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2023 Archive

Earth Guardians

Earth Guardians are an outreach and communications volunteer group whose mission is to educate and inspire Burning Man participants to Leave No Trace (LNT) at the event. By focusing the community’s tremendous artistic, technical and spiritual energy, we can go beyond leaving “no trace” and leave instead, positive traces on the land. Come see our many bike nature and geology tours, sustainability BRC and planet solution speakers, DIY workshops, Aztec Burner dances, or volunteer training and gatherings! Come and volunteer on our LNT and compliance outreach teams or participate in a Gerlach LNT our hot-spring patrol, jump on our MOOP train and test your MOOP grabbing skills!

URL: Hometown: Nevada City

EBB & Glow Village

Come get your glow on at EBB & Glow Village!

Enter the Hiss & Purr Lounge for morning coffee or evening drinks, enjoy live music or get on stage yourself for karaoke or a jam. Learn how to ride a OneWheel at Keeping it Wheel. Enjoy morning yoga or evening cocktails on the SkyDeck. Get your gorgeous playa portrait shot by pros at Just Shoot Me in the Dust. Soothe yourself with spa treatments for parched playa skin or relax with a cold stone treatment or massage at the Flow and Glow SPAce. Broken bike? Come to Cranky and Sons/Pedaling Dreams Bike Repair. Swing by for drinks and nosh at Gin N’ Tellya & Snax. Or just hang out at our beautiful boutique Dream Inn. All this and more!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Eddy Out!

We are a salty group of river rats who got eddied out for far too long and have lost our way…. We dally, role play, keep people from getting where they want to go, lure them in with bait, take them fishing, compete in games and generally keep them going in circles. Where were you going? No one knows… got eddied out a while back!

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Edna's Oasis

Hometown: Truckee


EGGS Bar returns for 2023!
Building on years of well-honed playa experience, EGGS Bar crew of veteran burners, along with newbies, will once again create a welcoming venue of deepest interaction. Take a seat at our beautifully designed bar with amazing artifacts. A friendly tavern, the space we create is so much more than a place to grab a drink… a storytelling station, meeting place of the minds, incubator of adventures, spontaneous dance party spot, sometimes even a Burning Man debate forum. All that and so much more, we are YOUR local on the playa!

URL: Hometown: Alameda

Ego land

EGGO, Serving Pancakes and Plastic Building Blocks for all ages

Hometown: las Vegas

Ego Trip

Hometown: San Diego

Electric Cheese Land

Electric Cheeseland brings the fun of the Apres-Ski culture to the desert. Yodel songs, cheesy evenings to taste delicious food from the Alps, play interactive games and cheer with a shot of vodka. The “Naked Cheese nights” will feed the crowd with melted cheese, the “Cheese-n-Chill tent” will provide shelter and entertainment and the Polish Vodka Bar will challenge anyone’s knowledge about flavors and mixology.

Hometown: Zurich

Electric Giraffe Safari Park IV

Russell the Electric Giraffe is back! Look for us in the camp listings as Electric Giraffe Safari Park! Please come by and hang out with us! We’re mostly available from the hours of 3pm to 3am! =:)

URL: Hometown: Ramona


ElectriCity will help your electrons flow, accumulate, or disperse on playa, through electronics and bike repair support, LED and device solar charging, and providing an electrically balanced rest stop in the dust, complete with electrolytes to positively recharge your body and mind.

URL: Hometown: Boulder

Elemental Studios

At Elemental Studios, you don’t need a Multi Pass to join in our camp’s love of the movie Fifth Element. We invite all visitors (humanoid or none) to participate in our unique and ‘Super Green’ workshops. Each day is dedicated to an element; Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Air and Love. Come relax under our shaded structure and light up humanity with your amazing creation. Instructions may be in the Divine Language. All materials provided while supplies last. Bevies available. Come for the art, stay for the community!

