Desert Arts Preview 2023

  • Date and Time: June 04, 2023
  • Format: Screening

Desert Arts Preview: An Invitation to Get Inspired  

Desert Arts Preview is Burning Man Project’s beloved annual event celebrating art installations that are coming to Black Rock City this year.
Jumpstart your excitement for Black Rock City and the art that defines the landscape because Desert Arts Preview is back! As you anticipate the return to playa, get inspired by a fantastic collection of spectacular, wild, and whimsical art installations. Step behind the scenes and join our featured artists for virtual tours of their studios and creative process, and gain insights into their inspirations and hopes for their works in progress. 

Check out this slideshow of the hundreds of art projects coming to BRC this year. Learn how you can fully immerse yourself in previewing many of the art projects in BRCvr for the next several months.

Hosted by Katie Hazard, Associate Director of Art Management



Featured Artists:

Nic DeBruyne & Maria Gotay – “1000 Hands”
Walker Babington – “Burden of the Beast” 
Michael Garlington & Natalia Bertotti – “Chapel of Babel”
Charlie Gadeken – “Elder Mother”
KJ Boheme & Stefan Spins – “Exquisite Animalus”
Irmandy Wicaksono – “Living Knitwork Pavilion”
Hind Baghdadi – “Moroccan ParTea”
Kirsten Berg – “Oneirotica”
Ela Madej & Reed Finlay – “Temple of the Heart”
James Gwertzman & Casey Marvin – “The Prairie of Possibilities”
Turo Sandagdorj, Rebekah Stetson, & Adrian Landon  – “The Spirit of the Healing Siren” 
Dipo Doherty, Jacquelyn Omotalade, & Tayler Ava Friar  – “The Star Kingdom of Oba” 
Santiago Caro, Camilo Quimbayo, & Sami Mattar – “Yuluka”