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2023 Archive

Habitat for Insanity

We create novel burner technology and use it to bring new experiences to Black Rock City. This includes pizza ovens of our own design, shave ice machines, and HVAC/refrigeration adaptations for our new installation “The Tundra.” We also bring Live Karaoke and Daytime Talks to the playa.

Hometown: Pittsburgh


A visit to Hack-a-Cola is a reprieve from the heat empowered by a sampling of 10 unique, handcrafted flavors of soda. Hand us a cup and we’ll mix cold carbonated water with one or more of our syrups to make a refreshing soda on the spot. Inquisitive visitors can learn how to fulfill their own soda making dreams with the guidance of our knowledgeable, helpful soda jerks. We aim to provide a welcoming space where everyone will feel comfortable to stay a while and enjoy the company under our plentiful shade.

Hometown: Gerlach

Hair of the Dog (HOTD)

HOTD is the first and longest running bar at Burning Man. HOTD holds a piece of the original fire, and we take that seriously.

We bring the music & the booze, you bring the booze & the music! HOTD is open until the bartenders pass out, and then we reopen when you get behind the bar. All performers are welcome, and we’ll give you a well lubricated audience. As long as you’re doing it, we’ll love it. Come join us.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Half Baked

Come make Shrink Art Jewelry (necklaces, earrings, keychains, bike tags, etc.) using our solar ovens. Tuesday thru Saturday, noon – 2pm. All art supplies and solar ovens will be provided. Walk away with cool, self-made swag, along with a greater understanding of the wonderful world of solar cooking.

Hometown: Loomis

Half No Sphere

We will create an immersive audio lounge inside of a large truss shade structure, and will host a broad variety of performances, workshops, and events throughout the week that will utilize this technology to provide visitors with a new sensory experience beyond anything they may have felt before.

There will be live musicians and bands performing, with their instruments being panned in full 360 degrees around the listeners. DJ’s will be spinning tunes that fully envelop the audience, with live instruments spatialized around the venue. There will be immersive sound baths, where you can wander into the lounge during the day and lay down and relax while the soothing sounds transport you to another dimension. There will be workshops that invite you to learn a new skill, or be playful and silly.

Hometown: San Diego


Camp Half-Ass is a group of fun loving individuals that has been bringing Peace, Love, and Laughter to the Playa since 2006. Come enjoy our infamous Bike Bar, Art Installations, and Beer Garden Parties.

Hometown: San Francisco

Halloween Camp

Halloween Camp brings out the inner child in all of us by taking us back to the vibes of that special day, where anybody can be anyone.
We’ve got tricks, treats, workshops & beats. Come for self-care, a techno party scare, and sip on a frightfully spicy habanero mezcal cocktail. So come and yell BOOOO and enter the coven…if you dare!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

HalloweenTown BRC

Hometown: Rosemead


Support camp and home base for HamLit

Hometown: Ukiah

Hang-Out, the

it retreats into itself, an elusive camp providing nature’s most relaxing environment—shaded hammocks, theopsiadelic as they rustle in the wind. In the language of ethereal syllables and innuendo, as individuals discuss the many adventures that have befallen them since they first set eyes on this dusty land. come find your respite…perhaps your soul.

Hometown: chico

Hanging Gardens of BRC

Welcome to the Hanging Gardens of BRC! Since 2015, we’ve offered a restorative, lush hang-out space that’s open 24/7 for dusty wanderers to come hang, connect, and cool off. Every morning, we greet the day with fresh, handmade fruit smoothies and pancakes. Whether you’re coming in from sunrise or just starting your day, come replenish your body and share a refreshing moment with your neighbors. And of course, our favorite event happens to be our Annual Garden Party complete with a hosted bar & DJ happening early Tuesday evening. We can’t wait to see you!

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles


The Happiness and Joy Tour Massage Parlor has one rule–MOANING IS MANDATORY! Moaning is the mantra that opens up your chakras and your mind and body. Your moaning is the puppeteer that contols the handstrings of the masseur. Practice moaning at Burning Man and you might be able to take it home with you. You will also take home a HAPPINESS AND JOY TOUR EMBRACE PLEASURE sticker.

