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2023 Archive


Gspot is a community of global friends who have united through experience-based art projects. Through music, cuisine, art, and cultural exploration, we have forged genuine connections and are committed to supporting one another. Our camp is designed to be inclusive and interactive, welcoming visitors from all backgrounds. We believe that true engagement occurs through hosting, inviting, and involving our campers in a variety of activities. Our restoration tent provides a cool and tranquil space for meditation, breathwork, and group discussions. Here, we will facilitate conversations on cultural adaptation, drawing from the diverse experiences of our campers who have migrated and immigrated to the US from all over the world.

URL: Hometown: New York

Galactic Cruzaders

Hometown: Los Angeles

Galactic Rabbit

Camp Fire Dance is a Persian inspired camp where we warmly invite you to sit and enjoy the warm Persian hospitality along with live music and dancing every evening. Persian, tea, coffee and dates served every morning. Shamanic lead fire ceremony invites you to share your story and re write it under the stars and within our sacred space.

Hometown: London

Galactic Relay

The spaceport of love on the playa. Home base of Out Of Band III and Zodiac. Location of the Intergalactically famous bar, The Crocodile Milking Table.

Hometown: San Francisco

Galactic Snake Farm

Support camp for the mutant vehicle Abduction. Home to the intergalactically acclaimed Galactic Snake Farm!

Hometown: San Diego


Hometown: lONDON


A Dive Camp of Synthwave, Retro-Future Wave, CyberPunk Wave, Interstellar and Space Travel. Synthwave Music, Neon Colors Lights and Lasers. Apocalyptic Retro Future, Neo-Noir Atmosphere.

URL: Hometown: Santa Cruz


Ahoy from the Pirates of the Playa (infamous creators of the oldest Mutant Vehicle USS Nevada)…look for us “Gallavanting” around the playa spreading fun and adventure and hop a ride with us! ! Our mighty USS Nevada will be doing 2+ tours around playa daily from our home port so come visit us, enjoy our signature grogs concocted with our homemade distilled rum in an awesome full-fledged pirate bar, The ArrghBar. pARTicipate in our 2+ daily theme parties 10am and 2pm, come get your drink on, play games, and then relax in our Pirates Den – an amazing chill space with couches. Visit our Wayward Wenches Bazaar, because we got what you forgot. Stop by the Pirate Refueling Station for a snack. Come party with us….It’s sure to be an adventure.

URL: Hometown: Reno

Ganesh Camp

Ganesh Camp is a lush retreat for dusty desert denizens. Tue-Fri, 1-5, celebrate and beat the heat in the bar in a large, cool desert tent from India or sit by the hypnotic burn barrel at night! Or play volleyball during the day. We have discussion groups (e.g. Stoic philosophy, the importance of kindness) or storytelling hour before the bar opens. We have incarnated this small camp (30 people) since 2003, so we have figured out some infrastructure stuff and are happy to share our knowledge.

URL: Hometown: Berkeley

Garden Of Eden

Flama Astral, inspired in an ancient community where in order to live in harmony, people used to do certain tasks and receive from others. Participants are required to enroll in one of the areas, these areas can be: Food & Drinks, Music, Operations, Arts, Art car, Wellness and Interiorism.

Hometown: New York

Gardeners of Missed Connections

The Gardeners of Missed Connections are committed to building art that celebrates human relationships.

Hometown: San Francisco

Gauchos del Fuego

The home of Fuego Austral, the Argentina Regional Burn, in Black Rock City. Since 2014 serving mate every morning and bringing South America culture to the playa.

URL: Hometown: Ciudad Aurea

GDI - Gawd Damn Independents

We’re the Gawd Damn Independents – and we’re workin’ for the Man – perhaps you are too. Stop by and say hello after your long dusty day; if your bike needs a bit of TLC – we’ll try to MacGyver something for you. If it’s hot – we’ll crack a cold drink and you can tell us a story about your work under our shade – while you share your best – “there was this one time at Burning Man…” story.

Hometown: Reno

Gears & Beers

From rusted jalopies to busted Burn rigs, we’re your on-playa vehicle, art car and mobility repair camp!

We have mechanics and fabricators to tend to your cranky art cars, plus awesome non-mechanical types with all their fingers. We have 100’s of auto-parts in inventory plus raw materials, specialty tools and welding, we’ll fix your clapped out rig and get them back on playa for everyone to enjoy.

