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2023 Archive

Rabbit Hole

It is whatever you want it to be

Hometown: Concord

Rabble Rousers

Welcome to the Rabble Rousers camp, home of the Shenanigan Wagon ! Our art car is the ultimate mode of transportation for anyone who wants to experience the playa in style. Join us for unforgettable art tours that will take you on a journey through some of the most stunning and innovative art installations at Burning Man.

But thats not all, our camp is also known for its delicious Jerky and soft served ice cream served fresh off the wagon. Whether youre looking for a sweet treat or savory snack weve got you covered.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Radiant Seed Temple

Radiant Seed is a temple devoted to radical ritual and reimagining our relationship to the wild. Radiant Seed is specifically attuned to elemental sacred expression and the cultivation of primal instinct through embodied devotional practices.

Join us for interactive ceremonies and radical rituals that promote aliveness at all levels, as well as alignment with the energetics and body of the Earth. Ceremonies will be offered twice daily at sunrise and sunset.

Come experience and explore your true nature with us.

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Radical Fashionista

Radical Fashionista is a theme camp where both professional and amateur fashion designer burners gift their Burning Man-designed costumes to others through a contest.

Hometown: Mountain View


A place of authentic aloha! We bring Hawaii to you! Our authentic Hawaiian workshop of chanting, educational history forums and meditation healing sessions will sooth your soul! Live DJ sets so you can dance and be yourself and yes, Hawaiian Shave Ice to cool you down and savor the tropical flavors of Hawaii! Step into the realm of Hawaiian culture and experience true ALOHA! We welcome EVERYONE to feel at home and enjoy a happy place!

Hometown: Monterey

Radio Electra

We are your unofficial source during the event for all sorts of real and imagined information. The usual suspects are returning for year 23 broadcasting on playa. Artists and camps wanting to put the word out on their projects and events are welcome to drop off prerecorded PSA’s or just drop in and tell us about it live on the air. You can even meet our questionable Dj and engineering talent.
We only ask a small favor. Please don’t tell our families and church friends we are at Burning Man, they still think we are spinning tunes in a Brothel.

URL: Hometown: Avra Valley


An inclusive collective from south of the border and to the north, we bring positive reinforcement and frosty (organic plant-based allergen-free) superfood treats to all desert ANIMALS building, volunteering, and interacting within Black Rock City!

Hometown: San Diego


Ragnarok is the End and the Beginning. It tells a story where destruction is necessary for creation to flourish. It is rebirth, it is recovery, it is rejuvenation, it is a renaissance, it’s renewal, restoration, and resurrection. It is what we are experiencing in our lives right now. It is Burning Man. And now, it’s us. We are camp Ragnarokk!

Hometown: Denver


Creators of The Promise of the Decade. Come say hello!

Hometown: Alpine Meadows, CA

Rainbow Geometric

Rainbow Geometric is the art support camp for Wizard’s 2023 playa sculpture project OHM a 10 ring torus that spins around. Be careful on it! Wizard will also have a fun light torus to run around inside of at the front of camp!

Hometown: OAKLAND

Rainbow OASIS

Rainbow Oasis: a calming, relaxing, refreshing Oasis where Burners of every sexual proclivity can pause to connect with one another through karaoke, conversation, and connection workshops

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Rainbow Pyramids Kamp

Rainbow Pyramid Portal

URL: Hometown: Nevada City / Reno

Rainbow Warriors Villiage

Pathogen Trackers camp is excited to return to the playa and provide the gifts of food and drink to those in need.

URL: Hometown: Gerlanch

Raised by Wolves

An actual wolf pack is primarily composed of brothers and sisters. We’re not related—or wolves—but we often yell at the moon. Raised by Wolves is a community of artists and doers who gather together in the desert to create epic fun, howl at the moon together, and invite everyone in to share our space and run with the wolves.

We serve iced cold brew coffee EVERY morning with live music in our cafe, and offer foam sword fighting games on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Trust us, come play with “swords” and battle your friends to the “death,” it might just be the most fun you have on the playa.

We’re really fun. You’re welcome.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Ramshackle Bait & Tackle

Ramshackle Bait & Tackle, for all of your on-playa fishing needs. If you’re not not interested in fishing, come on by!