Hometown: Chico

Happy Acidents

Happy Accidents is a Bob Ross themed camp that features a “Bob Ross & Chill” dome which is open in the evenings and shows a constant loop of footage from The Joy of Painting. Supernatural audio effects are applied to Bob’s voice and overlaid with downtempo ambient beats handpicked to accentuate the understated beauty of Bob’s scenes. Other camp features include art therapy sessions and a community canvas.

Hometown: New York

Happy Hair Salon and Happy Cones

Happy Cones Camp welcomes overheated burners to come enjoy a cool shaved ice snowcone to custom flavor at our flavoring bar during the heat of the afternoon. We provide everything you need, just bring yourself

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Happy Hanuman

We are Happy Hanuman, a mutant vehicle support camp. We hail from all over the world to bring our imagination to the Playa in the form of Mutant Vehicles. Our camp also has a few fun things for you to check out including a calligraphy wall! A white wall that can be painted on with water that disappears as it dries. Come by and say hi!

Hometown: Orange

Happy Hour

Hard day on the playa? Unwind at Happy Hour, where you’ll be greeted by one of a kind refreshing spirits served with smiles! Enjoy our lounge, bar, and dance floor! Start your day with Happy Hour!

Hometown: Sacramento

Happy Kaos!

This year HaPpy kAoS presents HaPpy KoW-Oz! An animaltastic spin on our technicolor kaos. So come on down to the Happy Kow-Oz Saloon and follow the yellow brick road to let your imagination run wild!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Hard as a Rock

Hometown: El Paso


Hometown: Mountain View


Harmonic is a Synthwave themed bar and restaurant featuring synthwave music, lighting displays, a unique bar, and a boutique restaurant.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Harmonic Convergence Camp

Harmonic Convergence is an intimate, spiritually-focused, Burning Man camp. We will host the Harmonic Cafe…open 9 am – 1 pm Monday thru Friday…8 pm – 10 pm Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The Harmonic Healing Center will be doing group hands-on energy healings…open 9 am – 1 pm, Monday – Friday.

URL: Hometown: Santa Monica


Perpetual, Sultry Latin Dance Party with a laid-back Miami feel. Palm trees surround the perimeter of a large shaded, dance floor. Comfortable, elevated chill pads and hammocks invite guests to relax. World-class DJs will spin rhythmic Cuban and energetic Latin beats in the background, while you sip bottomless, hand-muddled frozen mojitos served by camp attendants wearing guayabera shirts. Dance lessons throughout the week. Free cotton candy daily. Cigars and fedoras available upon request. THURSDAY 10PM to 4AM: we will offer the 6TH ANNUAL HAVANA NIGHTS Ultimate Dance Party!

URL: Hometown: Dallas


Embark on a journey of rejuvenation with HealAF, a one-of-a-kind camp at Burning Man, where we combine traditional Asian techniques to help burners recover and replenish on the playa. Our camp offers an array of healing modalities, ranging from Tai Chi and sound baths to hyperbaric oxygen therapy and moxibustion.

Take a break from the dusty playa to experience the restorative powers of ancient Asian healing arts in our Kezhan-inspired lounge.

URL: Hometown: Shenzhen

Healing Foot Wash Life Truth Love

Healing Foot Wash – Life, Truth, Love: Come sit under our magnificent shade canopy and get your feet washed, dried and moisturized in a tranquil and calming environment. After you have received this gift, you are invited to wash another’s feet. We are actively building world peace and community.

URL: Hometown: Castro Valley

Heart of Parkness

A green and shaded park in the middle of the desert, open 24 hours a day, with large shade tree, grass, benches, frisbees, chessboards, cornhole, giant connect 4, etc. and an active parks and rec division setting out programming for those in search of rejuvenation and play: yoga and Tai chi mornings, a human dog walk, 80s slow dance party, open mic talent show, and oracle tarot readings.

