Regional Census Projects

The primary goal of the BRC Census team is to collect data about the participants of Burning Man each year. However, as the Burning Man Regional Network continues to develop and flourish, many regional events also collect data about their participants. The list below is not a comprehensive list, and in many cases BRC Census is not directly involved in these projects. The links below represent a wide variety of events which use a wide variety of methods to learn about their participants.

If you have questions about anything you find in the linked pages below please reach out to the Regional Contact or project organizer. If you find a broken link or know of a Census project that should be added to this list, you can contact census (at) Projects are listed in alphabetical order by event name. When possible we have provided a link to the data archive for each event; when not possible we have provided a link to the most recent Census report posted. Please enjoy!

List last updated: June 17, 2018.