Heart Leeloo & Korben Dallas

Hometown: Seattle


Earth. Air. Water. Fire. The place to nurture your nature. Experience the balance and amplification of the four elements through yoga, workshops, sound, and dance parties. We provide flow, connection, and restoration for people of all identities and points of view. Home of the Space Cow People and the MIDNIGHT SAFARI PARTY on Thursday. Magic happens here.

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Elvis Wedding Chapel & Gardens

“Happily ever after” begins here! Now in our eleventh year of hosting ersatz Playa weddings for Black Rock City’s nuptially needy, EWC welcomes individuals, couples, trios and all other configurations without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, species or any other limiting factor! First, our Fashion Director and her team of trained experts outfit the Bride, Groom and Attendants in dazzling Playa finery, on loan from our legendary Bridezilla Lounge; then our most excellent Clergy officiate over an endless variety of custom-tailored ceremonies, each climaxed by the dramatic revelation of the spirit of Lord Elvis himself—as embodied by the amazing, life-size, audio-anatomically accurate ELBOT 2000: Black Rock City’s most venerable robotic resident!

URL: Hometown: Scottsdale

Emerge-N-See ICe U

At Emerge-N-See ICeU, we will gift you tasty shaved ice treats. Come by 12:00-3:00 Monday -Saturday to chill in our shade, have some amazingly flavored Ice, and interact with your community.
Get your sweet ice over here!

Hometown: Portland


Find the owl. Unzip the door. Enjoy the air conditioning. let me see you move to this groove. Come get a popsicle. Let me take your picture for a Black Rock City ID. Now go sit your azz on the grass and play giant jenga while it prints.

URL: Hometown: Topanga


Emergency is a Burning Man camp that embodies the ethos of self-expression, communal living, and radical self-reliance. The camp is a vibrant and inclusive community that fosters creativity and encourages its members to embrace their unique identities. The camp’s central gathering space provides a space for participants to connect, relax, and engage in creative pursuits. From sunrise yoga sessions to late-night dance parties, Emergency offers a dynamic and welcoming environment for all who seek to explore the boundaries of self-expression and community.

Hometown: Truckee

Empire of Dirt

Empire of Dirt is the landing base for the long thought lost spaceship EMPIRE

Hometown: Oakland

Enchanted Booty Forest

Hometown: Los Angeles

Enchanted Booty Forest

The Enchanted Booty Forest is the gathering point for a worldwide collection of artists, thinkers, media creators, scientists, healers, teachers, jokers, professionals, and other amazing and humble humans. Our aim is to cultivate our community, and through collective creation and engagement, share our values of growth, connection, and learning.

Hometown: Los angeles


Long standing camp brought to you by veterans and newer burners alike all sharing the same vision: to bring the damn party in a safe and inviting space to people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. We are a camp made up of all walks of life and bring that perfect grassroots vibe to a well organized camp that offers shade, tasty dusty beverages, bumpin’ tunes for those wearing their dancing shoes and well lit nighttime LED art to provide as an excellent beacon for our block on the playa!

Hometown: Sacramento

End of the Line

The End of the Line. We welcome Dusty Burners wherever they are on their hazy paths through the city and transformation. Old West inspired shenanigans to keep you amused, bemused and maybe a little bruised (consensually). Or just stop for a drink, topless tarot, or a whine about how much Burning Man sucks, except when compared with the Real World.

Hometown: Sonora


Join psychedelic leaders advancing drug policy reform, destigmatizing use, creating community and therapeutic healing models, benefit sharing with Indigenous allies, decolonizing the movement, and creating safer space for all.

Hometown: Portland

Entheos Community Village

Members of Entheos Community Village (ECV) organize a highly diverse camp that is placed at the annual Burning Man event. Friends and members of ECV come from more than 43 countries to contribute their effort, skills, and resources to the creation of Entheos and Combat Zone theme camps, the Cuddlepillar mutant vehicle, and the Empyrean Gate art installation. The village creates 24/7 interactivity for all ages as a gift to the citizens of Black Rock City, functions as a pilgrimage home for its members, and serves as a nexus to meaningfully connect people from around the world across national, religious, and ideological lines. As part of our commitment to Radical Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (RIDE), we hold a percentage of camp open each year to welcome people who are new to Burning Man.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Entheos Community Village

