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2023 Archive


We are Camp Tac-O-Cat. We cook tacos for the masses and enjoy serving libations and great conversation. We offer shade, a misty breeze and we have a few gear-heads who like to solve problems. Our camp is made up of Burners with deep roots in playa culture and a few we have newly adopted. People will likely be pulled in by heckling when they pass by, and some of the best connections have come from luring our new friends in from the street. We enjoy cracking people out of their comfort zone and immersing them in dusty happiness.

At sunset Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will be offering tacos. Our tacos are playa-famous and have a special grilled tortilla. We have vegetarian options as well.

Hometown: Meadow Vista


For some Totally AWESOME Caloric Objects Cheesy/Chocolatey and Tasty, come and get some of the best caloric objects you have ever had on the Playa. M-F starting at 3 PM, Saturday at 4 PM. Your stomach will not want you to miss this.

Hometown: Danville, CA

Tacoma is for [GHOST] Lovers

Welcome to the one and only BLACK ROCK SHOE REPAIR!!

Are you tired of wandering the Playa feeling like you are losing your sole? Dusty wasteland wearing holes right through you? You’re in luck! BLACK ROCK SHOE REPAIR is here to comfort your worries as well as save your desperate and hopeless soles. With our 24/7 drop off, anytime is the right time to seek rehabilitation. Think your soles are beyond repair? Browse our Ghost Lovers Sparkle BOOT-ique and see if your sole-mate is waiting for you. You know what they say, “If the shoe fits”.

Hometown: Tacoma

Tantra Mantra

Tantra Mantra is a camp dedicated to the transformation and transcendence of the human condition. We integrate ancient esoteric teachings of tantra with modern self-development techniques to create a unique environment for experiences that prepare the ground for evolution. To envision and prepare the world of tomorrow we need to rewire our nervous systems and free ourselves from the old paradigm. Tantra is an accelerator of evolution. The collective ambition towards freedom present during Burning Man is unique. It erases differences between individuals and supports the Tantric effort of transcending all false dualities. From regular morning energetic practices to one-of-a-kind ceremonies and ritual … Expect the unexpected.

URL: Hometown: San Luis Obispo


Come to Tarwater for Cut Throat Bowling, Lady S’s Boutique, Rabbi Danny and Heathen Steven’s Morning Meditation, Corn hole and Ladder Toss games, Quadruple Board Scrabble, a Science Fiction reading and book giveaway, Doctor Ira’s Miracle Cures. Sit in the shade and join in on a conversation.

Hometown: Santa Rosa


Tautology is a camp of math and science nerds, and their friends, who like to bring art and science to Black Rock City. We are placed within the Black Rock City Science Center village, and you will spot us by the scaffolding structure covered in crocheted netting called Web of Dreams where you may come and climb in a net and relax listening to some tunes from one of our resident or guest DJs, or get a good view of the sunrise/sunset.
Tautology camp is what it is and we do what we do.

Hometown: Seattle

Tazii Moroccan Lounge

Tazii’s chill space and bar…the Tazii tent returns for its 21st year, replete with authentic, lush furnishings from the souks of Marrakesh, warm lighting, and the octagonal Tazii bar, from which we serve top-shelf cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Come hideaway within our welcoming walls for occasional events, music sets, and services. Day sleepers can literally chill in our swamp cooler-controlled environment!

Hometown: Oakland

TBD Camp

TBD Camp
Formerly Totally Legit Camp. Still legit, just under new mgmt. Come hang out with us and enjoy our chill space, sip on some cold brew, make some music.

Hometown: Houston


Ever been curious about what it’s like to bring your parents to Burning Man? Come to our multi-generational camp for a cup of hot tea and good conversation. Pop-up acro-yoga sessions offered. Ukrainian-American-Canadian camp.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Tea Tygers

Empires will fall, but steam will rise. Free gourmet ceremonial tea service in a beautiful oasis served 24/7. Be entertained and delighted by live world folk music and dance performances, and by The Tea Circus.

URL: Hometown: Oakland


Welcome to TeaHive, a camp where you can escape the heat and chaos of the
desert and indulge in the sweet, soothing taste of Moroccan tea. Our camp is a sanctuary of
peace and tranquility, offering a respite from the noise and bustle of the playa.
As you step inside our colorful tent, you’ll be enveloped by the relaxing and peaceful
So come hang with us at TeaHive, and immerse yourself in the healing and rejuvenating power
of Moroccan tea culture. Whether you’re looking for a moment of solitude or a peaceful
conversation with new friends, we invite you to step inside and savor the sweetness of life.

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Team Human Base Camp

Come get your grilled cheese sandwiches with a side of good/bad advice!

Hometown: California, Texas, Montana

TechnoGecko Grotto

Home of the TechnoGecko Mutant Vehicles, also hosts talks, classes, workshops, performances and carnival-style Gecko-themed games, Monday-Friday.

Join us to test your gecko tail flicking skills, try your sticky fingers at pole dancing, bop your booty to bumping beats, hitch rides to playa on the very green all-electric TechnoGecko mutant vehicles, or get a drink served by one of our two autonomous robots (Mr. Tipsy and Keggy). We’ll be having nothing but good times, dishing out dusty Gecko hugs all day long, giving talks, hosting performances, holding competitions, and playing carnival style games Monday through Friday. C’mon down!

URL: Hometown: Sunnyvale


Themed parties, food, bar & tunes all week. Cuddle with Bears & more in the Teddy dome, open 24/7

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


TeddyBot 2.0

URL: Hometown: New York

Temple Guardians

Temple Guardians’ main duty is to hold the space of the Temple, to ensure an inviting, inclusive environment that allows everyone to experience what they seek without interference. We do so by unobtrusively protecting the peacefulness and safety of both the structure and the participants who visit it

Learn more about what we do and how we do it at:

URL: Hometown: Salt Lake City

Temple O'Flying Spaghetti Monster

We are a comfortable neighborhood pub with a-rockin’ attitude and groovin’ tunes. In honor of His Noodly Goodness, the Friendly Fire Bar will administer ice-cold libations for your mind, body, and spirit. We will also provide unofficial official playa weddings in His Noodly Goodness’ Temple. Come learn about his Noodly Goodness, call almost anywhere in the world on “Talk to Mom” phone, or visit our giftorium. We also offer bad advice, favorable directions, and delicious conversations to invigorate and stimulate your mind. The Flying Spaghetti Monster welcomes all so stop by, be touched by His noodly appendage, stay awhile, and rest your dusty bum.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Temple Oasis

Please come join Temple Oasis and unwind from those stressful times out at the Temple or just share a story about your experiences.

URL: Hometown: Gerlach

Temple of Bacchus

Come sit a while and rest that weary head. Bacchus is ready for you child of the burn. Cool breezes and lounging accommodations await. And of course libations from 14:00 – 20:00 or just a nice cool glass of water.

Hometown: Albuquerque

Temple of Floating Compression

We are the art support camp for The Temple of Floating Compression, a tensegrity sculpture made of a dozen wooden beams that do not touch each other, but are instead held apart by stainless steel cables. In the center, suspended, is a ten foot diameter tensegrity icosahedron.

URL: Hometown: San Diego

Temple of Unitea

Wanna decompress, enjoy some shade, and drink fun flavors of Iced Tea. Swing by Unitea!

URL: Hometown: Austin Texas

Tequila Bees

A Colony Like No Other

Hometown: Salt Lake City

That Bunch Of Pricks

Hometown: Marin County CA

That Camp Over There

Swing’n’chill in shaded street-front hammocks 24/7, enjoy nibbles and libations while you relax, brace yourself for harassment by megaphone, when the heat hits; succor on our snow cones!
Avail yourself of our famous DIY Crotch Wash station – and don’t miss our legendary Dick Shaped Food Parties.

Hometown: San Francisco

The 69th Precinct

The 69th Precinct, local 1312, is Black Rock’s City Police Farce. You have the right to remain principled. If you do not practice these rights…We will find, cite and process you accordingly. Putting the puns in punishments since 2022. Anonymous Tips are appreciated. Morning services, Daily Principle Promotions. Water tortures are our afternoon specialty.

Hometown: Boise

The Alpaca Pakka Family

The Alpaca Pakka Family!
Art support camp that likes to meet new people. If you see us in camp, stop by and say hi, dance with us, eat some food. We would love to know what you’re all about!

Hometown: Las Vegas

The Alphabet Cookout

The Alphabet Cookout is a camp that is by and for BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ folx and our accomplices and allies. From potlucks to games to dance parties to singalongs, we seek to build intersectional community by individually and collectively working and playing hard together.

Hometown: Washington, DC

The Assless Chapel

The Assless Chapel is here to marry you! Whether you want a serious ceremony or just some quick nuptials; a temporary marriage or a bond for life; we want you to get married here! Have the wedding you want, not the one the default world demands. All people welcome, all ceremonies conducted, all marriage arrangements respected.

URL: Hometown: Healdsburg

The Astral Social Club

Transdimensional connection

URL: Hometown: Eastern Sierra


THE BELLIGERENT GAP is a homebrew dive bar, dispensing and slinging cold beer daily (from high noon to whenever we want), served up by the most lovable assholes this side of the 6 o’clock suburbs.

Hometown: Alameda

The Bistro

Hometown: Martinez

the black hole

The Black Hole is the Home of Black Rock City’s Gate, Perimeter and Exodus Department, and while we realize it isn’t for everybody, it may VERY MUCH be for you. It was for us. If you are down to clown in all black clothes in the middle of the desert in a cloud of dust and car exhaust two miles outside of the best party on earth – then boy howdy have we got an offer for you.

Hometown: Black Rock City

The Body Shop

At the Body Shop, we believe bodies require regular maintenance. Our shop is a whimsical place where the worn down burner can relax their mind, refresh their body, and enjoy themselves for a bit before continuing on their journey. In the style of an auto-body repair shop, we are staffed with friendly mechanics ready to appraise, repair, and certify all of the bodies on the playa. Guests will enjoy a full gamut of traditional tune-ups reimagined for the human body: buffing, lubrication, oil change, painting, fueling, and waxing. We look forward to servicing you!

Hometown: Brooklyn

The Breakfast Club Village

The Breakfast Club Village Houses,
Scarbutts Café: serving hot and cold coffee with brisk Spankings 9am-12pm Mon-Fri

Pancake Playhouse: Start your day off with some feel-good jams paired with hot-off-the-griddle pancakes, Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9ish-12ish. And swing by Tuesday and Thursday 3ish-5ish for some disco beats and drinks

Objectification Station: 1pm-3pm Monday through Friday. Come get objectified or get compliments and get rewarded with a delicious quenching drink.

