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2023 Archive

F.U.Ego Stage Bar & Lounge

Camp Fuego hosts the F.U.EGO Bar, No Mercy Stage & Backstage A/C Lounge, serving daily the playa’s only ORGANIC SNOW CONES and hosting No Mercy karaoke parties, an open mic, and DJ’d dance parties. DJs and musicians welcomed to our stage! Choose any mixed drink, mocktail, spiked cone, cold craft beer or hard cider. No Mercy karaoke singers agree to be cut off at any time, for any reason, or no reason at all! A gong is standing by. Only truly amazing singers get to the end of a song. ALL PARTICIPANTS, gonged or not, gain access to Fuego’s Backstage A/C Lounge! There you will sip top shelf booze in cool luxury.
Look for Camp Fuego’s namesake Art Installation, “Fuego”, a life-sized stretched barbed-wire prancing HORSE with flame effects coming from her eyes and mane. And Eff Your Ego!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Fabulous Disaster

It was on fire when we got here.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA; Pittsburgh, PA; Brooklyn, NY; Durham, NC


Stop by FAFA Camp, and you may very well meet a new friend who will offer you a cozy refuge, some libations, and a warm welcome. Our Campers come from all over the world and U.S., and this international and national diversity drives the ambience of our camp and our interactivities. We sing; we dance; we offer interesting interactivities that often change from year to year; we participate in our neighborhood. We look forward to meeting you all!

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Fairy Wood

Replica BRC street signs, tech charging, clothing boutique and swag swap.

Hometown: Eugene

Familiar Spirits

Everyone is a Familiar Spirit. We just haven’t met you yet.

We’re what happens when Wolves, Giants, Gnomes, and sexy mechanics join forces. Familiar Spirits village brings together Raised by Wolves, Giant’s Workshop, The Body Shop, and the Snugz garden gnome art car. We marvel at our individual weirdness and collective genius. Those people you see out having the best time on playa? That’s us.

We have the best iced cold brew on playa and live music every morning, foam sword-fighting duels, delicious cocktails, tasty eats, and a full body mechanic-style tune-up, plus yoga + massage for your bodies, and so much more.

You’re welcome for being your favorite memory on playa.

Hometown: New York

Famous In Japan

At “Barbie’s Closet” we’re here to help you level up your Playa outfit. We offer 24 hour access to our closet of clothes, which is updated twice a day with new clothing. Our skilled campers in sewing and clothing design will be available to help you fix, repair, and alter your Playa wear during our scheduled clinics.

Hometown: Sacramento


28 years ago people were dumb and came out to party. Now we are a big ole village with members spread all over. Nothing has changed, and everything has changed. These are our people. We are our people. Welcome to Fandango. Be sure to say hello when you stop by for a beer!

Hometown: San Luis Obispo

Fantastic Sams

Camp Fantastic Sams is the playa’s diner and dive. We serve breakfast during the week (check the schedule) and drinks when we feel like it. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly, and look forward to seeing you at our camp. New this year we have a big cuddle puddle!

Hometown: Denver

Farkovia: a real country

The Co-Reality Collective (CRC) is an international group of burners, artists, philosophers, technologists and polymaths who hosted magical online parties for their communities during lockdown. These creative not-for-profit community events featured immersive theater, fun shops, play shops and forged friendships hosted through an interlinked web of zoom rooms.

CRC is returning to playa to bring forth their immersive theater, fun shops, play shops and friendship, in Real Life (IRL) to hold creative space at Black Rock City 2023.

URL: Hometown: Paonia CO

Fastest Pizza Stand

Satirizing the commodification of one of the things we need most as humans: radically inclusive, participatory eating. Escape the default world culture which simulates consumption with empty calories, and replace it with the experience of immediate, participatory sustenance that is our human connectedness. Also, pizza.

