Playa Bikes: Approved Places to Purchase, Rent & Donate

Some of the bike shops in the area really know how to take care of Burners.  Some sell used bikes, some only new bikes. Some offer rentals, repair services, or storage, and some accept donations post-event!

Reno Bike Project

635 E 4th street, Reno NV*

Reno Bike Project (RBP) sells recycled bikes intended for the playa starting at $100. These bikes have at least one gear, one brake, and tight bearing surfaces. RBP also offers a full range of accessories and services, including last minute repairs for people rolling through Reno and bike assembly for people who want to ship their bike to Reno. You can reserve your playa bike online starting in the Spring, and they accept bike donations post-event at their shop. RBP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community bicycle shop and resource for the Truckee Meadows area committed to creating a nationally recognized, cycling-friendly community through education, cooperation and advocacy. Sales from Burning Man bikes support programs such as the community bike shop, youth riding and programs, and more.

*Reno Bike Project has two locations, but all playa gear sales will be conducted at 635 E. 4th Street.

Black Rock Bicycles

7875 North Virginia Street, Reno NV

Operated by Burners, Black Rock Bicycles has bikes for rent and purchase. They also have accessories, including lighting, el-wire kits, baskets, car racks, bells, locks, baskets, trailers, tubes and decor. Black Rock Bicycles has started a new program that will allow you to store your bike in an enclosed storage area for an entire year. You can buy a new bike from them, art it up, personalize it, ride it during the Burn, return it, have it cleaned and put in their storage.

Kiwanis Bike Program

5305 Mill Street, Reno NV 

Our friends at the Kiwanis Bike Program sell affordable used bicycles starting at $80 and accessories, including lights, baskets, car racks, locks, and bells. You can reserve your bike online at Bikes are available for walk-in purchase at their Reno location. These are first come, first serve, as long as supplies last. You can also donate your bike to them post-event at the same location.

If you return your bike to Kiwanis, they’ll refurbish and reuse it for kids or recycle it for the playa! All funds support bike repair and riding education, and bike donations for schools and youth programs in the Reno area. Purchase and reserve a bike now while supply lasts.

I thought bikes could be rented on playa. What happened?

Starting in 2023, theme camps that offer fee-based bike rentals will not be permitted to provide any rental services on playa. These camps will need to coordinate and complete all bike rentals, pick-ups, and drop-offs outside of Black Rock City. 

Over the last decade, three bike repair camps (Playa Bike Repair, Hammer and Cyclery, and Soup Kitchen/Art Bike Relief) began renting bikes off-playa and delivering them to Burners on-playa. Many participants have come to depend on the convenience of renting bikes that are delivered in Black Rock City. We recognize that these camps provided a valuable alternative to disposing of a newly purchased bike if unable to transport it all the way home.

There are a number of areas we are in the process of evaluating and taking action to correct, including increased reliance on the Outside Services program. Many of these activities challenge our Principles of Radical Self-reliance and Decommodification, so as we continue our Cultural Course Correcting and Cultural Direction Setting efforts, we are actively working to limit paid conveniences in Black Rock City. This work is ongoing.  

Bike rentals have been and will continue to be available in Reno and Nixon, and we recommend that participants who previously took advantage of on-playa pickup explore these alternatives. We also strongly stand by our Leaving No Trace Principle and expect that every participant who brings a bike into Black Rock City will take that bike home with them or donate it to one of these approved locations.