Hometown: San Francisco

Rancho Sparkle Pony

Rancho Sparkle Pony, your home away from home away from home, while you are home. Come belly up to The Rubber Spur for hilarious drinks and strong characters, or get vain and prance on the Mane Stage to the tunes coming from the Buddha Lounge. Take a flow class, or learn to blow glass. Just don’t blow ass on our property, save that for the Portos.

Hometown: Black Rock

Random Camp

Offering random activities of no particular theme. Whatever we feel like. Take it or leave it. It’ll change next year. It might even change this year.

Snugly nestled in the village of Hushville. Shhhhhhh!

Hometown: Whitehorse

Ranger Headquarters

Black Rock Ranger Headquarters – The center of Black Rock Ranger Operations. Located on the Esplanade at 5:45.

URL: Hometown: Black Rock City

Ranger Outpost Berlin

Ranger Outpost Berlin – The Black Rock Ranger Station in the 3:00 sector where participants in need of assistance can
seek out the help of a friendly Black Rock Ranger. Located at 3:00 and C.

URL: Hometown: Blasck Rock City

Ranger Outpost Tokyo

Ranger Outpost Tokyo – the Black Rock Ranger station in the 9:00 sector where participants in need of assistance can seek out the help from the Black Rock Rangers. Located at the corner of 9:00 and C.

URL: Hometown: Black Rock City


A friendly place to hang out inside of Hushville, where all the coolest rascals live.

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Rat Trap

We are your dirty bar that never closes. Come on by day or night. Drink our booze, ride our horse and join us in radical self stupidity.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Ray's Fix It

Break something? We’ll try to fix it! No promises, other than you’ll leave with something and we’ll have a good time trying. Power tools and expertise available Office Hours, otherwise 24/7 DIY with hand tools, work space, and plenty of materials to MacGyver your issue. No bikes or mutant vehicle help, though we’ll try to point you in the right direction.

Hometown: Bend


Check out our night market where we will join forces together with our fellow camps within Alight market Village to bring you exotic offerings from all around the galaxy.

Hometown: Oakland


Hometown: Seattle

Recycle Camp

Recycle Camp is located at the intersection of Center Camp Inner Circle and 6:00. We accept aluminum cans only, between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Sunday of the event week. We want all your aluminum cans. Spread the word!

Want to volunteer? Recycle Camp invites everyone to join in the fun. Take charge at your camp and separate all your recycling and put the aluminum cans in a mesh bag to dry out. Bring your aluminum cans to Recycle Camp and crush them with the State ­of ­the ­Art bike powered can crusher.

Hometown: Oakland

Red Nose District

Red Nose District (RND) has been in existence, in one form or another since 1998. In 2013, we resolved to keep our hearts, minds, and noses RED from now until the end of time! RND has roots and participants in LA, SF, Santa Fe, DC, NYC, Oregon, Canada, Israel, France, & various states & countries around the world. Our members are involved in (or are lovers of) the circus arts, & work to bring our skills & talents to the playa in forms that allow for immersive & participatory experiences for citizens of Black Rock City. Notable past projects/activities include: High Chair Stilt Bar, PedalBump, Muse, Fire Wire, Wheel of Fortune, Zenobia Blanca stilt limo, Zeppelin art cars, stilt lessons, 30′ swings, & circus variety shows of all forms! Come find us on the playa!

URL: Hometown: Bend, OR

Red Rooster Ranch

The Red Rooster Ranch art car is reminiscent of the fun and frivolity of Nevada’s tawdry past and present association with saloons and cat houses. Come join us for a ride and enjoy a libation in out tiny saloon!

Hometown: Reno is a techno camp at Burning Man that channels the Berlin club scene with the best techno music and a giant dark cube dance floor. During the day, it’s a chill-out space, and at night, the party continues with high-quality techno music. The camp is open to everyone and encourages self-expression.

Hometown: San Francisco


Do you have dust in curious places? Visit camp Redhanded to freshen up sustainably. We will pamper you with a shot and let you complain about the heat, especially if you are on your period. If you are brave enough to open the pirate chest we will gift you with precious supplies that will help with your period and/or your personal hygiene before and after playtime, but if we catch you red handed… you will have to perform for us!