URL: Hometown: New York


Our fake greenhouse will offer a temporary refuge from the harsher elements of the playa. Take a break in our cool space, have some tea, and practice your creativity by making origami playa gifts. We’ll hang leftover origami pieces throughout the week as if our greenhouse is “growing” in the desert! At night, look for colorful lights, silhouetted plants, and occasional fire spinning!

Hometown: San Francisco


Burning Man theme camp, focused on sharing the Brazilian culture, driven through simplicity and togetherness.
Come to drink a lots of caipirinhas, eat one açai bowl, joinnig Brazilian music, house music, carnival, art, gifts from Brazil and good vibes. Adults and kids are welcome!

URL: Hometown: Brazil


Here to bring joy to the inhabitants of BRC in the form of a fully equipped repair shop stocked with as many random parts, widgets, and miscellania as can fit in a 53′ trailer.

We intend to weld, cut, lube, fix, patch, glue, braze, replace, repair, plumb, wire, solder, drill, charge, illuminate and educate our way to nirvana. Gifting our talents and treasures to those in need of a little help from their friends.

The playa may provide, but we will have it in the right size!

Along with a wondrous myriad of parts, and a tool chest of indescribable pleasure, we will have workshops on common topics such as basic plumbing, welding, electrical and gadget repair.

URL: Hometown: Annadale

Feed tHE ARTists

Started in 2007 with Larry Harvey’s blessing and support, FTA has fed tens of thousands of artists, musicians, dancers, builders, makers, dabblers, and generally curious wandering travelers. FTA actively models the concept of creating community through the sharing of delicious meals at BRC and all over the world. We are striving to elevate food to an ART FORM, serving as a primary resource for playa food safety, kitchen design, and unforgettable cooking. You never know what we’ll be cooking up next – and, whatever it may be, you are invited to prepare it with us and share a meal of some of the finest food ever gifted on the playa!

URL: Hometown: Boston

Femme Fontaine

As stewards of leisure and pleasure, we celebrate the sensuous, expansive nature within us all.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Femme Noir

Women have always been important to the development of cinema, but too often their voices and impact get lost in milieu. Join us for three nights (Tue., Wed., & Fri.) of classic film viewing to watch and discuss the importance of “Jungle Queens,” “Damsels Worth Dying For,” and “Femme Fatales.” David the Bruce, a retired movie critic, film professor, and current movie buff will provide insights throughout the film viewing and lead discussion during the intermission session and after the credits. Accompany the movie viewing will be theme cocktails- both alcoholic and zero-proof. We encourage families to bring their kids along with them for the movie experience.

Hometown: Portland

Fermented Reality

We celebrate fermentation (or…furmentation) in all its forms – of foods, drinks, the mind, and the body!

This year, we’re hosting events to ferment the SELF, ONE ANOTHER and the COMMUNITY. In the mornings, join our healing and energizing sessions, including yoga, latin workout, or a mindful cacao ceremony.

Participate in rowdy and eclectic games: Can you prevail in our Dickle Fencing ring? Are you ready to kneel before the Pickle Glory Hole? Will you let the animal in you run wild at our Furry-mentation?

We hail from 10 countries and 7 states, and would love to make fermented playa magic with YOU!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Fever Dream Theater

Witness our wild, weird, and wonderful Variety Show in the style of a classic Vaudeville and the spirit of Cacophony. Step through the red windmill into the red velvet paradise that is our classic cabaret theater, and see comedy, tragedy, mime, dance, live music, and some stuff that will feel like you’re having a Fever Dream. Want to participate? Sign up to perform at our “Auditions” Party on Monday. Just want to experience the immediacy of live entertainment? Come to a nightly performance of SOMETHING at 10pm Monday through Saturday.

Our pro performers host classes and workshops during the day if you want to learn how to radically express yourself. Our resident DJs also host dance parties during the day so you can simply move your body in the shady oasis of our red velvet paradise.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Fire Camp

Fire Camp is a home for fire spinners and performers of all kinds. Come by for a fire jam or to play on the aerial rigs & poles, or just enjoy the music and entertainment! Try to find out who the swag keeper is and get your stickers or patch!