Hometown: Oakland

The Burbs

The Burbs is the home for ESD staff, friends and Family. It is also the location of the Vendor for Burning Mans fire suppression.

Hometown: Bay Area

The Carrot Club

Our camp is focused on health and happiness; health through fresh vegetables and fruits at the Black Rock Farmers Market in the mornings and happiness and festivities at the Carrot Club in the afternoons.
Enjoy tasty, fresh produce to feed the body, refresh the spirit, and nourish the soul! One of the best parts of exploring any city is checking out the farmer’s market- and Black Rock City is no exception! Come try one of our wide array of fresh fruits and veggies!
In the afternoons, join us for fresh and icy boozy smoothies as well as fruit and vegetable-based cocktails at the Carrot Club.

URL: Hometown: Washington DC

The Chapel of Dusty Nuptials

At The Chapel of Dusty Nuptials we want to help you make the best or worst decision of your Burn. From heartfelt to regrettable, from cosmic to playful, we offer wedding ceremonies to anyone who wants to tie the knot. Come get ordained and perform your own ceremonies too! We’ll offer daily nuptials to whoever wants to get hitched! And just in case, we’ll also offer daily annulments. Wanna get married? We can help!

Hometown: Portland

The Crusty Swan

Your Irish-themed mini-pub on the playa! Stop by for a shot of whiskey, an Irish Coffee or an ice cold iced tea and some friendly conversation. Slainte!

Hometown: Felton, CA

The Cuddlepillar

The Cuddlepillar Mutant Vehicle support camp.

URL: Hometown: Reno

The Desert Squirrels

We are The Desert Squirrels! Like many of us on the playa, we are a camp that works to embrace the chaotic randomness that exists within Black Rock City. We are a mixed of LGBTQ and queer people of color.

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Donner Party

Nice to MEAT you…
North Tahoe Burners serving Burners, Burners…We provide Vegan and animal protein BBQs every afternoon from our Ox & Covered Wagon Art Car Food Truck. Find us in the Camp Directory or out in the Deep.

Hometown: Donner Pass, Truckee

The DPW Ghetto

Hometown: Black Rock City

The Drunken Palm

As burners bike up to our colorful camp, they will be welcomed by energetic beats, heckles from a megaphone, and a number of ways to enjoy our camp. Come play cornhole, relax in our shady hammocks, or join us Monday / Wednesday / Thursday afternoon for some drinks, dancing, and fun beats! We’ll be hosting our very own DJs who will be spinning funky jams, house, and some old school hip hop. We are the perfect lil’ oasis you didn’t know you were looking for.

Hometown: San Francisco

The Dump

Come play our piano or bring your own instrument and create music with the best friends you never knew you had from around the world!!

Hometown: Portland

The Dumpling Trap

The Dumpling Trap is an old-school neon Chinatown lounge that serves dumplings, plays trap, and engages guests in deeper conversations.

Hometown: New York City

The Dusty Alchemist

The Dusty Alchemist
pop up bar, cold drinks, animal games, refresh and recharge in our cooling area, confession booth, affirmations, tarot readings, costume exchange, and treats

Hometown: Reno

The Dusty Nuts Tavern

Dusty Drinks from Dusty People. Come by any time day or night and we’re probably open, if we’re not open we’ll probably open just for you, or tell you to piss off.

Hometown: San Jose

The Espresso Martini Organization

It’s hot outside! The Espresso Martini Organization will cool you down and pump your energy up with our iced espresso martinis designed to wake you up and get you ready to party again!

Hometown: San Francisco

The Factory

Step right up, folks, and prepare to be astounded by The Factory, the most thrilling, froth-filled extravaganza at this year’s Burning Man! Witness the awe-inspiring sight of towering smokestacks emitting colorful plumes of smoke, bubbles, and fog, hinting at the secrets held within! Embrace the electrifying energy as pulsating beats and dazzling lights draw you closer to our extraordinary HUB with Consensual Abduction. Participate in heart-stopping Hammer-Schlagen tournaments, and don’t forget to let our skilled makeover specialists transform you with a FROTHY new outfit that’ll have you dancing across the playa! The Factory awaits your arrival, so join us and experience the unforgettable magic for yourself. Stay frothy, dear friends!

Hometown: San Francisco

The firehouse

The Firehouse bar at Do More Now is the best little hangout in the neighborhood. We have parties, events, workshops, and performances happening every day. Come and introduce yourself!

URL: Hometown: seattle

The Fox Hole

Come visit the Fox Hall where the Uncouth Lark art collective will be building a temporary home. Here the harrowing “tails” of how we built our winter fox for the playa. Ask us all the questions.

Hometown: Portland

The Friend Zone

Welcome to the Friend Zone! A place where no one will fuck you.
This camp is all about friendship. No need to worry about trying to hook up because platonic love is all that’s on the menu. We’ll be hosting two events this year. Tuesday there’s the Superb Owl party and Saturday will be our Missed Connection party. We’ll also be gifting Find your Friend Medallions!
Be sure to participate in our pen pal exchange program and make a new burner friend from the Midwest.
Stop by and make friends, see friends, be friends!

Hometown: COLUMBIA

The G-Spot

Often hard to find and always pleasurable location in the warm (sometimes frigid) wonderful lower region of the Black Rock Desert, deep inside the fantasy zone known as Black Rock City where, you may discover an incredible welcoming environment known as The G-Spot! Come on in for a cold glass of Playa Punch!

Hometown: Bay Area

The GASS Co.

Home of a bunch of busy bees working hard to pollinate the playground germinating in deep playa.

URL: Hometown: North Hollywood

The Gong Spot

Welcome to The Gong Spot; you’ve finally found it!

At night, you’ll be greeted by synchronized, multi-colored lights and be lured in by the gravity of the gongs. That’ll be the first sign you’re close to hitting the right spot.

The belle-mahal (our centerpiece) will be receptive and pulsing, inviting the curious to come inside for giggles, conversation, and cuddles every evening. You’ll find no pretense and no expectation in our space. We find the gong to be grounding and connective, sometimes playful and sometimes serious, and we want to share that with you.

If sound baths and cuddles aren’t your thing, stop by during the day to visit Smoke Break, where our apothecary-style lounge will open up your lungs and heart to new possibilities.

Hometown: Austin

The Hand Lovers Lounge

A soft landing space for hands, lovers, lovers of hands, and everything in between!

Hometown: Tucson

The Heart Collective

Our space is a friendly, playful, sacred theme camp full of people who believe in the healing and life-giving power of water, community, and consensual, platonic, & relational intimacy.
We provide three primary daytime offerings, all available to the public: A Nourishment Lab, where burners coming by are offered a variety of creative, nutrient-packed, non-alcoholic elixirs in the hot afternoons; the playa-famous Healing Sanctuary, where for 6 hours a day, Wed-Fri, dusty travelers can come get their weary bones tuned up or toned down, or receive bodywork, energy healing, and other wellness support; and our Squish Lounge, where curious folks can spend shady time relaxing with friends, enjoying a playshops, or – at night – simply a quiet place to come down or squish out~

URL: Hometown: Oakland

The Hive

Come buzz around the hive and climb, eat, and relax

Hometown: Boston

The Hoff Bar

Come down to The Hoff Bar for a refreshing drink, a refill of water, a game of Catan or a slo-motion race. Decorated in honor of American actor, singer and holder of the Guinness World Record as the most watched man on TV, David Hasselhoff, The Hoff is a friendly neighborhood establishment with good vibes, funky beats and a welcoming spirit.

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Hookah Lounge

Come to the Hookah Lounge and enjoy our flavored tobaccos. Our Moroccan style lounge serves up shisha filtered through juice and water every night. The plush seating, soft carpeting, and great people make this the ultimate Burning Man chill-out zone. If you have a favorite molasses based tobacco, you are welcome to bring it and share with others. And if you can speak the right password, you might get what you want.

Hometown: Tallahassee

The Inflatable Zoo

The Inflatable Zoo is a haven for all during their time on the Playa. It’s a place where you can come and feel young again, feel like you’re not in the middle of a desert and to give a splash of color to contrast the playa dust filter.

As the name suggests – The Inflatable Zoo is full of inflatables (collected from around the world) of all different types of animals. The vast majority of these have been saved from the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas, after boat holidays and their owners see them as single-use hard plastic and discard them, we have collected them and brought them home. A lot of camp members work on boats and in a perfect position to save these inflatables and repurpose them in Black Rock City.

Hometown: Dublin

The Inkwell

The Inkwell: A Camp Honoring the Written and Spoken Word of BIPOC Burners & creatives.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Institute Village

The Institute of higher yearning invites the dusty wanderer to expand their mind into the bottomless pit of knowledge and exploration.

Hometown: San Francisco

The Interkozmos

In this bizarre realm, extraordinary audio spring forth from the shifting dust, entrancing your senses and bending reality. A hypnotic dance of laser lights, reminiscent of some twisted imagination, paints the night with the Interkozmos hues.

Wander deeper into our camp and stumble upon something that is hiding waiting for you to find. Maybe you’ll hear it or maybe you’ll hear about it.

Hometown: Miami

The Island

Hometown: Papeete, french polynesia

The Juice Boxx

The Juice Boxx


The Key Camp

The Key = Believe. We have a key for you to open any doors. During our interactive events, we will find your key and guide you on how to open any doors with it. We will serve Miso Soup and cold Japanese green tea!

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Kingdom

The Kingdom-All inclusive camp centered around our two story Island Art Car. Think Island of Dr Moreau Meets Mad Max.

URL: Hometown: Mojave

The Last Mercantile

Where should you go before you hit the Esplande and disappear for hours never actually getting to where you intended to go?? Come on in and kick off your boots for a minute or hour at The Last Mercantile. We have a friendly, or not so friendly, barkeep who will be happy to serve you a refreshing specialty cocktail or see if you have the gumption to complete BRC’s famous pickled egg challenge!
For those looking for a bit of a calmer experience, hop on over to our Spaaah and relax with a spritz of essential oils or put on a face mask and forget where you were actually going.

On our shevles of all things mystery, you might find a preserved animal scull or perhaps something more practical to help you on your long journey across the playa.

Climb our observation tower to get a birds eye view!

Hometown: Placerville

The Last Starfighters

Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the playa against commodification & moop. Your participation in supporting artists by building a branch of The Solar Library & giving home to Solarians is to be commended. Your communal effort & civic responsibility will be known across the galaxy. You as a radically self reliant creature have always wanted to fight a desperate battle against incredibly dusty odds. The Trailing Soul & Augmented Reality Porta Potties are your legacy. Remember to listen next time a gung-ho iguana tells you to relax.

URL: Hometown: Austin

The Lavender Lounge

Are you tired? Hot? Exhausted? Then come on down to The Lavender Lounge! We are a day spa offering scalp massages with lavender misting from 11am-2pm mon-fri. Cool off in our shaded waiting area while you await your scalp massage! Relax and take a moment to unwind before heading back into the dust!

Hometown: Sebastopol

The Leftovers

The Leftovers is a group of veteran burners who feed and quench the thirst of residents of Black Rock City. What do we offer? Hot Dogs! Adult Beverages! Great conversation, dance, music and a place to relax!

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Lost Penguins

Welcome to The Lost Penguin Cafe! We are one of the oldest continuously-returning theme camps at Burning Man, and we are back in 2023 to bring our freezing cold treats and sizzling hot entertainment to the playa!

Come take shelter from the hot sun in our 40 x 80 shaded, adult-only lounge and comfy couches! Here, you can enjoy live performances from noon until the wee morning hours, along with a refreshing drink or piece of chocolate from our bar.

Between noon and sunset, we serve snow cones in our all-ages area so anyone on playa can beat the heat!

Come join our waddle for an unforgettable afternoon or evening. Straight from the icebergs of Antarctica to you!

URL: Hometown: Vancouver

The Misfits Garage

The Misfits Garage is a community of People from the Global Majority who are committed to R.I.D.E. Our camp members are chosen because of their diversity and desired skills in designing, building, bringing and performing on Mutant Vehicles. We are also a LGBTQ+ camp and strive to create a welcoming space free from oppression and discrimination while encouraging everyone to be their authentic selves.

We are bringing together the incredible knowledge of more than half a dozen Black artists to research, inform and build the vehicle. Added to this group are builders from marginalized groups. As we all work together to realize a single goal, we understand that our focus is on creating a space for Black Burners and other People of the Global Majority to feel seen and heard.

URL: Hometown: Richmond

The Moon Cheese Grill

We’re with Wallace & Gromit & still believe the moon is made out of cheese. In their honor, we serve up 13,000 grilled cheese sandwiches throughout the week to the hungry citizens of Black Rock City. Stocked with all different types of bread & cheese, including gluten-free bread & vegan cheese, as well as a range of sweet, spicy, tangy & juicy dipping sauces, we’re grilling throughout the night to satisfy the cravings of all those dancing & adventuring late into the night (9pm to 2am, Tuesday – Friday).

Not only will Moon Cheese be your go-to late-night snack stop, we’re also now serving breakfast grilled cheese sandwiches (with egg) 2-3 mornings throughout the week. Check the Who, What, Where for details!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

The New Barbarians

The New Barbarians are a community of friends that have been burning since 2012. Together we’ve grown into a barbaric empire of misfits mostly based on the west coast. We look forward to another amazing year where we will yet again get to contribute and we invite the community to our events, which offer yummy food, shade, cold beer, sweet tunes, engaging talks, fun activities, and warm welcomes.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

The Octagon

art support group for Playa art work “The Octagon”

Hometown: Carson City

The Okay Hole

The red-light lounge is open for… pleasure! Feel like your sexy self, whether for a spa day or a spanking — we’ve got it! Drop in for a lounge or a laugh any time — most importantly, we want to get you feeling fine!

Hometown: Portland

The Parliament

Come get your daily owl wisdom. Join our parliament of owls. Come hang out in our owl lounge and share wisdom with each other. Tell stories, listen to others, hoot and roost with us. We will have daily glassblowing demos with owl stamped glass tokens or necklaces so you can carry the wisdom of the owl with you. We will be giving away up to 100 glass tokens/pendants Monday through Friday in the evening.

Hometown: Denver

The Parlour Room

Hometown: San Francisco

The Petting Zoo

Hometown: Evergreen

The Phage

The Phage is an homage to the vast dark ecology whose foment gave birth to Earth’s living diversity. These ubiquitous viral life forms evolve faster than any other life on earth. In their furious co-optive radiations they have acted as the vital genetic pollinators that wove long-separated lines of cellular life into resplendent new threads — the phage are the needles of life’s tapestry. Beware if you encounter us: memetic biohazards lie ahead.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

The Phoenix Camp

The Phoenix Camp – the camp of the active Ukrainian artistic community, which brought the installation “Phoenix”. The project reflects the current narrative of the Ukrainian context now about the revival of freedoms and rights of man and all living things. In the camp, we will gladly meet everyone who wants to talk about art, life, love, the world in general and Ukraine in particular. Also, we will be happy to communicate with the artistic team of various projects and exchange experience.
We will wait for the meeting!