You can visit us at sunset for our scheduled activities and learn how to menstruate and party with style or swing by at any other time to make our stage yours.

Hometown: San Francisco

RedNeck Regal Theatre

Total white trash movie nights; complete with our best white sheet hanging for a screen. BYOLC (Bring Your Own Lawn Chair) or blanket. What will be showing? WHO KNOWS? Maybe it’s a musical night? Maybe it’s a black and white version of Creature from the Black Lagoon? Maybe its cartoons! We make no promises. All we promise is that it’s an outdoor community movie screening at its best! If the alcohol kicks in, we may even pass around a microphone and do a BMST3K! Come join us!

URL: Hometown: Reno

Refugee Camp

The journey to Burning Man involves leaving behind the familiar and embarking on a journey towards the unknown. This shared experience resonates deeply with the journey of immigrants, refugees, and boat people, who leave behind everything they know to navigate unfamiliar territory in search of a sense of home in an unlikely place. Black Rock City Refugee Camp celebrates the strength, resilience, ingenuity, and compassion of these remarkable communities.

With open hearts, we welcome all who seek solace, camaraderie, and belonging. Join our journey of resilience and celebration, as we create a space where the enduring spirit of immigrants, refugees, and boat people shines brightly in the heart of Black Rock City.

URL: Hometown: Orange County


Our team is always ready to be a “phone a friend” and lend a hand to fellow Burners with their installations. We know that when it comes to creating amazing art, you have to “ask the audience” and collaborate with others to bring your vision to life. And of course, we believe that when it comes to Burning Man, the answer is always to “use a lifeline” and rely on your community for support.

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles


Come to RX. Relax in our lounge under the perspicacious care of our skeleton crew who don’t covet your soul at all. Play games of chance by night at our casino, no cash, no problem – you can use your soul which is not coveted by our skeletons at all. You must sit back, You will relax.

Hometown: New York City

Religious As Fuck

Camp Religious As Fuck provides decomodified and non-judgy Christian spiritual practice and hospitality.

URL: Hometown: Sacramento

Remote Control

A functional, safe, and easily-identifiable bike is key to an enjoyable Burn. During two events early in the week, we help Burners individually decorate their bikes and light them for nighttime riding. Midweek, we clean their chains at a mid-week event. We provide cyclists with MOOP bags to carry on their bikes, and make sure they have what they need for fun and safe rides all week.

URL: Hometown: Portland

Reno CORE Staff and Art Camp

Reno Core Staff and Art Camp

Hometown: Reno

Reno Housewives

Costuming BRC since 1998. Do you need bridesmaids for your playa wedding, or are looking for the perfect outfit for that party? ASK US — From frumpy to fabulous, we have you covered.

Hometown: Reno

Rest in Peace

You have been riding for what seems like days, impossible to decipher what time it is, the city has swallowed you and sent you deep into the suburbs. Your butt needs some reprieve from that skeleton bike seat that (accept it) looks way cooler than it feels. Then you see it in the distance: a shady oasis with comfy seats, tables, and liquid refreshment. Could this be heaven? Close! This is Rest in Peace where you get peace, love, and chill. Late afternoons: Chill games, D&D, Meditation, Unbirthdays, Body paint, and iced tea (including the long island variety). And at night: find your way home with a beautiful lit animalia themed dome.

Hometown: Reno


Our camp will be offering a rooftop deck atop the Bombus Regius Steampunk Airship Art Car ( docked for the summer ) stationed Esplanade within The Hive Village. Our upper deck event space will host a variety of events such as Karaoke, Dark and Stormy Story telling events, Tabletop and RPG daytime. The lower deck features a Tiki Bar plus some Fancy Festive and Fun pedal powered Rickshaws that will ferry guests from camp to the playa for adventures and Tiki Light Totems.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston


Retrofrolic is an adult destination in the traditional gaybourhood of the 7:30 sector. Retrofrolic is more that the city’s largest public and sex positive playspace, offering multiple activities and classes daily. We create a safe and sane environment so that exploration,
understand and growth may occur.
A 101 class is given daily to promote understanding of our house rules, safety procedures, and acceptable conduct. Typical classes are offered from how to give a proper spanking to pet play to violet wands to Shibari and rope play to E-stim to flogging to how to negotiate a play session. All classes are ideally followed by supervised practical.