Hometown: Seattle

Fire Conclave Convergence

All members of accepted fire groups for the Great Circle must check in at Fire Conclave Convergence

Hometown: Reno

Fire Lounge

2023 Fire Lounge Overview:

The Fire Lounge camp offers two interactive experiences to enjoy during the day and night, a SteamBath/Shade lounge, and a Mutant Vehicle (Shark Boat). Our goal is to surprise and delight burners with unique experiences that can only happen in the desert. Find us at Illumination Village M-F 12-5 pm.

Hometown: Ojai

Firefly Folly

Come play games during the day, or join us for a firefly dance in the evening!

Hometown: Fort Collins

Firefly Solar

The genesis for our camp began last year when we decided to bring solar energy to BRC. This year, we are expanding to offer tours of Firefly Solar 2.0, a 53kW solar system with 112 kWh battery storage. We also plan to host a panel discussion on sustainability & renewable energy for the Burning Man community. Have an interest in solar? Come check us out! 

Hometown: Los Angeles

Firm Globe

Interested in boosting your resume out on the Playa this year? You’re in luck!

Technically, you’ve already been hired at Firm Globe, and unfortunately Franco is out on sabbatical so your workload’s been piling up quite a bit. We’re gonna need you to come into the office this week each morning and go ahead and work nights and weekends as well.

everyone knows the pride of a job well done is all the motivation anyone needs, but because we value our employees so much, Firm Globe’s CEO Barry Muhfistner has offered to reward top performers this year with a personal heart-felt thank you.

Barry would’ve loved to deliver this in person, but unfortunately the burn this year conflicted with an ayahuasca ceremony in Chile, so as a close second he’ll be pre-recording his gratitude on video.

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Fish Market

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Fjorgyn's Lair

The Viking Longboat was a potent symbol of life, livelihood, one’s journey through life, and the afterlife, and was used by the Norse for transport, in trade, in warfare, and as a burial vessel for centuries.
Viking boats had an advantage over all other watercraft of their day in speed, shallow draft, weight, capacity, maneuverability, and seaworthiness. Fjorgyn is a personification of earth in Norse mythology, and the mother of the thunder god Thor, the son of Odin.
Come ride the Fjorgyn and fill your cup at the Wet Horn hydration station.

URL: Hometown: Carson City

Flaming Flamingos

We are flappy fire art flaming camp. We welcome all comers to to enjoy flamingo fire art.

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Flaming Lotus Girls

Come join us if you’re interested in interactive flaming steel art!

Hometown: San Francisco

Flaming Ugly Cowboy Saloon

The Flaming Ugly Cowboy Saloon offer a variety of amusements every afternoon: bar games, bull rides, and the coldest beer and cider this side of the Quinn river. Just don’t walk through our wall.

Hometown: RENO

Flamingo Camp

A tropical oasis filled with a beautiful flamingo garden. A strip mall with a boutique, bike repair, beauty spa and a bar adorns one side of the camp. A comfortable flamingo lounge and dance floor is centered and connected to a pathway that lead through the garden to the Expressional phone booth where you can express yourself to a live person on the phone.

Hometown: Reno

Flash and Burn Village

Flash and Burn Village is a conglomeration of 6 separate theme and art camps. We provide fire performance, art cars, meditation temples, wedding photography, fresh fruits and vegetables, a misting structure with WiFi and finally, a playa mart if you forgot something… we are home to MythMaker; Water, WiFi and Whiskey; PyrOasis, The Carrot Club; Camera Obscura; and the Playa Mart. Each of these camps is listed elsewhere on this website but all are providing interactivity and a community that we would love to welcome you to…

Hometown: British Columbia

Flat Tire Cafe

Stop by any morning for some cold brew coffee, a fabulous shaded lounge, or some bicycle repair! Release your inner child and play in our game area, or hang out and chat with some amazing people in our huge shaded lounge area. We have spontaneous happenings throughout the day and a community board to let you know what’s coming next.

