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2023 Archive

L'Atelier de Wagon Support Camp

L’Atelier de Wagon has been created solely for the intent of interaction, participation, leave no trace, and gifting at Burning Man.The vehicle is a mobile art studio, bringing together professional and amateur artists or anyone whom wants to give painting a shot. Atelier gives the ability to participants to share their feelings, emotions, thoughts, and minds through live, group, artwork creation. Participants can paint in one location, load into the vehicle, be comfortable during a journey, then unload and continue to work in a new location creating a whole new set of outside interaction in which to paint.

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe

La Calaca Village

La Calaca Village is comprised of three sister theme camps: Camp Axolotl (founding camp), La Bruja (2013-present) and our newest addition ‘Friendly Society’ (2022). La Calaca Village offers theme camps, art car support and artist support on playa. We pride ourselves on being makers, teachers and healers . Come for the healing, stay for the hedonism! — We love our community in the 3:00 sector and making new friends! Spiritual healers, yogis and massage artists await you in our Healing Plaza. Wanna help build and work on a big art car? Visit the “Imagination Station Piazza” featuring different activities and gatherings daily! Seek our oasis at 3:00 in the village section.

URL: Hometown: Reno

la cigale

La Cigale, come try all variations of anisette from 4 till sunset

Hometown: Marseille

La Felicità

Life is an ever-flowing spectrum, and we’ve all learned that to delight in Happiness is a choice. A feeling we choose to seek out and vibrate everyday, no matter what the circumstances.

So for those seeking a pause from the discord and a space to return to our most pure and highest state, we share with you the opportunity to join us in a special camp dedicated to the Spirit of Joy and Adventure.

Hometown: Paris

La Palma Borracha

As burners bike up to our colorful camp, they will be welcomed by energetic beats, heckles from a megaphone, and a number of ways to enjoy our camp. Come play cornhole, relax in our shady hammocks, or join us Monday / Wednesday / Thursday afternoon for some drinks, dancing, and fun beats! We’ll be hosting our very own DJs who will be spinning funky jams, house, and some old school hip hop. We are the perfect lil’ oasis you didn’t know you were looking for.

Hometown: San Francisco

La Piazza

La Piazza is the place for Aperitivo, the Italian way. We gather for drinks, finger food, music, sunset, connection and meaningful conversations.

Hometown: San Francisco

La Ville Bohème

La Ville Bohème is a haven for the artistically inclined, seeker of depth, eccentric soul. Calling all musicians and lovers of music to come play, dance, and bask in the medicine of sound.

Hometown: Toronto


A magical mad science themed camp hosting a nightly Mad Science Tea Party of various teas, coffee and fresh pastries in a surreal tearoom lounge filled with magical science and wonder. We also have afternoon iced coffee/tea and cocktail tastings with light snacks, and it’s been rumored that our famous ramen service will be back for one night (perhaps Thursday if the rumors are true), so come visit early in the week to find out for sure!

Hometown: San Francisco

Lady Gaia Camp

Bringing the Moroccan desert to Black rock city.
Moroccan Berber desert tent to showcase a real way of desert living, the blue trin=bes in Morocco are not a show but a real way of living in the desert and that is what i am bringing to the playa this year. a real way of living in the desert.

Hometown: Kenitra, Morocco

LAFer Camp

Drum & Dance Sundown Celebration
Dusk on Wednesday
Make music, dance and howl at the setting sun! Bring your drums and hand instruments to play and share!
Games: Frisbee Golf / Plinko / Coloring book mural
All day, every day

Clean Sox
Tuesday and Wednesday 1pm-4pm
Come on over and get a foot rub and some good clean sox when your playafied feet say “Hey, what about me, don’t I get some love?”

Braids & Shade
Tuesday 1pm-3pm
Come give your locks some love. Get your hair brushed and playafied with some braids in our shade.

Abraham Hicks Talks
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11am-12pm
Abraham-Hicks and The Law of Attraction followers can find conversation and discussion at the Lafer’s Camp. Stop by anytime and ask for Helen of Troy


LAKA’LELUP | Coming Together for a Common Purpose | Honoraria Art Support Camp

URL: Hometown: Missoula

Lakes on the Playa

Lakes on the Playa is our Village and we are all camps that call the Great Lakes regional burn, Lakes of Fire our home at home. We want to bring a taste of the fun, warmth and hard work that we all come from back home and share some moments with Black Rock City.