Hometown: San Francisco

Heavy Petting Zoo

Heavy Petting Zoo’s main purpose is to create commUnity while providing spontaneous opportunities for fun and inclusion for all species of party animals.

URL: Hometown: Livermore, CA


We’re in the business of serving dusty berries and sick burns. We will heckle you until you hate us but nourish you until you love us! Fresh fruit on playa only tastes sweeter after having it served with sass. You’re welcome to love us, hate us, heckle us, and dance with us, while we pair berries, burns, tequila, and dust together in the magical intersection that is the HECKLEBERRIES.

URL: Hometown: Portland

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers

We are an oasis for nurturing, grounding and healing. Stop by to hang out and chill, take a class, or to receive bodywork and healing for the mind, body and spirit.

URL: Hometown: Boulder


At Helioz, we worship the Sun god. To honor our god, we roast delicious animals and share them with all guests. Come by in the late afternoon and evening for some tasty treats, and drink a sun-god libation.

Arachne stalks the Playa at night. Watch out! But not all nighttime prowlers are malevolent: keep a lookout for our mobile fountain-of-youth tea cart too.

Hometown: San Francisco

Hellfire Society

Hometown: Orange County

Hello Mom!

Come celebrate the motherly figure in your life, whoever that may be! We provide stationary, stamps, and polaroid pictures to help you write a letter home to Mom, which we then mail from the BRC post office. We serve Mom’s apple pie from our cozy living room to snack on while you write. Or, if writing isn’t your thing, stop by for a bit of motherly advice or even just a shoulder to cry (or celebrate) on. We love moms and motherly figures of all types!

Hometown: Bay Area, California


HellVetica is a Burning Man camp that celebrates the power and potential of propane. Members of HellVetica are all passionate about engineering and design, and come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

HellVetica, burning bright
With the energy, of propane ignite
Entropy may rise, but enthalpy’s the key
To keep the flames burning, for all to see

URL: Hometown: Zurich


A rambunctious gathering of ridiculous souls with quirky events, extraordinary refreshments, virtuosic performances, and the most satisfactory grilling on playa.

Wherever you are you can always find yourself HERE.

Hometown: New York

HEX Collective

Join us for a Feast of the Senses: a host of interactive activities designed to tantalize your 5 senses and leave you with a sixth, HEXsense! Including:

HEXperience from 9pm to 11pm [every 30 mins]
DJs and Bar from 3pm to 6pm
Daily workshops from 11am to 3pm
Morning coffee/tea from 8am to 10am

All events are scheduled Monday through Friday. Hope to see you!

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles


Come relax at Camp HexMix and enjoy spa services as well as guided meditations based on traditional Indian art forms.

Hometown: Los Angeles


Holi High Camp brings body paint and water blasting cannons to the playa, with a side of deliciously cold beverages and excellent tunes to get colorful and dance the afternoon away. Do you like neon paint? Or a cold blast pf water? Do you like fun? Do you want some pure joy? Stop by!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco, Mill Valley, Seattle, London, Austin


Come play on our bat merry-go-round and see-saw, then have your picture taken in our photo box by one of our camp photographers.

Hometown: Grand Junction


Hiburnia – Sunset/Sunrise Hot Toddies and Fruit Tea

Hometown: San Francisco

High Desert Cinema

High Desert Cinema is a place to kick back and relax before you hit the playa for the night. Everyone is welcome! We serve hot buttered popcorn you can smell a block away, and full-sized theater candy to munch on while you’re watching one of our movies. We have a massive 12′ x 15′ screen with an awesome sound system you’ll love. There are couches, bean bags and plenty of comfy chairs to kick back in. We also offer water bottle fill-ups to those that need it. So after a long hot & dusty day in the sun, come kick back with us before you hit the playa for the night. We promise to treat you right!

Hometown: El Dorado Hills

High Vibe Tribe!