URL: Hometown: All over the world! Primary hubs in LA and NY.

Flirt Camp

Flirting is, at it’s core, the ability to fully notice and enjoy interactions you have with others. AND, It’s our final year on the playa as Flirt Camp!! We welcome everyone to enjoy our chill lounge, and invite any who would like to tell tales of interacting with us over the decade, or just share your most insane Burning Man stories with us. We look forward to flirting with you! 🙂

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Flock of Donkeys

Come burn off that hangover and create a new one, you sparkly little donkey, and let’s pretend we’re ageless. Rock the day away on our life-size donkey, climb up a story to see the playa night lights, test your balance on two or four hooves on the balance beams, swing your cares away on the swing set, take a spin on the pole and teeter your totter yourself back to the dust. The best place on the playa to be a real ass, and bring a friend to play with you!

Alcoholic Beverages served in the afternoon during our donkey shenanigans.

Hoof it over and horse around or, in this case, come donkey around with our crew.

Hometown: Reno


Floristonia welcomes one & all! We always provide a welcoming, nurturing environment with a place to relax, rehydrate & recharge. Our specialty is offering our guests a place in the shade, an icy cold alcoholic or non-alcoholic Margarita, or refreshing cold water if they prefer. We continually enjoy meeting new friends just as much as catching up with long-time friends, as well. Look for our giant shade structure, decorated with soothing, silky fabrics, a wide-open camp front, and plenty of friendly faces who are happy to help you take care of yourself!

Hometown: Floriston

Flow and Glow SPAce

Our healing arts camp features 7 main elements of interactivity
Dance/Movement/Flow art
Guided Meditation
Body Work
Mani/Pedi/Facial and Ayurvedic Nose Oiling
Personal Growth Playshops
As a healing oasis going beyond the surface, we value the needs of the body, mind, and spirit. As such, we provide yoga, meditation, dance/flow/fire movement classes. Body workers/Chinese Medicine practitioners will offer massage and more. Using plant medicine ceremony to guide healing the heart and building connection in community with tobacco, tea, cacao and medicinal mushrooms. All healings offered by licensed and registered mental health and body work professionals. We also offer skin and body treatment to honor the body’s need to heal and rejuvenate on our most epic Burning Man adventure.

Hometown: Sacramento

Flower Tower

Feel the POWER of the FLOWER TOWER as you climb our 3-story tower with observation deck for a prime view over BRC. Dangle from the tower’s swings, hammocks, and lyra. Enjoy music from the house band late afternoon/evenings. Join us in band “jam-a-longs”, sports tourneys, or other activities listed daily at the tower.

Hometown: San Francisco

Fluffer Camp

We bring The Fluffy Cloud out to the playa! 360 degrees of immersive sound raining down from a UFO-like fluffy monster free-standing nearly 3 stories in the air. Roll on by and listen to some of the best electronic music on the playa, or play with our interactive jukebox nights, and hear music unlike you’ve ever experienced it before.

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles


Serving exquisite coffee drinks at the Airport from 8am – noon, Monday through Saturday. Come and enjoy our live music and airport cafe atmosphere with the beverage of your choice.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10am – noon we will have flight instruction ground school. Our instructors will give you an introduction to aerodynamics, weather, radio communications, avionics, airspace and whatever questions you have. We can go as easy or as deep as you like – let’s learn about flying in a playful way.

Hometown: Portland

Flying Falafels

Flying Falafel is a Los Angeles-based theme camp run by a group of burners from different backgrounds. We are happy to bring to the playa unique Mediterranean culinary experiences every year with some great beats and vibes.

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Foam Home presents Foamenagerie

Wednesday thru Saturday 1-4:20pm – Foam up and rinse off your human socialization and awaken your primal divine animal spirit with the Foamy Homies! Families with kiddos especially welcome from 12-1pm.

Hometown: San Diego

Found It!