Hometown: Ann Arbor

Lamplighter Village/Lounge

The Lamplighters began in 1993, with a small group of participants placing a dozen or so kerosene lanterns on the ground each evening, illuminating a pathway towards The Man. In the intervening years, Black Rock City has grown, and while many things have changed, the Lamplighters remain, though few at the time could have imagined how the Lamplighters would develop, and rise to the challenge of an expanding city.

To accomplish this considerable task, we ask for your help, and we invite you to be a part of this community, this event, and our tradition.

The Lamplighters begin EVERY EVENING of the event in their center camp workspace at 5pm. No experience is required. We welcome virgin and seasoned burners alike. One thing is certain though. We can’t do it without YOU.

URL: Hometown: Black rock City

Lamplighters Chapel

The Lamplighters are more than a handful of volunteers; they are a team of well over 100 participants every evening of the festival. And the dozen or so lanterns from 1993 have grown to nearly 1000. To accomplish this considerable task, we ask for your help, and we invite you to be a part of this community, this event, and our tradition. Before the event closes, after The Man burns, more than 1000 people will have helped the Lamplighters accomplish their important work.

The Lamplighters begin EVERY EVENING of the event in their center camp workspace at around 5pm. The ceremony begins around 6, and soon the work is done. No experience is required. We welcome virgin and seasoned burners alike. One thing is certain though. We can’t do it without YOU.

URL: Hometown: Black Rock City

Land of Monkey

At Land of Monkey, our ethos is that we are not yet fully human, and must evolve. We invite others to accompany us in this process of becoming, via a series of interactive experiences that empower us to become more human. Every day we serve the best artisanal iced lemonade and chai lattes in BRC – come for the ice drinks, and stay for the deep talks, good company, fun workshops, and yoga sessions. We are a multicultural, international, straight-friendly LGBTQ+ camp that welcomes all who join us in the dust. Swing by for a visit!

URL: Hometown: Mexico City


The LandPhil is back, and this year we’ve got an erection, a really big one. We are a crew of trashy individuals who bring trash-taste, trash-attitude, and trash-talk to an otherwise pristine City. We offer collection services to store other camps’ trashy individuals too, so pick up a megaphone and call us today! In addition to our trash bar and creative recycling projects the LandPhil will sport a 100 foot tall erection last seen on the playa in 2013. We are getting it up again this year to measure the impact of our bodies, art, buildings, vehicles, generators, and trash. We will share live weather observations through interactive sonification and light displays. Please note that any offers of actual waste collection are non-binding, disingenuous and –quite frankly– your problem.

Hometown: San Francisco

Las Brujas

Las Brujas takes pride and joy in building a camp centered around community between our campers. We’re diverse in age and background, hailing from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, and more. Mostly known by our village name, La Calaca, our camp name stems from the Spanish word for “witch” as we strive to create mystical Playa magic. Balancing the adventure of exploring the vast expanse of the Playa with building a home “away from home,” our camp is a place for those looking for a dynamic, broad, yet deep Burn. Get lost, but also get found; go deep and also embody pure joy; show up and let it all out with us.

URL: Hometown: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Last Chance

Your last chance to get scotch from here to Gerlach

Hometown: San Jose


We are a very diverse camp that will exemplify radical inclusion. This camp will be 100% populated by latinX individuals from Venezuela, Mexico and various hispanic upbringings.

Hometown: Miami

Lazy Skool Daze

​​​Lazy Skool Daze brings back your school days– with an adult twist! Come join us for Drunk 90s Singalong, Recess, volleyball tournaments, face painting, guidance counseling, Burner 101 classes, field trips, and sunset cuddles and drinks! Look for the giant alphabet blocks and stuffed animal swimming pool.

Hometown: NYC/Boston

Le Café Gaulois

Hometown: Paris

Le Kafé

Enjoy one of the most loving and comfy landing spots on Playa! Monday – Friday mornings we offer the 2nd best cup of organic coffee on playa. Bring your coffee mug! Shaded seating and a large covered lounge, we offer 24/7 comfort, with futons and cushions, shade, tantalizing tunes, and warm smiles and/or hugs (with consent). At night also enjoy our lighted labyrinth of discovery, and warm fire after rolling in late! Howl with us on top of our container! We are relationship driven, and can’t wait to meet you!

