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2023 Archive


UFO – Home of Ur a Fabulous Organism Spa Day. Come enjoy our couches and shade 24/7, inquire about our music and lounge schedule.

URL: Hometown: Oakland

Udon It!?

Support camp for : Udon It!? – Wishing Shrine and Tea House

The Udon It!? Shrine is an homage to silliness and respect for all things Noodley! We believe in the wisdom of the noodle, to teach us how to dance, to improvise, and to connect us all like the infinite loops of our universe. Like the Oroborus snake that eats it’s own tale, and the infinity symbol (noodle) that eternally returns us from dust to dust. Udon it!? is a place to make dreams to smiling cats, to imagine in anime, and ask yourself Udon it? while simultaneously affirming that – Udon it!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Uli Baba & the Horny Thieves

Our Lord and Master, Uli Baba, commands us to bring our caravan of Flesh Merchants once again into the dust. We wretched Thieves seek to humble ourselves in your service. Step up to the Infamous Auction block! Are you a piece or Merchandise or a potential Buyer? Join us at the Bizarre Bazaar, fight to the death on the Chicken Beam, display yourself for compliments and praise. Find us inside our tent or kitchen and enjoy the finest Moroccan hospitality. Will you be, like us, fully corrupted?

URL: Hometown: San Diego

Ultimate Celebration

Come revel in the face of certain and imminent doom! After all, when the world ends this year (which of course it will), why go out with a whimper when you can go out with a BANG? Spend your final days sabering champagne bottles and playing silly games with the bartenders while sipping on our signature libation, the Ultimate Celebration (one bottle of bubbly plus five hours of “energy”). Come back after dark and grab a seat in our rainbow garden of bungee couches while you enjoy a curated collection of cinematic delights on our theater-sized projection screen. Be sure to join us Friday night for an all-out countdown-to-the-apocalypse party!

Hometown: San Francisco

Under the Bridge Collective

Offering chaos, uncertainty and a very safe brand of fear. We are a rowdy but loveable bunch of fuckos known for our signature drink, Turbo Juice – a radioactive concoction made from the greatest spirits available at the last liquor store before the playa. Join us this year as we go down the rabbit hole with our bunny themed events and atmosphere. Paint your face, make some bunny ears, and … sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap? When did that become a thing?

Hop on down, get drunk, and pretend it’s April.

Hometown: Victoria, Canada

UnExPecTed SexEd Talks

Raise you hand if you like to learn unusual topics around sexuality. We bring unexpected holistic sexuality topics to the forefront. Come join the conversation and find out things like how dental procedures affect oral sex, how STIs can be your allies and let’s get woo with your goo.

Hometown: Seattle

Unfolding Humanity Art Support

Come chat with our builders camp / we turned an old math problem into a big lamp / The dodecahdron we built has 17,000 LEDs / When you come by we’ll gladly lie to you and say it was a breeze.

URL: Hometown: San Diego

Unfuck Your Burn

Has your Burn been totally fucked? Let us help you UnFuck Your Burn! Overheating? Come try our Frigid UnFucker 3000 personal cooling system. Underfeeding? Stop by during Stuff Your Fucking Face events for frozen smoothies, sweet potato fries or warm soups. Heart bleeding? Crawl on in during our integration circles to receive support and help make sense of this crazy fucked up amazing experience we call Burning Man. Our crew of UnFuckheads are here to help you feel all RUFfed up…Royally UnFucked…so that you can explore and play on the playa to your heart’s content.

Hometown: Denver


Unicorner is a family-friendly haven for creativity, light-hearted fun, sharing, and magic! Come lounge in our stuffy pile and color in the UniDome or relax in the shade area full of fantastic art and get a prescription at the Unicorn Advice Booth interactive installation!
Unicorner is created by a crew of hearty shenaniganists who have several goals on the playa: having lots of FUN, spreading lots of LOVE, and championing the 10 Principles of Burning Man in the most positive and supportive manner possible. We host daily activities of all sorts at the Unicorner (many of which are kid- and family-friendly) and encourage art, music, radical self-expression, and community!

Hometown: Dixon, CA

United Fuckers Market

United Fuckers Market Camp is a tantalizing oasis that celebrates the sensuous and diverse nature of human connection. As you enter our sultry haven, you’ll find a range of interactive experiences designed to ignite your senses and spark intimate connections. Participate in our seductive workshops, indulge in the pleasures of our touch-based games, and let your inhibitions melt away during our sultry performances.

URL: Hometown: San Jose


Unicorn Space Launch is a collective of incredible baby blue and baby pink unicorns that love to make the world a better place. Come visit us for some intellectually stimulating conversation paired with an aperol spritz or freshly blended margarita.

Hometown: Missoula


Welcome to UniverseCity, the prestigious Black Rock City College of Arts and Sciences. Our accredited program issues diplomas on any subject matter, however imaginary. These range from the fictional and unlikely to major changes in life direction. Join us on campus and register at the Admissions Office to receive your Letter of Acceptance. Early in the week, attend New Student Orientation activities. Any day, come relax in our verdant Quad, take in lectures of questionable accuracy, gaze into our night time Planetarium. Later in the week we grant diplomas recognizing unique contributions to your field of study during a personalized graduation ceremony. We are a family-friendly camp, welcome all burners to our campus and encourage participation in launching your self-declared education.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

UnPlug & Play

UnPlug & Play
BRC’s premiere Moroccan oasis. Come unplug and play with us!

Hometown: Los Angeles