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2023 Archive

Pablo's Breakfast Cantina & Spa

Start your day with breakfast quesadillas, churro pancakes, micheladas, margaritas, spa treatments and dancing!

Hometown: NY/ CA/ Europe/ Mexico City

Pablos Crusty Creatives

Inclusive art support camp. Always looking for wayward, collaborative arts.

Hometown: Santa Fe


The underwater home of the mutant vehicle Pacific, Neptune’s Chariot. The sea themed camp is welcome to campers to relax in our underwater shade and is here to host 2 dance parties on Tuesday and Thursday.

Hometown: Albany


Palinka Lounge offers a welcoming respite for Burners new and old around the globe, we offer a comfortable environment for Burners to take a moment to relax, have a drink, introduce themselves, and learn about what it means to be a burner (or learn about Hungarian burners) gaining from our camp-members Burning Man knowledge. We do this not only through sharing a drink, but also by engaging in activities together such as arts/craft, games or trampoline.

URL: Hometown: San Jose

Pam's Parlor

Welcome one and all to Pam’s Parlor, where you can find shade and get shiny with our custom flash tattoos designed specifically for the Burn, or enjoy other scheduled events such as gourmet hot dogs (and veggie dogs), body painting, and more! Please feel free to climb up onto the back of our art car to get a great view of the neighborhood at any time of day or night–we look forward to seeing you there!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Pancake Playhouse

Start your day off with some feel-good jams paired with hot-off-the-griddle pancakes, Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9ish-12ish. And swing by Tuesday and Thursday 3ish-5ish for some disco beats and drinks.

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Panda Camp

Panda Camp – Home of the fun loving Pandas who have an Electronicopter.

Hometown: Chicago


Where chaos becomes joy and pain becomes pleasure. Our camp is an eclectic mix of kink, acceptance, and love. Explore and embrace your kinky side with some rope bondage or flogging. We’ve got some classes for learning and our camp is always open to impromptu BDSM scenes. Check out the views from the top of the pyramid or try your talents on our lyra. Last but not least, our 6 ft tall Flaming Heart is a sure bet for some magical pics.

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Pandora's Lounge & Fix-it Shoppe

Our camp keeps our fellow Burners biking: our repair shop offers education, tools and parts, for bike repair. Actually we’ll help you repair just about anything, but bikes are our specialty. We also love to mix drinks and host visitors in our adjacent lounge.

URL: Hometown: Saint Louis

Paper Cranes

Come find refuge from the elements of the Playa. Have an ice-cold michelada or a homemade pickleback at our bar, “The Fold”. Or enjoy a hot tea while you listen to some funky beats. Share a wish and write it in an origami crane, and we’ll deliver it safely to the temple before the Sunday burn.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Pappy's Master Bait Shoppe

Here ye here ye come one come all 😉 to the master bate shop. Join the ranks of hopeful master baiters as we bait and troll the Burning Man waters in reel time.

Hometown: Reno

Pariah Express Camp

Pariah Express Camp supporting the Pariah Express Mutant Vehicle. We are all outcasts

Hometown: Nucla

Parks and Wrecked!

Come play with us at Parks & Wrecked! We have the Playa’s finest swim-up ball pit bar. Slide into the pit and climb on our playground! Enjoy fine libations! Listen to sweet boppin tunes! Come park your butt and we’ll do the wreckin’!

Hometown: Seattle

ParTea Animals

Pull up a chair and take the weight off your feet at our opulently decorated table where our British campmates will serve you a proper cup of tea, in a proper china cup and saucer.
Our resident King and/or Queen will provide sarcasm, sang froid, lessons in curtseying, bowing, grovelling etc. and elocution lessons whether you like it or not. Who doesn’t love a blue-blooded Brit serving tea and teaching etiquette?

Hometown: London

Partner Dance Adventures

Express to the music in conversation with a dance partner – interpret together, create together. All styles of partner dancing are welcomed and celebrated at PDA: fusion, swing, tango, blues, salsa, zouk, lindy. Camp with us if you love partner dancing and want it to be a major part of your burn. Visit our camp for daily lessons and nightly social dance parties (M-F). Schedule of dances published at the Burn.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Party Naked Tiki Bar

We serve cold alcohol Tiki Punch, for those age 21 and over (ID is required), starting at 11:00am daily. We serve all day and into the night. Enjoy the sounds of classic rock in a cool, relaxing clothing optional environment. Stop in and have a seat in shade or where you can get some sun. You are bound to meet someone new and the environment here encourages having conversations. You never have to get naked to enjoy but if you do, you may get “leid”. Come party with us for our 13th year & please bring your own cup to be LNT friendly. Remember nude is not lewd.

URL: Hometown: Las Vegas

Patsy's Hangout

Patsy’s Hangout is a fabulous lounge in the gayborhood where you can connect with old friends and make new ones while enjoying a refreshing cocktail. Enjoy high-energy tunes, good company and a comfortable space all day, every day. Stop by for our daily recurring activities including: Patsy’s Lounge, which is always open, Patsy’s Classical Morning Brew: Serving coffee with classical chill music every morning 9 AM to 12 Noon and Patsy’s Bar: Serving cold beverages, and lots of ice, every day 12 Noon to 7 PM. Participate in our daily special events including our dueling pianos happy hour on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Patsy’s Closet on Monday, Patsy’s Nail Salon on Tuesday, and our Cubs and Otters and Bears, Oh My! on Thursday, among other daily special events.

URL: Hometown: Sacramento

Penguin Place

Hometown: LA, Seattle, Salem

Penny Smashing Point

Welcome to Penny Smashing Point which provides you with an elongated collectible coin dated every year since 2014!
This is also a place where you can get you beautiful body painted by a Skin Wars Second Season winner Lana Chromium.

Hometown: Los Angeles

People of Color Camp

The People of Color Camp is what happens when The Muppet Show gets put in the same telepod as an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, MTV’s The Real World and a debate at the United Nations.

URL: Hometown: New York City

People's Art Congress

We are a collection of various artists working in diverse mediums, seeking a range of expression and serendipity. We have interactive art, DIY art, cocktails, intuitive movement, music, philosophy discussions, and welcoming space for various spontaneous activities all day and night.

URL: Hometown: Tucson


Pepperland is camp for Newbies looking for their first camp and veterans looking for A change of scenery. We offer many different kinds of activities daily through the burn.

URL: Hometown: Sacramento


Welcome a brilliant morning at our Planet Brunch parties (Mon-Fri, 11-1)! Discover an unexpected oasis under the scorching noonday sun: chilled cucumber sandwiches, loaded drunken pancakes, frozen Pina Coladas, and spiked Frappuccinos! Come for the hotcakes, stay for the dance jams and giant adult coloring boards.

Hometown: Washington

Perky Parts

Perky Parts is a fully inclusive camp of fun loving and rowdy folks always looking to make new friends and enhance a strangers playa experience.

Hometown: Orange County

PG Squirt House

PG Squirt House is your pre-party haven on the playa, featuring an inviting lounge adorned with plush playa-tech couches and vibrant, neon decor. Unwind with our interactive offerings, including creative drink “squirts” to energize you for the night ahead, trampoline bouncing, and engaging board games. Join us for our “Golden Hour” parties and “Ask the Bartender” series, where experts discuss intriguing topics like neuroscience and conscious relationships. Come experience the warm embrace of our radically inclusive camp, where diversity thrives and unforgettable memories are made.

Hometown: SAN DIEGO


Phasmantis brings snow cones, pop tarts, and dank beats to the playa. Stop by on a hot day and grab a drink and some saucy snow cones to cool off.

Hometown: Los Angeles


It all began in 2019 when three of the founders, Michelin, Cheeky, and OMG, hosted a Pho pop-up in deep playa. The experience was so delicious and meaningful, it inspired them to create PhoCureBurn, a Vietnamese-inspired cafe serving comfort food to the citizens of Black Rock City.

PhoCureBurn believes that food has the power to bring people together and create a sense of community. We aim to create a space where people can come together, share stories over an iced(!!!) coffee or a bowl of pho, and form lasting memories.

URL: Hometown: Houston

Pickle Frontier

We are a pretty big Dill. Serving pickle backs and pickle juice to revive the dusty masses.

Hometown: Seattle

Pickle Joint

The pickle joint Hey friendly neighborhood bungalow circus wizard bordello bar.

Hometown: . Los Angeles

PickleBack Mountain

Come for the company, stay for the Pickle Juice!
Ride Gurken, our famous Bucking Pickle!

Hometown: San Francisco

Pickled Beats

We are not worthy of the great pickle! We bow down to its immense power and beg for its great healing. WE ARE NOT WORTHY!

But you can be. Come one, come all, and let the wondrous power of the pickle quench your thirst and ignite your savage soul!

Pickle rejuvenation & sermon service: Mon-Tues & Thurs-Fri from 3-5pm.

Hometown: Vancouver


Hometown: Portland

Pig Nest

We like to pig out and chill hard.
And maybe get a little rowdy… mostly get rowdy.

Hometown: Oakland


Pigmalions offers Bloody Marys and bacon from 11ish until we run out. Join us in our Pig Pen to enjoy the vibes as we offer you the best in service at our award winning bar! Play with the pigs while you wait for your treats. Our 13 ingredient Bloody Mary recipe is sure to please! (Only 12 ingredients if you want a virgin.)

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Pinhole Project

The pinhole project provides daily art making workshops and hosts a gallery of the pinhole photography art we create throughout the week. We maintain a large fleet of cameras which we use to document the art and community of Burning Man. We believe this traditional analog form of photography provides a nice contrast for folks to slow down and become more present with art making. Our offering is art making, communal effort, inclusion and gifting. Ideally, we like to take pinhole photographs of playa artists in front of their installations. We believe documenting creators with their work is a delicious form of acknowledgement and provides a wonderful gift.


Pink Fuzzy Monkey

Love to play, dance, and monkey around. Our lounge will be spinning tunes for every taste throughout the day. We love playing music throughout the day, with a more intimate experience on our 20×30 dance floor and 600‐watt sound. Monday is the our 9th annual Super Hero Underwear Monkey Party with tasty monkey juice at the Monkey Bar (alcoholic or not). Throughout the week, we will keep the playa charged up with our fruit charging stations and entertained by playing Monkey Mayhem. Tuesday and Thursday morning/early afternoon dance/hangout parties. With a large community shade structure we invite anyone to stop by and chill for a bit, get out of the sun, and meet new friends, any time of the day.

Hometown: Reno

Pink Heart

We welcome all Burners! Whatever state you are in, you are welcome at Pink Heart. Recalibrate your body, mind and spirit with chilled water, vegan ice cream, and transformative buffer massages. Process how Black Rock City has blown your mind and changed you into something different. Find your way home via our Pink Heart Beacon or stop and feel safe and loved in our comfy pink cocoon of shade. Share your experiences (and yourself) on our pink fur couches while gazing upon the beautiful open Playa.

URL: Hometown: San Diego

Pink Lightning

Pink Lightning is Burning Man’s only running camp, the home of the BRC50k Ultramarathon, and all things running! With lots of pink and lightning bolts, we offer running races, running talks, yoga classes, easy and fun runs, kids’ runs, and more! We run, but do we do so much more. Runners are always welcome, and cheerleaders and hecklers are also welcome!

URL: Hometown: San Diego

Pink Mammoth

Pink Mammoth is a 501c3 Non-Profit house music and creative arts collective based in San Francisco. We create an inclusive environment of love, compassion, connection, and self expression both on and off the playa.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Pink Ponies

We are a diverse collection of kind and welcoming queer campers from across the US. Come meet us in the pink neon moon to celebrate our Queer Homecoming on Sunday night as we kick off a week of fun. We celebrate randomness, and anything goes at this weirdly joyful camp.

Hometown: Portland

Pinky Swears

If you like giant rainbows, giant flamingos, giant ice cream cones, or giant upside down trees you’re going to love Pinky Swears!

Hometown: San Francisco

Pinwheels in Wonderland

We are Pinwheels & PuttPutt, because we love to play, let our childlike goofy side be free- but most importantly, Pinwheels are AMAZING, and Mini Golf is FUN! Come play a few rounds of PuttPutt, drink a Pinwheel Punch, and make your own Pinwheel at our creation station!

Hometown: San Diego


Plaisance: a joyful pleasantness which captures the spirit of frenchness and fake-frenchness. Our French toast and Iced glace are examples of our events. Come by early for French Press coffee, or relax on our shaded veranda with lemonade and ice tea.

URL: Hometown: Washington D.C.

Planet Bound

Participating as explorers our campers navigate life’s experiences through altered states of transformation. We have an art car. We (almost) lock burners in our box of animal crackers and strongly encourage them to share cultural conversations! We listen for possibility. It’s millennial torture.

URL: Hometown: Long Beach

Planet Palmtree Country Club

YEE-HAW Palm Tree Country Club returns to the Playa once again after spending our off-burn days on Planet Palm Tree!!!!
Do your eyeballs seek to be thrilled by fire poofers and flame dancers, well BOOM BOOM, we got the fire for you baby!!!!
It all goes down this Wednesday as the fun starts with our Cacao opening ceremony followed by Manifest your Spirit Animalia Dance Party – lets get funky!! We will zoom into tea time and our Style & Swag giveaway before ending the night with our Alien Welcoming Dance Party – lets get weird!!!! We will quench your thirst with the nectar of the gods via the most bougie bags of wine on playa.

URL: Hometown: Joshua Tree

Planned Playahood

We offer “second aid” services including health consultations from real-world medical professionals, provision of contraceptives, pregnancy tests, and hygiene products, and bicycle repair. Pay homage to Our Lady of the Shaven Beaver, our signature landmark where you can experience your playa rebirth. Visit our bar The Rusty Speculum for your daily speculum shot and themed cocktails, stop by our photo booth, get a faux-scription from our camp ‘doctors’ for whatever ails you, or mix up your playa wardrobe at our costume closet. Art, daily events, parties, DJs, live music, a shaded dance floor that just won’t quit – we have it all to Un-Fuck your Burn up right!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


We are a Dance Theme Camp located in the Tokyo sector. Our DJs spin the best of the 80s, 90’s Hip Hop, House and More!!
New this year – guided meditation and self discovery workshops using music.
LET’S DANCE in the Dust Together!!

URL: Hometown: Palm Springs

Playa Art Park Support

Hometown: SF Bay Area, Orange County, CA

Playa Bears

Come chill and get your bearings at Playa Bears! Where we’re always bruin’ up good times and kodiak moments. Our forebears believed in dancing, strong drinks, delicious food, and koality time with friends. We’re serving up all of the above in our Playa Bear Den! Do you need a place to get away from the pandemonium of the playa? Fur the love of the man, honey! Come join us for one of our food parties w/fire disco house or if you need to chill, we offer soothing sound healing and aromatherapy session to paws and reflect on your time at the burn.

Hometown: San Francisco

Playa Beignet Love Project

GET YOUR MORNING DOSE OF BEIGNETS (Starting Wednesday of Build Week) every morning at Playa Beignet Love Project — Fresh, Delicious & HOT. Bring your own coffee or Jobi Coffee is in our HUB. Our campers will be delighted to serve you.

URL: Hometown: Lake County

Playa Bike & Body Works

Playa Bike and Body Works is an oasis in the desert, specializing in full bicycle and body restoration. We are a full-service shop, providing daily bicycle repair and car buffer massages.

Hometown: San Francisco

Playa Choir

Singers of all skill levels, ages and persuasions are welcome! Also, looking for musicians! Contact for more information, or stop by our camp on the playa!

Rehearsals (open to spectators) are Monday through Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 1:00p.m. To listen, please join us for the Sunday Sunrise Performance at the Temple (5:45am) or the Playa Choir’s non-denominational, non-religious and entirely spiritual and moving Service at 11:00am in our Dome. This performance will also be broadcast live on BMIR. Radical Inclusion, no audition required!

URL: Hometown: Gladstone, Oregon

Playa Circuit Boogie

Here at Playa Circuit Boogie we use circuits and science to spark ideas and bring strangers together, all while jamming out to groovy tunes. Come learn the basics of soldering and circuit building; ride away with your very own light-up pendant and the skills to make an even better one next year.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Playa Glass

Would you like to make jewelry from playa dust? Come visit us around high noon, grab a pair of welding goggles and harness the energy of the sun to melt the playa into glass. We provide the instructions, tools, and supplies, you cast your artistic asperations into glass.

Hometown: New York

Playa Info/VRT

Providing Oracles, Digital Services, Lost and Found, ASL, Health Permits and BRC Lockout and Towing Services. Open 9am-6pm

URL: Hometown: Gerlach, NV

Playa Jack Rabbits Dusty Hole Bar

Playa Jackrabbits Dusty Hole Saloon is here to wet your dusty whistle while out roaming the BRC backstreets.
Stop in and play our roulette wheel or sit for a game of cards and enjoy our shaded saloon but watch out for the jackrabbits.
Our Camp Jackrabbits are from NYC, San Diego, Ashland, Nevada City, Vashon and Seattle based.

URL: Hometown: Vashon

Playa Jazz Cafe

Live Jazz Jam Sessions every night from 10pm – 2am. Great Drinks served at the bar. Jazz History, Theory, and instrument specific Workshops in the afternoons.

URL: Hometown: San Jose

Playa Mart

Playa Mart has the items you forgot to bring. Or maybe you are sure you brought it but can’t find it anywhere. Worry not, we may have what you need.

Hometown: Chico

Playa Name Pawn Shop

Welcome to the Playa Name Pawnshop, the one-stop-shop for anyone looking to explore the power of names and how they connect to identity. Expert name-givers are here to guide you through the process and help you find a name that truly reflects your inner playa spirit! Don’t have a playa name and want one? Come on down! Are you tired of your playa name? Do you want to embrace a new identity that is full of double entendre and mischief? Look no further!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Playa Olympics

For the second time in 37 years of history, Burning Man will take over one of the oldest traditions in human history, the Olympic Games. On August 29th we are gonna hold the 2nd Playa Olympics Games. These won’t be your traditional Olympic Games like swimming, rowing, or downhill skiing. These will be games worth of the creative minds and bodies of sun-haggard, night-dancing exhausted and emotionally deflated fellow burners. Under the harsh Playa sun, everyone is equal. Professional athletes spend years preparing for the Olympic games, and we Burners are the strongest and toughest of them all.

