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2023 Archive


Xanadu is home to a living art exhibit of light. Our camp is illuminated by a handcrafted LED art show that stays in sync with our bikes and 50+ scarfs. At night we gather after dinner to travel as a single organism through the deep playa and beyond, moving in formation together lighting the way and drawing in others as we descend on art or welcoming camps and dance together as one.

Hometown: New York


Come to XOXO and recover from the regrets of last night. Don’t dwell on them for too long – we need your energy!

Serving up ice cold aguas frescas, cold brew, and alcoholic dranks to get you back on your feet and making new mistakes. Don’t forget to try our unforgettable coconut pancakes!

BYO bacon.
xoxo, XOXO

Hometown: San Francisco

Xpat Alien

Xpat Alien has searched far and wide, through many galaxies, to find a new place to rest our travel weary heads. Earth fits the bill and we have decided to stay.
We bring with us the Crop Circle Cantina, complete with 80′ of circular shade, phenomenal DJs spinning epic tunes, a bar top with stripper poles for dancing shenanigans, six 3-butt benches to relax on, Colorado brewed craft beer and root beer on tap, and glasses full of ice filled with our own Alien Punch.

URL: Hometown: Denver