Come All to our Metaphysical Dome and join us for heart-centering, resourcing and illuminating workshops. From Gamma Breathwork for Heart Healing, Manifestation, Pineal Activation, and Light Body Activation, to Kundalini Yoga, OSHO Active Meditations and Qi Gong. From Vogueing, Contact Improv Essentials, Beatboxing, and Gamma Ecstatic Dance, to Playshops in Conscious Relating, Crystal Healing and Reiki Workshops. Also come enjoy our Metaphysical Dome at night to relax and bask in peaceful sound healing soundtracks and play with healing instruments while you restore and bask in the wonders of being at BURNING MAN!! Our mission is to share methods for you to naturally and accessibly embody higher frequencies so you can enjoy and integrate your Burn for a full-spectrum and upgraded life.

Hometown: Caribean Coast of Costa Rica


Highku is a beautiful and interactive place to play, pause and recover. The different spaces of our little oasis provide a spectrum of opportunities to move and explore, pause and escape, and recover from the night before with remedies and care from around the world. Learn how to manage your well-being and neurotransmitters in our “Zen and the Art of Seratonin” workshops.

Hometown: Oakland


Hippocampus invites you to play with us at our Hippodrome packed with interactive workshops, dance and a healing
hut to connect and take a break from the playa. Enjoy fresh squeezed lemonade in the shade! We serve it sexy and
helpful, icey and fresh.

Hometown: Seattle

Hive Temple at Anahasana

We are an ephemeral oasis of Divine energy. Come receive the gift of the Goddess. See within your own heart the hidden treasure reflected in the eye of the Goddess.

Goddesses and aspiring Goddesses: If you wish to participate in the temple, come by our daily workshops that will initiate you into the ways of the temple, come back that night and give your fullest gifts.

URL: Hometown: Leesburg


Support Camp for the art piece, Flutter. Stop by for a chat about art or to meet Billy Bones the skeleton.

Hometown: La Honda

Home Camp

Hometown: Lisbon

Home Sweet Dome

At the heart of Hushville, Home Sweet Dome offers shade in the daytime, a lighted area at night, for social interaction and chill. No music, this is Hushville, unless it’s home made hand made with acoustic instruments. We host events in the Hushville Events Calendar with our space, and offer battery charging for your phones, cameras, computers, etc. We also can provide light bike repair, and have some supplies to get your bike back up and running.

Hometown: Sacramento

Homebrew 4A Homebrew

We are a daytime bar with cold home brewed beverages, games and a friendly welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy a cold beer, cider, mead or soda served daily from 10am until after dark. We have a pool table and daily events including our Playa famous pickle party! Bring your keg and we will refrigerate and tap it, or bring a bottle to share.

URL: Hometown: Sparks


Drop in for a cheerful “Slice of Home”—Playa-style. Participate in our Experimental Grilled Cheese Theatre, climb the sky-high HomeSlice Tower’s inverted pyramids, or re-engineer your Playa duds and gear at our Radical Alteration clinics.

URL: Hometown: Altadena

Honey Barrel

Buzz over to the Honey Barrel for an immersive honey wine tasting experience where you’ll be treated to introspective questions with our pairings. On special nights, join us for a live piano set with mead.

Hometown: Oakland

Honey Puddle

A desert oasis of chill, cheer, kindness, softness, FIRE, handcrafted beers, mead, and honey-kissed indulgences. To know Honey Puddle is to be bathed in warm honey.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Honkers Harbor

Come dock your boat in the calm and pristine waters of Honkers Harbor. A neighborhood hideaway for all. Let us help you refresh, rejuvenate, and at least attempt to restore yourself to your rightful state. Relax under a canopy of fluttering fabrics and lights. Tune into mindful and eclectic sound and enjoy a hydrating refreshment or snow cone.

Hometown: Portland

Hook Up Camp

We are a collection of full-time RV dwellers who come to the playa to “show you how it’s done.”

That was a joke.

Seriously, we did some math and figured out that by pooling efforts we can reduce our carbon emissions by 80% and have a quieter experience living in our motorhomes. We are opening up our camp this year to anyone who is in a motorhome and wants to hook into our electrical grid.