Hometown: San Francisco

Playa Paul's Concierge Service

Playa Paul’s Concierge Service is the top provider of exclusive VIP services in Black Rock City. Nobody else sets up the deserving in the level of luxury to which they have become accustomed. Visit us for gourmet coffee, specialty cocktails, and magnificent prizes.

Hometown: San Francisco

Playa Penthouse

Elevated, restful, shady platform, from which to view the entire Playa. Lively discussions about life and relationships. Coffee in the mornings, cocktails in the evenings. Dance parties day and night. Our interior chill space/playpen is perfect midday or midnight. People from all over the world come to share experiences or simply enjoy our view in silence. “Our view doesn’t suck”! We are the home of the Eros Tangier this year. Informal discussions all week on topics as varied and vital as “Living The 10 Principles”, “Couples Communication”, “Self-acceptance in sexual transition”, “Finding a safe space for partners to express and discuss fantasies” and “Do not fear”. We’re not real doctors, but many claim we are.

Hometown: Southern California

Playa Pete's Plaza

Playa Pete’s Plaza. Home port for PV Monaco and sundry mutant vehicles.

URL: Hometown: Alameda

Playa Pinups and Fine Art Fatales

We are a camp consisting of playa photographers and models dedicated to capturing the beauty and diversity of the citizens of Black Rock City, while offering an opportunity to enhance personal expression through the creation of several types of art.

URL: Hometown: Logan


Hometown: Healdsburg


As citizens of Black Rock City for several years, we observed how the ingredients of Burning Man caused a transformation in all who experienced it.

PlayAlchemist was born out of a dream to bring the gift of a campus designed to further enable deepening of this experience, a container for activation and co-creation of Alchemical personal transformation.

PlayAlchemist contributes to the interactivity of Burning Man through immersive programming day and night, and the Pyramid is a physical representation of this crucible; of alchemy and of higher consciousness.

Once inside this 71 ft high, 111 ft base great pyramid, you are initiated to embark on an internal journey of personal transformation through the seven stages of alchemy; while outside, the seven days of Burning Man unfold.

URL: Hometown: Vancouver, Canada


Playasophy is a Burning Man camp based primarily out of Seattle and San Francisco. We’ve been on playa since 2010, and you can usually find us in the 3:00 sector serving iced coffee in the hot afternoons. We offer an open, welcoming shaded spot to pass the day and a relaxing lounge in the evenings with music and alcohol that challenges your tastebuds.

Hometown: San Francisco

Playful Again!

Art Predator’s Playhouse is an Art Support Camp for Valerie Mallory’s 2023 project, Playful Again! a large-scale art installation that’s an invitation to reconnect to the childlike joy and wonder that comes from the pure act of play. As children we explore our lives through the whimsical and romantic world of play. This is central to our ability to use our hands, interact with, and learn to live in the world.

Life is magical when we are at play and we can create; we find solace in stories that had the power to magically transport. To play is at the core of being human. It’s a form of Radical Self-Expression. Playful Again is an invitation to reclaim our birthright of joy. Learn more:

URL: Hometown: SF Bay Area

Playful Lounge

We are a collection of adult themed camps. We have a well equipped dungeon for beginners and those curious about dungeon play to come and learn and experiment in a safe and supervised environment. We offer floggassage as a specialty. Take a chance with our spinning wheel and get spanked, step into our human petting zoo. Attend one of our spanking classes

Hometown: Monterey

Playfully Yours Dungeon

Welcome to Playfully Yours Dungeon. We are a well equipped dungeon with a variety of adult dungeonous toys for you to explore and play with in a supervised and safe environment. We can show you how to properly use the equipment and toys and are available to help assist in your experience. We specialize in Floggassage which is a combination of a sensual (not sexual) massage combined with using dungeonous toys such as all types of floggers, rabbit fur mitts, pinwheels, crops, feathers, and more.

Hometown: Monterey

Playfully Yours Village

We are a collection of adult oriented theme camps. We have a well equipped dungeon area with a wide variety of fun adult toys to explore and play with in a supervised and safe environment. We can help educate you on the proper and safe use of our dungeon equipment, and can also help facilitate any dungeonous play. Confess your sins in our Temple of Atonement and get rewarded with a nice flogging or spanking. Take a chance on our Lounge’s spinning wheel and get spanked, petted in our petting zoo, take a body shot, get flogged on our 8 foot spider web, or give a strip tease or lap dance. Live out your wildest fantasies in our erotic photo studio where you’ll be given secure access to your Photoshopped pics after you return home.