Hometown: Kyiv, Ukraine

The Pineapple Motel

The Pineapple Motel is delighted to welcome you with open warms and give you a place to reset. Come enjoy our “good vibes recharge” breakfast bar with fresh pineapple, cereals and other goodies, watch sunset from our deck, or enjoy the breeze in our slice of paradise. If you feel like a dance, find our Pineapple Submarine in the Playa, where we regularly rip baselines and offer surprises of all sorts as you groove in the dust.

Hometown: Toronto

The Pink Spot

The Pink Spot is a theme camp concentrating on comfortable interactive spaces for all to enjoy while being silly playing yard games as fun/funky house beats keep the vibes alive!!!

Hometown: Park City

The Pit

camping for dmv volunteers

The Playpen

Come play with us! Stop by and spend some time playing our games, enjoy a sno-cone, relax under the Flying Fish.

Hometown: Jupiter

The Pleasure Dairy

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for! A Burning Man Camp that reimagines the little-known historic phenomenon of pleasure dairies! Think Marie Antoinette but in the Wild West. A place where you can never have too many cows or cow puns. At high noon be udderly refreshed by dairy-alternative craft cocktails at our bar, The Tits. And after sun down, explore our interactive gallery filled with multi-sensory pleasure-inspired art. Special events include the chance to churn up your pastoral swagger with the herd-chic wearables you create at our Lactation Station and swoon-worthy performances at our Pleasure Playhouse that will titillate and amoos you. Moo-la-la!

Hometown: San Francisco

The Real Dilla

We are a kitchy tiki themed camp that serves quesadillas several times throughout the week. Sporting a large dance area around our Dehydration station aka the bar, we will also have a Hydration station for those looking for a non alcoholic beverage. After working up a sweat dancing come chill out in the Real Chilla Dome, a covered dome cooled to perfection for a cozy mid day snuggle. Or take a nap in our shaded hammock area on the corner.

Hometown: Sacramento

The Royals

The Royals – only camp for the royals in Black Rock City.

URL: Hometown: London

The Salty Start & the Peppery End

Come get your Fresh Sausage! Grilled sausage on a stick, served until they’re gone.

Hometown: Talent

The Schtick Strip

The Schtick Strip is a strip mall of different schticks each day. What could they all be?! Who knows?! Not us, we haven’t planned that far ahead yet.

Hometown: Oakland

The Shaft

The sturdy espresso based cocktail of the north brought to BRC.
Come for drink but leave because of the poor attempt at humor.
Dick tricks and shirt cocking will not be tolerated.

Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The Shire

At the Shire, we’re all about CONNECTION and PLAY. Come prance through our mushroom dome! Hug a troll! Almost smooch a stranger in our Tension-Building Pre-Kissing Workshop. Take flight on our infamous rotating seesaw, The Merry & Pippin-Go-Round! Brave the 4-story climb up Isengard for a sunset singalong. Come celebrate your inner child.

URL: Hometown: SF Bay Area

The Shrimp Ranch

Howdy! Welcome to the Shrimp Ranch, where the Wild West meets the salty sea. We’re a camp of seasoned burners looking to create a unique experience for the community in the only way we know how: through food, music and quirky performance art.

Our ragtag crew will transport you to an imagined past, where crustaceans roamed the frontier. From shrimp snacks and cold drinks to the INFAMOUS SEAHORSE RODEO to our raucous music, on and off camp, get ready to live your nautical fantasy and somehow leave you weirdly warmer than you came.

Hometown: Oakland

The Sign

Hometown: Yerevan

The Sound Garden

We are a high vibe sound camp here to delight your senses with a unique 360 degree sound system that will blow your mind. By night we bring you some of the most talented DJ’s and artists to create an unforgettable experience of movement, sound and performance. By day we host sound healings, deep house yoga, and listening parties of your favorite artists. We also offer body work, a speaker series and workshops in our Garden Lounges and The Garden Mahal Belle Tent.

Hometown: San Jose

The Space Between

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Spanktuary

An inclusive celebration of the art of spanking, from sensual to butt beating. Join us in the revelry and have fun at our “Spankin’ and Bacon” party on Wednesday afternoon at 3 pm. Bring your old friends and make new ones as you enjoy the love of spanking on the playa!

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Surge

Our solar panels will keep your devices chanrged!! We can charge all your small electronics if you have a lead. If not, we would still figure it out. Bigger devices, come talk to us.

While you wait, you could sample some of the best microbrews (and probably the coldest) from Seattle, WA.

Hometown: Phoenix

The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot is an enchanting, safe, and sacred space to explore our vulnerability and humanity through movement practices, spirituality, explorations of human relationships, and play.

We aim to nurture the body, mind, and spirit of all beings by offering spaces, events, and offerings to meet everybody exactly where they are.

Enjoy our Self-Care Tent, Come drink some herbal delights at our Elixir Bar, Melt into the Honey Pot Tea House, Play, Be Entertained, and Groove on Our Boogie Floor & Carefully Crafted Food Party Events, OH MY!

Oh and the fire pit, every night come by and warm your face and heart.

See you here.