Not only do we produce power for ourselves and reduce our carbon footprint in the process, we also share with all of BRC with our public charging station. So many disabled citizens who need battery powered golf carts, scooter, or electric bicycles find themselves needing to bring a generator to meet their charging needs. We allow them access to our public charging station in off-peak hours. Everyone wins!

URL: Hometown: Eugene


Enter our silk draped, plush, cushioned, lantern-lit, air-conditioned dome to be whisked away into an oasis from the dust and heat. Let our loving attendants ensure your comfort while we serve you house made organic shisha and tea. Be entertained by a variety of intimate world music and dance performances taking place on the center carpet. Wednesday-Sunday evenings, our outdoor courtyard, illuminated by a ring of torches ignites the dancing flame within us all as world class DJ’s, musicians, and performers entertain into the night. Come spin fire or drum at the Fire Flow Jam and Drum Circle, dance the night away to one of our outdoor music and dance performances, and wax philosophical, regale your fellows with your tales, and make friends and lovers for a lifetime inside the Hookahdome!

URL: Hometown: Chico

Hooter Tooterville

Hooter Tooterville is a small art support camp bringing this year’s honoraria installation “Tower of Tooter”.

Hometown: Kalama


We bring H.O.P.E. to the playa by Helping Others Party Effectively! Come join our international family in creating an incredible and unique experience of rejuvenation and energization. We offer a fun and themed experience, half-beard barber shop, blacklight and facepaint party, and our self-commitment ceremony. Come by and energize yourself!

URL: Hometown: Denver, New York, Tel Aviv, San Diego, Melbourne, Hamburg, Brisbane, Berlin, Auckland, Bogata, Sofia, Istanbul


HORIZON is a camp of community, celebration, curiosity and creativity. Enjoy the stunning views from atop our 16′ viewing decks, lounge under our stretch tents, get weird at our corner Carnival Bar, and show us your moves at our variety of dance parties.

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale

Horny Camp

Horny Camp is an arts and crafts camp with a cheeky, flirty twist. Our crafting classes are appropriate for everybody, from children to the childish (but pervy) at heart. Our main craft is horn making; we teach our guests to mold polymer clay to create little horns to wear on their heads. We also offer spicy vodka tasting, creating little crotch critters to wear around your waist, decorating borrowed stuffed animals from other camps, and booze in exchange for showing up without pants. Visit the camp website for activities list and photos of prior years’ activities.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


Like a Hostel; we offer multiple beds in an open floor plan.
Unlike a Hostel; these beds are free and NOT for sleeping.
They are for your use, for one hour, for you and a consenting partner to show intimacy towards each other. (As long as you don’t mind the couples on the other beds)

Come in to the lobby for check-in. After approval for entry is granted, you’ll enter Hostel through a rotating tube (darkroom door). Exit the same way you came in when you’re done.

Open 6pm-2am-ish (Although after-hours might work too)

Note: Hostel is for participants only. Respect for the other participants is a must. No single voyeurs allowed inside.

Hometown: Key West

Hot Ass Trash

Do you like trash as much as we do? At Hot Ass Trash you will find a black hole of treasures, smells, and science. Organized by a team dedicated to direct action, mutual aid, and community education. Come take a dump with us!

Hometown: Oakland

Hot Diggity!

At Hot Diggity! in the Alight Market, a mysterious and fully encasing culinary street-meat-cute awaits.

Catch a glimpse of Mr. E. Meats’ machine, where what goes in looks very different than what comes out.

Having trouble understanding the menu? Talk to a “local”, who will assist you in parsing the ingredients and the, uh, “creative” ordering process. Put your “order” into the black hole – it’s in god-knows-who’s hands now.

While you wait, get a docent-led tour to see “how the sausage is made”, as it were.

At Hot Diggity, we can’t think of a better way to bond with strangers than seated in a hard plastic chair, stuffing your face with mystery meats. No really, we are out of ideas, please send better ideas our way!

*Plant based options available!*

Hometown: Bay Area

Hot Mayo

Come by for a cold beer, daily drink specials and a game of corn hole, basketball and try our competitive relay challenge. Open daily from around noon till 7ish. We give away 1000 shot glasses on Thursday w/ a shot of Irish Car Bomb starting 4:20pm till they are gone on Thursday only. Lots of fun daily activities.