URL: Hometown: Eugene

LE Substation

BLM Law Enforcement Substation

URL: Hometown: Winnemucca

LEGENDARY Playground of the Gods

Legendary gathering space for workshops, classes, yoga, meditation, breathwork and breakthroughs. This is a space for consciousness seeking humans to gather to connect, learn, get inspired and experience the magic of life and the playa. LEAVE YOUR EGOS at the door and come experience LEGENDARY Playground of the GODS. Where we remember that we are all divine, immortal and infinite beings just pretending for a moment to be human.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Legends of the Hidden Playa

Relive your favorite childhood memories while learning how to be a better burner by running the Man’s Maze. Daily timed trials to prove your Burning Man preparedness.

URL: Hometown: Austin


LEGOCroc Camp – the home of LEGOCroc and liquid nitrogen ice cream (sometimes).

Hometown: Berkeley

Leopard Martini Lounge

The LEOPARD MARTINI LOUNGE has been returning since 1998 serving top shelf cocktails in a chill area with wonderful people. The LML BIKE REPAIR SHOP will return this year to support our community. BETTY’S PIE SHOP will continue to serve fresh pie daily in a no rush atmosphere. PARADISE FOUND will return to provide a chill out area with misters. CLEO the mutant vehicle with continue to roam the playa.

Hometown: Palo Alto

Level Up +

LEVEL UP+ A Nerdy theme camp based in Canada committed to spreading nerdiness throughout the world! Each day brings a different nerd theme to playa with committed Roleplay Characters behind Bar, D20 dice rolls for drinks, and various nerdy activities to enjoy. We are an inclusive, LGBTQ+ & BIPOC friendly safe space to hang out and enjoy cold beverages & laughs. Interactivity every day from 1100-1700 Playa time

Hometown: Victoria

Lil Fuk n Dumplings


Hometown: Sacramento

Lil Playa Plane Ground Crew

The Lil’ Playa Plane Ground Crew is the home base for Lil’ Playa Plane Mutant Vehicle. If you see the plane in the Hanger, stop in and say hi!

Hometown: Elko


For a quarter century, we have worked to bring love, truth and beauty to the playa. Our offerings this year include DREAMSCAPE CINEMA, two-at-a-time movies all night long. Our INTERSPECIES WEDDING CHAPEL welcomes bridal parties of any mix or ilk. Check out our slate of engaging COUCH CHAT speakers every weekday at 3pm. Drop by anytime. Our portals are always open.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Lingerie Lounge

We will adorn you and adore you, fulfilling all your lingerie and costume needs! We have a huge inventory of hand-picked, sewn and dyed items, and our attentive camp members will find just the right item for you. Come see us for lingerie and other fabulous and festive items! We serve all sizes, ages, genders, gender identities, gender preferences, race, creed, religion, and color! Our goal is to remind each Burner who visits us that they are beautiful.

URL: Hometown: Portland OR

Lit AF

Tired of stumbling around in the dark like a lost puppy? Lit AF’s mission is to save the darkwads and bring light to the darkside! What we provide to the Burning Man community:

– Fairy lights galore for your bike, backpack, or clothes – batteries included!
– Daily events and workshops to bling out your gear and become the brightest light in the desert!
– Moth to the Flame – find our mobile beacon of light and get lit up on the spot
– Darkwad Patrol – our team of dedicated light-lovers will be out and about on the playa, scouting for lost souls in need of illumination.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Little Tenderloin

A camp showcasing the best of the best neighborhood in San Francisco.

Hometown: San Francisco

Lituanica Birds

Lituanica Birds will fly across the Atlantic and, as every year, will make their cosy nest in the Black Rock City desert. We will embark on such a long journey to share, experience, create and enter into the cosmic atmosphere of Burning Man.
With open hearts, we spread the energy of love, kindness, peace, family, tolerance and Back to Nature. Come say “Hi” and let’s celebrate life together!

URL: Hometown: Vilnius

Live Elsewhere

Every Afternoon – We’ll be serving up some tasty snow cones with different color and flavors!