Hometown: Reno

The Tiniest Camp

The Tiniest Camp is a place where people can connect and have meaningful conversations. We offer an intimate and cozy environment.
You won’t find any grandiose installations or flashy decorations. Instead, you’ll find a humble gathering of burners who are there to share stories, ideas, and experiences. The focus is on creating a space that allows for genuine interactions and deep conversations.
It is a testament to the idea that bigger isn’t always better. We place a strong emphasis on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, and create a space where everyone feels comfortable and valued, regardless of their background or beliefs.
At the Tiniest Camp, you can disconnect from the distractions of modern life and truly engage with the people around you. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

URL: Hometown: Geneva

The Tit Tea Lounge

Come to the Tit Tea Lounge for daily afternoon tea and music and poetry performances. While you’re here, celebrate body positivity by freeing the nipple and getting stamped with our famous nipple stamps for ALL body sizes, shapes, ages, skin tones, and gender expressions!

Hometown: Salt Lake City

The Unchanged Future

The Unchanged Future Camp is an art support camp. We support the assembly and disassembly of our art piece and to ensure that our art is operational and safe throughout the duration of Burning Man. We are an all inclusive camp with the aim of bringing burners together to awaken and to collaborate in making our planet safe for all generations to come. We are passionate about sustainability and stopping climate collapse.

URL: Hometown: Mdina

The Wastelanders

Post Apocalyptic Bar, Stage and Theater specializing in events like “Mohawks & Mojitos” and “Rage Yoga”. Fire performances and bellydancing to goth/industrial music. Bringing the apocalypse to the Playa!

Hometown: Los Angeles

The whipping waffle

A place for yum in your tum and fun for your bum.

Hometown: San Diego

The Whomp Wagon

The diversity of humanity is stitched together with the thread of music, art, and dance; that seam is made eternal through laughter. The Whomp Wagon is an interstellar stage for radical self expression and inclusion.

URL: Hometown: Reno

The Wise Owl

Speakeasy within Golden Guy East

Hometown: Telluride, CO

TheCloud Camp

Basecamp for theCloudCar

URL: Hometown: Seattle

Theme Camp Theme Camp

A daytime bar throwing different themed party throughout the week! We host parties on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the afternoon as well as sunset bar nights Monday thru Friday starting at 7! Come check out this years events!

Hometown: Reno

Thirst Trap

Feeling thirsty? We’re bringing playful mischief back to the playa with a game that will have your mouth feeling drier than the playa. But don’t worry, at our lush oasis we’ll quench your thirst with ice-cold drinks and pole dancing. Join us for coffee and sun salutations in the morning and glam hour at sunset.

Hometown: San Diego

This Is It

The playa’s longest-running camp managed by and made-up of Deaf and signing burners, we are excited to return to BRC after a 3 year hiatus! In 2019, we featured sunrise mimosas, the ASL Hour Series for Burners learning basic ASL signs, played ASL Hangman game, and did yoga. For 2023, DDH will move away from alcohol and ASL instruction. Instead, the camp will feature whimsical, memorable, & on-brand offerings. Voted quietest camp on the playa by neighbors! 🙂 24/7, the camp will be an American Sign Language zone. Come and use your hands, not voices!

URL: Hometown: San Leandro, CA

Three of Cups

Welcome to Three of Cups! Join us for happy hours, our How to Read Tarot class, or anytime for daily tarot readings in our Tarot Dome! May the cosmic winds of fate lead you to our doorstep.

Hometown: San Francisco

Thump Drippins

Your neighborhood stop for shady drinks and sexy beats. Take a load off on our loungers and hammock tower, dance to some tunes, get lucky in the Hutch, and top it off with a Bad Decision at our bar.

Tierra Bomba

Tierra Bomba spreads Latin-American infused spicy flavor to the playa. It is our expression of a Latin oasis that seeks to facilitate the alchemy of new souls coming together under one roof. With open arms, a Bombito’s mission is to spread our unique combination of latin flavor to the Burning Man community, by welcoming all with the mantra: Mi casa es tu casa!

Powered by Latinos with a distinctly Colombian influence, Tierra Bomba is a radically inclusive camp that brings people from Mexico, Argentina, Italy, France, Turkey, Ghana and Pakistan, to mention a few.

URL: Hometown: Tierra Bomba, Colombia

Tiger Man Camp

We will be gifting tails and moop bags. If your but hurts come by for a soft seat cover.

Hometown: Kelowna, BC

Tiki Bar & Hammocks

Bring your thirsty lips over to enjoy a fresh cool island drink or Kava tea and visit and connect with neighbors and fellow burners. Share all your great stories “this one time, at burning man…!” Get some advice if you are new to burning man, and of course, swing in our hammocks with us or relax on our sofas and stools in the shade!

Hometown: Reno

Tim's Place

Tim’s place – a place for all to come relax, rejuvenate and enjoy dry humor provided by Tim.

Hometown: Denver

tiny camp

Hometown: Oakland


Ah, Titicaca. This high altitude mountain lake is the symbol for our camp. Unusual, striking, beautiful, and refreshing. Come by for a friendly chat.

URL: Hometown: South Lake Tahoe

tldr village

tl;dr village is the home to cozy dino, dumpling trap, and afterlife mutant vehicle!

the dumpling trap is an old-school neon Chinatown lounge that serves dumplings, plays trap, and engages guests in deeper conversations.
cozy dino is a safe and cozy place to party, relax and meet new friends. during the day, come escape the elements in our cozy shade structure where we’ll be serving ice cold flavored seltzers and enjoy our workshops/lectures!

orrrrr come by in the evening to grab a cold beer while you listen to music and dance at our nightly party. orrrrr lastly, hop on our art car – After Life – as we head out for sunset rides or catch us for one of our midnight lectures.