Members of the Entheos Community organize one of the larger and most diverse theme camps placed at the annual Burning Man event in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Friends and members of the Entheos Community come from over 43 countries to contribute their effort, skills, and resources to the creation of Entheos @ Burning Man. The camp creates extensive 24/7 interactivity for all ages as a gift to the citizens of Black Rock City, functions as a pilgrimage home for its members, and serves as a nexus to meaningfully connect people from around the world across national, religious, and ideological lines. As part of Entheos’ commitment to radical inclusion, diversity, and equity, we hold a significant portion of our camp capacity open each year to welcome people who are new to Entheos.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Epiffany & Co

Hometown: San Francisco

Epiphany Jewelry Co.

The finest jewelry store on the playa.

Hometown: San Francisco

Equal and Opposite Camp

Life involves changes, and we are honored to help Burner’s navigate the powerful playa energy by teaching them to consult the I-CHING. We offer a simple and practical take on Lao Tsu’s teachings. We also practice Tai Chi at sunrise and sunset when possible, come join us!

URL: Hometown: Lafayette


Come experience our fun and private, professional nude photo studio for singles, couples, or groups. Come explore your erotic side and pose like a porn star. Come with your favorite naughty poses or we will pose you with the always exciting and often surprising Book-of-Poses. Bring your favorite toys, fetish props, or sexy wear. Some dungeon toys and masks provided. After the burn we’ll Photoshop your pictures and send you a link and password to access your photographs.

Hometown: Oahu

ESD Rampart

Rampart medical clinic, 5;15 and Esplanade look for the Red Cross sign

URL: Hometown: New York City

ESD station 3

Rampart Staff camping, open Rampart staff.

Hometown: Reno

ESD Station 3:00

ESD Station 3 Fire Camp

Hometown: Nordland

ESD Station 9:00

ESD Station 9, Medical Camp

Hometown: Bay Area


Essence is back and we are giving readings using a special deck created for Burning Man. The unique and beneficial system we created will give you the tools to become more self-aware and insightful, and to understand people who use this deck together. Come by to learn more about the Discovery Deck and see the mural that Kirsten Zirngibl created for the event.

URL: Hometown: San Diego

Eurotrash Sangria Bar

Serving the best sangria and playing music from around the Latin world every afternoon, 3 pm to 7 pm!

URL: Hometown: London


Expanse is an art support camp for the Expanse art piece.

Hometown: San Francisco


Exploratorium is an educational campus with a schedule full of workshops focused on cultural advancement, radical inclusivity, equality, art, wellness, and play. And at night, we host fun dance parties, featuring artists from around the world playing Afrobeats, Bass, Afrohouse, EDM, Amapiano and more.

We invite you to join us throughout the week for inclusive seminars and hands-on workshops in topics such as Therapeutic Medicines, Building a career in your passion, Yoga, and High Intensity Breathwork. Hear from keynote speakers who have made names for themselves on and off the playa for their commitment to their craft.

Classes in Session in our air conditioned dome M-F 10AM-4PM

Hometown: Vancouver BC

Extinct Creatures

Extinct Creatures camp celebrates, and examines, creatures who are no longer with us. We invite everyone to come and dance or speak as an Extinct Creature. We also ponder evolution and our future. Join us!

Hometown: Dallas Texas


The Doctor is in!
If you have any eye issues or questions about eye diseases stop by our camp weekdays from 1-4 for your exam and sun protection!

Hometown: Red Bluff

EZ Tiger

EZ Tiger is a watering hole with music. Yes, there are libations – please wrangle one from the bartender and nurse it slow. There’s sound art here, too. It’s loud enough to feel. But we’re NOT set up for a sea of zombie ravers throbbing in front of a DJ pulpit and an endless row of speakers. This is a place to explore sound and space on your own terms. There’s plenty of shade and comfortable seating – you can find a place to relax or conversate. And of course there’s room to dance, if you please.

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles