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2023 Archive

Jaguar Occult

Jaguar Occult has searched the universe for centuries seeking the home planet of their mascot, the three eyes all knowing jaguar. They have not only found it, but are sharing it with earthlings in the form of their Alien Jungle Camp and art car called Cosmic Grove.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Janky Barge

Janky Barge is an art car and all the people who made it. We cruise around the desert and have fun and play music we like. You should get on! We’ll give you a ride to wherever we were already going.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Janky Camp

A friendly theme camp within Hushville.

Hometown: Hillsboro

Jazzy Cat Butts

Jazzy Cat Butts Village features camps Janky Barge, Catmandu, Camp Butter, Once Upon a Teatime and The Black Rock Bandits.
Our village is focused on the theme of artistic expression of movement through one’s own body and physical art. Attend our Art car symposiums, workshops, and village happy hours to learn more about building and designing moving art vehicles.
Come by for sunset tiki cocktails at our Oasis Bar, lounge and dance with us at the Catmandu dome, and have a drink or two at our Teatime Matcha Cafe and the Butter Bar! Our art cars do community ice & recycling runs in the morning.

Hometown: San Francisco


A group of burner besties celebrating our friend Jen’s 10th burn in a row!

Hometown: San Diego


Come visit us in the mornings for hot green tea, matcha and cold sake.
Sit in the Bijou Boutique, select a piece of jewelry, or join in and create your own.

Hometown: Las Vegas

JOBI: Coffee, Tea or Me?

JOBI: Coffee, Tea or Me? serves up fresh quality coffee, teas and hot cocoa every morning at 7:00 a.m. in our coffee lounge beneath a 30 by 10 by 10 Pergola filled with seated benches, rugs, pillows and a puppy pile. C’mon by for coffee, community and conversation.

Hometown: Bay Are and Portland

Joey Glowy Bar

Work Camp

Hometown: Reno

Joie de Vivre

At Joie de Vivre camp, we’re all about spreading joie (that’s French for “joy”)! Come step into our oasis of Radical Self-Expression, where style meets magic, spirits rejuvenate, and creativity soars.

Revive Your Radical Self with one of our mindful morning activities, then stop by the Joie Shoppe for an afternoon reset that will leave you feeling renewed and inspired.

Hometown: New York


Our camp is a multicultural, multi-sensory oasis that offers live concerts, panel talks, and workshops that celebrate our diversity. The camp’s atmosphere and aesthetic are inspired by ancient intelligence, from Native American sacred geometry to Middle Eastern Bedouin symbolism. JOUJOU is built around the ethos of inclusive and dedicated hospitality. We welcome all at our communal tent and lounge for our open series program.

Hometown: New York

Journeys Hangover Remedies

Hometown: Winnemucca

Joya Camp

A group of artists, craft-men and friends working together, spreading the feeling of “Pasarla Joya” (having a great time). Gather around our beloved art structure, Joya in Deep Playa.

URL: Hometown: Argentina

Joyful Dragon Circus

The Joyful Dragon Circus is a space for you to explore methods of radical self-expression. We provide workshops on different forms of self-expression, including dance, acroyoga, pole, and singing, and provide a safe comfortable place to practice and participate. Come join us in our circus tent!

Hometown: New York


Joyism is a camp of some 50 people, whose major contribution is to provide coffee in the mornings between 8 and 11 AM. Several hundred people come by every day. It is clearly a very valuable commodity. We have to bring in a large quantity of water, and we have at least five urns simmering at any one time. People come from several blocks away. Joyism camp is also the informal home of the Joyism artcar, the temple of our new religion Joyism, and from which we serve up, live bands on the front, margaritas for participants of critical tits, and Playa weddings. We also have a climbing wall for users of all levels.

Hometown: San Jose California

Jub Jub's Plastic Circus

Jub Jub always here to fling those funny hard-to-get drinks, uneasy rest, strange music, weird plays, loud noises, oh-so-friendly grief, bruises, nausea, vertigo i.e. Monkey Business!!!   maybe poo too…

Hometown: Reno

Juicy Rootz

Juicy Rootz is offering Juicy Frootz (that you can wear!). Stop by and meet us— the playful, welcoming and heart-centered Juicies. We’ll be offering two workshops/parties wherein you’ll get to make a piece of wearable art out of dried and resonated citrus fruit to help commemorate your week on the playa forever. We’ll also be standing by with refreshing non-alcoholic electrolyte drinks at our “Juice Bar.” Come for the Froot, stay for the wiggles, connecting and joyful vibes.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Jungle Oddity

A jungle outpost lost in time offering live music and dance floor with killer tunes all week long. Stop-by and boogie down in our jungle themed lounge and let loose like the wild animal that you are!

Hometown: San Francisco

Jurassic Playark

A unique camp blending current and mesozoic era with a range of activities designed to encourage group interaction. Swing by early in the week for brontosaurus bingo or try some downward dinosaurs at our morning yoga sessions!

Hometown: San Francisco

Jurassic Snark

Jurassic Snark is the home of The Lusty Lizard Putt Putt Course and The Lot Lizard Lounge. Come on by for your morning dose of coffee & cocktails and stay for the dance party that is bound to ensue! Dancing or Putt Putt not your thing? Try out one of the many games we have to offer such as large yard games and our very own Slithery Snark Game. Think you have what it takes to beat The Slithery Snark? We bet ya can’t!

Hometown: Oklahoma City

Just Roll With It

Do you love board games? Do you love sand, winning prizes, and being a live pawn within a game? If so, join us for a human sized board game called SandyLand. Our camp welcomes all ages! Join us for games, drinks, music, and prizes!

Hometown: San Francisco