Virtual Press Kit

Use the information in the following links to learn more about the history of Burning Man and the project staff, and to see our archive of other stories about Burning Man:

Our interactive historical timeline will take you through the cultural history of Burning Man as it has grown from a small gathering on San Francisco’s Baker Beach into an international phenomenon. For a more in-depth look at the Burning Man Historical Archives and Founders’ Voices.

We encourage you to read as much information as possible before attending Burning Man. The Virtual Press Kit is only a starting point for your exploration. The rest of the website is an extensive resource of information, and a thorough read will better prepare you for your Burning Man experience. Because Burning Man is such a dynamic event, held in such an extremely harsh location, particular attention should be paid to the Event Preparation section, including the annual Survival Guide.

We’ve also included a link here for the Media Archive. Participants enjoy reading the articles about the event, but to some degree, we caution you to not read too many of them, as your experience will be better if it is less colored ahead of time.