thursday 4PM-8PM! Challenge yourself to feats of great debauchery! Tuesday and Wednesday, the festivities continue past midnight – just follow the Eye of Providence, high in the sky!

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

In Dust We Trust

IDWT is happy to celebrate our 20th year on playa! Our MV “The Dusty Busty” is back for more Art Tours, Burlesque Shows and shenanigans.
Stop by our feral Lingerie Boutique and score something sexy for your sexy self!
Snow cones every day during the hottest ours!
“Official” Burner cards for all you fake burners!

Hometown: Santa Rosa


IDWT is happy to celebrate our 20th year on playa! Our MV “The Dusty Busty” is back for more art tours, shows and shenanigans.
Stop by our feral Lingerie Boutique and score something sexy for your sexy self!
Snow cones every day during the hottest ours!

Hometown: Santa Rosa

In Queso Emergency

Welcome back to In Queso Emergency! We love adventuring, cuddling, and dancing, and also we like eating tacos. So, come join us for a breakfast taco and cold brew coffee from 2-4pm Monday-Wednesday, and don’t miss our Brisket party from 7-11pm on Friday. Hang out in our cafe area 24-7 and enjoy our custom LED light display from our cuddle puddle.

Hometown: Las Vegas


Come for piping hot pour over coffee! Meet interesting people! Challenge the Strip Plank! A harrowing game of skill and poise, walk the plank, grab the cock all while our trained bullhorn artists heckle you with supportive guff. Each time you fail, you can try again, but the price is an article of clothing! Winners get to skip the coffee line, losers lose more than their shirt…9am to Noon, Monday through Saturday.

URL: Hometown: Santa Cruz

Infinite Love

Celebrate love in all forms: self, body, animal, multiple and other. Enjoy yoga, dance, music, tea, and cozy lounges. Rich in daytime programming and shade from the dessert heat. We welcome your animal.

Look for the infinity symbol twisted into a heart.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


We’re the host of the Black Rock City Art Exchange post card project and the fabulous 50’s Housewife Party. We also provide a cozy Cuddle Puddle and Marley’s roadside bar for your enjoyment.

Hometown: Southern California

Inflatable Wildlife

Inflatable Wildlife is the premiere destination for all indigenous inflatables of the playa. With a menagerie of inflatable wildlife and steady stream of danceable beats and wild and wondrous interaction helping to magnify the natural syncopated basslines which undulate through us all, we will be serving signature cocktails during an array of events throughout the week, including a chance to meet your mate at our now renowned Not Awkward Speed Dating, Inflatable Wildlife Whisky Safari and Daily Spirits Tastings, Laser Tag, Inflatable Goat Yoga, Playa Jewelry Making, Participatory Live Nude Modeling, our first ever Black Rock City Open Mic and Comedy Night (two drink and two joke minimum for all participants), and our signature, 5th annual Sunrise Pre-Game Party.

Hometown: New York, NY

Inflation Station

Bike repair camp offering guided repair during the day and self service 24/7, with the added bonus of an old school Burning Man daytime bar and lounge.

Hometown: San Francisco


It’s the return of the Evening Cartoon Party!
Every night all Burners are invited to chill in our cinema and to enjoy a variety of breath-taking cartoons.
It’s that special time when kids-at-heart get to relive the exciting ritual of non-stop cartoons. As always, this 3-hour trip into the weird and wonderful world of yesteryear’s animated antics will be accompanied by an all-you-can eat popcorn.
The cartoon lineup is always a mystery, so get ready for a sugar rush and an explosion of nostalgia all wrapped up in one candy-coated package.

Hometown: Moscow


It is time to rev your brain engine and get ready for a looooong night (and/or day)!! Whatever your state, our caffeinated beverages and participatory revelry will stimulate you. Join us at Insomnophilia for coffee-based beverages made from our home-roasted beans (brought to you from Seattle!), dance to inspiring beats from our resident DJs, and engage in playful collaborative creativity with us. All are invited and encouraged to be nocturnal creatures with us!

Hometown: Seattle

Inspiration Oasis

Inspiration Oasis is somewhere you come to get inspired in many ways. From listening and sharing to others during open mic, to looking at our visual tapestries or watching our many fire options, you will become inspired.

Hometown: Okalhoma, Flordia, Isareli, California, Illinois

Intergalactic Confederation

We invite all intergalactic beings to come and enjoy some outer space techno music with the ORBIT crew, Tuesday and Thursday before sunset.

Hometown: Grass Valley

Intergalactic Sasquatch Village

The Intergalactic Sasquatch is returning for its 8th year on Playa, 10 years old- for the day trippers, the night walkers, the virgins to the vets, our funky lil cantina offers a place to escape the madness and go down the rabbit hole! Take a stroll through our fractal forest, guests are welcome to walk about the woods through fractal trees, but we warn you to tread carefully and keep an eye out for the very creatures that find their home in our camp! You might be asked to pay the “squatchtoll” in our interactive gameland and if visitors are 21&older, Squatch O’Hairs offers deliciously refreshing bevvys for in between rounds.

Hometown: Las Vegas


Transport yourself to another time and place as you enter Tangier’s International Zone. Grab a book from our Lost Times Library and hang out in our lounge area, open 24/7. Library Loud Hours daily from 3pm-6pm with iced Moroccan mint tea and craft beer on tap!

Hometown: Indianapolis

Invisible Pink Unicorns

Invisible pink unicorns camp. The place to hug, chill, share your story, and have meaningful conversations over tea. Cill out and see the tea train weaving through mountains and villages with the cargo of hot tea.

Pink hugs to all

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

IPOW-Indigenous People of World

IPOW-Indigenous People of World brings Indigenous people and allies from around the world together to share their stories and life experiences. This camp creates a place to share Indigenous culture and educate all who want to join our camp or our events to learn. IPOW is a place to spread Indigenous culture, teachings, and help all who want to learn about who Indigenous people are and were. We would be honored if our Two Spirit community would be an integral part of our camp. The camp is safe space for all Indigenous people and allies. It is a place people can learn and share traditions, foods before and after colonization, games, storytelling, languages, and music. In 2023 the camp will continue the buffalo theme as “Buffalo Rising.”

Hometown: Traditional land of the Dakota People

Iron Monkeys

Home to the Iron Monkeys, the creators of “Barrel Oh’ Monkeys: The Great Escape”

URL: Hometown: Seattle

Iron Rose

An inviting bar serving rose-themed drinks (generally with Tequila) and open seating to relax on your way around the playa.

Hometown: Corvallis

Irrelephant Bird Camp

Colorful eyebrows? CHECK! Dunking Contest? CHECK! Bad Movies? CHECK! Yacht rock? Jock rock? Not rock? Check, check, and check! Trying to get a handle on what we do here at Irrelephant Bird Camp? Don’t even try it. Just come by and get a little silly with us, touch base with reality, or take a nap overseas.

URL: Hometown: San Mateo

It Was Better Last Year

Hometown: San Francisco