While you wait our dive bar features multiple taps of ice-cold microbrews and beverages with 80’s New Wave music.

Shop is open M-F. Hours vary by day. No wait lists walk-in only, no working during drinking hours.


URL: Hometown: Seattle


The Gecko camp has been a BRC landmark since 2007 and we are ready to rock the playa again this year! Our main bar lights up with an interactive Simon Says Games starting night fall. Our dance floor and lounge focus on deep house disco music.

Our resident DJs (DJ-M, DJ Galexy, DJ GoSouth, SamCake, DJ Loustaou) will be rocking the Gecko’s Camp this year again, every night starting at 7pm. DJ-M has been playing music for Black Rock City for over 15 years now!. DJ Galexy regularly plays in various clubs in San Francisco and at other camps in BRC…

Oh, and don’t forget: on Thursday noon, we host our Playa-renowned ABCD PARTY: bring your Ass, eat some Bacon (and pizza), drink some Champagne and dance on Disco!

Hometown: San Francisco

Gender Blender

Gender Blender is committed to creating safe, awesome, fun, creative spaces for trans, gender queer, variant, nonconforming, queens, kings, & those of us that are shape shifting the gender binary. We serve to educate & give space to those that have always wanted to explore gender but have never before. We run workshops, play parties, events, make smoothies in the desert, & have existed on playa since 2009. We welcome new people & new volunteers. All genders welcome all ways & always. In these dire times of ant-trans, anti-drag, and anti-gender exploration and expression in we are needed more then ever! We are here for justice. We are here to have fun! We are here to give our community a chance to be creative, wild, free, & dusty.

Hometown: Oakland

Get Toasted

Get Toasted brings out your inner child by gifting delicious cinnamon toast, and makes you remember why being an adult is just as awesome by getting you toasted with cinnamon whiskey!

Hometown: Portland

Giants Workshop

We could be anything…

Hometown: Hudson Valley


Gigsville is one of the oldest villages on the Playa (we’re turning 26 this year, hooray!). We’re dedicated to fire, fun, and good old fashioned jackassery. You’ll find us gathered around the car that’s on fire in the center of camp, probably arguing about whether or not ocelots should be allowed in camp, and whether or not that was, indeed, our camel.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Give It A Shot! Vaccination Camp

Give it a Shot is a faux vaccination clinic where sexy nurses of all kinds administer alcoholic or non-alcoholic “shots” to prevent a myriad of maladies such as Depression, Misogyny, Exclusion and Negativity. When a patient visits our camp they are provided with a fun, realistic vaccination card souvenir they can take with them and come back and reuse day after day.

URL: Hometown: Orange County

Glam Clams

Community! Music! Mischief! At the Glam Clams, we are the family you want to choose. Come connect with fellow burners and relax in our welcoming lounge. Get glammed in our Glam Stations, take part in a workshop and shake your damn booty on our dancefloor. Souls of Black Rock City unite!

Hometown: San Francisco


GlamCocks is a global family that was started at Burning Man, and is dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences that celebrate and encourage burner principles, GlamCockery, bringing people together to find inspiration and creativity, and to express their fabulous, authentic selves. We believe that creativity, authenticity, and love for yourself and others are critical to having meaningful connections that make life fulfilling.

URL: Hometown: Seattle

Glitter and Rust

Folks Enjoying Burning Man without generators.

Hometown: Los Angeles


Glittercamp! has been serving Black Rock City for more than 20 years, decorating its citizens as they decorate us. We transform those who visit us into brilliant, glistening god-like beings who radiate in blissed out beauty as they reflect the desert sun. A camp built on consent and communication, we encourage you to get up close and sparkly with friends and strangers alike as you reveal what’s under those clothes and release the diamond crested creature that lives inside.

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Glittery Nomads

Welcome to the Glittery Nomads’ camp, a community of nomads celebrating creativity, self-expression, and inclusivity. Our camp offers gender-neutral bathrooms, wheelchair accessibility, and a safe space for people of all identities. Our major artwork symbolizes this year’s theme of “Animalia,” where participants become part of an “animal” and shine their true colors. We are committed to Radical Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity, and aim to foster a culture of empathy and understanding. Join us in creating a transformative experience at Burning Man.