Hometown: San Francisco

To Be Giraffic

Venture into the wild unknown with Union Giraffic Railways, the finest in the stationary dust to dust transportation. Open a can of beans over our cozy fire, get your daily dose of TENSION in our high noon standoffs, or squint into the sunset + plan your next move across the playa from our Sky High Lookout. Anyone with boots and a thick layer of dust welcome. Union Giraffic Railways keeps ’em rolling!

Hometown: San Francisco

TOC Does Le Chalet

TOC Does Le Chalet – Swiss Ski Lodge serving cocktails and dusty Après Ski fun

Hometown: San Francisco

Todo Bien

We’re a group from Spain supporting the artist, Lolo Garner, who built the Winged Turtle.

Hometown: Mallorca

Toony Loons

A small Camp on the street welcoming people to drop in, take a hand made pendant and should you stop at the right time perhaps as wee dram of Canadian Maple Whisky will be squirted into your cup…..stop by and say hi

URL: Hometown: Bragg Creek

Tour de Chance

Êtes-vous chanceux? Ride the the Playa’s largest French-themed bicycle-powered carnival game for marvelous prizes! But vélo beware, some are risqué.

Hometown: San Francisco

Tower of Slackjaw

Tower of Slackjaw. Best climbing and view from outer 3:00 area.

Hometown: Olympia

Toxic Disco Clam

In the default world, the Toxic Disco Clam is a real aquatic creature. It uses its luminous lips to attract passing fish… and then it dazes them with acidic snot. We’re pretty much the same: we draw you in with dazzling lights and entertaining activities, we ply you with our intoxicating beverages, and we hope you never leave.


Trailer Trash

We provide the finest coffee that comes in a can for you every morning. Condiments, cookies and conversation available upon request.

URL: Hometown: Seattle


Your source for all things related to Trance Music, its sub-genres and other electronic music varieties. And some Damn good Hot Dogs!

Hometown: Los Angeles


Tranceylvanian housepitality

Hometown: Sighetu-Marmatiei


A combination movie theater, bully pulpit and food bank. Did your cooler go over to the dark side? Just brought a bag of granola because you heard someone would feed you? Well, we may be able to help, as long supplies last. However, we may heckle you, or submit you to indoctrination into our Anti Now movement. Or perhaps you’d like to rant. We can help with that too. Find out what the Buddhist elites don’t want you to know! Learn the art of Llap Goch! BE THERE THEN! BE THERE THEN!

Hometown: Lake County

Trauma Teriyaki

Teriyaki Teriyaki! Come for trauma bonding, japanese cocktails and our Monday night trauma release dance party!

Treble Makers

Long day on the playa? Artists paired with daily wine and cheese offerings at sunset – come to Treble Makers and enjoy some of life’s most decadent pleasures! Our musicians are grass-fed, our red wine is curated and served by beret-wearing French busboys, and we will show you the différence between cheese and f-ing Fromage.

To help you reach the next level of indulgence, come enjoy the somatic gyrations delivered to your weary core by the one-and-only 14-passenger massage-miracle-machine called… The Buffer Bush!

Live+Electronic during the day, House/Tech at night – swing on by, and we will hit that higher note together!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


Our friendly camp comes mostly from Montréal, and we bring our city’s playful and bohemian energy to the playa. Montréal has long been very open and queer-friendly, and we welcome all with friendliness, humour and joie de vivre. Trifecta represents Montreal’s free and open spirit with playful, inclusive LGBTQ+- and poly-friendly interaction, performance and community.

Trifecta offers interactivity as well as seating, tables and friendly company in our shaded lounge, and you are invited.
We’ll be offering a food service and creative activities, a fun mix of wholesome, friendly, quirky and ridiculous meant to be as accessible and welcoming as possible.

URL: Hometown: Montréal

Tropical Lunartics

Tropical happy hour featuring pina colada slushies (contains alcohol) and spam musubi

Hometown: Portland


Live Birds love you!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Twilight language

A collective of creators on a mission to realize conceptual visual art and cultivate energy around it. Our passion is to create bold, interactive, innovative, and novel experiences.

URL: Hometown: The Bay Area


Camp Twisted: Hailing from Lake Tahoe, this scrappy crew of burners is ready for another year of gettin dusty! We are your neighbor bar (both coffee and alcohol) looking forward to serving up delicious drinks and getting your dance moves on! Join us for our Cuban party (complete with salsa dancing), Saki bar, Twisted G&Ts and our special PVD’s (playa vodka drink). Here to listen, serve, be that shoulder to cry on, open arms, open hearts…just a little Twisted!

Hometown: Lake Tahoe

Twisted Swan Celtic pub

Come escape the burn at the burn. Enjoy and ice cold pint of whatever is on tap or just some whiskey to warm the sub cockles of your heart. We are a geeky Celtic pub and we like it that way. Come tilt your glass to whate’er may come.

Hometown: Albuquerque

Two Lanterns

Best weddings on the playa, with all the trimmings! Department of Wedding Planning is in our camp, consult with the experts. We’re also headquarters for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Stuffed Animals (help care for the animals, please!).

URL: Hometown: Santa Cruz,Chico,Nevada,Germany.