Hometown: Carson City, NV


Reverbia is an All Live Music Camp with 4 stages, including: The Radiance Dome (LED interactive) The Jam and Teahouse, Embassy Shad Stage, and Reverbia Main Stage.
Reverbia also features the Art Installation of The 9th Node (Interactive orchestral sound bath). Reverbia features Daily: Calm Inside (breathe, Stretch) ,Live Music Yoga in the Morning…Dance Workshops, Open Mic/ Songwriter Showcase, Concerts in the Shade, Reverbia Sunsets and Live Nights, The Reverbia Childrens’ Hour, and Late Night Radiance Dome and Jam and Teahouse. Reverbia also features Dance Performances, including our traditional Dance of the 7 Chakras and the Production Animalia. Our Tribute to Lost Musicians honors musicians who passed away the previous year.

URL: Hometown: Eugene


RhythmWave brings Conscious Dance to the Playa, along with yoga and other movement practices. 5Rhythms, Open Floor, Dancing Freedom, Soul Motion and others. We offer a space to figure out what is going on inside you and to move through it. Not just a place to show off your latest dance moves. Our offerings are made on a sprung bamboo wood floor beneath a shade structure, and are offered several times daily.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


Rippers Row is an Austin, TX based theme camp with members from across the country. We specialize in throwing daily parties underneath our white Rippers tent and are known for high energy, thematic dance events. We provide interactive elements at the front of our camp for burners to enjoy even what we aren’t hosting a shakedown. We are sure to brighten anyone’s day with delicious drinks and a quality selection of house, disco, tribal, and techno music from around the globe.

Hometown: Austin


The Ripple Effect reflects on the very nature of affecting change: how one small stone tossed into a body of water causes a ripple effect with an almost never-ending forward motion. Camp Ripple is all about tossing those positive stones to impact your own life and those of others one small metaphorical pebble at a time!

Hometown: Issaquah


Risa is a resort planet, renowned for its breezes, clothing optional beaches and friendly atmosphere. In the afternoon you can enjoy one of our snow cones and lounge in our enclosed kooled area. In the evening come eat, drink, sing, dance, play your instrument and be merry around the fire and enjoy our art.

Hometown: Redding

Rise Camp

Hometown: Amsterdam

Rise Sanctuaria

Rise Sanctuaria is the joint camp and playa home for Drone Stories and Sanctuaria artists, creators and innovators whose mission is to create regenerative art that is good for planet earth and its inhabitants.

URL: Hometown: Diamante Valley

Ritual of Victory (RoV)

Come and celebrate your individual victories while enjoying 80’s rock and the tastiest frozen vodka slushie drinks to hit Playa! We’re open every day during Burn week from 1pm-5pm with fun and games for everyone!

Hometown: St. Petersburg

RNV Camps

We are a Village of several long time camps from many nations and nationalities based in the Pacific Northwest. We are SeaWeed Joy, KonaZona, Krepe Burners, and more. We are bringing Big art this year: Burning Piano Man, Not Our Monkey, and The Hippy Trap Magic Mushroom. Come hang out in our many relaxation areas or our hammock zone.

We are a diverse village that provides a wide number of interactive events. We will have DJ’s playing diverse genres, host massage workshops and seminars, teach fire spanking, teach and dance the Bollywood spectacular, hold TED type talks, and provide our famous Tutu making tutorial with all the materials you need for an amazing tutu. We will be serving French Crêpes Flambées, Crème Burlee, BBQ, drinks, and Kona coffee. Come join us!

Hometown: Seattle

Roadside Distraction

Roll up for a hub of spectacular sidetracks and ridiculous world record breaking stations! Give it your all to set a record for “Fastest Time to Assemble a Plastic Potato”, “Speed Kissing”, or “Most Carabiners Clipped in One Minute”. With renowned attractions in our Chamber of Wonders, including the soul-searching experience of Burning Man’s Darkest Room, the playa’s most illustrious Fiber Optic Jungle, the baffling hall of five-headed stuffed animals, and a delightful DIY gift shop, there’s something for everyone at Roadside Distraction.