We are a magical group of artists, musicians, DJs, makers, and lovers, who are creating a place for seekers of truth, love, community, sick beats, dirty bass, and self-expression to breathe that sweet sigh of relief- “I’ve Found It!” We are passionate about the musical journey and the vibe we put out into the world. Come for a musical journey, sound bath, one of our self-love and empowerment workshops, beautiful art, or just stop by for a drink and some hugs in our LED Cloud Forest dome.

URL: Hometown: San Diego

Freak Akademy

Hometown: Tel - Aviv - Jaffa

Free Photography Zone

Free Photography Zone the longest running photography studio at BM
(25 consecutive years) photographs the participants in a professional studio setting and gifts each person photographed with a print to remember their experience

Hometown: San Jose,

FreeStyle Palace

FreeStyle Palace 2023: Playa Talent Incubator. Now in its second decade, a DIY music dome and performance stages featuring open jams, hip hop, nightly DJ sets and live performances from sunset to about 2:00 am. Our stage and our microphones are open to all comers. Part alchemy and part black magic, FreeStyle Palace is an amalgam of sophisticated and authentic Urban Underground music and culture forged by the heat of the Black Rock Desert and polished by the collective talent of the Burning Man Community

URL: Hometown: Mountain View, CA

French Maid Brigade

The French Maids are a playful, meaningful and wellness camp that is excited to offer Ayurvedic Massages, Scented Oils, and Ecstatic Dancing to add to your experience.

Hometown: Santa Cruz

French Manila

Our name is inspired by the melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds of our camp members. We love bike gangs, airport lounge and après ski themed afternoon dance parties, and meditating to techno!

Hometown: San Francisco

Fresh Squeezed!

Art & Lemonade since 2006. Come join us for ice cold lemonade and group painting.

URL: Hometown: Reno


We have many customs and traditions for celebrating and recognizing romantic relationships. However, friendships are often longer lasting and as strong as many marriages, and yet we often don’t spend the time to celebrate and honor those relationships.
Friendlandia is a place to celebrate new and long-time Friendships in ceremony by sharing vows, exchanging Friendship Bracelets, and expressing dedication and love for the friends in your life. Come have a ceremony at our Temple of Friendgagement, exchange vows and Friendship Bracelets, and become BFFs–Burner Friends Forever.

URL: Hometown: Fremont

Friendly Society

Friendly Society is a collective of friends who enjoy getting weird in Black Rock Desert every year and finding ways to elevate our life experience with each other in the off season.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Friendly Village

If you’re looking for Friendly Village, you’re really looking for Shotski Wanderlust, Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Bad Idea Bar, and Size Doesn’t Matter! Find us under those camp names! We have it all! Science! Art! Skiing! Snowboarding! Apres Ski! Science talks! Bad Drinks! Running Naked Around the Entire Perimeter Fence! Exclamation points!

URL: Hometown: seattle

Friendzied Serenity

A Chill Lounge in the Suburbs

Come relax in the shade and try one of the special “Kiwi” drinks away from the hustle & bustle of the Esplanade

Check out our daily events – from Bike Repairs to Arts & Crafts to Dance Lessons and more!

URL: Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

Friki Diki

Find this Tiki Bar in Golden Guy Alley for some chill tropical fun.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


Camp Frizz, a chill cafe & bar to come retire at!

Hometown: Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, LA


URL: Hometown: Las Vegas


Frogma is the little theme camp that could, where everyone is your friend and neighbor! Hop on over to our lily pads Monday and Friday at 5:00pm for BRC’s one and only Hoppy Hour. Serving up ice cold slushy Frogaritas in our dome sweet dome. You’re guaranteed to make a rainbow of connections.

Hometown: San Francisco

From Mars With Love

Home of our mutant vehicle, the Serendipity Mars Rover

Hometown: Oakland


We are a collective of creatives with the objective of showcasing music, art, expression, and ingenuity, both on and off the Playa.

URL: Hometown: Melbourne

Frozen Oasis

Frozen Oasis Lounge – Home of the Black Rock Philharmonic. Shelter from the storm and relax under the misters with a yummy frozen slushy drink and a live classical music performance by the Black Rock Philharmonic.