Hometown: Monterey, California


Playground is an oasis for the intrepid burner crossing the vast expanse of BRC. Filled with sights, sounds and music, Playground will entrance and delight with fun, fire and dance!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Pleasant Camp

A pleasant place to be.

Hometown: San Francisco


PLOV – delicious pilaf every single day!
Come join us daily at sunset to dance, eat, make friends and enjoy!

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles


Interactive fire art installations, led creations, and eclectic museum and tower camp.

Hometown: Williams


Come join us at PLURaffinity and experience the vibrant energy of Kandi-making! Our camp will provide 3x different 2-hour guided sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (4p-6p), where seasoned kandi-makers will be present to craft bracelets and cuffs with you. Once the sun sets, our camp’s geodome will be ready for dancing and celebration! Our dome is equipped with a digital controller setup, 2x powered loudspeakers, and 14x triangular light-up infinity mirrors that make for a unique and vibrant experience. Don’t miss out on the fun as we continue to show our PLURaffinity for each other!

Hometown: Seattle


We connect you with the world, we are the original way to get USPS mail to the playa, as we have been for decades. We do: USPS to the Playa, Playa to any (international) address with a unique artistic postmark! (US postage encouraged/required), and friendly (and not-so-friendly) posties: stand in line, and fill out your form… in triplicate… with crayon.

URL: Hometown: Mesa


We are the center camp post office. We send your post cards and love every year all around the world. You know us! You love us! Now bring us your stamps!


Poetry in Motion

Find yourself at Home
Stop and write a Little Poem
C’mon in Day or Night

Hometown: TULSA

Polar Bar

Stratight from the North, we’re bringing a little taste of the arctic to the playa. Escape the mid-day heat in our air conditioned igloo, sip frosty cocktails, and dance to funky Canadiana. We host day parties that are sure to keep you cool and entertained, so come dance the day away in our winter wonderland.

URL: Hometown: Vancouver


An international, illuminating, and intergalactic camp, Polaris serves as a shining symbol of radical wayfinding. Steadfast in our statement to love and care for one another, we offer a beacon of starlight for travelers!

URL: Hometown: Orange County


Hometown: Seattle

Pollination Station

Pollination Station is a workshop camp with one goal: providing detailed information regarding the proper care, proliferation, and value of insect pollinators including bees, butterflies, and moths. Want to harvest your own honey or simply enjoy more butterflies in your environment? Join us and support the 10 Principles through education and skill development!

Hometown: Vancouver


Polyhedra’s polyglamorous queer tranarchists say “is that a triangle or are you square to see me?”. Come chill in our Queeramid, circle up at Extemporaneous Gay-bate and get in shape on our monkey bars. Embrace your angles at Trash Trans Tuesday and party with us on Friday!

Hometown: San Francisco


The Village of PolyParadise has been influencing the Hearts & Minds and Washing the Bodies of Playa Citizens from ‘2:00 – 10:00’ since 1999 celebrating 25 years in BRC in 2023.

Polyamory involves openness to multiple loving relationships, with honesty among all partners. We welcome ALL Poly & Poly Friendly folks to camp within our borders.

The Village of PolyParadise 2023 welcomes the addition of two Theme Camps within its borders | Twisted Swan | Temple of Bacchus.

PolyParadise is NOT a Swinger Camp. Being Poly or Practicing Poly is NOT a requirement for camping with us, but being OPEN MINDED about other people’s lifestyle choices IS!!

URL: Hometown: Phoenix


The Village of PolyParadise has been influencing the Hearts & Minds and Washing the Bodies of Playa Citizens from ‘2:00 – 10:00’ since 1999 celebrating 25 years in BRC in 2023.

Polyamory involves openness to multiple loving relationships, with honesty among all partners. We welcome ALL Poly & Poly Friendly folks to camp within our borders.

The Village of PolyParadise 2023 welcomes the addition of two Theme Camps within its borders | Twisted Swan | Temple of Bacchus.

PolyParadise is NOT a Swinger Camp. Being Poly or Practicing Poly is NOT a requirement for camping with us, but being OPEN MINDED about other people’s lifestyle choices IS!!

URL: Hometown: Phoenix

Pookah Lounge/SNAFUBAR/X-Pats

Pookah Lounge— an old-school burners’ paradise, complete with fine company, xmas lights, art & music, thrills, and chills… But what makes it really cool is YOU. Drop by and be cool. SNAFUBAR—the better beverage bar—drop by and stay in school! We’ll mix you the best drink on the Playa!