Hometown: Istanbul

Global Camp

Hometown: International

Global Village

The Global Village is one of the largest villages at BRC and comprises of 10 camps coming from all over the world. Each morning, we have saunas, coffee, tea and breakfasts, we have workshops in the afternoon, and evening performances in our large Moroccan tent and our other stages. If you want to connect with an International Burner, you will be successful here.

Hometown: International

Glorious Paint Hole

Come visit our Glorious Paint Hole. Yes paint! There will be music and games here, and we will end our week with some good ole acroyoga. Our bar is open and will be serving non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Come get crafty on Friday because we will be getting ready for Caturday and designing some fun cat ears to take home.

Hometown: Reno



URL: http://www.GloryWhole.orG Hometown: San Francisco

Glow Job

Glow Job comes alive at night on playa. Home of psychedelic neon art, sculpture and pet beauty services. Visit our glowing blacklight pet and beauty salon after sunset while you get ready for late night playa adventures. Blow your mind while you get your paws done. Get your face painted then melt it off. We are LGBTQ+.

URL: Hometown: Oakland

Glowskull Asylum Int'l

Glowskull Asylum Int’l brings extreme metal radical inclusion to the playa. Are you craving some good headbanging and want to meet exotic misfits from random places all over the world? Our bar, SkØllushery, and art car “Castle Glowskull” will be hosting mischief, ultra-violence, and twisted METAL (and other forms of rock) daily. All varieties of humans welcome!

Hometown: Santa Cruz


Comfy, relaxing lounge serving delicious homemade Cold Brew Coffee and Matcha OVER ICE, Monday- Friday, 9:30am-2:30pm. Get your day off to a stimulated start with caffeinated drinks, open mic, and conversation.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Gnome Sloth Gnome

Hometown: San Francisco

Gnomeman's Land

Everything beautiful on the playa happens with a bit of luck — and the gnomes at Gnomeman’s Land have it in spades! We originate from deep in the forests of your most charming fairy tales. Some are stout & rotund, others are slender & sultry, but all are jolly & wear pink heart-shaped nipple pasties.

Our rainbow-picketed lawn will be an oasis from the scorching sun, and we serve ice cold lemonade all day long! Come join our annual block party — we’ll be manning the grill and dancing in the Gnome Dome – a giant mushroom cap structure with bedazzled disco interiors. So come wander into Gnomeman’s Land, who knows what you may find!

As for the luck — a well-embraced hug with the right gnome will grant you some, and legend says a sloppy smooch may grant even more!

Hometown: San Francisco

Goa People

We are bringing Russian Winter to Playa! Join us in our ice-bar and cool down at -20C. We will offer fur coats and warm hats at the entrance, then we will serve you hard liquor and mulled wine, and afterwards, we will warm you up next to the fireplace, where you can dance with us.

Hometown: Moscow

Gold Star

Feeling like you’ve been doing a real good job out there? Come by and get your well deserved gold star!!!

Hometown: San Francisco

Golden Chai

Find us in The Golden Guy Alley – East for your fresh serving of well-balanced Chai. Bring your own cup.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Golden Gate Project

Look for the Golden Gate Bridge

URL: Hometown: Reno

Golden Guy Alley - East

The Golden Guy Alley on the Eastside!

URL: Hometown: Altadena

Gong Wrong

“Gong” is a universal cognate (same word in virtually every language), and an onomatopoeia (word that sounds the same as what it describes). It’s an under-appreciated instrument, and you have to hear it played the right way to truly appreciate it.

Join us for sound meditations with gongs and bowls to explore deeper states of consciousness. Reveal your deepest self in ecstatic dance or by playing one of our many drums or gongs. Catch us at our Wednesday camp party, or meet us on the playa as we share the same energy serendipitously!

Hometown: New York City

Good Grief

Good Grief is a place where it is ok to not be ok. We are here to support you in identifying, engaging with, and managing your grief. Life has its ups and downs, and we are here for you when challenges arise and loss inevitably comes knocking at your door. Share your grief at our Fire Side Story Time, participate in workshops, and connect with yourself through yoga. We will also provide Space Holder Trainings to support the community in becoming better listeners, more empathetic care givers, and to hopefully increase loving-kindness in us all.

