Desert Arts Preview 2019

  • Date and Time: June 02, 2019 @ 6:00 PM
  • Format: Event
  • Location:
    Sydney Goldstein Theater, 275 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102


THANK YOU to everyone that showed up to learn about, support, and experience an amazing range of art projects and the teams that are creating them.

Here is the link to all 2019 presentations on Burning Man Project’s official YouTube channel. Please watch, share, enjoy, and support the art you want to see in the world!



Desert Arts Preview is a beloved and exciting evening where artists will share the projects they plan to bring to the Burning Man event in 2019. Presenters will share their inspiration and hopes for these works in progress, giving the audience an exclusive window into their imagination and creative process.

This is also the perfect opportunity to learn how you can get involved and support these and other artists at the Burning Man event and year-round, as we increasingly seek to create interactive, collaborative and community-generating works of art in cities around the world. Come and learn how to get involved and help make the art you wish to see in the world.

Doors will open at 6:00 PM. Presentations being promptly at 7:00 PM. All seating is general admission, first-come, first-served. Due to venue restrictions we will not be able to serve food at the event, please eat early and plan to enjoy a full evening of presentations!

We have a fantastic and diverse lineup of projects presenting on stage this year, including:

Cone Down (Josh Zubkoff and Looking Up Arts Foundation) –
Critonium Clock (Alena Starostina) –
I.L.Y. (Dan Mountain) –
Paraluna (Christopher Schardt) –
Portal (David Oliver and Art City Monsters) –
Serenity (Flaming Lotus Girls) –
The Flybrary
(Christina Sporrong) –
The Folly (Dave Keane and The Folly Builders) –
The Man’s Army (Michael Ciulla) –
The Monumental Mammoth (Monumental Mammoth Team) –
The Ovule (Zoe Fry and The Introverts Collective) –
The Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance (Tyson Ayers and Resonant Arts) –
The Temple of Direction
(Geordie Van Der Bosch) –
Wing Portal (Portal Project) –

In addition we have a wonderful lineup of projects in our Desert Arts Preview Gallery, displayed throughout the Sydney Goldstein Theater, including:

Advice Booth (Mr. & Mrs. Orion and Company) –
Bee Divine Hive Temple (Elizabeth Huebner and The Hive Collective) –
Happy Birthday! (MEGA CAKE) (Thom White and Piece of Cake Productions) –
Hot Hand Luke (Hydrocarbon Collective) –
Island of Lost Buoys (Lillian Heyward)
Lumina (Sarah Holden) –
MerKaBa Portal (David Date) –
The Portal (Johnny Crash & Nicky Alice) –
Purr Pods (Paige Tashner and Laser Eyes of Love) –
Puzzles and Prayers (Gwen Darling with Gwen and Josh Art) –
Taking Flight (Nicki Adani) –
The Bard’s Branch
 (Pam Ward)
The Blanket (Sasha Shtanuk) –
The Cloud (Jorge Perdomo) –
 (Lauren Kilb and the uncūth collective) –

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