URL: Hometown: Los Gatos


PopoVille is a camp dedicated to providing excellent cocktails and a great place to hang out while creating art

Hometown: San Ramon

Popsicle Bahrrr

Hometown: Minneapolis

Porta Party

Porta Party is celebrates diversity in culture, music and food. We are home to the remote controlled Porta John, Hel’s Diner and a Can O WhoopAss. We serve potstickers everyday 6pm-8pm.

URL: Hometown: Carmel

Poseidon's Playhouse

A sardine’s day dream to get groovy with nauti narwals.

Hometown: San Francisco

Possible Muertos

Wake up from the dead with Possible Muertos! Join us for morning movement classes (yoga, stretch, calisthenics), afternoon drinks and game themes from around the world. Our camp features a shaded lounge with bar as well as a double-decker dome available to kick back, relax and take in the playa views. Other camp features include lawn games, art walls, instant photos and a misting/hydration station open during public events. Stop by daily between 10am-6pm.

URL: Hometown: Miami

Post Nuclear Family

Post Nuclear Family is our shelter in the nuclear furnace of the man burn. We’re born with our biological family and then we find our logical family in the friends we make. Each of us are different artists under a single roof sharing unique interactive experiences.
* Our home is a space for you to explore the universe aboard a Qubit starship
* Transform yourself at the Bazaar Mutation Boutique
* Quantum Animalia Tarot
* Free Electroshock Therapy is available upon demand

Mutants are welcome!

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Post Oppression Colony

A post in the present, to a future beyond the past.
At the most fun vision of the inevitable, post-climate-apocalypse.

A safe-haven for BIPOC and all other post-oppressed individuals to unite towards a post-colonial, post-oppression future, at Black Rock City and beyond.

Let’s prep our people, our gear, our tools, and our techniques for the future, in the present. For the harshness, and the Beauty that lies beyond survival, daily:
– Make Ceramics in Wood Burning, Fire-breathing Dragons
– Bike Repair, Tools and Training

Let’s remember where we came from, the fires that forged our iron and mettle. Share our stories, our jokes, our strengths and our weaknesses. Daily:
– Marginalized Music Morning
– Empowering People of Color Open-Mic 1–4pm

Open build week too. Find us in the mPOC Neighborhood.

URL: Hometown: Oakland

Potty Project

We are the Potty Project, a group helping make your number 2 number 1. Come visit us for a coffee (it helps you poop), view our potty themed art gallery, or come volunteer to evangelize proper potty usage at Burning man.

Hometown: Corvallis

Pour Decisions Winery

Come make good decisions at Pour Decisions Winery while listening to mediocre music.

Hometown: Park City

Powder Palace

We are proud Northerners bringing a winter chill to the playa and looking forward to sharing some of our winter delights. Come by for snowshoe races, tire d’erable, and our apres-ski dance party!

Hometown: Montreal

PP - Petanque and Pastis

Come by and say hello to learn how to play pétanque and maybe enjoy a drink of pastis.
Spending time with us will definitely feels like visiting the south region of France and will let you discover the charming accent of Marseille!

Hometown: Marseille

Practice Camp

Exquisite dorks is a collaborative art piece that takes the surrealist game of “Exquisite Corpse” and makes it 1000 feet long. It will be possible for thousands of people to participate. The project is a shaded kiosk with multiple wall panels for participants to draw on while alternating sections of a giant spool of paper are revealed as the roll is periodically rolled through the installation. Drawing materials will be provided and stools will be available for young and disabled persons. Come by any time day or night!

Hometown: BRC

Pranksters in the Pines

Forest theme camp that likes to fuck with people. Come have some laughs at your expense.

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, Reno, Las Vegas

Present & Positive

A camp dedicated to the quality of connection and understanding between human beings. We specialize in workshops on Non-Violent Communication, Empathic Connection and Playa Mindfulness. Come and learn from our experienced facilitators or share an off-the-books one on one session with any of our talented staff. We hope to see you on the playa!

Hometown: Idyllwild

Preservation Society

Preservation Society: Come find what has been lost. Our luscious green garden is your oasis in the desert. Our events refresh you with movement and dance and satiate your hunger.

Hometown: San Francisco

Preservation Village

Preservation Society: A Garden Oasis in the Desert

Hometown: San Francisco, New York City, London, Los Angeles

Pretentious Fox

Our name may be Pretentious but we’re a diverse, international crowd with an eclectic mix of personalities and playa offerings, including our Flying Fox swing-set, the Fox Hole Bar, Fox Den Lounge, Foxy Beats, and parties and self-improvement workshops galore. Come get Foxy with us.