Hometown: Boulder

Roasted Breauxs & Coffee Heauxs

Fresh Roasted coffee and cacao are served Pour over Style Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 AM to 3 PM. All the coffee we serve will be roasted on the playa. Our camp will feature both international & local civic projects. We have the most dust-free common area that is open to the public. Drop in and chill with any time.

URL: Hometown: Auburn


Fun and unique interactive art including our own Pump-bot game, Mind Eraser, Hotshot the Robot, Humdrum the Washing Machine and others!
Battery charging and electronics repair stations available at most hours.

Hometown: Reno


ROCA is where you reach higher limits. Come climb with us!

Hometown: Truckee

Rogue Nation Village

We are a Village of several long time camps from many nations and nationalities based in the Pacific Northwest. We are SeaWeed, KonaZona, Krepe Burners, and more. We are bringing Big art this year: Burning Piano Man, Not Our Monkey, and The Hippy Trap Magic Mushroom. Come hang out in our many relaxation areas or our hammock zone.

We are a diverse village that provides a wide number of interactive events. We will have DJ’s playing diverse genres, host massage workshops and seminars, teach fire spanking, teach and dance the Bollywood spectacular, hold TED type talks, and provide our famous Tutu making tutorial with all the materials you need for an amazing tutu. We will be serving French Crêpes Flambées, Crème Burlee, BBQ, drinks, and Kona coffee. Come join us!

Hometown: SEATTLE

Rootist Lounge

#RootistLounge is a camp based on the love of celebrating life with beats of sound, the joy of #energy, and the beauty of #spiritual connection with self, and others. A place where acceptance, creativity, and passions flourish. It’s a gathering of open-minded and like-minded individuals where friendships surround you. A place to learn, grow, inspire, heal, and release. One lounge, one vibe, one LOVE, one beautiful, and a growing family that is all connected.
With a major focus on cutting-edge energy work, healing sound vibrational therapy incorporating live music, beautiful decor for the senses/art, artists, performers, #yoga, #workshops, #hughealing, #ArtCars Art car support, Art project support and so much more.

URL: Hometown: Las Vegas


Rootpile is an established theme camp at Burning Man whose mission is to bring live Bluegrass music, Bluegrass musical instrument instruction, and Southern food and culture to the burns that we attend.

We offer musical instrument lessons on instruments that we provide from Noon to 1pm Monday through Friday of Burn week and live Bluegrass bands along with food and moonshine likker from 7pm to 9:30pm Monday through Friday of Burn week.

On Man Burn night we perform live Bluegrass music at the Man Burn at 6:00 on the Man at around 9pm, being plugged into several large art cars to create a live Bluegrass music wall of sound.

We are open to new members who embrace our mission and culture.

URL: Hometown: Boone

Royal Honey

Art is the stored honey of the human soul, gathered on wings of inspiration and transformed into royal jelly by the contributions of many. Royal Honey is a camp with all types of bees that pollinate Playa with art, music, hugs, and love. Connect in our Hive Lounge, enjoy sweet nectar from our Pollination Station Bar, take a flying trip in the Flight of the Bumble Bee Swing, and waggle your booty on our Honeycomb Dancefloor.

Hometown: San Carlos

Rubber Armstrong

A solar powered camp of misfits from around the world with a hankering for a Mezcal Margarita.

Hometown: Sydney, Australia


Non-electronic beats, power invocations, and cool misters for your hot body.

Hometown: Boulder

Run Free Camp

A sober and queer aligned space. Join us for daily recovery meetings, guided meditations, yoga, workshops, dance parties and other substance free shenanigans. Take a break from the dust in our living room’s serenity station, enjoy a few minutes of inner peace in our meeting tent, get fit on playa in our gym, or catch a party in the pink dome.

We are a home base for anyone looking for a sober burn. We offer a couch and an understanding ear to visitors looking to take a break from over-indulgence on their own part or that of their campmates. No judgment. We are here to guide the sober curious in the ways of a lucid Burn.

Oh, and some of us RUN around the neighborhood naked every evening at sunset FREE from clothing and from substances. It’s a tradition.

Hometown: Oakland

Rustic WerQ Ranch

Where ASS unwinds.

Hometown: Austin