Hometown: San Francisco

Good Question

What can you expect from our camp? Good Question?!
We feature a gameshow inspired by 90’s TV!. Two teams compete against each other in an epic battle of wits and creativity.
Looking for something a little more intentional? This year we are offering “Good Questions for Connections”. Make a new friend, get to know someone you already know better, but come out feeling more connected, ideally to someone you wouldn’t otherwise meet!
For those looking for less action, relax in our hammocks with misters, play some bar games, and enjoy a refreshing drink from our question bar.

Hometown: San Franciso

Got Your Back!

Got Your Back!
We have a specialized team ready to treat your ailing body from all the Burningman you’ve been doing. Drop by for a 15-to-30-minute body massage or adjustment.

Hometown: Webster

Grand Opening

Hometown: San Francisco

Grateful Floyd

Grateful Floyd is a small theme camp dedicated to good music and frosty cold draft IPA. We’ll be hosting a Medallion Making event on Wednesday at 11am. On Thursday at 8pm we host our signature event, Pink Floyd’s Delicate Sound of Thunder concert on the big screen – a don’t miss. And come back on Friday evening to our Cult Movie night at 8pm.

Hometown: Valley Springs

Greeters Camp

Hometown: Las Vegas

Grilled Cheese Experiment

Woops, sorry bud just gonna sneak past ya there. We come from British Columbia and Ontario to bring cheesey, gooey, delicious bites to the fine dusty people of Black Rock City. And while you’re here, stay for a “1 Sin Spa” treatment, get your tarot cards read, apply to change your Playa Name, learn how to make felt and things, and contribute a cheesy groan-worthy dad joke or two! We’re a queer-inclusive, sex and kink-positive, consent-culture-affirming community that celebrates all bodies. See you in the Dust!

Hometown: Vancouver

Grilled Cheese Incident

You never know when there is going to be an Incident! But you can bet it will be very cheesy and full of fun when it happens!

Hometown: Chico

Grins Playground

Grin’s Playground supports art on playa. The skate rink and exhibition shower will be open to all all the time. If white out conditions exist you may be admitted to our dust free main building for respite.

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Groove Oasis

Groove Oasis is your refuge in the dusty desert to rest or move your body. We are hosting dance workshops and parties throughout the week so check the playa schedule and come get your groove on!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Groovy Sexy Funky

Come meet the *coolest* animals on playa. We welcome critters of all sorts however you identify! Come climb our Igloo to get a better view at those Northern Lights- If you aren’t a climber, it’s a cozy *chill* spot inside. Keep your eyes peeled, you might see some flying fur from our Arctic Animal Acrobats & Aerialists! We also like to light things on fire to stay warm in the arctic! So bring your fire toys and let’s flow! We’ve got antics of all kinds- so check the schedule for special events.

Hometown: Bellingham

Guerrilla Cheese Camp

Dogtown, San Francisco Bay Area Food Theme camp

Hometown: San Francisco


A camp focused on social and recreational nudity. Come enjoy the freedom and comfort at events including naked oil wrestling, naked beer mile fun run, carnival-style games, yoga, figure drawing and gymnastics on a suspended hoop.

Our camp is a great mixture of gay and straight burners, men and women of multiple ethnicities and nationalities. Come by and say Hi, experience some of our events, or just take your clothes off and enjoy some shade (it’s just about the only area of our camp where the sun doesn’t shine).

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Gypsy Nebula Carnival

Gypsy Nebula Carnival welcomes you!
Enjoy shaved ice, or gourmet cotton candy and adopt a mutant monkey, play games, and win prizes. You can ride the biggest cock on the playa or go for a rowdy romp on the Bucking Beaver. The Gypsymonkey lounge is shady during the day and black-lighted at night and always welcomes the weary traveler to rest and enjoy our ambiance and snark.
Make sure to join us for our nightly happy hour at 5:00


GYST - Get Your Shit Together

Home of BRC’s only Daddy Saddle Derby.
Visit the Neon Chill Dome.
Come in and paint your bike or other gear.
TUTU Tuesday 2023. Be a Tulle, Not a Fool
GYST has been to many Burns.
How about you?
WHAT WOULD LARRY DO? Acculturation Sensation On Wednesday.
Got A Burner Name? Get it here! It may be Burnadette or Juan Tabone
Commemorative Swag for cool people.
GYST Bar is the place to meet us.

Hometown: Sacramento