URL: Hometown: Moorestown

Live Your Best Porch Life

Won’t you be our neighbor? A throwback to the American front porch; born from the melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities; our front porch is meant to invite friendly greetings, recognition, and acceptance, and to foster a sense of community. Come sit in our Adirondack chairs and have a neighborly chat. We will be offering no-frills cowboy coffee in the AM and ice cold lemonade in the afternoons. Stop by and visit our yard sale full of trinkets from grandma’s house. No early birds!

Hometown: Salt Lake City


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a tethered hot air balloon flying 50 feet high in the sky!

Get on and take a ride, be serenaded by live instrumentals or electronic music sets in an intimate setting, while enjoying the beautiful views of Black Rock City.

Need a little TLC? Come into our balloon lounge where you will be treated very nicely. Water, massages, and fresh fruit are waiting to nourish you.

Hometown: New York City

Lost + Found

We are a family and community, a California-based collective of dreamers, artists, adventurers, and passionate doers, that loves throwing fun badass parties as much as we love connecting on deeper levels. We are professionals at being, playing, curating unique experiences, and faffing about – whether it’s flow, dance, music, magic, bubbles, movement, fire spinning, food, drinks, art, live jams, deep talks, tiny things or a whole lot of silly nonsense. We’re a diverse group of eclectic individuals that operates with love and respect for the 10 Principles of Burning Man. We create interactive and magical experiences together as we inspire others to flow, love, and be their free and fearless selves. We also take lost and found items, including people. 😉 Come play and get lost with us. )'(

Hometown: Los Angeles

Lost + Found Village

We are a family and community, a California-based collective of dreamers, artists, adventurers, and passionate doers, that loves throwing fun badass parties as much as we love connecting on deeper levels. We are professionals at being, playing, curating unique experiences, and faffing about – whether it’s flow, dance, music, magic, bubbles, movement, fire spinning, food, drinks, art, live jams, deep talks, tiny things or a whole lot of silly nonsense. We’re a diverse group of eclectic individuals that operates with love and respect for the 10 Principles of Burning Man. We create interactive and magical experiences together as we inspire others to flow, love, and be their free and fearless selves. We also take lost and found items, including people. 😉 Come play and get lost with us!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Lost Art

We are Lost Art, a small theme camp of 20-30 people who bring the gift of the Lost Art of Conversation Cafe to playa. We are a highly community based and collaborative camp and our goal is to foster meaningful connections and lasting bonds both within our camp mates and in the interactivity we bring.

Hometown: Portland

Lost Highway

an immersive experience where participants can discover the story of an old, dusty stretch of desert highway that mysteriously disappeared in 1959. This Lost Highway, full of roadside attractions of the era, finally reappeared complete with paranormal, trippy, vintage, and sun baked sights. It’s a time capsule from a bygone era, but then the more you look, the more things seem to be a little different…

URL: Hometown: Salt Lake City

Lost Wages

Camp Here – Home to the El Loco Loco mutant vehicle.

Hometown: Las Vegas

Love Puddle

Love Puddle is a daytime bar with the friendliest bartenders around. We want to hear your stories and share a cold drink with anyone who wanders into our camp. We offer dildo jousting, strip Rock Paper Scissors, penis snatch, four square and more. Come check us out!

URL: Hometown: San Jose

Love Tripping

Trip & stumble out of your den and into our arms. We’re here to show you love all week, with events of comfort, appreciation, curiosity, and acceptance. Featuring the Touchless Love Wash, 18-Hand Massage, Naked Breakfast Slop, and the gargantuan Book of Understanding.

URL: Hometown: Oakland

Lovin' Oven

Hot fresh Bread Baked Daily; Tuesday thru Sunday
Served with music, mint tea and love in our shady Bedouin tent
Bread baking lessons
Burn Night Cookie Bakes!

URL: Hometown: San Diego

Lucid Dream Hideout

A coffee bar to chill, listen to music and share stories.

Hometown: Reno

Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams is all about dreaming. Come and relax with some tea and snacks at our wonderland tea party, and if you dare, explore down the rabbit hole into our immersive 360-degree projection experience. With different themes throughout the week, come visit us at different points to experience different environments and emotions as we take you to another dream state. Within the tea dome, chat with fellow burners about your dreams and what it takes to truly lucid dream.

Hometown: Kelowna

Lucid Paradise (formerly 50SOS)

Welcome dusty traveler, to Lucid Paradise – a universe born from our collective vision to awaken wonder within the hearts of all who enter.