URL: Hometown: Richmond


fruitPOP is a gay queer Burning Man theme camp (est. 2019). With events ranging from ridiculous to titillating, we are building a safe, judgment-free, consent-driven space throughout the burn. fruitPOP values creative expression and participation from our fruity members and on-playa guests alike.

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Frybread and Friends

Hometown: Wadsworth


Welcome to the East Asian Hotel-themed camp FUC-Kezhan at Burning Man, where we invite you to immerse yourself in the rich and diverse culture of China. Our camp is designed to be a place of learning and exploration, where you can discover the traditions, customs, and drinks from a different culture!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Fuck Yeah!

Hometown: Reno

Fucking Sacred

We are a mini village, we pack it small and play big to offer as much to BRC as a few humble burners can! Our main offerings included self serve neti pots, self serve acids to include ibuprofen, probiotics, batteries and kool-aid…. Daily flogging display of our camp manslave, friendly nudity, and tantric sensual space. We also offer conversation around tantra, consent, & ethical multi-amory.

Hometown: Coos Bay

Full Send

Ready to get vertical (or just chill out)?! Welcome to camp Full Send! We’ll help you elevate your playa experience with our 28ft. climbing wall, “Wall-EE” or help you get higher than last night with one of our scenic sunrise tandem para-motor flights over the playa.

Hometown: Salt lake city

Fun Yay Fun

We have your important answers, adventurous quests, and can determine your spirit animal. Wear a gently used mullet, ask a wildlife biologist, or spin the alluring action wheel. Most importantly, we are the only camp on playa powered by the spirit of Patrick Swayze who will conjure supernatural, psychomagical experiences individually designed for you.

Hometown: San Francisco


Looking to get melty while having a booty shaking good time?! Look no further than FunDo Bar! Our delicious Swiss cheese and chocolate fondue paired with ice cold wine is sure to make your taste buds dance! Join us for our dance party happy hour (430-7p or until we run out!). Our servers will be scantily clad wearing nothing but aprons, so come on down and melt with happiness while shaking your booty to the beats!

URL: Hometown: Lake Tahoe

Funky Monkey Camp

Furthering the funky merriment of maniacal monkeys everywhere! Music, PARTIES, fire, and climbing structures!

Hometown: Tahoe

Funky Town

Funky Town is a welcoming, neighborhood corner of Black Rock City with funky, groovy, sexy beats; sensational cocktails; we invite you to bring over a chair and chill and connect with your fellow citizens of Black Rock.

URL: Hometown: Billings, Montana USA


FUR is a theme camp of furries from all over, who come together to collaborate in the shared theme of Anthropomorphic Art, Costuming, and Culture.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area


FURngully is a place of relaxation, a place to explore, to find yourself, to find someone else. A place to gain some perspective with a little altitude.

URL: Hometown: Sacramento

Furniture Car Rally Camp

Furniture Car Rally Camp is a welcoming place for all Furniture Car Owners, Operators and Enthusiasts.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Fusion Valley

Visit beautiful Fusion Valley! One of the oldest camps on the playa. Founded in 1999, Fusion Valley offers internet access in our shaded lounge, board games and story time for kids, music and radio shows, and an obstacle course during the day, In the evening, watch the animation and film offerings from our inaugural film and animation festival. You never know when a spontaneous party might break out!

URL: Hometown: Gerlach

Future Turtles

The Future Turtles is your friendly gay-next-door camp. Join us for our sunset parties and hit on our adorkable bartenders. Our comfortable lounge is open and welcoming 24/7.

If you’re a little braver, we offer Desert HIIT every morning: a real HIIT workout that is accessible to people of all fitness levels and abilities, but also actually a good workout too.

Then come to the pillow fort at night, for socially sexual activities in a male, fully consent-based environment.

Either way we promise you’ll meet the nicest people and make lifelong friends!

URL: Hometown: New York