URL: Hometown: Sparks

Hot Mess Camp

Hi! Hot mess is here !
Come to enjoy our Temple, handcrafted Mule bar , shade, cool line up and beautiful view. Don’t forget your cup and ID. Cheers

URL: Hometown: Coatepec

Hot Noodz

Come on by and eat some hot noods, 24/7 noodle bar. Passport stamping and leather branding as well.

Hometown: Pnw

Hot Stuff

Drinks served from dawn onward for the thirsty traveler crossing the desert sands. All manner of chilli hot and ice cool refreshments will be on offer accompanied by music from storied DJs from across the savage sands.

Hometown: London / NYC / Istanbul

Hotel Lobby

With a lavish chandelier, a lux hotel bar, bellhop service, concierge desk, and a buzzing karaoke lounge, you’ll be treated to 5-star service and a dusty bev in a welcoming and weird ~Hotel Lobby~

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles


Houlie is Houston’s newest theme camp and part of the Burning Man Houston regional burner community.

We burn year-round with weekly gatherings called Thermal Thursdays, our own warehouse space for build projects and events, an annual regional burn called Heartburn, an ongoing mutant vehicle project, and a community gear transport effort each year to playa and back.

We’re always looking to meet new people, and we hope you’ll join us online or in-person.

URL: Hometown: Houston


Houpla is Houston’s largest burner theme camp and part of the Burning Man Houston regional burner community.

We burn year-round with weekly gatherings called Thermal Thursdays, our own warehouse space for build projects and events, an annual regional burn called Heartburn, an ongoing mutant vehicle project, and a community gear transport effort each year to playa and back.

We’re always looking to meet new people, and we hope you’ll join us online or in-person.

URL: Hometown: Houston

Hour Kava

Swing by and bask in warm tropical vibes at our Florida-style kava bar. Enjoy a shell of kava, kratom, or matcha while hanging in our lounge or at the bar!
We’ll be slingin’ shells from 9AM-9PM Monday-Saturday.

Compete in our Dildo Joust tournament (Fri), become or check out a fellow “book” from the human library (Mon), learn about Aluminum Fuel Cells (Tue), discuss dreams over a cup of blue lotus (Wed), or enjoy Quantum Chuckles: the Theory and Application of Giggles (Thur). All Events 6PM-9PM

Everyone’s welcome! It’s not just our kava bar, it’s *our* kava bar

Hometown: San Francisco

House of Lepus

Come by Tuesday or Friday morning for an Unwinding of Your Inner Rabbit Hole (meditation/movement)
Hosting Transmutational Tea Hoppy Hour Wednesday and Saturday evenings.
If you find yourself on the Other Side Of The Rabbit Hole, join us to converse and integrate any Burning Man experiences that may be challenging to who we are in the world to which we return. (1-4 pm Monday and Thursday)

Hometown: Seattle

House of Sammich

We serve gourmet, gluten-free, cinnamon-buttered toasted, peanut-butter and jelly sammiches. All that we ask is for you to provide us with a taste of YOUR flavor. Sing us a song…, tell us a joke…, confess a sin.., the dirtier the better. We also provide a moving cuddle puddle which is all about conscious conversations: opening up, connecting, and sharing what’s going on inside oneself.

Hometown: Eden

House Of Skin

Don’t act like bacon on the Playa. Stop by House of Skin for your daily rub down of sunscreen and a drink or grab a bottle and some chap stick to go.

Hometown: Coeur d'Alene


Designated camping for riders of the Burner Express. All riders are welcomed to camp across the street from the bus depot in HOVerlandia. Share your love for mass transit with Burners from all over the world.

URL: Hometown: Black Rock City


Camp Howzit introduces our Hag’s Brew cauldron. Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, join us for fresh masala chai on Tuesday and Friday! Come play Consent Games Sunday pre-event and Tuesday pre-chai, too! With more than 100 years of combined Burning Man experience, if we don’t know the answer to something you ask, we’ll make it up and convince you it’s true =)

Hometown: Reno, Baby!