URL: Hometown: Chicago

Pretty Pickle

A relaxed and welcoming outpost on the dusty road to nowhere. We have daily afternoon pickle service (Noon to 2 pm Monday through Saturday). Cold pickles and pickletini shots! We invite passersby to step under our shade, enjoy a refreshing treat, and ride our disco pickle swing! In-the-know visitors may inquire about our playa-famous pickle warmers!

URL: Hometown: Thornton

Primal Oasis

Step off playa into a lushly appointed bar for refreshments, ferocious games, and delightfully strange conversations. Fruity water by day, juicy cocktails at night.

Hometown: Seattle


Priscilla, Queen of the Doof travels the path of Imperfection in 2023, addressing radical self-expression and how to unleash your imperfect with Imperfection @ Priscilla. We’re still the camp that you know and love, with Dildo Olympics cuming back for its 5th year on playa, our usual tear-the-house-down inclusive parties (approached imperfectly) and with some new additions to our interactivity schedule!

Come for a refreshing dose of ‘Who Gives A F*ck’ and stay for the bloody good company.

xoxo – Priscilla & the gang

Hometown: Melbourne


A collection a talented people from the East & West coast. We bring our array of skills to build LED projects and other offerings to the Burner community. If you are interested in LEDs or solar power swing on by and we’ll stick your head in our large bell and ring it! Or come relax under our LED Pleasure Dome at night by the fire pit.

URL: Hometown: Tacoma


Bringing the gift of Fire to humanity since the dawn of time, Prometheatrics has been a fixture of Black Rock City’s Esplanade since 2002 and hosts a fine interactive collection ready to surprise and delight you!

Step inside the Tesseract to experience yourself as you truly are: infinite! Trace your face at our Self Portrait Studio and take home a masterpiece or shoot a selfie in Clesthyra’s Eye. Enjoy a bounce on our Danpoline, enter the dream-space of the Infinitipi or admire the playa’s colors through the radiant FrameBows.

Join us for dusk and dawn spin jams on our mirrored stage, where there’s a safety on duty and all wicks are welcome. We’re honored to be a part of what makes our city magical, and eager to share what makes us shine!

URL: Hometown: Eugene

Psychedelic Foam Village

All beings of BRC come get foamed up, rinsed clean, and connect with your primal divine animal spirit with the Foamy Homies Wednesday thru Saturday from 1-4:20. Families with kids welcome from 12-1pm. Come on back to the Foam Dome from 6-7:15pm for Entheogeneration Psychedelic Lecture Series. Integrate your experience and enjoy world music with fabulous high level tea service at Tea Tygers open 24/7.

Hometown: San Diego

Psychic Taxi

See Village


Hometown: Vancouver

Pussy Avalanche

Nerdy? Introverted? Love cats? Oh – do we have camp for you. Pussy Avalanche is an oasis in the desert for people who don’t match the Instagram Burner ideal. We think you are perfect just the way you are. We are low key, low stress, and run events that won’t take you out of your comfort zone.

URL: Hometown: Gulf Coast, US

Pussy Day Spa

If there is one “must do” at Burning Man, it’s a visit to the Pussy Day Spa. We offer a choice of refreshing body wash, pubic hair trim, and pussy massage including happy ending. What’s not to like?

Pleasure and bliss awaits as we pamper and delight you. Your boundaries will be respected, your feedback / adjustments encouraged, and your wishes fulfilled.

We guarantee it will be the best experience you will ever have at Burning Man, or anywhere else. Open daily from 1 to 5 pm, we take reservations (recommended) as well as walk-ins.

Hometown: Redwood City

Putt Putt Palace (2024 New Name)

Pickle Planet hosts a, 24/7, Pickle Ball Court and holds daily tournaments. There is plenty of comfy space to hang out and get cozy around a fire in the evening or to take a break from the sun under our many shaded areas. PP is also home to early am coffee bar and friendly afternoon Pickle Back Bar where we aim to please and will take great care of replenishing you along your journey.

Hometown: ALL OvEr

Pyramid Scheme

The four pillars of the House of Maslow are abundance, kindness, beauty, and irreverence. The decor and costuming theme of our camp represents comfort and opulence, while the vibe and values represent warmth, compassion, and an interest in deep shared experience. We aim to create a comfortable, nurturing environment, where anyone who enters feels cared for.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


Home of the PyrOasis fire performance group.
Join us for fire spinning, booty shakin’ beats, and mediocre drinks!
Come to our Milky Disco on Wednesday night at 6pm to see our fire show!

Hometown: Long Beach

P³ Oasis

We take the term “oasis” seriously.
We’re a place to get out of the sun, get a good drink,
get away from the electronic music, and get a great view!

Hometown: Arcata