As the sun dips below the horizon and the stars ignite the sky, surrender yourself to the magic of our dreamlike wonderland. Behold the illuminated Butterfly Dome, a lush multi-colored floral forest, and a floating blossoming Lantern Wall that casts a spellbinding glow.

Afternoons, come savor our ice-cold che dessert with fruits and jellies, and evenings, come try our late night snacks — spank musubis, sausages, and more.

Experience a full sensorial immersion that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.

Hometown: San Francisco

Ludus Symposium

Ludus (playful love) Symposium (Meeting for music, drinking and intellectual discussion) is a place to hang out on our friendly deck/bar above the playa and watch cheezy cult movies.

URL: Hometown: Sacramento


Do you like to making Bass Faces and dancing very low to the ground? If your answer is YES, than you might just like our camps evening music with its squishy dance floor and low frequency/ high vibration music! Join us for a Healthy Elixir, pick up a flow art prop, watch a fire show, receive a blessing or simply vibe out with our down to earth crew! Our daytime activities are full of fun ways to “light up your influence”. Come recharge your batteries and burn bright! We can’t wait to see you shine your light!

Hometown: Orange County

Luna Land

We are the launch site, mission control and earth-side home for Luna The Artcrane. As a team we embody the values of community, inclusivity, creativity, and feminine energy. The art car serves as a platform for people to collaborate and express themselves creatively. Luna The Artcrane is committed to spreading joy, expression, inspiration, and the spirit of community.

URL: Hometown: Los Altos Hills

Lunar Disco

Embark on an otherworldly adventure at Lunar Disco. Embrace the cosmic elements in our electrifying dance and party spaces, with interstellar beats and mesmerizing ambience. Connect with fellow stargazers in our ceremonial space, honoring the celestial bodies and the shared human experience.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico


Lunarcrats are a crew of Space Cadets dedicated to bringing you an out of this world experience. Get sucked through our LED portal called the Space Hallway, Join us under the stary planetarium for dance parties and amazing interactivities. Join us for our evening Launch Party before jumping on our Fleet of Mutant Vehicles, BassShips and fly around the playa! Get your hair done in a Space Viking Braid, or have one of our resident aliens give you an Intergalactic Temporary Tattoo. Your head will spin creating black hole art with our spin art session, or if your flux capacitor breaks down, we have a team ready to fix it with our daily fixers interactivity. Don’t forget to try out the Slobstacle course our moon walkin, all ages welcome, obstacle course.

URL: Hometown: Tampa

Lustre Village

Lustre Village provides a bouquet of burner pleasures! If you’ve ever had a secret desire to sing onstage with a band, Moolandia Live Band Karaoke will unleash your inner rockstar and make it happen! Then, step through the windmill into the red velvet Fever Dream Theater. Our classic cabaret theater performs comedy, tragedy, mime, dance, live music, and some stuff that will feel like you’re having a Fever Dream. Witness our wild, weird, and wonderful Vaudeville Variety Show or audition for a role! Afterwards, or any time, join us for rest, ease, and libations in the Tazii Moroccan chill lounge 24 hours a day every day! Replete with authentic, lush furnishings from the souks of Marrakesh, warm lighting, and the octagonal Tazii bar, from which we serve top-shelf cocktails.

Hometown: Oakland

Lusty Chantrelle Kombucha Bar

The Lusty Chantrelle Kombucha bar is a place to rest, unwind, and drop in with good conversation and a cold non-alcoholic beverage with your fellow burners. Come with an empty cup and we will fill you up and help you feel at home with the most satisfying drink on playa.

Hometown: San Fransisco


We are an assortment of 20+ open-hearted, mostly queer folks, with the simple goal of making the world a more hilarious, loving, and fun place together (on and off the playa) through intentional magic, ritual, partying, and play, including events we host throughout the year rooted in the ten principles.

We’ll be hosting a comfy shade and tea lounge on-playa with activities like conversation-games, tarot, iced non-alcoholic tea, and our very own Shady Ladies who will be there to give you a (consensual) read.

Hometown: San Francisco

Luxurious Vagrants

Lux Vag is where sandy bodies come to get fancy! Visit our tattoo and spa parlor Tuesday-Thursday afternoons.

Hometown: San Francisco