HUGGZILLA Art Car Support Camp

HUGGZILLA Art Car Support Camp where Hugs are not scary

Hometown: Boise

Humans Being

Come and let your imagination become reality! Bring anything you can think of to life! Speak your Dreams! Create Your Nightmares! Prove you’re The Most Fucked Up of your friends!

Hometown: San Francisco


Hunty is a camp of LGBTQ+, allies and people of color from across the landscape of California. Primarily consisting of veteran burners, most of whom are artists, Hunty is space for the creative minded to come together and flourish.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Hush Hush Pony Barn

The home stable for our mutant art car, hosting a delta-style jazz house inside, with a bumping party on top. We offer a good view when not roaming the playa.

Hometown: Nevada City


Hushville is a Burning Man village that is open to anyone who wants to camp with us, provided they abide by three rules:

1. No generators of any kind, of any size, at any time
2. No amplified sound
3. Leave No Trace! No trace of your presence or the presence of Hushville

Who Camps With Hushville?

We have a diverse population. While most of our campers come from the USA and Canada, many other countries are also represented. Some have been coming to Burning Man since the 90s; for others, it’s their first year. Hushville hosts a number of theme camps, artists, musicians, BRC volunteers, art installation volunteers and just plain good people. So, if you’re on your own or with a group looking to meet some GREAT people, we would love to have you come join us in 2023!

We welcome first time Burners!

URL: Hometown: Hillsboro

Hushville Free Library

Free books! We are returning with fascinating books from a diverse range of topics. Our strengths are popular science writing (no textbooks), sci fi, fantasy, erotica, oddities, best sellers, and many things you don’t expect to find elsewhere (or maybe anywhere else).

Hometown: Santa Barbara

Hydration Station

Hydration Station Camp will be serving Jägermeister/Underground Bombs (with 3oz of Monster Zero) daily from 1pm – 3pm, Sunday – Friday and Saturday 11am – 1:00pm along with water and Gatorade available 24/7.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Hydrology N Civic Responsibility

Visit us and learn about Hydrology and how it can relate to Civic Responsibility.

Hometown: Frenchtown

Hygge Heaven

Hygge Heaven will be a retreat or oasis for anyone who needs it. Hygge is a Danish concept that is felt rather than explained. It is a feeling of comfort, safety, and warmth. To experience hygge usually means you are sitting with blankets, surrounded by pillows and candles. You may be playing puzzles or board games. You may be cuddling with a good book. All of these things are Hygge and this is exactly what our camp will offer.

Hometown: Copenhagen


Come by our outerspace themed camp for homegrown pickles, professionally taken self-portraits, and our variety BoobTube performance stage. Take a spin after dark in our light up UFO pods and play our blacklight minigolf course. Take home a gift from our crane machine and have a look at our art walls featuring photography and prints from artists in our camp.

Hometown: Denver


We invite you to the mystical oasis of your dreams – the place where you can experience our legendary no-power air conditioner, kick back on cozy carpets and pillows, and connect with friends new and old. Restore your body, mind & spirit while listening to enchanting music from our camp DJ’s or being transported into the depths of your subconscious through guided dance meditation and yoga nidra. Our diverse mix of cultures that we represent will ensure you feel right at home, while also traveling to distant lands. Activate your creative life-force by contributing to our collaborative mural dedicated to HYPNAGOGIA – the transitional state of consciousness between wakefulness and dreamstate.

Hometown: San Francisco


Hōme (Camp) is an intimate canvas, a place to which friends, old and new, return.
Hōme “Sunset Spa at Hōme” Lounge is filled with vibey music, spontaneous treats and spa treatments (from fish foot baths and cold towels, to ‘quick fix’ neck and shoulder massages that will be offered by one of the many ‘Homies’ who hang out there). From 2pm – 6pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday friends (everyone obviously) will be able to pop in and enjoy a sunset spa treatment of their choice.

Hometown: New York City